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Candlelight Delight


Well I've been busy, my writing has had a hard time keeping up with my play. After mutual tough days at work, Dennis and I decided to get together on Saturday night. He'd liked the outfit I'd had on when he came over on Thursday and requested something similar. I settled on red thigh high stockings, a red garter belt and a pink and red thong. I left my still bruised breasts exposed. When he walked in, I was sitting on the couch, legs apart. I stood up and did a little spin, I wanted his approval. It was granted and he sat me back down. Then he knelt between my legs and started rubbing through my wet panties. I leaned back and spread wide for him. He pulled the thong to the side and licked me from clit to asshole. It was rare that I got oral attention from a dom type and I was loving it.

Soon the thong was all the way off and I was kneeling on the couch, ass pushed out in a position usually reserved for spanking. His clothes had found their way off and his hard cock had found my exposed asshole. He'd used the wetness from my cunt to moisten the head, so he pushed it in slowly. I pushed back against him and my hole quickly enveloped his dick. Dennis isn't large, but god he feels good in my ass. His size and our position worked magically for him to stimulate my g spot. Neither one of us took long to finish, me slightly before him. He pulled out, leaving cum oozing out of my ass. I could feel it dripping down my legs as he led me to the bedroom.

I lay down on the bed on my back. He found my bed restraints and soon I was rendered immobile. Then he found my scarf and covered my eyes with it. I was completely exposed to him and thoroughly helpless. I listened to his movements, and with the help of a good sense of smell, deduced that he had gotten my burning candle out of the bathroom. I'd had candle wax dripped on me once between and had not liked the feeling. I protested, but my cries were in vain.

Then I felt the first splash of liquid wax and everything changed. He was using my large Yankee candles and quite a pool of wax had built up. The first application coated my entire left nipple and beaded off down the side of my breast. He was hot and burned a slight amount, but it was not unpleasant. It was quite the opposite. I began moaning as each stream of molten paraffin found my skin. He coated each of my nipples, then ran rivulets down my torso. He made sure my pubic mound was well exposed to his sadism. He dripped it just down to where my lips began to part, then back up. Then down each side of my inner thighs until I was almost encased. He stood back to admire his work and snapped a few pictures. I was quite wet and was aching to be pleasured. I desperately wanted something inside me, but not what I was about to get.

I'd made a preset for Dennis based on a story he'd told me. I took a 16 oz water bottle and froze it and then let it melt slightly. So when the plastic was cut away, I was left with a very nice ice dildo. I've always enjoyed having ice cubes used on me, but they melt quickly. The dildo started liquefying as soon as it touched my wax covered nipple. I had a nice little shield to protect me from the cold burn and I commented to Dennis on this. His response was to take the stick down my body where I had much less protection. I was gasping every time it touched. Slowly he worked down to my exposed cunt. Up and down my slit he ran this evil, frozen phallus. I was trying my best to squirm away from him, but to no avail. Without warning, he plunged his icy toy deep inside me. I screamed as he began fucking me. He had created a veritable waterfall from my pussy as the ice bit at my tender internal flesh. I was bucking my hips and resisting, but was given no reprieve. Deeper and harder he worked into me, I knew I wouldn't last until the damn thing melted. Finally I managed to twist away, the restraints hadn't been applied properly and he stopped. When he got up and put the dildo back in the freezer, I was eternally grateful.

When he came back, we fixed the restraints and he promised to warm me up again. He'd lit a couple more candles and we now had large pool of wax with which to work. The warming feeling was just what I had needed and I melted like butter. I would have done anything that man had asked. After he had filled his entire canvas and recorded it for posterity, he took a knife and began to scrape it off of me. I like knives anyway, and the feeling of a cold steel blade against my flesh was invigorating to say the least finally I was all clean. He took the restraints off and bade me turn over. I was anticipating more wax but was in for a surprise.

No sooner had the cuffs been tightened then I felt the harsh crack of a belt across my ass. I screamed as much in surprise as anything else. By the next hit I was ready. Lash after lash fell, reddening my ass cheeks and moistening my cunt. I was crying out with each blow, but had no desire for any cessation. I suppose the plan was to have my flesh hot and stinging and then apply hot wax. I can only imagine how that would have felt. But an unfortunate phone call cut our evening short with the promise of to be continued...

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