Candy Cane Legs


Kelly gasped loudly, her eyes growing very wide. Lisa gasped also and then whispered, "Holy shit!"

BJ chuckled. "I told you it would scare you."

"Scared hell, I'm more like terrified," Lisa whispered and Kelly nodded in agreement.

"It's not bad except getting on and getting off of it. There's a really full feeling to begin with and a real empty feeling afterwards. Everything in the middle is all fireworks and orgasms," BJ said with a grin.

"Two fingers is about all I can handle," Lisa whispered, her eyes still on Harold's big ass dick.

"I'm not even sure I could handle two fingers that were much bigger than my own," Kelly said and shivered hard. "That thing is more like my wrist and arm."

"What did it feel like the first time?" Lisa asked BJ.

BJ grinned and shook her head. "Damned if I remember. One minute I was squatting over his hips with the head pressed against my vagina and the next thing I remember besides sparkling lights, fireworks, and the biggest orgasm in the world, was me sitting on his hips with that thing buried to the hilt. After that, anytime either of us moved, skyrockets went off again. The last I remember was curled up in a ball on my side, sleepy as hell and completely worn out. Then I must have fallen asleep."

Kelly and Lisa were both staring at her with wide eyes and open mouths. "What can I say, that is all I remember," BJ said a moment later.

"Uh.... All of that was inside you?" Lisa asked in disbelief.

With a grin, BJ nodded. "Yeah, it was. I guess us black girls are just blessed that way," she said and then winked at Harold.

Harold shook his head and chuckled. "You guys aren't anymore surprised than I was. She sat down on me and then slid down and down and down some more. By the time her ass touched my thighs, I was coming like a runaway fountain. I had never felt anything so great in my life."

All three girls shivered and Lisa moaned loudly. BJ chuckled and looked at Kelly, "Don't you have some stockings to put on?"

"Uh... yeah... stockings," Kelly said and finally looked away from Harold's dick. With a shiver, she raised her left ankle and rested it on her right knee. Her legs were spread wide enough that she could feel the cool air in the room on her sex and her skirt had ridden up above mid thigh.

All three of her friends got big grins on their faces and Lisa whimpered loudly. Harold licked his lips and BJ nodded, "I do love that V of red hair, it looks classy and sexy all at the same time."

Kelly shivered and tried to concentrate on rolling the stocking in her hand down evenly so she could slip it over her foot. Knowing that all three could see her sex, had it clamped down tightly on itself and for some reason her nipples tingled. When she slipped the stocking over her toes and pulled it up over her foot, the tingling in her nipples seemed to increase.

"That's weird," she whispered as she pulled the stocking up over the lower part of her calf.

"What's weird?" Lisa asked.

Kelly shook her head and lifted her leg to pull the stocking higher. As it reached her knee, she whimpered softly as her leg seemed to move on its on. It straightened out and her foot rose higher and higher as she pulled the stocking up over her thigh.

By the time she had the stocking all the way on that leg, her nipples were aching and her clit was starting to tingle. Her leg was raised; her foot almost shoulder height. As the wide elastic band settle around her thigh, her foot moved out to the side, spreading her legs even more. The soft whimper turned into a soft moan as all three people in front of her licked their lips.

She slowly lowered her leg. In fact, it seemed to take an act of will to make her foot go to the floor. Her leg was tingling, especially her inner thigh. It was almost as if the stocking was vibrating and massaging her leg. Her nipples still ached but her clit was tingling deliciously.

"At least she's making a show out of it," Harold whispered.

"Uh huh," Lisa replied in a like whisper, her full attention on Kelly's leg. The red and white stripped stocking seemed to make it look longer and far sexier.

Kelly shivered hard and picked up the other nylon. She crossed her right foot over her left knee as she rolled the stocking down. As she slipped the stocking over her foot and pulled it up on her ankle, her left foot moved to the left and her knee moved outward as she slipped down lower in the chair.

Harold groaned softly, Lisa licked her lips, and BJ grinned and said, "Now we're getting a show."

As Kelly pulled the stocking up to her knee, her foot came up and moved right. As she pulled the stocking on up, the leg rose higher. The tingling in her clit now felt like she had her vibrator pressed to it. As she pulled the stocking tight and released the elastic top, the vibration got even worse and both stockings seemed to tighten on her legs.

Kelly groaned loudly as her left foot came off the floor and her left leg rose to match the position on the right. She slipped down in the chair until her ass was on the very edge, her pussy exposed in all its glory. Her whole breasts were aching now and she raised her hands to squeeze and massage them, as the groan grew louder. She could feel her vagina clamping down and releasing rhythmically as an orgasm built in her lower sex.

Now, all three people watching her were wide eyed, with their mouths hanging open. Kelly had always been the shy introverted one of the group. What they were seeing was totally out of character for her. As they watched mesmerized, Kelly's legs moved even wider and climbed higher. Her slit opened and they could all see her vagina pulsing open and closed.

"Holy. Shit. Get. You some. Girl," BJ said slowly and distinctly.

Lisa moaned as loud as Kelly had been groaning. A few seconds later, she was crawling across the floor making a beeline for Kelly's pussy as fast as she could crawl. When she ran face first into Kelly's pussy, three things happened, Kelly came with a gush, Lisa got a mouth full, which seemed to set her off with an orgasm of her own, and BJ and Harold finally moved.

Kelly was squeezing her breasts hard enough to hurt as she came and kept on coming as Lisa tried to suck and lick every part of her sex at the same time. Harold moved up behind Lisa and buried his face in her sopping wet sex. That just drove Lisa higher and made her lick and suck even more. BJ flopped down on the floor and rolled over under Harold.

From his groaning, Kelly realized BJ had a mouth full of his dick. Then it dawned on her that her eyes were open and she was still coming. Her hips were jerking as her stomach muscles contracted and released. She felt searing pleasure coursing all throughout her body but her mind was clear and sharp. That shouldn't have been. She should have been trying to curl up in a ball with blazing flashes of lights on her closed eyelids.

This is the strangest orgasm I've ever had, she thought and then Lisa seemed to collapse out of sight below her sex. A moment later, her hips rolled to the side and went out of sight. Now Kelly could see BJ's head under Harold and then she could see two dark hands wrapped around his white shaft as he came up on his knees and sat back on his heels.

BJ's bobbing head never missed a beat on the top third of Harold's dick as she twisted to the side and followed him up slightly. She had his dick pulled down so she could reach it better and more of it was disappearing into her mouth. Harold had a silly grin on his face as he looked down at BJ.

Kelly lowered her legs, found a place for her feet that wasn't stepping on Lisa, and stood up. She was watching BJ suck Harold's big dick but her mind was on Harold's long tongue. Kelly stepped over and around Lisa and BJ until her sex was directly in front of Harold's face. He looked up at her and she grinned as she raised her left leg and hooked it over his right shoulder. Now her pussy was slightly above and right in his face.

Harold looked at her pussy for a second and then grabbed her hips as he buried his long flexible tongue to the hilt in her pussy. Kelly came up on her toes and grabbed his head for balance. Where Lisa was inexperienced and everywhere at once, Harold had eating pussy down to a science. His long tongue was touching places and things that had never been touched before.

Kelly threw back her head and gasped several times as her hips came forward and she ground her pussy on Harold's mouth. She was coming again and it felt even better than before. She rocked back and forth, fucking herself on that long tongue. Harold held it out stiff and wiggled it as she jammed it in and out of her pussy. She was making a soft moaning sound that closely matched the one BJ was making.

A few minutes later, Harold started to groan and then his body was shaking. Kelly figured he was coming his brains out and wondered if the amount of cum he produced matched the size of his dick. She'd have to ask BJ about that. Then she grinned. These out of this world orgasms while still being able to think were interesting to say the least. She was getting the best of two worlds.

About then Harold's tongue came out of her pussy and he kind of collapsed to the side. Kelly stepped back and looked down to see BJ rolling over onto her back. There was a white trail of cum at the corner of her mouth and down her right cheek. BJ licked her lips and then grinned up at Kelly. "We sure put his lights out, didn't we?"

Kelly looked around at Harold and then at Lisa. Turning back to BJ, she whispered, "Two down and one to go."

"Are you talking about me or you?" BJ asked with a grin.

"Uh huh," Kelly said as she went to her knees straddling BJ shoulders.

"I've never—" BJ started to say but Kelly's pussy on her mouth shut her up. After that, there was just muffled groaning and a tongue trying to be everywhere at once like Lisa's had.

Kelly leaned forward and spread her knees at the same time so she could keep contact with BJ's nimble tongue. Her tongue wasn't nearly as long as Harold's but she knew the spots that felt the best. Kelly sighed and reached for BJ's thighs. She pulled on them and the young black woman raised her knees and spread them as wide as they would go.

Leaning over more, Kelly was face to face with BJ's pussy, so to speak. She had never, either but that didn't seem to matter as she flicked her tongue back and forth over BJ's swollen bare clit. When she arched her hips, Kelly ran her tongue down and speared it as deep as she could into BJ's sopping wet vagina. Her taste was a little stronger and spicier than her own, Kelly realized.

Both young women were moaning and groaning as they ate each other's pussies. It wasn't long before Kelly was coming big time and BJ joined her in orgasmic heaven a few minutes later. A few minutes after that, Kelly rolled over off BJ and stretched out on the floor with a big grin on her face. The ache in her nipples was down to mild tingling, as was her clit. She felt wonderful.

With a sigh of contentment, she sat up and leaned back on her arms. Her eyes wandered from Lisa to Harold and then over to BJ. All three seemed to be asleep. Lisa was on her side, slightly curled up and Harold was the same way. BJ was sprawled out, flat on her back and snoring softly.

"That went well," she said with a grin as she sat up straight. Lisa and BJ's skirts were up around their waists and Harold's pants were around his thighs.

"Maybe I should cover them up," Kelly whispered as she got to her feet. For as long and hard as she had came, she should have been snoring right along with them. As it was, she felt energized and very alive. Wired, was more like it.

She went to her closet, pulled three blankets down off the top shelf, and covered her friends up. Looking around the quiet room she sighed and headed for her bedroom door, wondering what was going on down at her Mother's party.

"Maybe there are some people down there that aren't asleep," she whispered as she walked down the hall toward the stairs. The candy cane stockings made a whispering sound between her thighs as she walked. The whisper seemed to make the stockings vibrate and the tingle in her nipples and clit started to grow.

"Yes, and some horny people, would be even better," she whispered as she started down the stairs, a big grin on her cute face. She licked her lips and tasted BJ's pussy on it.

"A few kisses to pass that taste around should get things rolling nicely," she said out loud and shivered as her mind supplied memories of the lovely orgasms she had already had and the ones to come.

There were a half dozen people, including her mother in the living room as she entered. Kelly swept her eyes around the room and said, "Ho, Ho, Ho and a Merry Christmas. Do I have a delicious treat for all of you or what?"

Grinning, she walked over and sat down in the first person's lap she came to. It was her Uncle Bill. Bill looked down at her legs and whispered, "I hope you like the stockings. They are very old and very special but they only work on a young lady who has her birthday on Christmas."

They do make me feel... uh... strange in some ways," Kelly whispered back.

"I have an idea that this party is about to get strange and very sexy," Bill whispered and then chuckled as he turned Kelly to face the room, reached down and placed a hand on each of Kelly's knees, and spread them wide.

After that it was mayhem and madness.

Merry Christmas and Ho, Ho, Ho!

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