tagMatureCandy & Buddy's Romance Ch. 6

Candy & Buddy's Romance Ch. 6


Candy awakes to the sound of birds chirping outside of her bright window. She glances over at the clock. It's 9:09am.

She gets up, fixes herself some breakfast, and checks her e-mail.

Buddy had just sent her an e-mail, asking her to call him when she got up.

She picked up the phone and dialed his digits.

He answered after the first ring.

"Hey, baby," Candy greets him.

"Hey, yourself," Buddy replied.

"So what are you up to?" Candy asks.

"Well, I was going to go feed my horses. They are staying at my ranch right outside of town. I normally have a guy come out and take care of them for me, but he's out of town this weekend. Would you like to join me?"

She accepts his invitation, and she agrees to drive over to his house in an hour.

They meet up and Buddy drives them off towards the countryside in his red Jeep. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, everything perfect.

Candy and Buddy sing along to some oldies on the radio, and talk about fun times.

Candy can smell Buddy's distinctive scent immediately. So different. Musky, mixed with sweat and shampoo, but yet appealing to her pheromones. She loved his natural smell. She was never much into cologne-wearing men. It was so... unnatural. She wondered what he thought about her "pheromones"....

They talked about Ann for a bit. Buddy told her that Ann is coming in town next week. Candy knew she'd be calling her up, and wondered if her coming over while Buddy was there would be a problem. Buddy wants to see both Ann and Candy next weekend and told Candy to just come on over anyways. They'd be fine.

While they are passing over a big lake onto a bridge, Candy decides to "spike up" the mood. It's obvious that they were both starting to get antsy, cause they had only been chit-chatting all morning on the ride there.

Candy takes charge. She unbuckles her seat-belt, turns towards Buddy, and leans over. She begins to unzip Buddy's shorts while he is holding onto the steering wheel, driving. She finds his cock and tucks it out from his lap and starts playing with it. She grabs it gently with her left hand and starts licking it up like a lollipop, ravishing the taste and the feel of his prolific specimen. Intense anticipation of their upcoming copulation in the hay inspires Buddy to put the pedal to the floor. After all, no one's out here on these country side roads. Going 65 mph, the wind gustily blowing against his brown hair, the sun's rays beating down through his sun roof, and a hot chick giving him head during all this, Buddy was having the time of his life. He could hardly wait to get out of that car and into her pants.

Candy was definitely becoming a good cock-sucker, and she knew it. Candy looked up at him with a naughty grin on her face and goes up to give him a wet kiss. Buddy slows down to catch his breath (and to make sure he doesn't fly off the road), as he returns her sweet kiss. Mmmm... he definitely loves her style.

Buddy finally pulls up into the long-awaited barn, and he jerks the keys out of the ignition. He turns and kisses Candy madly with both arms around her, feeling all over her back, into her long hair, and up onto her face. When they end their intoxicating kiss, Buddy suggests, "Ready to check out the barn?" with a grin.

"I've been ready," Candy replies with a reciprocal grin.

They both jump out of the car and rush towards the barn where there is plenty of room and plenty of hay. There's a ladder off to the side that leads up to an open-wide second floor. There's a window up on its side wall, and the sunlight is shining in on them. Candy squints her eyes at the sun, and Buddy reads her thoughts.

"Ladies first," Buddy says. He makes sure Candy has plenty of support from underneath as she climbs her cute body up the ladder, with Buddy following behind hastily.

Buddy sweeps Candy up from her feet and lies her gently down on a conveniently-placed bed of hay.

The sun shines on them like a spot light onto a stage while Buddy strips his shirt off, and with Candy slowly but seductively stripping away her thin t-shirt. Buddy knew she hadn't worn a bra underneath and was still hard ever since he first saw her that morning. Candy moves around to pull off her shorts to reveal her primed and bare pussy.

Buddy salivates at her sight, while Candy rushes to take off the rest of his clothes. They fall gently on the hay and roll around in it, with the sun light beating down on them. Their sexual scents mixed with sweat glistened onto their rapturous bodies. They shared a great, golden copulation.

After they had fooled around some, Buddy pulled out something from his short pockets. It was 2 blindfolds. Hmm..., Candy wondered.

Buddy, silently but with a smile, tied one blindfold over her eyes. He then took her hands and tied them together and raised her arms above her head.

He then turned her so that he was facing her back and she was lying down on her stomach, with her arms in front of her. Buddy, bent down onto his knees, and started rubbing her clit from wrapping around her hips. He continued to pet her until she became real moist. She moaned. He then rubbed this over her anus, and stuck his finger in some as well, to enlarge the opening.

Candy was trying to get used to this new move, and she was looking forward to the intense nerve-endings in her rectum that Buddy was about to stimulate.

He had to use his saliva from his mouth at times to increase lubrication. He then thought it was ready, and began to put the head of his cock barely into the anus opening. He pushed gently, and saw it move in slowly. Once he got about 2 inches in, he leaned over and on top of her smooth body, and started penetrating her deeper.

The first 2 inches was ok for Candy, but then she felt a lot of discomfort. She was about to tell him to stop, when all of a sudden, his cock went in deeper and struck something incredible in her body. Her body jolted at both recovering from the moment of pain, juxtaposed with the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

Buddy groaned as he felt most of his cock fill the inside of her rectum. He was glad she was not telling him to stop, and he was getting turned on more by the minute. He didn't know how long he could last, but he sure as hell wanted Candy to enjoy this erotic experience. Anal sex rocks.

Candy's blindfold was really helping a lot. Her thoughts weren't getting distracted as easily, since she couldn't see anything. She was focused only on her and Buddy.

Her hands, meanwhile, were frustrating her, because her body was answering every touch of Buddy in a desperate way. Her body thirsted for his touches, and he was giving her just what the doctor ordered.

Buddy and Candy started fucking like they do on the Discovery Channel, and Candy's rectal muscles were slowly adjusting to having a big-ass cock within it. Candy felt both vibrant, but horny as anything. She was really getting overwhelmed by this fucking, and she felt her body getting highly aroused.

As soon as Buddy felt her anus relaxing some against his bulging manhood, he started thrusting faster and faster. At one point, Buddy reached down below her body, and started rubbing her clit as well. Candy loved the feel of his masculine fingers, rubbing her swollen clit, and having his thick penis invading her tight anus. It was both odd yet more erotic every second.

They both continued this for a couple of minutes, and then Buddy couldn't hold out any longer.

"I'm about to come. Are you all right?" Buddy asked, continuing to thrust, while breathing heavily.

"Ohh....I'm fine.... You can come whenever you want. I'm ready....", Candy moaned in response.

In a few seconds, Candy could feel a thick liquid empty into the upper part of her anus. It felt very weird-- after all, this was her ass hole. She didn't climax this time, but she sure as hell felt good, despite. It was definitely an enlightening experience. For both of them.

Buddy kissed Candy's shoulder-blades, and kissed down her spinal cord, slowly and smoothly, as he tried to recover from his peaking escapade. He then rolled over onto his back, and closed his eyes, and fell asleep in an instant.

Candy, meanwhile, was really enjoying making love with Buddy. She loved the way he caressed her, as though her skin was a piece of fine silk. He was so delicate, yet erotic. It was almost like a fantasy.

Candy somehow untied her hands, and then took her blind fold off.

She saw him roll over and close his eyes, and she giggled gently and quietly, seeing Buddy overcome by her body and their afternoon of anal sex. She was pleased and satisfied. She turned her body side-ways, facing Buddy. And then she rested her head on Buddy's chest and arms across his abdomen, and her right hand resting on a particular part of his side-hip right below his rib cage, that was slightly caved-in.

They both fell asleep and took an peaceful afternoon nap in each other's arms. It was sweet and delicate.

They woke up later on and drove home, picking up some Chinese food on the way.

Candy had to leave after they returned home. And so they said their goodbyes and gave each other a big hug and kiss and went their separate ways. Candy said she would call Buddy later that week.

Candy left with a smile on her face. She could feel her body was worn out, but in a good way-- as though she had just spent all day in a health-spa or something. She was definitely liking spending time with Buddy and wondered how long this would last....

One day at a time...

To Be Continued...

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