tagRomanceCandy Ass Marine

Candy Ass Marine

byGrey Eagle 286©

I was hot and thirsty, the A/C in my old truck was not keeping up with the North Carolina summer. I saw a small town ahead. I saw a tavern in the strip mall so I thought, Hey! A cold, cold beer would taste pretty damned good about now. I pulled in and found a parking place. I walked in the bar. Nice and cool.

I found an empty spot at the bar and ordered a long neck Bud from the bar maid. She walked in front of me and whispered, "Take your cap off Marine, or you will have to buy a round."

"Thanks, I'll leave it on."

"What ever you want, Captain."

"I took a long drink from the bottle. It did taste good. A voice said, "You need to take your hat off in this bar, there are ladies present."

I turned and smiled at the speaker. "With full apologies to the ladies, and meaning no disrespect, I prefer to leave my cap on." He was a large guy, wearing a yellow hard hat.

He grinned, "I have to tell you that in this bar, leaving your hat on is a challenge to the highest ranking arm wrestler present."

"Mister I don't want to challenge any one I just want to finish my beer and leave."

"Fine, take your hat off or get ready to arm wrestle Suzie."

"I don't want to do either, I'll just be on my way. Excuse me please."

"You ain't goin' anywhere 'til you arm wrestle Susie or take off that hat. Hell you are a big guy, you ain't afraid of a gal are ya?"

I looked at the speaker, "You are bigger than I am and if she out ranks you, I doubt I could beat her, so I'll just concede the match and be on my way."

"Not without wrestling' Suzie or taking off that cap. Now get over to the Arm Wrestling Bench. "What are you, a 'candy ass Marine'?"

I saw a large woman get up from a booth and walk over, She appeared to be about thirty five, six feet tall and I would guess and I would guess 185 pounds. She was very attractive, large all over and with a really pretty face. She took off her yellow hard hat and smiled at me, "What is your name Marine?"

"Jake. Jake Murphy."

"I'm Suzie Baker. Nice to meet you." She extended her hand. I took it and she gave me a firm handshake. "Why don't you just take off your hat and I'll buy you a beer?"

"Ms. Baker I have a strange hair cut. It embarrasses me to show it in public.

"Jake, please call me Suzie and come and sit with me for a minute. I want to talk to you."

I nodded and followed her to a booth. I sat across from her.

"Jake would you please let me see your hair cut if I promise not to laugh. I don't like the way you walk, it is like you are hurting. I don't want to have to wrestle you."

I looked into her big blue eyes and saw friendliness there. She smiled a warm and gentle smile. "Please."

I smiled back at her. She put her large hand out and patted mine. She was very gentle.

"Suzie, I'll do it for you if you promise not to run when you see it."

"I promise Jake." She grasped my hand and gently squeezed it.

I sighed, I looked at her, then at the crowd around the booth. "Here goes." I reached up and took the hat off and sat it on the bench beside me. Susie stared at my head, everyone else did too!

She whispered, "Oh! God! I'm sorry!"

I put my hand on hers, "It's OK, Susie, You guys didn't know."

The bartender walked over. He looked at Suzie. "Honey, your friend here was just on TV. Seems they just pinned a bunch of medals on his chest over at the Marine Base. He was a pilot in Iraq when a bunch of Marines were pinned down by a couple hundred insurgents. They called for help. Your buddy saw the problem, there was only one way aircraft could attack the enemy and that was flying down a street. The badies knew that too. Any how he didn't let that bother him. He shot the shit out of 'em. Got shot up himself. His pal in the plane with him was shot up bad so they couldn't eject. He crash landed, then carried his buddy six miles to a U.S. Camp. They were both almost dead when he carried him in. He is a genuine hero."

The big guy said, "Sorry Jake. The beers are all on me!"

Suzie yelled, "You guys scat, I want to talk to this guy."

She was holding my hand now. "Where else were you hurt?"

"In my shoulder, chest and legs."

She was looking in my eyes now. God, her eyes were the deepest clear blue I had ever seen. "Where are you headed for Jake? Do you have a wife, family?"

"No, I don't know where I am going, I don't have a wife anymore. I need somewhere to just rest and relax."

"You found someplace if you want it. I have a nice little place a few miles from here. It's on a creek where it empties into a large lake. The fishing and hunting are great. And I have a really nice rocking chair on a porch that looks out across a field to the lake. It is very restful and peaceful. Will you come and let me help get you back in shape?"

I looked at her, a smile came to my lips, "You don't have to do that."

"Yes I do, my little brother was a Marine. He didn't come back. He would want me to do this for you."

I looked at her, I patted her hand, "Thank you, you are very kind, but I just couldn't impose on you like that."

"Will you do it because I really, really want to be with you for a while?"

"Yes, I will do it for that reason, I'd like to get to know you too." We walked out and I followed her home. She was right, her place was gorgeous. Just as she had described it.

She led me through the house and out to a screened porch. The view was as advertised, beautiful. She showed me the rocker and told me to sit, she would be right back. In a few moments she was back, she had changed clothes, she now wore a bikini top and white shorts. She looked really good. She handed me a long neck Bud and sat in the other rocker. She looked at me and smiled, "I brought your stuff in if you want to change. This is my 'unwind' place after a bad day."

"Suzie, I can sure see why, this is a lovely spot to relax and just let it all run off your shoulders. I think I will change. Where is my stuff?"

"Through the door, hall on the left, first door on the left."

"Got it." I found my stuff and changed to a T-shirt and shorts, I had noticed she was barefooted when she came out so I did the same. She smiled at me when I joined her, "You look more comfortable now. Let me know when you are thirsty or hungry."

"I don't know how to thank you, Suzie Baker. I want you to know I haven't felt so much at ease in a long time."

"Thank YOU Jake. Listen it won't bother me if you leave your cap off. I promise not to stare at that part of you."

I laughed, "Some of my other parts aren't much better."

"You look very nicely put together. I see that scar on your thigh. Looks like those folks didn't like you at all."

"You are right about that, they had no sense of humor. Just because I dropped a couple of little biddy 500 pound bombs on then they got all pissed off."

She giggled, "Some people can't take a joke."

"Sue, are you really the arm wrestling champ of that bar?"

"No, but I can beat anyone who was there today. There are two guys I can't beat, but they are big guys."

"Maybe you can teach me some of your techniques one day. We arm wrestled in rehab a lot to build our upper body strength back up.

"Jake, I would love that. I do have a arm wrestling bench over there in the corner. Do you want to try now?"

"If you promise not to hurt me."

"I promise, I would never hurt you."

We walked to the bench and got in position. I loved being that near her and holding her hand. She smiled and said she would say 'GO' after I said I was ready. I nodded and said ready. She didn't slam into me and I knew she was going easy on me. She was really strong. I could hardly move her. I got her part way down and she brought me back up. I managed to hold her a while then she moved me all most down. I gave a sudden burst of power and took her over and down to the mat.

She looked at me for a bit. "I thought you couldn't arm wrestle."

"I do it a little but don't get much practice. You are really strong, you took it easy on me didn't you?"

"I did at first. You surprised me by being so strong at the end. Most guys never get back up if I get them that far down, you seemed to get stronger as we went on. You are a lot stronger than you look."

"You could have beat me right?"

"I was trying my hardest at the end. I couldn't stop you."

"Sweet girl, I don't really believe you. I think you could have whipped me any time."

I stood and she moved in front of me and looked up into my eyes. I couldn't help my self, I pulled her to me and kissed her softly on her lips. I felt her lips part and my tongue slipped in her mouth. Her tongue touched mine. Our kiss lasted a long time. She finally pulled back. "Wow! That was very intense. I loved every second of it."

"Me too! I apologize, I didn't mean to do that, I just couldn't help myself."

"Please, don't be sorry, I loved it, I know I met you half way. You are a really sweet kisser. I want another like it later."

"You are kidding."

"Not one bit."

"Any time, my lips are yours to command. I do have a question, are you committed to anyone?"

"No, are you?"

"No, my wife couldn't be faithful while I was gone and wanted me to forgive her. I found out it was not a one shot deal, I just wanted out and we split before I got home. I have never regretted it for one second. She destroyed all the love I once had for her. I have had no desire to be close to anyone since then."

"I know exactly how you feel. My dear husband was killed in a one vehicle accident when he went off the road and hit a tree. My best girl friend was with him. They were both killed instantly. She had no panties on, they were found in his pocket. She was giving him a blow job, they found half his cock in her mouth. I never knew he cheated on me. I really didn't know how to feel. Cry over his death when he died because he was cheating on me? I still don't know how to feel, so I don't feel anything I guess."

"Your husband had to be crazy!"

"Your wife had to be crazy!"

We just sat and grinned at each other. Then we both had tears running down our cheeks. I stood and lifted her from her chair and held her tight. I felt her arms around me. It felt good. She was crying hard now. I whispered for her to let it all out, get rid of the hurt. She sobbed, "Youu tooo!" I felt all the pent up anger and humiliation well up in me and I cried too. I don't know how long we stood there holding each other. I got my handkerchief out and dried her eyes. She took it from me and dried mine. We looked at each other and said, "Feel better?" in unison. I looked at the smile grow on her lips and knew mine was growing too.

I just had to kiss her eyes and her nose. Then her lips. Her lips were soft and sweet. Her hands moved up behind my head and I gently pressed my lips more firmly to hers. Her lips parted and her tongue found mine again. Damn that girl could kiss!

I had an erection that just wouldn't quit. I looked and found the rocker, I quickly sat down. Sue pulled her chair close to mine and held my hand. "Jake, Dear Boy, I sure hope you feel as good now as I do. I have to confess that it has been years since I felt like this about anyone."

"Suzie, it has been a rejuvenation for me too."

"Are you hungry? Do you want to go out for dinner? Or I can fix us something to eat here."

"Sue, I am at your mercy, anything will be fine with me. You decide."

"Well maybe we will stay here. I don't have anything nice to wear anymore since I put on all this weight."

"I like the way you look right now."

"Thank you, but I have been working out really hard on building up muscle and mass. I have put on over thirty pounds."

"Wow! That is a lot. Why did you want to be that big.

"Well I am almost six feet tall and I can never be a cute little tiny girl men like so much. So I just thought I would go the other way. I really don't like the way I look. I look too masculine. I don't want to look like a guy."

"Don't worry about that! You are unmistakably a girl. A large, very strong girl. I think I agree with you in that I think you would be more attractive at a lighter weight. I guess it would be hard to find store bought clothes to fit right."

"No, Jake, Victoria's Secret doesn't carry my sizes."

"I know it doesn't mean anything to you girl, but I like you a whole lot like you are."

"Jake, that means much more than you know to me. I want to look good so you will be proud of being with me."

"I don't want you to worry your sweet head about how you look to other people, I just want you to feel good about yourself."

"You are a nice guy Jake, I want to look good for you. I hope I am not embarrassing you by saying I want to look good for you."

"No, on the contrary, I am proud you want to please me. I like that. Lord knows I wish I could look good for you. I wish I could feel right about my head and my body."

"I have seen your head and your thigh. What else do you have to show me. I want to see it right now. Please."

I looked at her for a moment, Then I pulled off my shirt. She put her hands over her lips. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. "My poor , poor baby, they really did a job on you. You carried your buddy like that?"

"Yeah! I guess I did. There wasn't anyone else to do it. I couldn't leave him behind."

"Jake Murphy, I am in total awe and amazement at what you did, you are the bravest and toughest man I have ever known. I just have to cry about how you must have hurt carrying your buddy. How could you do it? How?"

"I knew I had to do it, I just had to. I shut off everything else and got it done."

"Jake, I just can't tell you how much it hurts me to see your wounds. I just want to make you better, it is the most important thing in the world to me."

"Suzie, you do make me feel better every time you smile at me. How you look on the outside pleases me but the most important thing is how beautiful you are inside. It makes me tingle to the tips of my toes when you smile at me. I love it."

"Jake, it was sweet of you to say that about me. I am very, very pleased you feel that way. It's getting a bit cool out here now that the sun is going down. Put your shirt on and come keep me company while I fix supper for us."

I followed her in the kitchen. Smiled at me, "How does Italian Sausage with peppers and onions on a sub roll covered with Marinara sauce and melted Mozzarella cheese sound to you?" she asked.

"Very good, I am starting to drool already. Oh! No! The drooling is from watching you."

"Me, are you kidding," she looked at me, "Oh! Gosh, you mean that don't you?"

I nodded. Her eyes dropped to my crotch and widened. "Do I do that to you? Can you hold that thought, I want to think about it while I fix dinner."

"It is a thought that you can bring to my mind any time you want."

I watched while she got out a frying pan with a cover and put the sausages in it with a little water and covered it tightly. She turned on the heat under the pan. She put an onion and a green bell pepper on the cutting board. I took the chef's knife from her and sliced the peppers and onions.

She put them in a smaller pan and put it over another burner. She poured a few slugs of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) in the pan too. She handed me two sub buns and I cut them through the center. She found the cheese and a jar of Marinara Sauce and put them on the counter. I lifted the lid on the sausages and turned them over.

She turned on the broiler and let it heat up. When the sausages were done she placed one on each bun on a cookie sheet. She put the fried peppers and onions on top of the sausages. The tomato sauce went over that, topped by the cheese. Under the broiler it went. We watched as the cheese melted and browned. I took a hot pad and pulled them out and transferred them to a pair of plates. They looked damned good and smelled wonderful.

They tasted as good as they looked and smelled. Really good. The beer went well with them. We both cleaned our plates, "no 'Srevotfel' as my Mama used to call them." I said.

"What is that?"

"Mama thought that sounded better than leftovers, which is what that is spelled backwards. To my mother, stew was always a Ragu, Hamburger was always Salisbury Steak, Stroganoff was another favorite, she had other fancy words too but I can't think of them now."

"Sounds like she had a sense of humor too."

"That she did. She always saw the best in any situation."

"Let's let the dishes go, I'll get them later."

"I will wash if you dry and put away, then we don't have to worry about it later."

We had the dishes done in a few moments and she smiled at me, "I loved you helping me like that. Let's go sit on the porch, OK."

"I would rather sit on the couch and be closer to you."

"I wasn't thinking, you are right, that would be better. I'll have to get a double rocker or something for us. I love being close to you. You are my hero."

"Me? I'm not much of a hero, all shot up and not worth much. I just don't know what they are going to do with me. I have to go back to Washington to Bethesda Naval Hospital for more grafts and other stuff they want to do to me. I have to be there in two weeks."

"Oh! No! I don't want you to leave me. Can I go with you?"

"I hadn't thought about that, would you really want to?"

"Yes, I really would."

She pulled me over and put my head on her lap. I felt her fingers like a gentle feather touch my scar on my head. Then she caressed the rest of my head. She turned and slipped off the couch and knelt beside it. She pressed her lips to mine, then lifted and looked in my eyes, "Jake, will you go to bed with me now?"

"Hell yes, girl. That would be heaven."

"Jake, I want you to know I am not like this. I don't jump in bed with every guy that comes along. You will be my first since my husband died."

"The thought never occurred to me. All I can think of is getting closer to you. As close as possible."

"That sounds delightful, take me to bed and love me."

We walked hand in hand to the master bedroom. I looked at her and removed my shirt. She dropped her white shorts and reached behind her for the bow to her top. My shorts hit the floor. She pulled the cups of her Bikini aside and I saw her breasts. She was really built. I moved to the bed and sat on the side. She stepped to me and pulled my face to her breasts. A long nipple brushed across my lips and I couldn't resist it. I sucked it right in. It felt so good. The nipple stiffened and I pulled back and looked at it, I looked up at her, "Perfect!", I said. She smiled, "I prayed you would like them."

"Girl I have yet to find anything about you I don't love."

I looked at her, "Let me get my clothes off. I hope I am not too chopped up for you. I want to please you."

"Darling, they are badges of your heroism, they are honorable and brave scars. I love them. They are part of you."

I pulled her panties down and pushed her on her bed. She wiggled as I pulled her sneakers off and threw them across the room. Her mons was shaven and beautiful. She got hold of my under shorts and yanked them off of me. She pressed her body to me and kissed me passionately. God how I loved it.

She held my penis and looked it over carefully, She grinned up at me, "He so very nice, I love him. She placed the mouth over the head and played all over the helmet with her tongue. "Mmmmmmm you taste divine. Just delicious. I love your musky smell too. You have me very hot and very wet and you haven't even touched me yet.

"I am not going to be able to keep my hands off of you for more than a few more seconds. Scoot up on the bed for me please. It's my turn now Sue, I have to hurry, you have me almost ready to cum now. I'll have to think about arm wrestling or something the whole time I explore your lovely body." I crawled between her legs which opened nicely for me. I lay over her mound and caressed her nipples until they were erect and standing up. I sucked first one then the other in my mouth. They were perfect, her areola were large and puffy making the tip of her breasts stick out an extra inch. He nipples were almost an inch long too. Wonderful. They made a tasty mouth full. I let my hands and fingers continue to knead and caress them while I slowly kissed and licked my way down over her flat tummy. Her mound was soft and silky smooth. I slipped my lips down between her legs. I ran my tongue over the smooth tender skin of her inner thighs.

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