I do hope that you enjoy this story, I am new at this but have had many thoughts rolling around in my head. Please feel free to comment on it, I would love the criticism good or bad!


My name is Candy, I just turned 21 and I have a Master. I never knew anything about dominants and submissives until the year I turned 18. My story begins during my last year of high school. I was your typical popular cheerleader girl. I had many friends and a lot of boys that drooled over me. I knew just how to get what I wanted and would do just about anything to get it. I always got good grades thanks to the 'help' of the smart boys who always swooned over any attention that I gave them. I am fairly tall for a girl around 5' 6", with very dark red wavy hair with ice blue eyes. And as a cheerleader I had a nicely toned body with a little bit more curves then most of the girls my age. I developed at and early age, 34D's to be exact. I also learned early that men seemed to be drawn to them and hand no problem using their weakness for them to my advantage.

I was dating a boy named Tristan. Not a really popular guy but a very book smart one of course as all my boyfriends tended to be at that time. He was actually very good looking. We had been dating for a few months. I was still a virgin and no intentions of loosing it until the "perfect" man came along. We had fooled around quite a bit but I would never let him past second base. I guess you could say that I was a bit of a prude when it came to sexual acts but I had no problems using sexual innuendos to tease men. I have been told by many of my boyfriends that I am just a cock tease.

The day I met my Master was the beginning of my training, but I did not realize that until a week later. I was on my way over to Tristan's to "study". I had never met his father before because every time I went over he was always working. It seemed a little strange to me at the time why he never wanted me to come over and meet his father. He was some executive with some large law firm. His parents were divorced so it was just him and his father.

I was feeling pretty flirty that day and wore, a nice pink top that zipped up the front, and I zipped it down just enough to show my ample cleavage. A very short, black mini skirt with white thigh high stockings and heels. I also loved wearing thongs with skirts so that there could be a possibility that someone might catch a teasing glimpse at my nice round tight ass.

I am standing at the door waiting for Tristan to answer and to my surprise, his father was standing there. My eyes widened as I stood there frozen looking at him. He was tall at least 6'2, a very strong stature. I could tell even through his nice white tee shirt with an open blue dress shirt and tan color, casual dress pants that he had a nice body as my eyes danced over it. He had a strong jaw line, clean-shaven with nice full lips. Beautiful mysterious eyes set under almost perfect eyebrows. His hair was very dark brown and cut short around the sides and back, but a little longer on the top with a few flex of grey through it, very distinguished looking. I could obviously tell now where Tristan got his looks from. I stood there dumbfounded until his nice deep voice brought me out of my fog.

"Can I help you?" he said as I watched him look me over with a look that actually gave me a bit of a shiver down my spine.

"Um....Hi, is Tristan home?" I managed to stammer out. He smiled at me obviously knowing how he was making me feel as he watched me shifting on my feet nervously.

"No, he stepped out for a bit. You must be....Candy is it?"

"Yes.....I am Candy. Well I knew I should have called first. I am sorry I bothered you.........Sir." I said sweetly looking in his eyes and at the word Sir, I noticed one eyebrow rise.

"Oh it is no bother my dear Candy. Please come in and wait, I am sure he will be along shortly." he said opening the door wide for me to come inside.

My legs were shaking terribly. God, how was I going to deal with this, no man has ever made me feel this way before. I was always so confident and sure of myself when it came to my little flirty ways...until now that is. I walked in and straight to the living room feeling his eyes scanning my body as I walked which made me sway my hips a little more. I turned around to sit down and he was right behind me gazing at me with those eyes, god those eyes.

"Oh sorry.....Sir." I said softly and which seemed to come from my mouth so naturally, and the fact that I didn't even know his name yet. I sat down, crossed my legs gently, and folded my hand gently in my lap. He never took his eyes off me as he walked past me and sat down in the chair beside the couch. We sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity until he finally spoke making me jump a little bit.

"Well Tristan was not lying when he told me how beautiful you are Candy my dear." His eyes traveling down to my chest, a look I have seen a thousand times, only this time it felt different. Those dark eyes not just looking at my breasts, but as if they were trying to peer into my soul. I began to blush.

"No need to be modest Candy, a girl like you must be use to such compliments." he said with a smirk.

"Well....I ...guess....so." I stammered a little embarrassed. Fuck!! What was wrong with me! I couldn't even control my speech. I watch him as he stands up and walks over and stands right in front of me. I hesitate then look up at him and his eyes change to a soft yet a sternness that gave me another shiver but this time it was my pussy that quivered. I dropped my eyes quickly and they instantly stopped at the crotch of his pants, which was now starting to show his cock pressing out on them slightly. My eyes widen noticing the size. I have seen men's cock bulges in their pants before but never like this so closely. I could tell right away that he was much larger then Tristan. I did not realize that I was staring with my lips parted a bit, but he did.

"See something you like my dear Candy?" his voice breaking the tension.

"Oh, I am sorry.......Sir." I said blushing a little again, lowering my head even more. Oh god what was I thinking. I came here to see Tristan and I have not thought of him once since I have been here. It was at this point that I realized why Tristan did not want me meet his father. He had my full and utter attention with his commanding and mysterious way about him. As my thoughts were drifting, I jumped as I heard the front door open and close.

"In here." he says calmly but not moving from in front of me. I looked up and seen the look on Tristan's face, it was one of curiosity and nervousness. I was almost sure he knew what was going on.

"Hey, how's it going? I am sorry I am late Candy." he says softly walking towards us. "Oh hey dad, I didn't think you were going to be home this afternoon." he says quickly.

"I thought I would take the afternoon off and I am glad that I did. I would have missed meeting your lovely girl Candy here. Shame on you for not introducing us sooner son." He never took his eyes off me as he spoke.

I stood up almost bumping into him as he never moved except to lean in slowly taking a deep breath.

"It was nice to meet you Candy. I am sure we will see each other again soon." The tone of his voice made my knees weak to say the least.

"I...I...have to get going Tristan, I am sorry." I say meekly keeping my head down as I walk out.

Over the next week I tried avoiding Tristan as much as I could, hoping that he would not ask me what was wrong. If he did, what was I supposed to say..."Oh, sorry Tristan but I don't want you any more, I want your father." God that sounded so stupid. He was twice my age, for God sakes. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop thinking about our little meeting. How could a man have such an effect on me! I don't even know his Goddamn name! I don't know how many times I fought picking up the phone just to hear that voice or maybe just stopping by again. Deep in my thoughts, the phone rings.

"Hello?" I say rather distracted not really caring who is there.

"Hello my dear." came his voice. I froze not being able to speak.

"You have been thinking of me all week, haven't you my dear?" his voice low and steady.

"Yes." I say through a soft yet somewhat shaky voice.

"Yes, what?" his tone changed a little making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

"Yes........Sir?" Hoping that is what he was asking.

"Mmm-hmm, good girl." and at those words I got that familiar tingle in my pussy again.

"I will be expecting you to be at my door at 7pm sharp my dear and not a second later. Wear what you like." He said smoothly and before I could answer him, he hung up.

I looked at my watch and it was only four. Oh god how was I going to get through the next 3 hours. I rush up to my room and start picking through my clothes. I finally picked out what I wanted. A nice red bra with matching thong. My favourite short black skirt and a nice red button up, short-sleeved top with three buttons undone of course. I decided no stockings as it was quite warm out and a nice pair of 3" heels. I liked them because they showed off my legs the best. After the shower and doing my hair and make-up, I got dressed looking at the clock it was almost 6:30. I would have to hurry if I was to get there on time. I could not wait to see him again. He called me! I was still a little bit in shock but excited at the same time.

I took one last look in the mirror and headed out the door. The whole way over to Tristan's my mind raced as I kept looking at my watch, and picked up the pace a little he only lived five blocks from me but in my heels made the walk a little bit slower. I thought my ears were going to bust with the pounding from my heart as I walked up the path to the front door. I raised my hand to push the bell and the door opened. There he was, with just a pair of jeans on, no shirt and I was right. He had a nice strong build with nice firm abs and muscular arms. To add to my shock two tribal tattoo bands around each upper arm. His right nipple had a nice gold ring pierced through it. My body trembled as he spoke.

"Right on time my dear, please come in." he said smoothly as he backed up to let pass.

I nodded not really being able to say anything and walked past him. I could feel him right behind me. As we reached the living room, he grabbed my arm making me stop in the middle of the room.

"Stand right here." he said with a commanding yet still soft voice.

I stood still other then the slight trembling of excitement and a little fear of the unknown. I watch him as he starts to circle me. His eyes looking over my body.

"Head down my dear and don't lift it unless your told to."

Still not able to say anything I nod my head yes and lower it, my eyes still trying to see where his next movement was. I nervously lock my finger together in front of me. He comes back and standing in front of me, my body trembling even more as I take in a deep breath, his scent is so intoxicating it is almost making me dizzy. He reaches out gently, takes my arms by my wrists, pulls my hands apart, and places them at my sides. He can now feel just how he is making my body react.

"Do I make you nervous my dear Candy?"

I nod my head yes "A little......I don't understand why I am feeling this way." I say quietly.

He takes his hand and lifts my chin up so that I am looking at him "You don't understand that you were meant to be my property? That you were made just for me? To serve my every sexual need?"

"But...I....well...I.........I am a virgin.....Sir." I say wide eyed and stammering over my words. An approving grin crosses his lips.

"I was hoping that you were my dear. I have wanted you from the day we met. We have a connection." He leans in taking my face in both his hands and whispers in my parted lips. "Don't you feel it?"

I take in a deep breath as I feel my pussy quiver and a nice warm dampness on my thong. He lets go of my face, kissing my cheek then starts walking around me again but this time lightly touching my body. Running his hands over my shoulders then down my back to my ass. I flinch a little as he squeezes it.

"Mmmmmm very nice Candy. You know how to dress to get a man's attention." He states firmly and taking a step back. "Do you wish to be mine Candy?" he says folding his arms across his muscular chest.

"I can't......I mean...I want to....but....." I stammer.

"Well lets just see about this." He say as he takes another step towards me more aggressively then I have seen so far. I take a step back and he grabs my arm and turns me around quickly wrapping his arm around my waist holding me still as his other hand reaches down and runs his fingers over the crotch of my thong then moving it to the side and running it up my slit which was now pretty wet.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, your head is saying no but your body is telling me something very different my dear" I moan softly at his touch. I have fooled around a bit but just outside of my panties. The sensations going through my body now were incredible as he dips his finger in holding it there. "It feels good doesn't it my dear?"

"Mmmmm yes Sir." I moan softly. He presses me closer to his body and whispers in my ear.

"I can give you such pleasures my dear..." he says as he gently takes his finger out and away "And take them away just as easily." he lets me go and takes a step back, I almost fall backwards a little lost in the moment. He laughs a little, as he walks back in front of me.

"Well, have you changed your mind my dear?" he says softly.

"Yes Sir, I want you to make me feel like that again." I say with a quiver in my voice.

"Will you submit to me? Do as you are told without question? Serve me as my property? Be at my beck and call my dear? Will you except my training and except any punishments for disobeying?" he says firmly.

Still in a little fog I nod my head yes.

"Good we shall start right now. When you are in my presence, I expect you to present yourself to me each and every time. Get on your knees."

I get down on my knees slowly looking up at him waiting for his next instruction. He bends down spreading my knees apart, which impressed him greatly that I could almost do the splits on my knees. I watched the smile grow on his face. He stood back up taking my wrists and placing my hands palms up on each thigh. He walked around behind me running his hand slowly down my back then pushing on it making my back straighten and my chest stick out even more, then back around putting his hand on top of my head pushing it down.

"Now remember that position my dear." he bends back down taking his hand and running his finger up my left thigh to my wet thong and rubs my pussy again a little harder this time getting my thong really wet. I moan softly again and try to hold my position but my body is getting weak. He laughs softly and stands up. "That will be all for today my dear, you may go home now."

His words shocking my ears, I cannot help but look up at him. "But....Sir...I....thought....." I say, my voice trembling along with my body.

"Did I tell you to look up?"

"Well...no....but ...I thought...."

"Stand up my dear."

I do as I am told standing quickly wondering if he is going to take me now, my body almost starting to crave him to take my innocents.

He walks around behind me putting his hand on the back of my shoulders and pushing me forward gently until I am bent over. My skirt being so short when I bend over like this exposes my ass cheeks. I let out a loud yelp as I feel his hand come down across my left cheek.

"That is what will happen when you disobey, my dear. It will get harder as time passes and you will learn to except it and eventually crave it." I cry out again as my ass cheek starts to burn with heat as he smacks me again. Not knowing how to stop this, my instincts kick in.

"Please Sir, I am sorry. I won't do it again."

He takes his hand off my back and walks back in front of me, my eyes drift to the crotch of his pants and I notice that same bulge again. This was turning him on just as much as me. I held my bent position for what seemed like forever until his voice broke the silence.

"You may stand with your head up my dear."

I stand up slowly taking my hand and rubbing my ass cheek lightly, wincing a little. I look up at him and he is grinning.

"Now as I said before, you are dismissed my dear. I will contact you when I require you again." and with that he turned around and heading up the stairs. I watch him as he goes up "You can let yourself out." he says not even turning around to look at me.

I walk to the door confused, excited, weak, and very disappointed; also wondering when he would have need of me again........this was going to be torture.

Three days have passed without a word from him. I sit in my room after school waiting to pounce on the phone if it should happen to ring. My parents are gone out for the evening and I had told Tristan that they didn't want me going out anywhere, a nice cover I thought. I take the phone in the bathroom with me as I get in the shower....disappointed that it never rang yet. Just then the doorbell rings, I throw on a nice slinky little robe and rush downstairs and whip the door open and my jaw drops.

It is he standing there. God he was so sexy, he was wearing a nice pair of relaxed jeans with a nice button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and nice expensive black casual shoes. My eyes drift over his body and I forget that he is still standing outside. He laughs softly as he walks in past me looking around.

"Hmmm, nice home you have here Candy." he says as he walks into the living room and sits down on the sofa putting his arms up on the back like it was his own house.

I slowly walk in not really knowing what I was supposed to do; I stand in the doorway staring at him still a little shocked. He wiggles his finger at me to come over.

"Present yourself to me Candy." he says firmly.

I quickly walk over and assume the position he taught me as best as I could remember.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk that is terrible!" he says as he gets up and pushes my legs apart more, I take in a deep breath as the robe now is barely covering my bare pussy. He walks around and pushes rather hard on my back to straighten it. "There that is better. I hope I will not have to keep making these adjustments my dear." he scolds as he sits back down his eyes running over my pretty near naked body. I start to shiver; I keep my head down, knowing that Tristan must have told him that my parents would be out for the evening, which is why he is here now.

"I am so happy to see you Sir." I say as I shift a little on my knees. I feel his soft finger under my chin lifting my face up to look at him and he smiles at me. Keeping eye contact with me, he reaches down between my legs and runs his finger slowly up my pussy, and of course, it is wet.

"Oh my, you are happy to see me aren't you my dear." then lifting his finger to his mouth and moaning softly as he sucks on it. "Mmmmmm you are a tasty Candy." He chuckles softly. My heart pounding so hard I can barely even hear him.

To be continued...

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