tagBDSMCandy and Kate's Fantasies Ch. 01

Candy and Kate's Fantasies Ch. 01


Bruce sat cradled in the soft armchair. The ceiling soared above him in the cathedral-like "barnhouse" that his girlfriend owned. It was nice having a rich girlfriend. She took care of him. She kept him warm. She kept him fed and she kept him fucked.

He was reading a novel. It was about a person getting a transsexual operation and how that affected the lives and chemicals of the people around him/her. There was a long description of the operation in it. How they turned the penis outside in and stuffed it up into the body. It was terrifying and yet sub-consciously arousing.

Kate came up to in front of him and then puddled into the area between his feet. She adored him. It was in her eyes and her contented sigh. It was in the way she said his name. "Baaruuuucce"

"Say my name" he would tell her sometimes just to hear her say "Baaruuuucce." It was comforting and soothing and made him feel the same way that that he felt when he was having his perineum licked.

"That's where my pussy would be if I was a woman," he would invariably say whenever Kate licked him there. She liked to lick that area of his body so she did it quite often. The truth was that she enjoyed sucking cock more than anything. She would make mouthlove and stroke and throw her head and whole body into the passion of the moment until Bruce couldn't stand it anymore and fire his load right down her throat. That wouldn't stop her though. She just kept right on sucking, milking for every extra little drop there was.

He had to tell her to stop sucking, that his cock head was sensitive after his orgasm. She sucked him so much that he didn't get to fuck her enough and was starting to get hungry for pussy. Sometimes Bruce could talk her into going low on him and a few times it was her own idea. Bruce liked for her to slide her tongue down between his balls and get into the dark area under his testicle sack. The balls could be touchy, but just under them was a magic button.

"It's the root of your penis," Kate told him the last time he got her to go down there. "I can feel it with my lips. I can get my whole mouth around it and follow it right down into your body, all the way to right here." She placed her finger squarely between his legs and within one inch of where his anal ring began. Bruce's asshole tightened.

She wouldn't go any farther with it though. She would never touch his asshole much less get down there and play it like a cello with her tongue. When he licked her ass he thought of it like an art form. The ridges and folds were the strings, the center was the volume control, her cheeks were the percussion section and she was the audience. It was performance art. Yet his own anal sphincter remained virginal.

Still, he had no reason to complain, for Kate had finished settling down into the area between his legs and was using her hands to gently stroke his upper thighs. She stopped when her hands were near the top of her stroke, close to his package. She looked up at him coquettishly with tilted eyes and asked, "may I have the pleasure of taking you into my mouth?" To ensure that there was no misunderstanding, she slipped her left hand over and on top of his bulge.

Within two seconds, his body had redirected all blood from his head to his crotch. Within six seconds, his penis had doubled in size. Space was becoming a real issue in his pants. Kate solved the crisis by taking matters into her own hands. Without waiting for direction, she undid his belt, unsnapped his pants, slid the zipper down, slipped her hand under his briefs and pulled the rapidly growing penis into a new upright position. Only the head peeked out beyond the waistband of his underpants.

"Ooo pretty," Kate said and she bent her head down so she could kiss him right at the opening on the very end of his penis and thereby steal that first precious drop of pre-cum just as it pearled out the slit.

"Now just a second young lady," Bruce announced in his best schoolmaster voice. "I haven't given you permission to use my member for your oral pleasure yet."

"I'm sorry sir," replied Kate. "I didn't mean to be presumptuous."

"Well, you were," stated Bruce in no uncertain manner. "No I think before I decide on your request, that I would like for you to dance for me."

Kate thought about it for only a second before she let go her grip of his penis, stood up, turned up the music and started to sway in time. She closed her eyes. Her arms just sort of floated around at first, but then one of them found a breast and she began to caress herself rubbing the nipple and making curves around the form. The buttons on her shirt seemed to fall open by themselves, then an arm slipped out, then the shirt fell to the floor. Now she was wearing only jeans and a wife-beater tee shirt.

Bruce slipped out of his pants and underwear. He found a bottle of olive oil handy on the end table by his chair and began to oil his stiffy. The head stuck out red and engorged, distinct like the helmet of a warrior. Veins throbbed along the sides. He stroked it with his right hand and cupped his balls with his left.

Kate, meanwhile, had lost her jeans and was clad in only the wife-beater and a red thong. That girl certainly knew how to dress. She danced up to him and rubbed her sweet tits in his face. Then she pulled the top of her tee shirt down and let Bruce look deep into all that skin. That right there was about enough to make him pop, but he held his juice and she danced away.

Kate turned her back to Bruce and swayed her buttocks. The mass of curves, the wonderful, hypnotic swirl of mounds and folds reduced Bruce to a slobbering mess able only to drool and stroke his pulsating cock.

Kate spread her stance apart and then bent over. Carefully she placed one hand on each cheek and then pulled them apart. His view of her ass and pussy was perfect except only for the half-inch wide string that ran up the middle. Bruce had seen Kate's pussy many times before but it was still an awe-inspiring sight. She had a medium patch of moderately curly brown pubic hair. It started in a nice clump above and narrowed and thinned as it encircled her opening, then it ran over the little hump and about two dozen tiny hairs called the inner most regions circling her anus, home. Right now though, there was a piece of fabric in the way and although it was largely sucked into her pussy at the moment, her asshole was obscured. He could see it peeking out on both sides, the ridges and the darker colored area, but the eye itself was hidden from his view.

Kate danced her butt back and forth. She grabbed her ankles and pushed it out as high as she could. The string was ready to pop. So was Bruce. She brought it close enough for Bruce to smell and let him lick it up one side and down the other. Then slowly, slowly, she slid a hand around her glistening bottom and slipped a finger, then two, under the string of her thong. She worked the string out of her pussy lips and free from asshole and then pulled it to one side so finally, finally, Bruce could see all of the glory of her cunt and her rectum. He really wanted just to jam his cock up her asshole. It was pretty primal. We'll never know just what Kate wanted, but she was grabbing her ankles with her ass high in the air and making her asshole throb in and out six inches from Bruce's face.

Bruce reached out and touched Kate's asshole with a fingertip covered in olive oil and pre-cum. It slipped right in up to the first knuckle.

"Oh," said Kate. She was a little startled. I don't know what she thought was going to happen.

Kate was turning into a real asswhore. No one had ever played with her anus before Bruce. At first she thought it was a little weird, but she always liked the sensations that it created. So she kept letting him play more and more and her back door was learning to open wide. She backed into his finger a little more and it slipped in up to the second knuckle. Her outer ring had a little spasm.

Without warning, Bruce slapped her right buttock.

"Oww" screamed Kate in shock and surprise. A bright red handprint appeared out of nowhere on the creamy skin of her bottom. Both of them lost a drop or two of fluid from their various orifices.

Just as quickly Bruce smacked the other side. "There. That should bring you into balance," he said.

Kate jumped away from him and his finger slipped from her butthole. The eye stayed open for a second before it winked shut. "I want to suck your cock!" the naughty little girl declared. "Haven't I danced long enough? Where's that cock?"

"I'll let you know when you've danced long enough!" exclaimed Bruce. "You are being a very bad. I think you need to be punished."

"I don't want to be punished."

"What you want or don't want is not the issue, young lady," said Bruce in his most authoritative voice.

"But I haven't done anything wrong," protested Kate.

"You've argued and stopped dancing and you pulled your butthole away from my finger! Now get over here and put yourself across my knee."

"Oh no, please, don't spank my bottom. I'll be good."

"I'm certain you will be after I get done with your ass, young lady. Over the knee!"

"Ohhh, master, don't hit it hard." Resigned to her fate, Kate assumed the position and began to lower herself across her master's knee. Kate thought it was her secret that it made her very hot to expose her bottom for a spanking. The concussions to her cheeks radiated to her asshole and ran around it in circles like echoes in a cave. But Bruce knew what she liked. A dom can always spot a sub.

"Ahem!" said the man who owned her body. "What about the tee shirt? I hope you weren't planning on getting punished while wearing a tee shirt!" He was so outraged at the very thought that he reached out and without even considering it, grabbed a fistful of the flimsy tee shirt and ripped it off her body. Shreds remained around her shoulders, but her breasts stood naked now, the aureoles flushed with rushing blood popped up like islands around nipple mountains in a supple sea of cream and peaches flesh. Quickly she shed the rest of the remnants of her wife-beater and bent again across his knee. A hand in the small of her back encouraged her to the correct position. Her buttocks pointed straight up in the air. The halves parted enough at the critical point for a person ideally positioned, as Bruce was, to see a glimpse of her anal sphincter. It was the promised land for Bruce's throbbing cock. But right now his hand rested on the arch of muscle and unblemished skin that was to be his canvas. He alone would paint the colors of her correction.

You may speak of how the universe has a plan. Of how patterns are repeated or of how it seems as though an intelligence is at work and maybe if you did, you would know that that is how it felt when the arc of Bruce's right hand rested on the apex of Kate's right buttock. Curve matching curve precisely.

He took his time. This was the kind of thing that needed to be done correctly. The earlier handprint was entirely gone. That was a good sign. Her buttocks were supple and could absorb punishment. He wanted to make sure that this correction took effect. Kate was willful and he was tired of having to correct her. Their relationship might suffer if she didn't learn to be a good little girl and mind her Ps and Qs.

With that thought in mind, he quickly brought his hand back and down. The concussion was about a four on a scale of one to ten. He thought it would be a six and was surprised at how hard he would need to contact her bottom. It was something that needed to be done though. Not of his making. He struck a little harder at the other side. Red bloomed on both halves. Kate squirmed and her cheeks slammed together and relaxed a dozen times very quickly. She moaned softly. Bruce had no pity for her. This had to be done. Besides, he knew she was loving it. He considered getting a dildo and sticking it up her butt. If he did that now he was pretty sure he could get his cock up there later. She was determined to suck him off though. What he really wanted was to go all anal though, him in her ass and her sucking his. Boy would he fire a load then.

Her buttocks were starting to show the results of his efforts now. The color was coming up nicely. Bruce asked her politely to spread her cheeks apart and she obliged him. He took his middle three fingers and laid them right against her browneye, the center knuckle of the middle finger right against the midway point of the sphincter of the her asshole and one finger running lengthwise up each side of the pucker. Then he pulled his hand back six inches and smacked.

She had never been smacked directly on her asshole before. The electric pain radiated in shock waves from the exit hole in the center of her body out to each extremity. She would have jumped, but she couldn't. He smacked her again, harder. Her sphincter quivered, like an antelope in the clutches of a lion, finally caught after a chase across the plain, now his to devour at his leisure and pleasure.

He began to strike her buttocks in a rhythmic fashion. Left, right. Left, right. Each strike a little harder than the one before it. Her cunt flowed with juices. Her cheeks glowed the neon of a well-corrected bottom. He switched his strokes, contacting the left side hard, harder, hard, harder. Then the right side: hard, harder, harder, everything.

She howled and squirted and pleaded and then relaxed.

When he was satisfied, he allowed her to stand in the corner with her hands behind her head, fingers interlocked. He observed the results of his efforts. "Now," he thought, "I believe she is ready to receive the bounty of my cock with gratitude and joy."

Bruce was magnanimous. "Alright, you are released."

"Thank you, sir." Kate rubbed her tender bottom with both hands, then she got down slowly onto both knees and shuffled over in front of him again. She knew he liked for her to approach on her knees. "Baaruucee" she said shyly, "may I please have the pleasure of taking you into my mouth?"

"I suppose that would be something I could consider. If I let you suck my cock, will you also lick my asshole?"

"Oh I don't know. Assholes are dirty. There might be some poo back there. I bet it tastes funny."

"Well, go get a warm washcloth and clean it up."

But the DOM thing was gone. Now they were negotiating. Bruce could not command her to put her tongue to his ass. She would only be a sub when it suited her.

"No, you come in and take a bath. I want it really clean if I'm going to suck it. This really isn't very fair. You know I have to feel your meat inside my mouth. I love it when you fill up my mouth. I love your protein injected into my system. It's like a part of you becomes a part of me. But your asshole just doesn't do it for me."

"Then do it for me, baby. Lick my ass because I really want to know what it feels like. Do it because you know how much you like it. Please, Sweetie, try to love it."

"Okay, I'll try it. Maybe if it's super clean it'll look cuter." So she put him in the bathtub and she soaped him and scrubbed him. She made sure he was very clean even getting a finger up in there an inch, then she had him turn over on his hands and knees and stick his butt up in the air. It was the first time she had really looked at his asshole. She was always focused on cock. Knowing that it was clean made it look different. It glistened. The ridges were strangely interesting in the way they led down to the vertical slit, which was glowing slightly from her stimulation. She touched it with the tip of her finger. It quivered. She took her fingertip and traced the oval of the sphincter muscle. Then she took her finger away and just looked at the composition of parts, at the structure and rhythm and harmony of the whole system and it became beautiful to her.

Kate's face came down close to Bruce's anus. She sniffed. It smelled like a rose, well, at least like the body wash she had just been scrubbing him with. She pulled back and looked at the whole thing again. Her tongue rubbed along the roof of her mouth, then the very tip of her tongue came out and touched the bullseye just for a second. Kate rubbed her tongue against the top of her mouth and she smacked her lips. Then she leaned forward, stuck her face into the crack of his ass and sucked with tongue and lips directly on his vibrating hole.

Bruce tried to jump forward, but he was still in the tub. He screamed under water. Kate took it as a compliment. She ran her tongue up one side of his anal corona and down the other making smaller and smaller circles until she got back to ground zero. Then the tongue went in. In and out, in and out she flicked him with her serpent tongue. His hole responded by opening up to receive her. Her tongue went in deeper. Finally she was grinding with her mouth forcing her tongue in as far as she could. Apparently, Kate had a new appreciation for anilingus.

"Now roll over back into the water and close your eyes," said Kate. "I have something for you."

Bruce did as he was told. The water was warm and enveloping. His ass felt wonderful. The nerve endings were thoroughly stimulated and were still shooting pulses of energy to let the rest of his body know what had happened. He sighed contentedly.

Suddenly he felt something wet and warm strike him on the chest. He opened his eyes and saw Kate perched above him on the edges of the tub. She was spreading back the lips of her vagina so the urine would come out of it in a straight line. "You're my bitch now," she said laughing. "Now close your eyes," and she redirected her stream onto his face. Bruce sputtered and tried to spit out the invading drops. "What wrong?" she said. "You make me abandon my taboos but you don't want my sweet pee in your mouth? Come on. Open your mouth and drink my piss!"

Bruce wouldn't do it. He shook his head from side to side and tried to get it down under the water. Kate just laughed and shook the last drops from her cunt. When Bruce came up he was humiliated and a little bit angry. He hadn't agreed to that.

"Oh don't be a sourpuss," said Kate. "You should have seen your face. That was the funniest thing I ever saw. Come on now, come into the bedroom and let me give you the blowjob of your life. Here let me rinse you off." Then she got a fluffy towel and began drying his back. It was hard to stay mad at a girl like that.

"Okay, then," he said. "I guess you've earned the right to suck my cock. I want you on your knees though. I want to be able to fuck your face."

"That sounds fine to me." Bruce slipped a hand onto her ass and a finger into her pee wet pussy and they walked into the bedroom together.

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