Candy Afternoon


"Oh, yes," Candy moaned, her fingers dancing lightly across Miranda's flesh. The blonde felt her pussy growing more and more wet as Miranda took her time, teasing her sensitive thighs, biting her skin. She brought her knees up towards her chest, restricting the amount of thigh Miranda could bite, hoping to guide the raven haired woman's dark lips to her pink, slick opening.

Taking the hint, Miranda moved her face to the side, her heart pounding harder in her chest. She'd never, until that moment, been so close to another woman's sex. She looked intently at Candy's slick labia, thinner and smaller than she would have guessed, her stiff clit almost peaking out of the clitoral hood. At the base, Candy's cunt was leaking fluid between her thighs. She could see the light brown, ridged pucker of her backdoor, from the way the stripper had arched her back, bringing her buttocks almost off the floor.

"Ready?" She asked, her heart pounding, wanting to delay the moment a little longer. The slick, soft folds of Candy's pussy called to her, but she was nervous, her dreams of experimenting with a woman coming true faster and more erotically than she had ever imagined.

"Yes," Candy whispered, her hands clutching the backs of her thighs. "Put your tongue in it," she begged, her sensual voice sending a thrill down Miranda's spine.

Closing her eyes, Miranda bent her head just slightly, extending her tongue to lick the stripper's pussy for the first time. After biting Candy's thigh, the taste was the same, only stronger. For some reason, the soft, slippery feel surprised her, and she opened her mouth to encompass the blonde's clit, flicking her tongue up and down as she did. Squirming underneath her, Candy gasped softly, spreading her thighs wider while holding her legs up off the floor. Heart pounding, Miranda could feel the other woman's clit stiffen even further under her flicking tongue. The taste was unbelievable, sweet, musky and a bit salty from the sweat of the stripper's earlier exertions.

Miranda's breasts squished into the carpet and her own nipples were aching, despite her massive orgasms. While starting to suck on Candy's delicious clit, she could feel her own desire swelling with every pass of her tongue. Imagining how good it must feel for the other woman, Miranda did her best to repeat the procession Candy had used on her. After sucking on Candy's clit, taking the nub into her mouth, she let some of her saliva dribble down into the stripper's wet slit. Sliding her tongue completely out, she then slid the nubile member down to Candy's vaginal hole. Stuffing her tongue all the way into Candy's pussy, Miranda's open mouth and chin buried into the stripper's thighs.

Moving her face up and down, she could feel the stripper squirm against her tongue and mouth, wiggling her hips in counterpoint to her tongue fucking. Miranda started to move her tongue around in a circle inside Candy's vaginal opening, loving the soft, squishy feeling of her intimate flesh against her face. Her nose pressed into the blonde's clit as she continued to bury her tongue inside Candy. She tried to breath slowly, the hot air blowing out her nose making Candy squirm and moan on every exhale.

Candy was in heaven, feeling Miranda's unskilled but enthusiastic tongue licking her sensitive hole. She let go of her legs, sliding her calves onto the raven haired woman's shoulders. More relaxed, she started to move her hips up and down, ensuring that Miranda's tongue started to slid in and out, her chin sending shockwaves through her as it nearly connected with her backdoor.

"That's it," the stripper cried, squeezing her thighs together around Miranda's gorgeous face. "Keep licking me," she moaned, grabbing her nipples, pinching them. "Fingers," Candy begged, arching her back and pushing herself harder against Miranda's face.

Without hesitation, the raven haired woman slid her tongue back to the stripper's clit, sucking hard, sliding the soft, slick flesh around in her mouth once again. She heard Candy's breath start to come faster and faster, and she knew the other woman was fast approaching a massive climax. Smiling inwardly, she stopped kneading the woman's buttock with her right hand and brought her fingers to the blonde's slick, dripping center. Curiosity overwhelmed her lust for a moment, and Miranda stopped sucking on the stripper's clit, lifting her head to see the other woman's flushed face.

"What are you doing?" Candy gasped, her blue eyes wide, pink staining her cheeks. Miranda slid her fingers around the woman's inner thigh, but did not slip them into her succulent lips, instead enjoying the brief moment of torture.

"I wanted to see your face," Miranda soothed, moving her fingers to the entrance of Candy's slick nether lips "when I started to finger you." Finally, she slid two fingers into Candy's wet pussy, the slick canal parting underneath her long, slender fingers.

Gasping, Candy's blue eyes locked onto hers, the stripper moaned, long, high and loud as Miranda's fingers hilted in her dripping pussy. "Oh, yes, yes, fuck me," she begged, bucking her hips against the dark haired woman's hand.

Curling her fingers, Miranda pushed them up against the upper vaginal wall, feeling Candy's most sensitive spot with her fingers as she started to slowly slid them in and out of the busty blonde. The look on the other woman's face was pure lust, her cheeks flushed, eyes wide and her breath coming in short gasps that made her stiff, pink nipples jiggle provocatively. She could tell Candy was about to explode at any second and her own pussy was starting to clamor for attention in the back of her head despite the massive climax she had enjoyed earlier.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?" Miranda asked, the dirty talk coming more naturally, even as her own words made her mounting lust grow hotter. "If I suck on your clit, will you cum for me?"

The stripper bucked her hips again and again against her fingers, her blue eyes fixed on Miranda's face. "Yes, oh, yes, please suck my pussy."

Grinning slightly, Miranda bent her neck once more and fastened her lips around Candy's slick clit. In moments, between the clit sucking and now more forceful fingering, sliding her two fingers in and out with longer, harder strokes, she could feel Candy's tension mount. The blonde stopped tweaking her nipples and grabbed her thighs, behind the knees, bringing her buttocks off the carpeted floor. She reached up with her left hand, gripping the stripper's stiff, pink nipple, squeezing it so hard she knew it would hurt. Just then, she heard Candy scream, bucking her hips higher, the fluid leaking out of her pussy becoming a flood in an instant.

Candy's eyes rolled back inside her skull as her insides melted, the massive orgasm bursting forth just as Miranda's fingers squeezed her nipple. The pain mixed in with the pleasure of the other woman's fingers, jamming harder and harder into her slick vaginal canal. Despite the amateurish movements of Miranda's tongue, Candy could tell that the other woman enjoyed getting her off, the massive climax rippling through her core as the raven haired woman continued licking, pressing her fingers up against her g-spot in just the right way. Her wordless scream rocked her body, in tandem with the shockwaves of her delicious climax, for what seemed like an endless ripple of pleasure.

Satisfied, Candy let go of her legs, spreading them wide and dropping them to the floor. Miranda busily slurped and licked at her center, the aftermath of her orgasm making her belly jump slightly as the raven haired woman pushed her fingers inside, just a bit harder. "Wow." Candy could say nothing else, her mind spinning, her personal rules shattered about never doing more than a lap dance with a client.

Sensing the moment was over, at least for the stripper, Miranda stopped licking and got up, sitting cross legged between Candy's thighs. She wiped her mouth on the back of her arm, satisfied for the moment, despite her mounting lust while licking the blonde's delicious mound.

Face flushed, Candy shivered, her face coated with a light sheen of sweat from all the exertion and the massive climax. Her mind was still reeling from the sex, despite her inhibitions, she knew another client like Miranda would probably never come along. Blue eyes wide, she breathed deep, eyeballing Miranda's tight, perky nipples for a moment before closing her legs and rising.

"Done?" Miranda asked, hesitantly. She knew with her husband when they were done, but, she had no idea if the stripper would continue or not. Also, having been so thoroughly satisfied, she didn't know what else to suggest, or ask for. In her fantasies, she had not gone past the point of licking and being licked, which they had done.

"If you are," Candy purred, standing up slowly from the floor. She made a point of arching her back, sticking her buttocks out at Miranda's face.

Mouth watering, Miranda stared at the other woman's ass for a moment, then remembered Nathan would be home soon. Despite her lust at seeing the other woman's ass completely exposed, her inner thighs slick with her massive orgasm, Miranda knew they should stop.

"My husband will be home soon," Miranda said, her face heating up. "He might freak out, as he seemed a bit scared when I suggested a threesome to him." Candy's blue eyes widened and her mouth opened in a look of incredulity. "Really, he got all paranoid."

Shrugging, Candy walked over to fetch her clothes. "Most guys aren't like that." She picked up her panties and started dressing. "If you got a good one, keep him happy," she muttered, pulling on her jeans. "I need a favor," Candy said, her cheeks flushed a darker pink. "Please don't tell anybody about this."

The other woman grinned, standing up and stretching slightly, her ardor cooling as the stripper clothed herself. "Sure thing," she said, walking over to Candy and slapping her butt. Shaking her head, Miranda sighed, "You're incredible. If I'm going to keep this secret," Miranda said, her voice higher than usual, "I want to kiss you. Please?"

The blonde started to put her bra on, and then pulled her shirt over her head, not replying at first. "Sure," Candy said, "Just one though."

Face heating up, Miranda hesitantly stepped closer, folding her arms around Candy's waist. Staring into the other woman's blue eyes for a moment, she felt a tingle run through her nipples as her chest pressed into the blonde. Miranda closed her eyes, and felt Candy's pink lips connect with hers, softer, more sensual than anything she had felt before. The aftermath of their sex was heavy on the stripper's lips and tongue, when she slid it into her mouth, and Miranda gasped with pleasure, moaning against her, reaching down to clutch Candy's ass tighter to her center. Swirling her tongue around Candy's, she lost herself in the moment, the smooth feeling of the other woman's face so erotic, so different than Nathan she practically melted.

Candy playfully bit her lip and then withdrew, breaking off the kiss and breathing heavily. "Wow," she said, her voice husky, sensual. She felt as if she could start all over again but knew it was a mistake, no matter how good it felt.

Unsteadily, Miranda opened her eyes and then nodded, words failing her. "Thank you," she said finally, reaching for her own clothes. A minute later, with the stripper watching her admiringly, Miranda was fully dressed. "I'll show you out."

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by JoyJoy4Me11/16/17

I just had to read this again. It is so fucking delicious. I need a cigarette now.

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Mmm. Wow!!

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I loved this. I've often thought about doing the same thing Miranda did in ordering a stripper for a "Party of one" and seeing what happens. Hopefully if I ever DO act on this fantasy, someone like Candymore...

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