I lay back in the hot soapy water, the room is lit by a single candle on the edge of the bath. Slowly I'm aware of a shadow in the doorway, I would recognise the outline of my Master anywhere. I turn to face the door as my Master steps into the room, he kneels down next to the bath and leans over and kisses me on the forehead, as I turn my head to kiss him back he pulls away and just smiles. Oh how my body aches to kiss him, to feel his lips on mine.

My Master reaches down and picks up the candle from the edge of the bath, he blows out the candle and slowly tips the wax onto my wet tits. I close my eyes as I feel the hot wax drip down and land in globules in the water, I feel his hand between my legs, firmly pushing them apart, as I open my eyes my Master pushes the candle deep up inside my pussy, I try to stifle a moan as he slowly and rhythmically thrusts the candle in and out, faster and deeper .The candle slides in and out easily, a combination of soapy bath water and being turned on. My Master is looking deep into my eyes as he pulls the candle out and places it back on the corner of the bath, my pussy aches to be filled. He pulls the plug from the bath and stands up. My Master hands me a towel as he turns and leaves. I know my Master will be waiting in the bedroom for me, I step out the bath and pick off the last of the wax from my tits and dry myself.

As I wander into the bedroom I see My Master sitting on the edge of the bed he has removed his t-shirt, but is still wearing his jeans. I walk over to him and kneel at his feet, he offers me his hand and I kiss each finger one by one. My Master stands and looks down on me smiling, slowly I unbuckle his belt, undo the button and zip on his jeans, and in one go slide his jeans down, I help him step out of them and lay them neatly on the bed. He sits back down on the edge of the bed and removes the belt from his jeans. My Master turns me away from him and using the belt as a restraint he ties my wrists together, I can feel the cold of the metal buckle on my hot skin.

My Master is now standing before me, I look up into his eyes as I lean forward and gently kiss the inside of his thighs, his skin is hot on my lips, I slowly lick his balls, taking each one in turn into my mouth and suck gently, moving up I plant gentle feather like kisses all the way up his cock, licking him as though he were an ice-cream, before taking his hard cock fully in my mouth, I feel my Masters hand on the back of my head pushing me closer to him. I part my knees slightly, trying to steady myself as my hands are restrained. My Masters cock tastes so good, I move my mouth rhythmically over his cock, slowly sucking him, probing that tiny slit in the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue, he starts to move his hips each time his cock pushes deeper into my mouth, in and out, faster, I can taste a little pre-cum now, he tastes so good, he moves his hips faster now, as I suck his cock harder and harder, with one last thrust of his hips he cums deep into the back of my throat, with each spurt I swallow. I gently lick the last drops of cum from my Masters cock.

My Master lays back on the bed. I stay kneeling at the foot of the bed. After what seems like ages he looks at me and beckons me to join him. I stand up, which is not easy when your hands are bound, and I join him on the bed. I rest my head on his hips, his cock now resting against my cheek. I look up and watch my Masters chest rise and fall as he drifts off to sleep. The room is dark except for the flicker of a single candle on the dressing table, Mmmm candles.

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