tagBDSMCandy and the Cop

Candy and the Cop


Candy had been having a bad day and to top it off she now had a cop pulling her over. "A ticket, just what I need!" She thought as she waited for the cop to come up to her window. As she waited for him she looked around to see the very tall patrolman unfolding from his police cruiser. She had always had a thing for tall men. They made her feel so small and cherished. As she continued to watch he knocked on the window. Feeling foolish, she rolled down the window and looked up to see his face. "Nice face" she thought and then he removed his sunglasses. She could not take her eyes off this Adonis standing there! She was so tongue-tied she knew her face was red. (She never could hide a blush.)

He asked for her driver's license and insurance verification. She blushed again and started hunting in the glove box for the insurance card. "Um, I can't seem to find the insurance card," she said as she looked up at him hopefully and handed him her license. "I do have insurance." She said as she looked up at him again.

He looked at her license and said "If you'll just follow me to the cruiser Ms. Adams?" Candy looked up at the officer horrified.

"Is that really necessary?" She asked him.

"Yes." He said, "I have to verify the information on your license." All she could think was that at least it was current.

Candy opened the door and stepped out of the car. She wished she had on something a little longer. The mini skirt was really short, but she had been going to go out after work and had planned for that. He gestured her to the passenger side of the cruiser and told her to get in while he checked her out. She sat in the cruiser and waited while he punched her information into the dashboard computer. He finally looked at her while he waited for verification and she was again struck by his gorgeous eyes. Hmm, she thought the top two on her hit parade, height and eyes. Damn, he really is beautiful! He finally spoke, "My name is officer Roberts and it will be just a minute for this to go through. Now, want to tell me where you were going in such a hurry?"

She tried to think of a wonderful excuse but decided the truth was all she had. "I am having one of those nasty days that just go on and on. I'm supposed to go out with friends and I am running very late..." She trailed off as she realized how lame it sounded.

"Well," he said, "I can understand that, but it is no excuse for going as fast as you were. However, I might have an option out of the ticket you deserve if your info checks out." By the look in his eyes she had an idea what that option might entail.

"Are you married?" He asked. "No, I've been divorced for two years." He thought about that for a moment and thought that would make things much easier. "What do you do?" She didn't know the reason for these questions but thought it couldn't hurt to make small talk.

"I'm kind of a secretary/administrative assistant/accountant at a repossession company downtown. Or at least I was. That was one of the things that happened today, my boss fired me." She looked down at her lap twisting her hands. She still didn't know how she was going to cope with that, she had bills to pay.

Better and better the officer thought, she's vulnerable and if he didn't miss his guess, submissive and good looks didn't hurt. He looked hard at her again. Her license had said 5"2' and about 120 he thought, he never trusted a woman's weight on her ID. Big blue eyes, rounded hips he had noticed when she had gotten out of her car and some of the biggest breasts he had ever seen. He wondered if she tasted as good as she looked.

Candy looked at officer Roberts from under her lashes and wondered what was going through his mind. Just as she was going to ask him a question his computer beeped. "Well, it looks as if your info checked out. Now, I have a proposition for you. The ticket you are looking at will cost you about two hundred dollars."

"Two hundred dollars!" She could not believe her luck, all bad!

"Yes, two hundred, but if you don't argue with me and go to my house I will ignore the infraction you committed." He said. All Candy could do was stare at him.

She finally gathered her wits and asked, "What would I have to do at your house?"

He stared intently into her eyes and replied, "Whatever I want, of course. I would have you as my sex slave for the next 24 hours. However and whenever I wish it, you will submit for my pleasure."

She stammered out "however you wish? What does that mean?" "Well, I like my women very submissive and willing, begging to do whatever I want. I will tie you up at times, use toys and my cock in any orifice I please and if you displease me, I will punish you."

Candy looked pleadingly at the big man and thought over her options. What choice did she really have? She was broke, had lost her job and could not afford such a ticket. She finally said, whisper quiet, "I don't have another choice and I will do whatever you want." He smiled to himself and thought of their time to come.

"Good," he said, "now kiss me and I will give you some instructions. But remember if you do not show up at the appointed time, I have your license and will come to get you." She leaned over and brushed her lips against his. He grabbed her shoulders and crushed his mouth to hers and plunged his tongue into her mouth taking what he wanted and melting any resistance she had. "Now, lift your skirt, what little there is of it, and show me your pussy." He demanded.

"Right now?" she stammered.

"NOW!" he told her, "and you will address me as Sir." She pleaded with her eyes as he stared coldly at her in return.

"Ye...yes, Sir." She finally managed to get out of her closed throat as she raised her skirt up her thighs and past her hips until it was almost a belt at her waist. He leaned down to see her wet lips soaking the thin material of her thong.

Candy was so embarrassed she couldn't believe this man's attitude and strength were turning her on like never before. He reached over and ran his hand over the dripping material then pushed it to the side and ran a finger over the protruding lips. He heard her small moan and knew she was his to do with as he wished.

When he looked up and saw her eyes closed, he roughly pushed two fingers into her soaking cunt. She screamed and suddenly his fingers were in a vice and his hand was covered in her sweet juices. The car was permeated with the smell of her sex and he again smiled to himself. This would be better than he thought. She would be his perfect slut. He removed his fingers as she came down from her climax causing her to moan yet again. He then moved his hand up to her mouth and ordered her to clean it well. "Yes Sir." She answered with a glazed expression in her eyes. She opened her mouth and slowly ran her tongue over his palm and up to the tips of his fingers. She then took his fingers into her hot, wet mouth.

She sucked on them as if trying to every bit of his hand into her mouth. She ran her tongue around and around and between the two fingers trying to get every last drop for her Sir. He started fucking her mouth with the fingers and felt his cock rise in anticipation. He could not wait to have her wet lips wrapped around his hard cock. If this was any indication, he would be a very lucky man! He slowly pulled his fingers from her eager mouth and then pulled her to him again for a deep searching kiss. She tasted like heaven and he wanted to dive into her cunt right now. However, he knew that would have to wait until later. He released her and gave her the instructions.

Officer Roberts told her she was to shave herself completely. She was to wear her shortest skirt, no panties, her tightest top, and her highest heels. Candy was also to arrive at his house promptly at seven that evening.

As Candy drove off from her encounter in the cruiser she wondered what had come over her! She had always liked big men, but not domineering and controlling. And, yet she had done everything he asked of her and had one of the best orgasms of her life while doing so!!

When she got home she fixed herself a drink and called her friends to tell them that something had come up and she couldn't make it. She then sat down on the couch and tried to think of a way out of her situation. By the time she finished the drink, she realized that she had no choice but to do as Sir had demanded. As that thought came into her head she recognized that she had already made the choice by thinking of him as Sir.

She had better get on with her instructions if she was to be at his house on time. By that one steely glare from him Candy knew she did not want to give him an excuse to punish her. But somehow she knew he would find other reasons and that thought sent a shiver of anticipation racing through her body and had her wet all over again. "What is wrong with me? I couldn't possibly want him to do this, could I?" She wondered aloud. Candy then went to the shower. She washed her hair and soaped her body thoroughly, rubbing her pussy and tantalizing herself. She shaved as she had been told, then got out and put lotion all over her body. She did her hair, put on minimal makeup, and then she sprayed vanilla body scent and went to put on the type of clothes he had ordered.

At five minutes to seven she pulled into his drive, turned off the car and sat there again trying to think of a way out. Promptly at seven she rang his doorbell.

Officer Roberts opened the door wearing a pair of jeans with the top button undone and nothing else. He invited her in, closed the door behind her and went to the living room. She followed him and hesitantly and looked around. He watched her for a moment then offered her a seat and a drink. When he came back with the drink, he began to tell her what he expected from her for the next twenty-four hours.

He told her, "I expect complete obedience. You will call me Sir, you will do what I tell you, when I tell you or there will be consequences. I will not permanently harm you or mark you. Other than that, I make no promises, except that you will experience some pain and the greatest pleasure."

She tried to wrap her mind around his words and found it difficult to do so. All she could do was think of what was to come and found herself uttering, "What would you have of me, Sir?"

He had a genuine smile on his face for the first time since she had met him. He told her to finish her drink and then they would begin...

Sir told her to stand in front of him and turn in a slow circle. He approved of her clothing choices, the top was very tight. The buttons, trying to hold back the tide of flesh that was straining to burst free, the short skirt that skimmed her thighs and the four inch heels that wrapped around her ankles made the most of her legs. She was beautiful to behold he thought.

When her back was again to him he had her stop. He told her to raise the skirt to her waist, bend over, grab her ankles and keep her hands on them. Candy glanced behind her and Sir saw the blush that was creeping up her cheeks as she did as she was told. She had followed orders and was not wearing panties and had shaved herself smooth he saw with satisfaction.

He reached up, ran his hand over her ass and felt the shudder that ran through his slave. He moved down to the smooth fleshy lips that were visible and saw with delight that she was already wet for him. "You may not realize it yet, but this is what you were born for." He told her as he continued to caress the flesh before him. He slowly inserted a finger and felt the slight spasm that went through her. He couldn't wait any longer and reached out with his tongue to run it the length of her swelling lips.

Candy gasped in surprise and let go of her ankles. "I told you to keep your hands on your ankles! Now that earns you a punishment." He told her to stand up and lay herself across his lap.

"Please don't make me Sir." She whispered.

"I told you that you were to obey me completely!" He looked at her sternly and waited. "The longer you take, the harsher the punishment. I had thought to go lightly with you, considering the newness of the situation, but if you make me wait..." He trailed off leaving the implications clear.

Candy quickly moved over and lay across his lap. "I will spank each cheek ten times and then we will see if you are ready to obey me, my slave." With that he reared back his hand and came down on her right ass cheek. She screamed out in pain at the assault on her quivering flesh. He continued the spanking, stopping occasionally to caress the reddening ass in front of him. He saw the tears on her face and thought how beautiful she looked with them glistening on her cheeks. When he had delivered the promised punishment he had her sit in his lap. She hissed at the feel of the stiff denim on her abused flesh.

He gently wiped the tears from her face and spoke to her quietly. "I told you from the beginning that you must obey me instantly and without question or there would be consequences. This was one of those consequences. Now, I do believe you are ready to behave."

"Y...yes Sir." She said barely above a whisper.

"Resume the position, and fair warning, you are not to cum without my permission." She carefully got off of his lap and bent over, hands on her ankles.

He put his tongue back to her steaming slit and noted with satisfaction that she was even wetter than she had been. With her hot, red cheeks against his face and her juices flowing he began to lick with abandon. He could feel the heat building in her and knew that soon she would be begging for permission to cum all over his face. He worked his way down and drew her clit into his mouth and began to suck. He waited for her to ask. It didn't take long. "Ple...plea...please Sir, may I cum!" She pleaded with him.

"Yes, NOW!" And with that she began to have one of the most intense orgasms of her life. She felt like she was never going to stop as he continued to lick and suck until she was drained. When she finally stopped, he pulled her onto his lap, kissed her tenderly and rubbed her back as she drifted back down to earth.

After a few minutes, she looked up at him and smiled. He told her, "That was only the beginning." And with that he had her stand up and led her to his playroom.

"Have you ever had a cock in that sweet ass of yours?" He asked her when they reached a room like none she had ever seen. She blushed and shook her head. "Well, that will change today, but to get you ready..." he showed her a slim butt plug and told her she is to wear it for the next while. He had her bend over a table and bound her wrists with the restraints that were attached to the legs. He then moved behind her and attached her ankles the same way.

He stood back, looked at her spread eagled and bent over and found he could not wait much longer to be in her mouth. She felt something cold on her little ass bud and wondered if she could really take this. He rubbed the lube on the plug getting it ready to split those firm cheeks. He ran his finger over the pucker and slowly pushed inward. She gasped and he told her to relax. He pushed harder and passed the first ring. God, she was tight! He continued to push until his finger was engulfed in her hot body. He gave her a minute to adjust and slowly pulled almost all the way out, and then he began to fuck her ass with his finger.

In a very short time she was moving back on his finger trying to take more of it in, he added a second. When he felt she was ready he removed his fingers and put the plug in its place. He slowly pushed forward firmly settling the plug into her body. When he had got it all the way in she let out a moan of pain/pleasure. "How does that feel?" He asked her.

Candy looked up at him with a confused look on her face. "I feel full and there is some pain, but there is also pleasure."

Sir looked at her and told her "I said you were born for this and you are proving me right. There will be more pleasure/pain as you start to move around. Right now though, I need my cock inside you."

With that he opened his jeans and released his long, thick, engorged cock. At that moment, she thought she had never seen anything more beautiful than his cock moving toward her mouth. As he got closer, she opened her mouth and let her tongue flick across the head of his hard manhood. She felt powerful in that moment as he shivered at the touch. She had affected Sir with such a simple action! He continued to move closer and she opened wide to accept his cock into her warm, waiting, willing mouth.

When he was close enough she wrapped her lips around him and ran her tongue over the muscled flesh in her mouth. He tasted so good! She began to suck on his cock, hollowing out her cheeks and trying to pull more of him in while he moaned in delight. She pulled back a little and began to lick him with abandon. It was frustrating to her that she could not wrap her hand around him and pull him deep into her throat. When he was firmly settled back in her mouth he began to fuck her, reveling in the sensations her sweet mouth was causing to course through his body. As she continued he felt his balls draw up and told her, "I am going to cum in that hot mouth of yours and you will swallow every drop!" With that she felt the eruptions jet into her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, straining to keep all his juices, fascinated that he could cum so much. Slowly he removed his cock from her mouth with a small pop as she tried to keep sucking him.

She looked up at him and he knelt down to look into her eyes. "That was very good." He praised her and kissed her. He stood back up and walked behind her again looking at her luscious ass raised up for his pleasure. He noticed that her juices were dribbling down her thighs and laughed to himself. She definitely was a slave at heart! He decided to test her a bit more. He went to the wall and took down a buttery soft deer skin flogger. Candy was trying to look over her shoulder to see what was next, but Sir was out of her line of vision. She felt him come up behind her. He feathered the flogger across her back and watched as she shuddered in delight. She closed her eyes and laid her head on the desk, waiting to feel the next sensation.

He was making her feel and do things she had never wanted. Suddenly, she felt the slight sting of the flogger as it descended on her naked back and felt herself going to another place. A place where everything was mixed up, pleasure and pain were the same, a place that she never wanted to leave. She felt the bite of the flogger again and again.

He felt his cock rise with anticipation as her back pinkened appealingly. Soon Candy was moaning with every stroke and her juices were flowing freely down her legs. She was trying to squirm everywhere at once he noticed and the plug was moving erotically in her ass, causing her to squirm even more. Finally, he had to have her. He moved up behind her and put the head of his rampant cock at the opening of her drenched cunt. With one stroke he was fully embedded. She shrieked with the suddenness of his entrance and without pause he began to fuck her wildly.

"Oh God! Yes! Fuck me!" She begged over and over. "You are so hot, wet and oh so tight! But, remember, don't you dare cum without permission." He told her as he continued pounding into her. Within minutes she was begging to cum. He gave her permission and he felt her pussy clamp his cock in a vise-like grip and her body go board taut as she started panting and then screaming with her overwhelming orgasm.

While she was at the highest throes of pleasure he pulled the plug from her ass and moved his cock to the virginal entrance and oh so slowly pushed until his balls were hitting the drenched pussy that had not stopped its spasms. If anything they were getting stronger and he could feel every pulse and beat of her body. He slowly started moving in and out. The sensations were incredible and as she gave one last long, piercing scream he emptied himself into her.

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