Candy Cane


Candy looked herself over in the mirror then grabbed her purse and walked outside. The cold wind blew her skirt up, revealing the tops of her red stockings to all the passing cars. A taxi screeched to a stop, just a few feet from her. She glanced over and saw the driver staring at her with lust filled eyes. She smiled and sauntered over to the passenger door. He leaned across the seat and opened it. "Hey baby, need a ride?" he said.

She pressed herself harder against the car, revealing her cleavage to him. Then she said, "I can always use a ride, honey." He licked his lips, then turned his on-duty sign to off.

"Get in," he said.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"I want to give you a ride that you will never forget, sugar lips," he said with a big grin on his face.

She nodded her head, then said, "Got any money?"

He looked at her for a moment then hesitated before answering. "Fifty bucks. What will that get me?"

She licked her lips and said, "Everything and more." She opened the door and slid into the seat. He reached across her, pulling the door shut, while getting a real good view of her breasts.

He pulled the car away from the curb then turned the corner onto a quiet street. He parked in a dark spot, then said, "Let's get busy."

She shook her head and said, "Pay first." He sighed and dug into his jeans pocket, pulling out a substantial wad of money. He counted out fifty dollars then handed it to her.

She said, "Ok, I'm ready." Nearby a car peeled out, then several cars pulled up next to them. Bright lights shined on the car. Candy opened the door without a word and got out. She walked away from the cars, glancing back to see the man being arrested.

"Another 'John' bites the dust," she said as she walked over to the surveillance van. She opened the sliding door and climbed in. The detective sitting inside, said, "Very good work, Candy. Think you can do it, again?" She nodded her head, even though pretending to be a hooker made her uncomfortable. It was her first night, working undercover. She had been reassigned to the night shift after being written up for using to much force during an arrest.

The van took her back to the main strip, then she resumed her position on the corner of a busy intersection. She paced back and forth for a while, then she walked to the edge of the street, turned around, bent over and pretended to adjust her shoe. She heard a whistling sound in her earpiece. She knew that the other cops could see her ass. She didn't care because she just wanted to get as many arrests as possible so she could go home. She stood up and began to pace again, casually turning off the microphone and earpiece transmitter that she wore on her waist. Then she stepped into a nearby bar, to use the restroom. When she came back out, she didn't notice that the van was gone. If she had left her equipment turned on, she would have heard the call for a triple homicide, nearby.

She swayed her hips, exaggerating her steps, causing her breasts to jiggle. She hoped that would get the attention of passer bys. It worked after a few minutes. A middle aged man pulled up in a fancy car. He rolled down the passenger window and said, "I will pay you $500 if you spend the rest of the night with me." She smiled and opened the door. After she shut the car door, she said, "What do you have in mind?" He turned and looked very deeply into her eyes and replied, "Fucking your brains out, then licking you until you beg me to stop." He didn't wait for her response. He slammed his foot down on the gas pedal, causing the car to lurch out into traffic. She wasn't sure how to react, because what he had said, turned her on.

Candy squirmed as she tried to keep her cool. Then she remembered what she was supposed to say to signal backup to move in. She said, "Ok, I'm ready."

The man turned and looked at her with an evil smile on his face and said, "Good. I am going to give you a night you will never forget." She listened for the sound of approaching police cars. Then she glanced around and saw nothing. Panic started to set in when he turned the car onto the entrance ramp of the highway. She said, "Where are we going?" He didn't answer her. He just drove faster. She decided to stay quiet and get out of the car, the next time it stopped. When he exited the highway, a few miles later, he stopped at a red light.

Candy reached over and lifted the door handle. It didn't unlatch the door. She pressed her shoulder against it. Then she looked at the man. He laughed and said, "Thought you were going to escape, before giving me a night of fun? I don't think so, bitch." He looked at her with anger flashing in his eyes. She sat back, and tried to think of what to do. "Where the hell is backup?" she wondered to herself.

Suddenly, the man grabbed her hair and roughly yanked her head into his lap. "Suck me, whore!" he commanded. When she didn't respond, he pulled off the road, slammed on the brakes and unzipped his pants. His long, thick cock sprang out, slapping her face. He tightened the grip on her hair, and yelled, "Open your mouth, or I will make you sorry that you didn't obey." Something about his voice sounded dangerous, so Candy slowly opened her mouth. He forced her head downward, making her take his cock into her throat. She gagged as he began to thrust in and out. He held her head still, with his strong hands, while he fucked her face. Candy struggled to breath each time his massive muscle rammed into her throat. He moved faster and harder with each thrust. Her throat began to feel raw. She tried to break loose of his grip, pushing against him with her arms. But it was no use, he was to strong.

At first she thought it was her imagination but his cock actually got bigger as he mouth fucked her. It swelled so big around that her jaw bones were aching from her lips being stretched open to wide. He plowed into her so hard, that it felt like a jackhammer to Candy. Her back was beginning to ache from leaning over at that angel. She turned her hips and moved into a kneeling position. That took some of the pressure off of her lower back.

She felt a cool breeze moving up her legs. She was suddenly aware of being very wet. Her own body was betraying her. She tried to fight off the desire building inside her as the man continued plumeting in and out of her mouth. He noticed her ass sticking up in the air and moved one of his hands down her back, letting up some of the pressure on her head. When he dipped his fingers under her skirt and felt her soaked panties, he said, "You dirty whore. You like having your face fucked like this?" Then he made a strange growling noise and began to thrust faster.

Juices began to seep down her thighs as his fingers rubbed her lips through her wet panties. His cock moved deeper into her throat each time he rammed it back inward. She could feel it beginning to twitch against her tongue and tried to pull away. She hated the taste of cum. He moved his hand back to her head and used all his strength to keep her from lifting her head up. His swollen shaft completely filled her throat, she couldn't breath. She kicked her legs and swung her arms, trying to pull her mouth off of him. He had her trapped. His monster cock exploded in a frenzy, deep in her throat. She choked on his hot cum and man meat. Cream poured out the corners of her mouth, oozing all over the man. He said, "Swallow it bitch!" She tried to swallow the sticky fluid, hoping that the ordeal was over. He let some of the pressure of off her, allowing her to lift her head a little bit. Then he said, "Lick it all up, dirty whore." She shook her head, no. He said, "Do it, or face the consequences." She didn't budge.

He said, "Don't say that I didn't warn you. He let go of her, giving her the oppurtunity to sit up. She watched him unbuckle his belt then pull it off of his jeans. He scooted across the seat, until he had her pushed up against the door, then he grabbed her arm and yanked her toward him. He was so strong that he lifted her body completely off the seat, making her fall face forward across him. He slapped his arm down across her back, pinning her against his lap. She bucked and kicked when he lifted her skirt.

She heard his breathing quicken when he ripped her panties off, baring her ass. He ran his fingertips across her skin, sending tingles to her clit, which she tried to ignore. He started smacking her ass with the folded belt. The stings brought tears to her eyes. "Stop. I will lick you," she pleaded. He hit her harder with the belt. Her ass felt like it was on fire. He spanked her about fifteen times before he stopped. Then he pushed her off his lap, leaving her kneeling on the seat with her ass pointing toward him. Before she could reposition herself, he had raised up on his knees and was leaning over her.

Candy could feel his rigid cock, pressing against her soft ass cheeks. He said, "Don't move or I will use my belt, again." She stayed perfectly still, even though her nectar tickled her legs as it trickled along her silky skin. He slid his cock head into her slit and began to wiggle it up and down, getting it slippery. Then he pointed it at her puckered little asshole. She moved slightly, then was rewarded with a hard slap on the ass. "Don't move, whore!" he growled at her. She obeyed and gritted her teeth, dreading what was to come.

She felt him pressing against her little opening. She just knew he would rip her wide open with his massive cock. She held her breath, until he ram-rodded into her with all his might. His thick shaft, split her tight ass, moving all the way inside her. His balls bounced off of her womanhood, sending pain and pleasure through her at the same time. It was almost overwhelming. He pounded in and out of her, enjoying the feel of her sphincter around him. He just loved to fuck virgin ass. It was surprising to find a street whore who hadn't had anal sex, though. Between thrusts, he said, "I could fuck this tight ass, all night long."

She began to thrust back against him, enjoying the new sensations that she was feeling. It seemed so naughty to be enjoying something that she had always considered off limits. She squealed in delight as his pole moved into her, balls deep. He fucked her wildly and aggressively. His groans filled the car, making him sound like a sex starved wild man. Sweat dripped off of his face, onto Candy's ass, as he looked down to watch himself penetrating her tightness. That made him even hotter. He could see how far he had stretched her little crevice. He loved to make a woman bend over so he could be the driver.

Candy was enjoying every stroke so much that she matched his rhythm. She fucked his cock with her tight ass, just as fast he fuck her. It was quite intense. In and out. Fast and hard. Deeper and deeper he went. Her body began to shake as the unthinkable happened. An orgasm swept through her, causing her muscles to contract even tighter around the man. He groaned loudly and shot a load of cum deep into her ass. It spewed from him like lava from a volcano. He held her tight against him until he had emptied his balls into her tight ass. Then he pulled out and wiped his shaft across her tender ass cheeks while he watched her sphincter slowly close, then suddenly snap shut.

He knew that it would be very swollen in a few hours. He smiled at the thought of fucking her ass again. He pulled her out of his way, then sat back down in the drivers seat. He tucked himself back into his jeans, then he started the car.

Candy sat back up in the passenger seat, very aware of her sore ass. She didn't care how bad it would hurt the next day, she wanted more. She didn't say a word as he pulled away from the curb. He drove for several more miles before pulling into a motel parking lot. He parked the car, and grabbed her arm, yanking her out of the car with him. He drug her to a door that said, Room 108 on it. He pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. He pushed her through the doorway, making her fall onto the bed. Then he began to undress. He stripped down to his bare skin, then said, "If you so much as move an inch or leave this room, I will hunt you down and make you sorry."

He walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Candy was very tempted to get up and leave. But she didn't, not because of fear, but because of desire. She lay very still on the bed, waiting to see what would happen next. She shifted, moving onto her side, trying to sooth her sore ass. She closed her eyes, trying to relax. The next thing she knew a cracking sound filled the room.

Her ass burned in pain. She opened her eyes and saw him swinging the belt toward her. It slammed down against the same tender spot, again. He didn't stop until she started begging him, "Please, sir. Stop. I will obey your every command. I will be your sex slave." He stopped moving his arm in mid swing, with a very aroused look on his face, and said, "Call me Master, bitch."

"Please, Master. I will do anything that you ask of me," she said. She saw his cock swell even bigger, pointing straight at her. It must have been ten inches long and big around as her wrist. Her eyes widened at the sight of it. He looked at her red ass and said, "Bend over, slave."

She trembled, and said, "Yes, Master." He grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks with his fingers. She jumped when he touched her sore asshole with his finger. He smiled, knowing that she was nearly swollen shut. He looked down at his throbbing cock. It was a lot bigger than it had been in the car. He was more aroused than he had been in his entire life. He had always wanted a sex slave. His biggest fantasy was coming true.

He reached down and grabbed a wad of her hair, yanking her head up off the bed. Then he thrust into her ass, with all his might. Luckily, nobody was in the nearby motel rooms to hear her screams as his pole ripped her ass wider. He reached under her and began to tease her clit. Her screams turned into cries of ecstasy within minutes. He rocked in and out of her, letting her tight muscle milk his shaft. It was the most intense feeling. He could feel the cum in his balls, boiling.

"Oh..My..God! You're so fucking tight!" he gasped as his semen burst from his loins. Wave after wave of cream shot deep into her rectum. Her sphincter rippled against him, pulling out every drop he had to offer.

He collapsed against her, breathing very heavy. That's when he felt something hard pressing against his stomach. He slid his hand into the waistband of her skirt and found her transmitter. He saw that it was turned off. He knew what it was. He threw it on the bed and stood up, without a word. He walked over to his jacket and pulled something from the pocket.

Candy watched him, wondering if he had figured out that she was a cop. He climbed back onto the bed and pulled her arms behind her. She felt the cold steel being wrapped around her wrists. Then she heard the cold click and knew he had handcuffed her. He pulled her off the bed by her hair and forced her onto her knees. He glared at her, assuring her that she should not move. She heard the water running, again. When he came back out of the bathroom, he walked over to her and said, "Open your mouth." She didn't dare disobey, considering she was helpless. She opened her mouth, expecting him to shove his cock in. But he didn't, he rammed a ball gag into her mouth, and secured the strap to the back of her head.

Then he pulled her to her feet and walked her over to the closet rod. He uncuffed her left hand and lifted it to the bar, after he turned her to face the wall. He secured her right hand to the bar, then dug out another pair of cuffs. Candy could see that they were standard police issue handcuffs. She wondered where he had gotten them. When he was done, he leaned close to her ear and whispered, "Looks like I got myself a real prize. A cop, that moonlights as a whore." She shook her head, in disagreement. "Well, if you like to be fucked like the whore that you are, I think I can arrange that. But first, I must punish you for being deceptive." Candy yanked her arms, trying to free herself from the rod, when she looked over her shoulder and saw him pull a cane rod out of a dresser drawer.

She tried to scream but the ball muffled every sound she made. He laughed and began to rip the rest of her clothes off. Then he began to strike her with the stick, leaving welts up and down her body. She bit the ball, trying to control herself from screaming, again. But he hit her harder and harder until she couldn't help but scream. He struck her at least fifty times, then he moved around in front of her. He said, "Now I am going to show you, just what I have in mind for you, my sex slave." He uncuffed her and then secured her hands behind her back again. Then he led her out the door, fully naked, to his car. He shoved her into the back seat and shut the door. Then he got in the front and started the car up. He watched Candy in the mirror. He could see the raw lust and fire in her eyes. She would be perfect for his new project. She tried to turn her body, so that the painful welts wouldn't touch the vinyl seat, but it was no use.

He drove the car across the state line, deep into the countryside. During the ride, Candy tried to think calmly. She figured he was going to kill her. She would have been shaking from the cold, but she was to scared and aroused to notice. When he pulled up to a guard shack she strained to read the sign. It said, "Diablo Maximum Security Prison" Alarm spread through her like wild fire, when the guard opened the gate and let them pass thru. He didn't give her a second glance even though she was naked and struggling to get free. When he parked the car, he pulled her out by her arm and led her toward the door. He pressed the buzzer. A guard opened it, and said, "Good evening, Warden Smith." He gave Candy an amused look then shut the door behind them.

She was led to a room with a bed in the center of it. She glared at the man who had taken her there. She couldn't believe that he was the warden of a prison. He grinned wickedly at her and said, "Remember, you will obey my every command or I will punish you." He said, "Lay on the bed, face down." She slowly moved toward it, then laid down. He uncuffed her, removed the ball gag and pulled her further up onto the bed. He secured her wrists to leather cuffs that were attached to the bed frame. Then he forced her onto her knees until her ass was pointing upward. He shoved two pillows under her stomach and secured her ankles to the foot of the bed. Then stepped back to observe his work.

He walked over to the door and said, "Guard, I am ready to begin." A few moments later, Candy watched in horror as a group of prisoners were led into the room. Several of them looked at her, longingly. They turned to look at the warden, when he said, "Who wants a piece of that ass?" All the men spoke up at once. Then the warden said, "From now on, the prisoner who gets the most work done each day, on the chain gang will get to fuck that ass." Candy began to kick and scream, trying to break loose. A sudden hit on her ass, stopped all that. She hadn't realized that the warden had the cane pole in his hand.

He turned back to the men and said, "I will let you jackoff on her, tonight. But no touching. The only way you touch her, is to out work the other prisoners, tomorrow." They eagerly shuffled toward her. She could see that all of them were sporting large erections. She began to cry in shame as they stared at her exposed privates.

The men circled the bed that she was lying on. She moved her eyes from cock to cock as they began to stroke themselves. She forgot about trying to escape and became infatuated by what they were doing. She turned her head, occasionally, to watch the men on the opposite side of the bed. She felt heat building deep inside her as she watched this display of meat, set before her. One of the prisoners commented, "Look at that pussy juice, running down her thighs. If I get to fuck her ass, tomorrow, I want to taste that juice." All the men nodded in agreement, and began to stroke faster.

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