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Candles for One


Mary loved her candles, she lit them one by one until there was a warm glow lighting her small basement. The basement was her favorite room. If no one was in the house she could make as much noise down there as she wanted. No one knew about the basement. She only found it after the Astra's had been Killed in a car wreck.

The Astra's had taken her in after he parents had drove her across state lines and abandon her with only the cloths she had on. It was a painful memory she hated thinking about. Mary had been fifteen then. Now was twenty and still alone in the world but she had found her own sanitary from the cold world outside.

It was her private place with everything a girl could want. A TV with an infinite supply of naughty movies for inspiration, books as well, toys of all kinds, a bed, shower and even a chair. Mary thought it was odd that the older couple had all this stuff but she figured since they had left everything to her it wasn't her place to judge. She was just grateful that she could use make use of the space.

Mary was feeling horny and she wanted to light her fire with a candle. The day had been rough and she felt the need for some aggressive and creative imagery to release some tension and stress. "Pain and pleasure made a delightful mix. When done right it released emotional stress. mental pain and physical tension." mary thought as she walked around the room.

She picked up one tapered lit candle and brought it close to her naked breast. The wax poured down burning her tender flesh. She moaned as drop after drop fell to her body. One hit her nipple and she vocalized her pleasure and pain as she nearly came. She felt the wax tighten as it cooled over her burning skin. She looked around and found her favorite candle it was a 1 inch round, 8 inch long candle. It was placed on a stand that she had to have a step stool to stand on to mount.

Mary rubbed the unlit smooth tapered candle over her delicate clit. There was a wick on the top that teased her clit. She moved the tip lower down her lips and back up over her clit. She bit back a cry as she teased her cunt with the wick and tip of the candle.

The tip of the candle pressed into her cunt. The cool smooth candle slide inside her stretching her cunt with a cold hardness that made Mary very aware of her sex. She felt her self melt. She bent her knees and felt the candle bury deeper as she pinched her nipple with one hand and pressed on her lower belly.

She looked up at the mirror on the wall her hair was perfect long and flowed over her breast which were full. Her hair could not hide her rosy lips or hard nipples. They begged to be touched. Her hand moved up her softly round tummy to caress them. She unbend her knees and felt the emptiness the candle left. Her lips red and swollen burning to be filled.

Mary moved her hand down to her lips and opened them so she could see her clit. It was shiny red and plump she ran her finger over it and it bounced back. It stranded to be touched again. She moved the wick over her clit the stiff string felt sharp against her tender flesh but it sent a thrill of excitement through her.

Mary alternated her finger with the wick. Blunt and soft and sharp and raw, it made her burn deep inside. She moved the candle down and watched as the wick teased her virgin cunt and sunk inside her as she felt it fill her. It was erotic watching her cunt swallow the candle she kicked the step stool out from her feet and she plunged the other six inched with no warning.

Mary screamed as it filled her forcing her walls to open and her body to take it. Like it or not, Oh God help her! "I like it! Fuck me! I like it! She cried out. She made her hips rock back and forth on the candle. Her toes barely touching the floor. The cold wax heated up the longer it was inside her. Growing used to the feel of being impaled, she began to get bolder in her moves.

She began to bounce on her feet making the candle move with in her up and down as her hips moved back and forth. Her lava liquid ran down the stand as her hand played with her clit.

She watched the wanton whore in the mirror. Mary's fiery red hair glistened with sweat. Her pale skin glowed in the candle light as her lips parted. With heavy lidded eyes she watched the whore come out to play as Mary's fingers circling her clit while her other fingers pulled her lips away so she got a good look at just what she was doing to the bitch in the mirror.

She imagined what others would say about her actions. How they would watch her and masturbate. How they would want to touch her. How they would be horrified and they would call her a whore and want her punished. Whip her as she fucked her candle lover! How the whip would lick her skin as she came harder.

Mary's pussy was so hot it melted the candle . She could feel the wax soften and become flexible...limber. It was moving with her now, not as ridged as before, the candle was exploring her cunt finding all the right spots.

She envisioned the men holding her hands to their cocks as they bend her back so they could punish her. Their cocks hard and thick filling her hands. A cock rubbing over her clit and she moaned as she reached her hand down to rub her clit hard back and forth as she bent backwards and the candle pressed against her front wall sliding back and forth over her G spot and T zone. Mary felt the spasms of her climax but she didn't stop she pressed on, almost doing a back bend and fucking the candle from her back bending pose.

The blood running to Mary's head she imagined the sight she made with her cunt filled and open to the world the whip licking her flesh as a man rubbed his cock over her dripping candle filled cunt and her hands jerking off two cocks she imagined other men jerking off just watching this. She imagined the women striping and masturbating.

The candle gave with her. It was soft now, flexible, but Mary's cunt was not done playing with it. With every spasm it moved deep inside her slipping and sliding until she was writhing in orgasmic bliss. She fell to the floor her body hungry for more. She removed the useless soft candle looking for something else.

Mary reached for the cloths hanger. And laid in front of the mirror. She imagined a man bending the hanger and shoving her body to the floor penning her there then pushing the hanger inside her cunt. The hanger opened her up but she felt empty. She longed to be filled. "Insatiable Whore!" she screamed with a lustful rage at the mirror.

She reached for a small thin candle and imagined the man using the candle to tease her cunt as he explored her body with it. The wax from the candle on the table poured off unto her skin burning her nipple and tummy. Mary hissed in surprise. The candle slide in and out of her cunt touching only the deepest part of her cunt. Tapping.

She could see the whore open and empty. Her Cunt on proud display willing to be explored. She could see the shiny wet walls trying in vain to tighten and fill the aching cunt. She imagine she was the whore on display for the crowd.

"See what you did to me?" she growled at them. "I'm your bitch come fuck your whoring slut All of you Fuck me!" Mary let the filly words pour out as her cunt drenched the floor with a steady flow. The candle tapping all the right places but never the same place twice in a row. Making her anticipate the sensation all the more.

Oh how she wanted something to touch her walls all of them. Then the candle brushed Mary's left wall and she spasmed. The hanger would not let her close in around the smaller candle she felt the pooling juices inside her as the air hit her cunt. Her clit burned as she heard the wet sucking sounds her cunt made.

Mary's clit and lips were dry but her cunt was full of juice that pouring down her crack. She rubbed her needy dry clit trying in vain to make it stop pounding. It was almost painful as the stickiness made the friction more intense.

"Please Please fuck me. Stop this and fuck me." Mary said to the imaginary men. The candle moved in and out like it was making butter in her cunt. It brushed every now and then against a wall but never in a pattern she could rely on. Every once in a while the wet candle would brush her clit but just at the very tip causing spasms deep inside her.

"Please" she moaned to the basement walls as she replaced the candle with a thin vibrator and again teased her cunt. She tighten her muscles in vain trying to get a grip on the vibrator. It was torture. Pure and simple sexual torture causing spasms all over her body.

Finally she moved the cloths hanger out of her cunt and she came with a full body orgasm. Mary used a new candle one that was three inches round and five inches long she shoved it to the hilt and moaned as wave after wave washed over her. Circling her clit with the vibrator, Mary groaned as she slipped the candle out and licked it.

She peeled off the melted wax from her body and thought how ironic it was to melt and soften wax in her pussy but the burning wax that hit her body turned cold and hard. She was not satisfied she wanted more...so much more. Next time she told herself. Next time. Then Mary lit the candles that had caused her orgasms and placed them in the candle holders on the table.

Mary smelt the sex and black cherry scented candles fill the air and the words came forth. "Burn bright candle light set my lust to flight." she chanted them over and over and knew next time would be soon.

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