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Candy Cane Stripes


Under a warm woolen blanket, I awake in the magical workshop of none other than Mr. St. Nick. As I look upon the Christmas Village in the North Pole, I know as Mistress of all the Naughty Girls I have a full day ahead of me. Rudolf had brought a new shipment of Naughty Girls, and it is up to me to correct them before they are presented to Santa. If they don't shape up, it will be my bare ass marked with candy cane stripes. I put on my short red skirt and thigh-high boots and saw the Naughty List on my nightstand.

In Rudolf's rough script it read:

Good Morning, Christmas Eve. These are this year's girls. R

Name: Holly Berry
Infraction: Excessive masturbation
Penalty: 50 clit lashes

Well, at least my duties as Mistress will be thoroughly amusing for me...easy enough...and Santa won't have to give me my candy cane stripes. I always worry, because I enjoy the striping of my bottom. It makes me so wet. The wetter I get, the more lashes I get. If he hears me coming, then he lets the elves gangbang me. Then, on with the chastity belt until next Christmas. How he loves when that happens because on the twenty-fifth of each month, he pulsates my vibrator on it, driving me nuts, begging for release, but I cannot get it for 365 days.

I pulled out the video recorder. Santa prefers it that way, because he has all the punishments on camera and can pleasure his North Pole throughout the year. At the same time, it doesn't allow me any sort of infractions on my part.

Walking over to Ms. Holly Berry, I see she is in a tight, green, latex number that exposed her holly berries, two luscious, red nipples on her 34 DDD breasts and a throbbing little red clit. Rudolf already had her blindfolded, so she did not see my approach. I reached her little bitty clit, and coaxed it out of its hood with a few quick strokes. She quivered with delight and I could see she was already quite wet.

"Isn't that what got you into this place, young lady? Little girls should not get so excited so quickly. It's almost as if anything will get your little bitty holly berries excited."

"I'm sorry, but it's so...mmmmmmm," she moaned with pleasure.

"I know I have magical Christmas fingers, but you are not to come. Off with your panties. Quickly."

She rolled off her green latex panties, exposing her freshly shaved pussy.

"Santa likes his little girls smooth," I said, rubbing the plump pussy lips glistening with her juices.

I slipped one finger inside and could tell I would be in trouble with this one. She was so wet and smooth. I could feel myself getting wet. I couldn't help it as I started licking her lips and flicking her throbbing clit with my tongue. Her sweet, sweet juices filled my mouth.

"More please," she said grinning.

Her impertinence was maddening and I came back to reality.

"You were put on the naughty list for 'excessive masturbation' and were brought to the corrections facility for Santa's Naughty Girls. You will be punished. If you last through this punishment, you might be a member of Santa's Harem. But you have to be a good girl for Christmas Eve."

I strapped her down spread eagle on the candy cane platform. Her wrists and ankles were bound. I could still see her wet pussy juices dripping down her legs, her clit ripe and excited.

"Your punishment, Holly Berry, is 50 clit lashes. I will stop half way through and pump your clit. You will count for me. If you loose count, we will start over. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Christmas Eve."

I pulled out my clit paddle and gave her a striking blow to the clit. Her body buckled as she counted.

"One. Thank you, Christmas Eve. Two. Thank you, Christmas Eve. Three. Thank you, Christmas Eve...."

She was remarkably on count, and smiling through the entire thing. Finally we got to 25 and I attached the clit pump. It became engorged. I knew it would be such pleasant pain for her.

"Do you remember what number you are on, Holly Berry?"

"Yes, Christmas Eve. This is number 26."

I struck her clit the remaining lashes and she screamed in blissful pain.

"You've been such a Good Girl, taking your lashes. I am going to relieve that throbbing clit."

I licked her pussy juices, avoiding her engorged and throbbing clit at all costs. They were so sweet. The moment my tongue touched her clit, she started coming loudly, pushing my head against her pulsating pussy while she came.

Just then Santa came in to see what the commotion was. I could tell from the grin on his face that Holly and I were both going to have candy cane stripes on our bottoms.

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