tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCandy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane


"Did you see the ferris wheel full of penguins?! How cute!" I proclaimed as I ran up to the Christmas display. "Not quite as cute as how excited you are about the penguins, who for some reason are wearing scarves." My boyfriend Danny squeezed my hand as he caught up to me after fighting his way through the crowd.

Next to us, a young girl was admiring the toy elves hauling Christmas presents up a grassy hill covered with faux fabric snow. "I love Candy Cane Lane!" she squealed excitedly to her mom, who was carrying a large diaper bag and toting a toddler bundled in a beanie the color of Rudolph's nose. Candy Cane Lane is a Christmas tradition where we live, since Southern California never gets actual snow, a local neighborhood puts up elaborate holiday decorations and lights them up every night for the entire month of December.

The roof of the next house boasted a life-size red sled being pulled by a familiar team of Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Vixen. "Do you think Cupid has any relation to the Valentine's Day Cupid? I mean it can't be a coincidence right?" my mind spun as I considered the relationship between the two. I shivered as I caught Danny's silhouette in the lights of the dancing reindeer. His auburn hair was cropped into a buzz cut, which only highlighted his day-old stubble that was just short enough to still be sexy. His light blue eyes gleamed, reflecting the cluster of multi-colored lights lining Candy Cane Lane.

"Are you really cold? It's only like 60 degrees! You would never make it on the East Coast." His hands were warm as they rubbed my shoulders. "Well that's why I have you, to be my personal heater!" I purred as I spun around and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. He pulled me closer and shifted his hips slightly down to meet me as he whispered "You know there's other things we could do besides look at Christmas lights...." His head dipped as his lips brushed the sensitive tips of my ears.

"Oh my...you are a naughty boy tonight! I would love to but there's so many people here..." the people milling around us had thickened to a throng, increasing my surprise at his obvious lust. I had spent most of the year we'd been together being the pursuer, constantly fantasizing about public exhibitionism, so his very public display of affection shot a lightning bolt from my head to my pussy, and I could feel the dampness starting between my legs.

"These people are so distracted by the jogging reindeer and ice-skating elves that they wouldn't even notice a sweet young couple making the world a little merrier..." his breath was hot on my ear as he leaned into me. As much as the prude in me didn't want to admit it, he had a good point. Everyone around us- other couples of all ages, families with small children tugging on their coats, and teenagers selling hot chocolate trying to make a buck- nobody would notice if we...

Before I could finish my thought Danny was pulling me away, easing through the crowd with his long, lean frame like he had done it a thousand times. He was heading for the darker side of the neighborhood, where less people were gathered. "Let's just see what's over here..." I know he had no intention of looking at any more Christmas decorations but against my better judgment I followed him into the darkness.

Only once we settled into a dark corner, tucked away in a dark cul-de-sac away from the chaos, did I realize I wasn't cold anymore. Wordlessly he stood behind me and pulled me to him, pushing my long blonde hair behind my back as he leaned down to tenderly lick my neck. His right hand slid around my waist to the dampness between my legs, tracing his fingers around my pussy through my black tights "Oh Danny..." A sign of pleasure escaped my lips as I surrendered to his touch, my knees buckling slightly.

Almost subconsciously, I pressed my robust ass into him, feeling his rock-hard dick between my butt cheeks. I slowly gyrated against him as he continued to tease me, rubbing around my pussy, with his other hand grabbing at my oversized sweater and traveling quickly across my hardening nipples. "Arghhhhh...rub my pussy!" I was getting impatient for him to touch me, my Victoria's Secret panties had long been soaked and I was ready for the real thing.

"You would like that wouldn't you!" His voice sounded comically jovial, and I realized he was enjoying torturing me. Suddenly he slid his hands back and pulled away from me, leaving me so off-balance I nearly tipped over when he stepped back. I opened my eyes and snapped back to reality. I did a quick survey of the area, noting that we were alone except for the crowds oohing and ahing at the decorations on the next block.

I twirled around to face him, dropping to my knees and tearing at his Levi's, tight against his hot skin. I peeked up at his face to see if he would resist, but once I had his pants off and boxer briefs down he was too weak to protest. I pulled his rock hard cock out, admiring its length for what felt like the thousandth time. He moaned, and I realized simply touching him was enough to make him wish he hadn't teased me. My warm mouth circled his length as his moans got louder. I reached below and began to massage his balls the way I know he likes. My tongue slid around his dick, licking the perfect mushroom of the head and enjoying the way his body shifted towards me in response. I could feel his orgasm coming as his dick seemed to grow even larger in my mouth, his balls growing hotter in my cupped hands.

"Not so fast!" he gasped as he gently pulled me to a standing position. He was looking at me in a way I had never seen before, like I was a bar of sweet, succulent chocolate and he hadn't eaten in months. His hand jumped to my soaked crotch, finally allowing me the relief I needed as he quickly rubbed his fingers across my throbbing clitoris. I panted as desire shot through my body and my knees gave in. He grabbed my hips, expertly holding me up with one hand as his strong fingers continued to stroke my clitoris.

"I just want to be inside you!" his breath was fast as he grabbed at the hem of my tights, peeling them off and tossing them to sidewalk. He pulled my panties down as he dropped to his knees and moved his mouth to my clit. He rolled his tongue in my sweet spot once, twice, three times. He yanked away and pulled my right leg up, "wrap your legs around me!" he commanded as I followed his instructions meekly. Any resistance or worries about being caught were long gone, the adrenaline surged through me as I jumped on him.

My arms wrapped around his neck, I positioned his cock at my waiting pussy and tilted my hips forward. He slid inside me as our eyes met and we both gasped. He moved my ass up and down as we got into rhythm.

Despite the noise a block away, all I heard was our gasps as his hips moved quicker and quicker. His cock plunged deeper into my pussy. His hard dick slid into my wet pussy faster and faster. His tongue found mine, dancing in circles.

All of a sudden I peered over his shoulder and found a lone woman was standing 10 yards away, openly starting at us. At first I was startled, wanting to stop and run for fear of being arrested for our public love. But then I saw the sexy smile on her face, and realized that nothing, nobody could be more important than the beautiful man inside me right now. If our visitor wanted a show, that's exactly what she would get.

I looked at his face and recognized his quick breaths, his slightly reddened face. He was close to a brazen orgasm, but I knew he was too much of a gentleman to come before I did. I gave in to the feelings of pleasure running through me.

Rivers of cum were streaming down my legs. I squeezed my pussy around his cock. Our moans and gasps intermingled as he pumped harder and harder.

He stared into my eyes, our moans growing louder and louder. My hips thrust forward to meet his. I grind against him, taking his whole throbbing cock in. As the orgasms ripped through us simultaneously my back arched and I threw back my head. "Oh god!" I groaned as he pressed against me, eyes rolling in the back of his head.

He dipped me to the ground and gave me sweetest, longest kiss, the perfect ending to the perfect love we had just made in the middle of a busy neighborhood with a strange woman watching shamelessly. The woman! "Where is she!?" I exclaimed as I sat up and looked where the woman had been standing. "What are you talking about?!" Danny sat up and stared halfway down the block. "I don't see anyone."

"There was a.....nevermind". The woman was gone. Maybe I had imagined her, a figment of the wildest part of my imagination, but I guess I will never know. "Come lay down with me." Danny gestured towards the crook of his arm, which looked very warm and comforting. I laid back down on the cold sidewalk, snuggling against Danny. "Well sweetie, we will never forget Candy Cane Lane."

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