tagBDSMCandy and Kate's Fantasies Ch. 02

Candy and Kate's Fantasies Ch. 02


"You know," Kate said as they were making themselves comfortable in the bedroom, "Candy was over here for coffee yesterday and she let it slip how she had admired your ass the other day when you were on your knees trying to fix the kitchen drain. You did have your ass way up there in the air and it did look pretty cute, still I don't know if I like Candy calling it "squeezable."

"When were you girls talking about my ass?"

"Oh, we talk about your ass all the time. Of course we don't just talk about your ass, we talk about everybody's ass. Don't you?"

"Well, no not really. I usually talk about the weather and stuff. What do you say about them?"

"It depends. Sometimes its about how fat they are getting or how they are shaking. How a persons ass looks in a particular piece of clothing or whether you'd like to touch it or not. I think Candy would really like to feel yours."

"Oh yeah? That makes my dick swell just thinking about it. How does it make you feel though?"

"Well, I don't know. Oh the one hand, talking with you about it right now makes my pussy tingle. It makes me want you to fuck me hard and now. On the other hand, I'm afraid I might get a little bit jealous if you two were doing it and I felt left out. "

"You wouldn't have to feel left out."

"Well, its still not the same thing, I mean one dick and two pussies doesn't add up for me."

"Come on, do it for me, Sweety." Bruce knew the formula for manipulating her. "Make me happy. Imagine juicy, hairy stuff on my cock and ass sitting on my mouth at the same time. That would be so great. And what about having two women suck my cock? I've never had two women suck my cock at once. I've got a birthday coming up. Do it for my birthday."

"You've always got a birthday coming up," laughed Kate. "Alright, just this once and then you've got to let me have two guys some night and you have to suck cock. I love to watch two men suck each other."

"I don't know. That's kind of weird. Gay."

"Oh get over it. Try it. Suck a cock and you can have Candy's ass."

"Alright. It's a deal. I really want to nail Candy and the truth is I've always kinda wanted to try sucking a cock. You girls look like you are having so much fun. But right now you have a job to do sucking this one. On your knees, woman."

Kate got down on the bedroom floor and faced Bruce's dancing extension.

"I'm going to pretend you are Candy while I'm jamming it down your throat," he declared.

"Well then, I'm going to pretend I'm sucking Jason's cock." Jason was her last boyfriend.

"You do that and I will reach down and slap your ass, young lady."

Kate just smiled.

Bruce liked to head-fuck this way. He used to just lie there and let the girl do all the work when he was getting blown, then he discovered it was so much better if he got in the action too. Now he like to stand so he could really get his hips into it. Whoever's mouth he was using had to be in co-ordination with him or they could get hurt. He had a solid eight inches and he made sure it all got into the orifice.

Kate relaxed her throat and let it happen. That was the only way to survive. Bruce put his hands on the back of her head and pumped his hips one way and her face the other. He had his eyes closed and was dreaming about getting Candy. Candy's ass lowering down onto his eager lips, the taste of Candy's holes. His cock sliding into her pussy for the first time.

Kate was in a yogic rhythm. Her mind had left her body and was feeling the pounding resurgence of the universe. Her body was all nerve endings.

Bruce felt the pressure building at the base of his scrotum. Right there where Kate had put her finger when she was licking his crotch so long ago. The pressure rose from the root of his penis and the center of his balls and began to force its way through the gates so it could erupt volcanically from the very end of his body. He shook with spasm after spasm. Kate took it all straight into her esophagus lost in space and time. Bruce shook one final time and began to shrink. They stayed coupled for a moment as his ectoplasm slowly receded from the confines of her throat and mouth. It was exquisite. As his member finally popped out of her mouth, she caught it in her hand and brought it back to her lips one more time in order to impart to it a small kiss right on the tip. Candy would have to wait for another day.

Two days later, Candy and Kate were having coffee together in Candy's kitchen after working out at the gym. They both had been catching secret glances at each other's bodies while they were working out. When Kate caught her first glimpse, Candy was grimacing like she was getting ready to cum and had her tits punched up to maximum pointers as she squeezed her arms together to work the rotary chest exerciser. Then Candy noticed Kate on the leg machine with her crotch wide apart and her thighs staining. That didn't take much imagination. Candy had a vee of sweat damping the back of her leotard and they both smelled like animals by the time they were done. So they went back to Candy's for a nibble and a drink.

When Candy suggested they make the coffee Irish, Kate wondered if she was up to something, but she said, "Okay." They had a second cup and Kate said something funny and Candy came over and put her arm around her as they were laughing. They were two sweaty, stinky bodies creating that strange skin on skin mystic. It was only natural that they should kiss.

They weren't nervous or upset about it. It seemed right so they let it linger a second. Then they broke apart and sat down. Women can do that sometimes. They both knew what was coming so there was no great need to hurry it.

"That was wonderful," said Candy. "I've been so horny I'm about to scream. No one has touched me in months."

"How can that be? You are a beautiful woman with, if you don't mind my saying so, a great set of tits. Why would no one want to touch you?"

"They want to alright. Lots of men want to, but I don't want them to. They aren't the right men. I want someone who is sensitive and loving, like Bruce. You are so lucky to have a man like that."

"Yes, I am. He's a wonderful man. He's a great lover too."

"I'll bet he is. You know I was checking out his ass that day he was fixing my sink, but I will have to admit I have noticed his package as well."

"When did you do that?"

"Well, more than once actually. It just seems to swell sometimes and you can't help but notice it."

Kate laughed, " you are right about that. When that thing gets engorged it's a real monster. He's been cut, you know. I like them better cut. I like to see the head sticking out ready to conquer my cunnie. If I had to pick one word to describe Bruce's cock, it would be 'magnificent.'"

"Wow," said Candy. "I wish I could have some of that."

"Well, you probably could if you could talk me into it. Lord knows Bruce is hot for your ass."

"He is!"

"Well of course. Who wouldn't be? I kinda want to kiss it myself, right now." Kate leaned over, bent herself around Candy's warm and dewy form and put her mouth on Candy's spandex covered ass. Candy laughed and squirmed away and said, "wait a minute. I want to hear more about how Bruce wants my ass."

"Oh he wants your ass alright. That's no problem. The problem you've got is what are you going to give me so I will let Bruce have your ass?"

"I could offer you mine."

"Oh, I think I'm going to get yours either way, haha. What I want is two cocks. Can you help me with that?"

"Well, does one of them have to be your boyfriend's?"

"I hadn't thought about that before. What do you mean?"

" I mean, suppose I know two guys who like to do that sort of thing? The problem is one of them is my brother so I don't want to fuck them myself but if you want to fuck them I bet I could work it out."

"Are they cute?"

"Oh yeah, they are both really cute. I'd do my brother's friend in a heartbeat, but they like to work together and that's just too weird for me. Besides the important part is that they both have major meat and they know how to use it. If this is the fantasy you have, well then they can give it to you."

"I don't know, I'd have to talk to Bruce about that. Maybe it would be okay if the two of you were there too."

"Talk to Bruce! Are you crazy? You think he'll of along with something like that?"

"Well, he might. Besides I've got a lot of leverage if he wants to fuck you in the ass. Anyway, I would never do anything to hurt him. I'll only do it if he says it's okay."

"But what about that kiss we had? And you just kissed my ass. What are you going to tell him about that?"

"Oh, he knows all about this. I told him two days ago I was going to fuck you and he's been pretending that I'm you everytime he's fucked me since then. A girl can tell you know. The whole girl on girl thing makes him really hot. Maybe we should start out just letting him watch and make him beg for your holes, one at a time."

The girls thought this was an excellent idea and they were both chuckling as they came together for a tender kiss and a mutual crotch grope. Tomorrow was another day, but right now, they were getting down to business.

Business turned out to be mutual pussy licking in a 69 position. Now sometimes people ask why men like girl on girl action even when they are excluded. Two pussies, two asses and four tits, what's not to like? A fantasy of mine is to be able to photograph a couple of babes 69ing. I imagine the one on top with her ass in the air and her asshole shining as it struggles towards the tongue now buried in the neighboring vagina. There are some great compositions available.

There was a lot of 'oooing and aaahing' and escape of liquids over the next hour and a half. Few regions were left unexplored. When they were done, they lay in each other's arms again, exhausted and stinky.

The next day when Kate came over for coffee, she was fully expecting Candy to jump her bones the second she walked in the door, but instead, Candy, after a welcoming kiss pushed her away.

"Don't worry," she laughed, "I'll suck your pussy in a minute but first I want to talk more about the other thing."

"The other thing?" asked Kate acting innocent.

"Bruce's cock in my ass," clarified Candy. "I can't stop thinking about it."

"I've been thinking about it too. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to just stick in it there for you, but I want something out of this myself."

"I know, you want two cocks at once. I talked to my friends and they said "bring her on.""

"That might be setup, but we still have to talk Bruce into it. He loves to fuck around, but he's not so happy about sharing me. I figured it might up the odds of him saying yes if I waited to ask him until his cock is pointed right at your browneye and then made him promise before I let him stick it in."

"Well, that might work for you, but what if he says "no" and my ass is left unfulfilled."

"That's a chance we will have to take." Then Kate winked at Candy and said, "I wouldn't worry too much. When Bruce starts thinking with his dick, its not too hard to figure out what will happen. Why don't you come over tonight and we will have dinner and a little wine and then I will bring out this board game I've been saving. Wear some fancy lingerie and trim up your panty line, we're gonna have some fun."

The girls played around a little bit, but decided they should save their edge for the evenings activities. Women can be so mature.

That evening, they had a delightful dinner, sautéed cod, asparagus and brown rice with a chilled white wine. They ate out on the patio, as it was a warm evening. There were candles sitting on the half wall and a gibbous moon rising as they ate. Kate wore a yellow sundress if by 'sundress' you mean cut low in front and high down below. She tried hard to keep her body out of the sun and so the tops of her breasts which you could clearly see, were creamy in color and in texture. Bruce had watched her get dressed and so he knew she had on a pair of lacy red panties. Kate's ass was ample, built for spanking. It was also a delight to gaze upon and curved a pair of panties into an arc that cannot be improved upon. The sight of those red panties stretched out as she bent over was burned forever into Bruce's memory bank. He smiled as it flashed through his consciousness.

Frank Zappa had a song lyric that went, "the bigger the cushion the better the pushing." I don't know if that is true or not, but I see his point. A bony ass may be cute in a pair of jeans, but when you're slamming it you want some shock absorbers.

Candy was dressed even more daringly. She was wearing a red mini-skirt and a tube top, which struggled to contain its load. It was quite clear that there was no bra under the tube top. Her nipples were clearly outlined. The top crept lower as the evening went on. The red mini-skirt was a classic fuck me sign in Bruce's mind. He knew the girls were up to something and he hoped it was want he wanted it to be.

After they were done eating, Candy scooted back her chair and relaxed with her wineglass in hand. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Everytime she did it, Bruce involuntarily looked down at her crotch. This made Candy a little wet. After a few minutes, she left both feet on the ground with her knees eighteen inches apart. Bruce had a clear view up into the connection of legs. He saw red panties and if he wasn't mistaken a few stray red hairs. Were they really red or was it just bad lighting? Bruce had to know. Kate and Candy both pretended to be blondes, what girl doesn't, but he knew Kate was really a brunette and he planned on finding out about Candy real soon. Of course both girls watched him looking up Candy's skirt. Everybody pretended like it wasn't happening though.

After a Zen moment, Kate stood up and said, "Let's go in the living room where it's more comfortable and play this new board game I got."

"Board game," said Bruce. "You didn't say anything about a board game."

"Well, I just got it and I think we should play it. It'll be fun."

So they went into the living room. Kate usually got what she wanted. They decided to sit on the carpet since that would give them room to spread out. Kate and Candy got cushions off the furniture and made nests. Bruce just sat down Indian fashion. They brought the candles in with them and put on some soft music.

"Okay," said Bruce." Tell me about this game."

"Which game are you asking about?" inquired Kate, being coy and talking in double entendres.

"The board game you silly." Said the slow to understand Bruce.

So Kate got the box out from under the coffee table whether she kept it and already you could tell something was up. There were naked people on the cover. They were just silhouettes of naked people, but you knew what they were.

"It's called, 'Fantasy Time'" announced Kate.

She spread the board out on the carpet and put the cards out where she was supposed to. Then she gave everyone a token. To Bruce she gave what looked like an erect penis with a set of balls attached. It was only about two inches high and made out of some cheap metal, but it did an adequate job of representing an impressive specimen of the real thing. She gave herself something that looked like a bubble butt and Candy got a well-endowed female in the doggie position.

"How do we play?" asked Bruce. "What are the rules?"

"Oh, we'll figure that out as we go along. You go first."

So Bruce rolled the dice and got a five. He grabbed the penis by the shaft and moved it to the fifth square, which informed him he should pick up a card. His card said: "Kiss the person to your left on the left nipple."

Kate said "read it to us."

So Bruce did. Then he leaned over to give Candy a peck on the nip, which was clearly visible through her tube top.

"Wait a minute," said Kate. "You're not going to kiss her through the clothes are you? That's not really kissing nipple. That's kissing fabric."

"It doesn't say anything about anyone taking any clothes off," said Candy.

"You don't have to take anything off. Just pop it out."

So Candy reached into her top and extracted her left boob. The nipple was that special dark pink color, short of red, that signals its sensitivity. The aureole stood proud from the milky skin. Little bumps covered it surface. The nipple itself protruded like a Utah rock formation, as though the cap had protected it from erosion for thousands of years as the aureole receded to the sea. The cap of the nipple was composed of a thousand folds each tucking in upon its neighbor. One wanted a magnifying glass to examine it deeply. To climb into it like an explorer lost in the Badlands, or in this case, the Goodlands. Everyone paused for a minute while Bruce and Kate paid it homage. Kate had seen it just a few hours before, but it was worth a twentieth look.

"Go ahead," said Kate, breaking the spell. "Give it a kiss."

Bruce leaned in and touched his lips to the cap. Candy eased forward, just a fraction, and the nipple slipped between Bruce's lips. It was only in for a second, then it popped back out and the kiss was over. Candy shivered.

"Your turn," said Kate. She was having such a good time.

Candy rolled a seven, so she skipped right over the dangerous card pile and landed on a square that said: "take one item of clothing from anyone."

"Okay, Bruce," she said, "give me your pants."

"My pants," answered Bruce. "It just says one item of clothing. Here, you can have a sock." He peeled one off and chucked it at Candy.

"I think he's got you there," laughed Kate. "But you won't be that lucky for long," she told Bruce. She picked up the dice and rolled a three, which said, "Everybody take a drink." That seemed like sound advice anyway so they did. Then it was Bruce's turn again.

"Come on," he said, shaking the dice. "Baby needs a new pair of shoes." And he tossed a twelve. "All right, big numbers." He marched his codpiece around the boardwalk and when he was three squares away he realized he was going to land on another card pile square.

This card said; "Drop your drawers and should what you've got. If you are already naked, show your asshole."

"No fair, all I've seen so far is one nipple and I have to show my package!" It seemed like a dirty trick, but that was the deal. So he stood, unbuckled, unzipped and opened up. His cock was semi-erect already, of course, anyway and he was due for an adjustment soon, but as the girl's watched, it slowly rose to full attention. Bruce was normally pretty hard to embarrass, but this did it. His face turned red as head and cock fought for blood.

The girls were giggling but Candy was also swallowing deeply. He was going to put that thing in her asshole? She had had a total of three up there in her whole life and none in several years. She used to love it when the professor stuck his up there and the thought made her very excited, but the truth was she was also a little nervous and had kind of secretly been hoping Bruce wasn't too big. Now that she saw it in all its throbbing glory, she knew it was definitely too big to fit in there. Her sphincter tightened even more at the thought.

"That's enough," said Bruce and he began trying to tuck it back into his underwear. It was a complicated job and one that was fun to watch, but both the girls still said "awww" as his pecker disappeared from sight.

"Alright," said Bruce to Candy. "Your turn and I hope I get to see some skin now." Candy rolled an eight and counted her doggie/girl icon around the board. The square she landed on said: "take one 'dildo' card and use it now or save it until you want it." The dildo card said; "five minutes of the dildo of your choice in the orifice of your choice."

"Oh dear," said Kate. "I guess I should go get out dildo collection so Candy can choose one." And she jumped up and ran into the bedroom before anyone else could say anything. When she came back she had a shoebox and a smirk. She opened it up and showed Candy a half dozen latex and rubber items of various lengths and colors.

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