Candy and Marlene

byJust Plain Bob©

"Well all I can say is that you are missing out on a hell of a good time. Come on baby, do me."

My jaw damned near hit the floor as Marlene spread her legs wide and Candy moved between them and went down on her best friend. Candy slipped a finger into Marlene's pussy and Marlene pushed her ass up off the bed. Candy fingered Marlene as she lowered her mouth to her girlfriend's hairy mound and her tongue joined her fingers and then she worked on Marlene's pussy for a couple of minutes. "Aaaahhhhh" Marlene moaned as she had a small orgasm.

"I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming."

Candy pushed Marlene's legs wide apart and as her mouth worked on Marlene's cunt Marlene's moans became more urgent:

"Yes, yes, oh god yes sweet baby, lick my clit, lick me, oh sweet fuck yes, I'm cumming again baby, I'm cummiNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" she cried as her body shook with a strong climax.

After she had settled down Marlene said, "Oh God baby, that was so damned good. You do that better than anyone else ever has."

Candy reached over, turned of the light and the two women snuggled up together and in minutes I heard the regular breathing of people asleep.


I needed a drink and my boss had a wet bar in his office and I went down to it and got myself two inches of Black Jack and an ice cube and went back to the conference room and started the tape. The two women and three men came into the room and one of the men said:

"Why ain't we using the room across the hall? It's got a bigger bed."

"That's my husbands bed so we won't be using it."

"Why the fuck not? He ain't here and he'll never know."

"No he wouldn't" Candy said, "but I would. The bed in here is plenty big enough."

Marlene was already stripping and the three men started undressing. Marlene was naked first and she went over and helped one guy get his pants off and then she went to work sucking his cock while he took off his shirt. When the three were naked Marlene moved to the edge of the bed and the three men followed her. Marlene was sitting on the edge of the bed and the three men were lined up in front of her with their backs to me. I saw Marlene's eyes go wide and a look of astonishment came over her face.

"Holy shit! I don't know if I can take that. Candy, you have to look at this."

Candy got up from her chair and walked over to stand by Marlene and I saw her eye brows go up and a look I didn't recognize come over her face. My view was still blocked by the backs of the three men, but it looked like Candy reached out to touch something and then jerked her hand back as if it had been burned. She turned and headed back to her chair, but stopped once on the way to turn back and take another look at whatever it was.

Marlene told the one man he would have to wait until the other two had loosened her up before she would screw him and then she laid back on the bed and two of the men moved to get on it with her. The man left standing looked at the three people on the bed and then he turned to look at Candy and I saw what all the commotion was about. He had a cock the size of a horse. I would guess at it being eleven or twelve inches and very fat. The two men on the bed were already at work on Marlene, one in her pussy and one in her mouth, and Big cock turned his attention away from them and looked over at Candy sitting on the chair watching.

Finally he walked over to her. "I know what you said at the bar, but that was before you seen this" and he waved his huge stiff cock in her face. "You want it honey, you almost took hold of it a few minutes ago. You want it and it wants you. Come on honey, join the party."

Candy looked from his cock to his face and then back at his cock, "I...I... I can't."

"Sure you can honey. Ain't nobody but those of us here in this room ever gonna know. Come on sugar, you want it, you know you do."

Again Candy looked from his dick to his face and then back to his dick. "No, no, I...I...can't."

"Come on, touch it, feel how hard it is, feel it throb and then tell me you don't want it."

Candy seemed almost in a trance as she reached for his cock and then held it in her hand. She just sat there in the chair and held the cock and stared at it. After a few seconds the man began to rock back and forth as he fucked her hand. After thirty seconds or so he stopped and Candy looked up at him and then back down at the cock and she started stroking him on her own. One hand went down and held his ball sac as the other jerked him off.

"Come on honey, let's stop playing around. Get naked and let's get it on."

Candy let go of his cock and stood up. She lifted her skirt and pushed her panties down. "All right honey, I knew you would play" the man said, but the look on his face changed to one of surprise when Candy sat back down in the chair. She wrapped her panties around the end of the man's cock and went back to jacking him off. At one point she had it so close to her face staring at it that I thought she was going to take him in her mouth, but she didn't.

Another minute and he groaned, "Here it comes honey, here it comes" and maybe thirty seconds later he pulled a limp cock out of Candy's hand and panties. By then, over on the bed the man in Marlene's pussy had cum and the man in her mouth had moved to her cunt. Big Cock went over, got on the bed and pushed his cock at Marlene's mouth. After that it was gangbang Marlene. She did manage to take all of Big Cock before they were done, but she absolutely refused to even let him try her ass. She did one triple penetration with Big Cock in her pussy and the other two men in her mouth and ass and it was a sight to behold. I decided then and there that like her or not I was going to keep that tape.

In the background I saw Candy get up and leave the room. When Marlene had wrung the three men dry they had dressed and she had walked them out. The scene changed to Candy coming into our bedroom. She quickly undressed and grabbed a hairbrush off of her dresser and then got on the bed and used it as a dildo. What she had done with Big Cock, or the thought of the huge cock, must have had her right on the edge because she had an orgasm almost immediately.

She got up, took a shower and then naked she got in bed and started reading. After maybe five minutes she put the book down and got up and went to the bedroom door. She opened it and started for the other room, and then stopped dead for maybe a minute and then turned around and went back and got back onto the bed and grabbed her hairbrush again. She was pounding herself furiously when Marlene came into the room and hopped on the bed with Candy just as Candy arched her back and climaxed. When she had come down from her high Marlene said:

"What happened girlfriend? I thought tonight you were going to do it. I thought Lex really got to you."

"He almost did. You will never know how close I came."

"You should have baby, you missed out on a great felling. I've never been that full and that turned on at the same time. You might never have a chance at something like that again."

"From my point of view that is a good thing. I will not cheat on Hal. I love the man and I will NOT let myself lose him."

"It doesn't make sense Candy. Hal would never know."

"But I would Mar, and I wouldn't be able to face him."

"Oh well, it's your life" and she laid down on her back, spread her legs and said, "Do me baby, make me cum" and Candy did the same thing she had done the night before and she went down on Marlene.

I shut off the TV and sat there staring at the wall. Now I knew what the detective meant when he said I'd have to make up my own mine as to whether she was cheating. Did she? Technically yes she did. The hand job was still a sex act with a man other than her husband and what she had done with Marlene on both nights was sexual interaction with another even though it wasn't a man.

Christ, I didn't know whether to be pissed or not. Candy had made it plain on both nights that no one was going to get in her pants and she told Marlene that she loved me too much to cheat on me and take a chance on losing me. But what the hell was up with her going bar hoping with Marlene and then going along to watch? The most disturbing thing to me was the pussy munching when Marlene's lovers were gone. That bothered me; that bothered me a lot.


Candy ran to greet me when I came in the front door. She threw her arms around me, kissed me and told me how much she missed me.

"I hope you had dinner on the plane lover, because I didn't cook for you tonight. I planned on dragging you straight up to the bedroom. If you are lucky I might leave you with enough strength to get out of bed in the morning so you can have breakfast."

"I don't think so Candy, we need to talk. Is Marlene here?"

"No, she's gone out."

"Good. I'd rather not have her around for this."

"What is it Hal, what's wrong?"

I went into the kitchen and sat down at the table and motioned Candy to take the seat opposite me. "I had a call from Frank the other day and while he wouldn't talk about why he and Marlene split he said he would send me a package that would explain everything."

Candy's face lost its color when she heard that. I opened my briefcase, took out the photos, the videotape and the report that he sent me and slid them across the table to Candy.

"Suppose you read that, look at the pictures and then tell me why I shouldn't treat you the same way I treated the last two cheating whore's I married. While you are reading I'm going to go unpack and take a shower."

I left her sitting at the table staring down at the photos and the report. It was twenty minutes before I came back down to the kitchen. Candy had been crying and when I walked into the room she wouldn't look up at me. After a minute or two of silence I said:

"Well? What have you to say for yourself?"

"It seems like you have already made up your mind Hal, does it really matter what I say?"

"Not if it doesn't matter to you."

"What does that mean?"

"It just means that if you are willing to accept what I am thinking so be it."

"It isn't what you think Hal."

"Come on Candy, how could it not be what I think. Two girls go out together to a bar, pick up three guys, go to a motel room with the three guys where they stay for three hours? What am I supposed to believe, that you played Monopoly?"

"No, but I didn't do anything with any of those men."

"What? You telling me that you just sat there and watched Marlene play with the three of them?"

"Yes Hal, that's all I did."

"And I'm supposed to believe that?"

"You probably won't, but that is the truth."

"So what is it, you are a voyeur?"

"No, I'm more like a body guard."

"You will have to explain that one to me."

"Marlene is a nymphomaniac. I know that doctors say that there is no such thing, but doctors don't know Marlene. Marlene loves multiple partners and she's had a few bad experiences when she's been alone with several guys. I go along to keep her safe."

"I can't see two or three guys not being able to sit on you, tie you up and then do whatever they want with Marlene, or you too for that matter."

"I have that Llama .380 that you bought me when we had that rash of break ins in the neighborhood."

"You walk around carrying a gun in your purse?"

"Just on the nights I go out with Marlene."

"How in the hell did you carry it with you when you flew down to see her?"

"I didn't have to take it with me. Marlene had her own gun, a little .32 automatic. I used that when I visited her."

"A .32 isn't going to stop someone."

"It makes them stop and think when it is pointed at their crotch."

"You've done that?"


"And you expect me to believe this?"

"Whether you believe it or not Hal, it is the truth."

"Is that what all your trips to visit Marlene were about?"


"And your girls nights out now that she is back up here?"


"And you maintain that you have never done anything when you were out on those little jaunts?"

"I've been felt up several times, but I've never had sex with another man."

"Never done anything sexual?"

"No, well, I...I...I guess I did once."

"What was it?"

"I gave a guy a hand job once."


"I don't really know. I guess it was because his dick was so huge and I was curious as to how hard something that big could be. I couldn't believe he had enough blood in his body to make it hard and still leave his body enough blood to function."

"And that's it? No other sexual activity on your nights out?"

"No Hal, that was the only time. What are you going to do?"

"Try and make myself believe you. Try and see if I can get by this, but my trying has a price."


"I want you to sever your relationship with Marlene. I want her out of this house by Sunday and I don't want you to have anything more to do with her."

"Oh come on Hal. She's been my best friend for over twenty-five years. I can't turn my back on her."

"Your choice Candy. Bottom line is if she stays in your life I go. And if she goes and I stay, I stay only as long as you stay away from her. One more thing. I'm not stupid so I'm going to get myself tested for social diseases as soon as I can get an appointment and I want you to do the same. The only sex we will have will be with condoms until we both get a clean bill of health. That means for at least six months because that's how long it takes for HIV to show up."

"Hal I swear to you I've not had sex with another man since I met you."

"I've always believed in better safe than sorry Candy. Your story is so far out of left field that I'm going to believe that it just might - might - be true, but like I said, I'm not stupid and I'm not taking any chances. Those are my terms Candy. You either accept them or you don't."

I got up from the table and left her there staring at my back.


Marlene found an apartment on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon she was moved into it. Candy had apparently explained my position to Marlene and a lot of tears flowed and Candy was a bear to be around for a couple of weeks. Four months went by and as far as I could tell Candy never even met Marlene for lunch or coffee. They did talk a lot on the phone, but I didn't care about that. All I required was that Candy and Marlene never go anywhere together or be alone together.

Candy didn't like the feel of condoms so our sex life slowed down some, but other than that our relationship seemed to be as strong as it ever was before I got Frank's package. Then came the week that the company sent me out of town on business for three days. I told Candy and then I called up the detective agency I'd used earlier.


It was two days before Christmas and after dinner I handed Candy a gift-wrapped box.

"What is it?"

"An early Christmas gift."

She peeled off the wrapping paper and found a cardboard box. Inside there were three 10x14 manila envelopes and a videotape. The envelopes were lettered A, B, and C.

"What is it?"

"Start with A and then watch the video. When you are done with watching the video read B and then open C. I'll be upstairs."

I left Candy sitting there and went up to our bedroom. A was the detective's report from my faked business trip. B was the report from the detective on the business trip I had just taken and the video of course was the one from my faked business trip. Envelope C contained the divorce papers.

I was packing a bag when Candy came storming into the room. "You bastard! How could you do this to me?"

"I gave you a choice Candy, me or Marlene and you picked Marlene."

"So what? You already knew that I was telling you the truth when we had that stupid meeting in the kitchen. I told you that I just sat and watched. For Christ's sake Hal, you saw it on the video."

"Yes Candy, but that wasn't all that I saw on the tape, was it? I saw you and the guy with the huge cock and I saw how close you came to taking it in your mouth. I saw you after you left the room go nuts with a hairbrush while you thought about that huge cock and I saw you get out of bed naked and start to go over and join Marlene and her studs. You didn't, but you almost did and I knew that if you kept running with Marlene the day was going to come when you would slip.

"What else did I see Candy? I saw Marlene have unprotected sex with five different men and then I saw you go down on her and suck their junk out of her. You don't have to fuck to get VD Candy, you can get just as easily from sucking a cock or eating a cum filled pussy. As much fucking as the little whore does she could already have been diseased before that video was even made. Every time you ate her pussy Candy you took a chance on getting something and bringing it home to me. That was the reason for the condoms and the testing, to make sure that you hadn't already gotten something and passed it along to me. That was another reason for me wanting you to stay away from Marlene, so you wouldn't pick up something if you turned out to be clean.

I gave you a chance Candy. All you had to do was stay away from Marlene, but did you? I left you alone for three nights Candy, and what did you do? You went bar hoping with Marlene and then to a motel on all three nights. You made your choice Candy, and it wasn't me. Now if you don't mind I'd like to finish packing."

"You're going to go? You're really going to leave me?"


She stormed out of the room and minutes later I heard a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass. A door slammed, I heard the garage door opener start to operate and then there was silence as I continued to pack.

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by Anonymous11/12/18

Slutting around is sufficient

If I am the husband, I know it’s only a matter of time before someone we know sees her picking up men in a bar and taking them to a motel. Maybe the bar. Maybe the motel. I don’t want a wife like that.more...

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by Anonymous05/27/18

I do like a slice of life

A many of times I had to travel on business.. I finally woke up. Seems my wife would call me at the hotel and making sure I was not somewhere else.. GO figure HUH.. Never on the cell phone Just themore...

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