tagErotic HorrorCandlelight and Blood

Candlelight and Blood


You are in my bedroom, bathed in candle light, lying on my antique bed. Your arms are above your head and tied at your wrists to the rod iron bed frame with black silk rope. You have nothing on, only a black silk sheet at your hips. I stand at the end of the bed with black silk bathrobe. My hair is curled and cascading down my tattooed back. I am wearing dark eye shadow and dark red lipstick. I untied the bathrobe and let it fall off my body. I am nude except for the black lacy garter on my left thigh along with my black knee high heeled boots.

I jump up on the bed on my knees and began to crawl up your body. Arriving at your strong chest, I rest my bare body on your pectoralis muscles with one leg resting on your shoulders. Looking down at you, I smile and tilt my head to the left. This is my silent way of asking you "would you like to eat me out?" You smile back at me, the tips of your fangs poking from your lips. Nodding your head, you rise your chest up as to make me slide onto your mouth. I position myself above your face, putting all of my weight on my knees. With my hands grasping on the iron rods of the headboard, I lower my body to your face. The moment that my pussy is in reach, you began to lick the lips and my clit with your tongue. I hold myself rigid above you as your tongue runs across my clit slowly. I purr at the attention that you are giving me, but you want to hear my screams. With a growl, you began to circle your tongue around my clit in a fury. You grasp my clit within your lips and start to pull and growl at it.

I moan in volumes while rocking my body against your mouth. You move your mouth to opening of my pussy. Twisting your tongue, you enter the inside of my body and continue your attack. Your tongue moves in and out of my pussy with astonishing speed. You do not slow down for anything, not even when my yelps echo off the walls of the bedroom. Unable to hold back any longer, I throw my head down and scream your birth name as I orgasm all over your face. My body shakes uncontrollability for a few seconds, and then I am able to move from your face. The candle light shines off from my juices across your cheeks and chin. I lap up my juices from your face; I smile when I get the last bit that rolled down your chin. I kiss you hard on the lips. You open your mouth to accept my tongue and the rest of my juices. Our tongues play with each other, twisting and turning; our fangs scraping against them to taste the other's blood and essence. I release my lips from yours, our mixed blood trails with my mouth.

I slide down your body to your hips, smiling. I grip the sheet with my teeth and draw it away from your body. I run my tongue up and down your thighs and across your stomach. My nails are, long and painted black, gently scratching your balls. I licked up your chest and your neck; nipped your chin with my teeth. My hand is still on your balls, massaging them as I kiss your lips. I push my tongue into your mouth and play with your tongue. I end the kiss. Smiling wickedly as I move back down your body. You are hard, so it is easy for me to pop your cock into my mouth. I roll the head of your cock between my lips and tongue. I take the head out of my mouth and lick the underside your cock with a zip zap pattern to the base slowly and back up your cock just as slow. I twist my tongue around and around your cock, getting it as far as I can in my mouth. I relax my tongue and gently suck your cock farther into my mouth. When I get it as far as I can, I began to hum "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" I perform this act on your cock for a few minutes before I start sucking your cock fully and bobbing my head up and down the length of it. I take your now really hard cock out of my mouth.

At this point, my juices are dripping from my pussy and desperately want your cock to slide in and out of my pussy. I crawl up your body and position myself above your standing member. I hold your cock as I lower myself down, guiding your cock to the entrance of my pussy. Slowly, I push my body onto you. It takes me a while to envelope your cock in my pussy, it is a tight fit. It is bigger than I remember. When I am sitting totally on top of you, I throw my head and adjust to your size. As I wiggle my ass a little, I orgasm all over your cock.

Weaken from the two orgasms, I reach up and untie your wrists from the frame. The first thing you do as a freed man is grab my shoulders and pulling me to you. We kiss hard, our tongues twisting and turning. As we kiss, I rock myself back and forth on your cock. You groan in pleasure, but you want to be in control for awhile. You lift me off of you and toss me onto my back. You place my legs on your shoulders and you enter me. You start slow, almost withdrawing your cock from my pussy and thrusting back into my body. My legs slide from your shoulders and I wrap them around your waist. You continue riding me, becoming harder and faster with every thrust. You lean down to kiss me and I wrap my arms around your neck. While you kiss me, you sit up, taking me with you. Now we are sitting up, your cock bury deep inside me. The shock of your cock so deep inside, I began to scratch your back as hard as I can; adding to the scars to our love making, years ago. Tossing my head back as my third orgasm rips through my body. I scream out your name again while I tighten my arms around you. Body heat leaves through my skin; I become so cold. You notice the temperate change within my body. You wrap me up tighter in your arms, running your hands up and down my spine to warm me up.

After a few minutes to regain body heat, you lift me off of you again and ask me to get on my hands and knees. Ohhhhh, I jump into the position. I wiggle my ass, waiting for you to slide your cock into my pussy. You don't slide it in; you thrust your cock hard into my pussy, almost throwing me down onto the bed. Recovering from the shock, I turn my head and hiss at you. You growl back as your bite into my right shoulder with your canonical fangs. You draw blood. I began to purr as you start sucking on the wound you made, not allowing a drop to be wasted. You thrust harder as you drink my blood. I love it by the way. I am growling and moaning louder and throwing myself back against you.

You start thrusting faster, announcing that you are about to cum. I pulled myself from you and began to jack you off. You sit back on your knees while I replace my lips around your cock and suck hard. Your cum hits the back of my mouth and slides down my throat. I continue to pleasure you as your balls empty more into my mouth. I am able to swallow most of it, a little bit trickles down my chin.

You fall into the lying position, breathing hard. I catch your cum on my chin and lick it from my fingers. I jump off the bed and walk to the bathroom. I drank some water to wash it all down and brush my teeth. I return to the bedroom to find you, still nude, replacing the comforter and turning down the bed. I smile as my fangs sink back into my gums. I disappear and reappearing at your side, jumping up on your hips. I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply. You sit me on the edge of the bed. You unzip my boots to free my legs from them. You place my boots where the rest of our clothes ended up at. Pulling the garter off my left leg, you hang it on the frame of our marriage certificate. You gather me into your arms and crawl into the bed. We settle down to sleep for the rest of the night; my head nestled on your chest. The candles go out, one by one.

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