Candy-Coated Damnation


Warren squirmed. The pink-haired woman was very well-endowed beneath that sweater. Her t-shirt fit very tightly.

"Well," the woman sang, giving her lollipop a long lick, "it's like they always say. Give the devil an inch, and she'll take you a mile." She winked. "We just can't help ourselves! It's too sweet to give in to sin. Sooner or later, we all lose our heart."

"B-but..." Warren couldn't help but try to argue. This was a very strange ad.

"All it takes is one lick," she said, giving another loving lick. "One suck." She suckled at the tip of the lollipop for a moment. "One taste of sugar on your tongue, and you just... give in." She giggled. "You turn into a weak, submissive tool of sin, don't you? You are what you eat. You don't want to turn all sweet and pliant inside, do you?"


She started to take off her shirt and bra, beaming all the while. "You just can't help yourself. Sin's so tasty! So it's very, very important that you not eat any candy." She winked.

Her breasts spilled out of the lacy bra, and Warren's jaw dropped. Her tits were fantastic. He only wished he could feel them, could smell their sweet, vanilla scent up close. She smiled eagerly at him, running her hands over them, caressing her nipples. "All it takes is one little piece of candy," she cooed, "and you're as good as hers. And the more you let her give you..." She started to pull down her pants

Then her panties.

Warren was panting. His hand rested over his trouser tent, but he didn't touch himself. He was too enraptured by the display.

Still whispering—and soon moaning—promises of how submissive, how weak, how vulnerable candy and sugar would make him, the woman began to masturbate right in the middle of a crowded street. Her eyes smoldered as she lapped and sucked at her lollipop.

"Ooh!" Candi came skipping back in, cradling something in her arms. "You found my favorite show!"

Warren gave a start. How had Candi already finished? It had only been... been... a few minutes?

"My cupcakes are done," Candi said, settling back on the bed. She was carrying a large glass bowl. "But I need someone to check the icing!"

He caught a strong sugary scent, and his eyes drifted down. He breathed in deeper, smelling the bowl full of pale icing, its vanilla scent stronger than anything he'd ever known.

She ran her finger through it, beaming at him. "Wanna be my taste tester?" she cooed.

Warren stared at the finer, dimly registering the advertisement in the background. "... so hard to resist with every passing second a sweet thing is in front of you. If you can't get away, it's just going to keep on smelling delicious, and you're just gonna keep breathing it in until you can't help it. And you're getting so horny..."

He leaned in, breathing in deep. He struggled to pull back, but he smelled the delicious icing and just... couldn't help himself.

He slowly took Candi's finger into his mouth, whimpering, and started to lick off the icing.

"Oh!" Candi squirmed slightly. "I didn't—I h-had a spoon—" She moaned as he sucked harder. "N-naughty boy!" Her hand reached down, and he felt her fiddling with his belt. Her finger twirled around in his mouth. "Do we like that?"

He moaned. He could already feel the ad's words coming true. He was so horny, so obedient. He just couldn't help himself.

She pulled the finger out of his mouth, giggling. It was now clean. "Good?" she cooed. "Is it yummy for my sweet boy?"

"Yummy..." His mind was awash in bliss and lust. With just a fingerful of icing, he knew Candi had inadvertently doomed him. She couldn't have known—couldn't have known how horny sweet things would make him, how he wouldn't be able to help but beg for more...

She smirked. "Y'know, a nice boy would say thank-you!"

"Th... thank you," he whispered, licking his lips. Her hand kept brushing over his pants, ever-so-lightly grazing his crotch. It was driving him to the point of insensibility. He'd say anything to make her happy.

And saying this made Candi very, very happy. So happy that she evidently couldn't help but lean in and cover his face with kisses. "Good boy! What a good boy!"


She paused, blinking big, innocent eyes. "Nn? Hm?" Her eyes glanced down toward his crotch. "Oh!" She looked back up at him with a slightly guilty pout. "Did I do that to my sweet boy?" She raised her hand up from his groin. "Should I... stop?"

"No!" He surprised himself with the vehemence and certainty of his words. He stared at her with desperation. He was tingling all over. His head felt weirdly weak. It's like the ad said, he thought. You are what you eat. It's making me all... sweet inside...

"Hm." She cocked her head, slowly unbuckling his jeans. "Do you... want me to do more?" She pouted, as if trying very hard to gauge what he wanted from her.

He whimpered and noddded.

Her eyes lit up, and with one tug, his pants were down. She reached down and actually tore his underwear off, giggling at the ease. "Gosh, they really don't make these fabrics like they used to! Then again..." She leaned in, eyelashes fluttering. "I bet the weak material's more comfortable."

Her and gently grasped his cock and squeezed.

"C-Candi," he whimpered.

"Quiet, silly!" She began to stroke up and down his shaft. "I'm just gonna help you feel better," she cooed. "You're being all sweet and silly. Once you cum, you'll feel soooo much better!"

But he wouldn't, Warren knew with growing dread. Candi thought he would because she didn't know. And how could she? She hadn't seen the ad. More pleasure would just make him want more, and more, and more.

But he could say nothing. He was already all sweet and pliant inside. All he could do was lie there and accept the pleasure. More, more, more. He needed it all.

As she ran her soft hand over his member, she dipped her other finger into the icing with a little laugh. "Does my boy want more?" she purred in his ear.

"Aah," he moaned.

She popped her finger in. He sucked and licked with unnatural hunger. The icing was delectable—it practically melted in his mouth. It was buttermilk icing, he was pretty sure, but there was something. Something else. It was like... like...

Oh, god

He let out a loud moan as he came from her attentions, spasming in her grasp. Bliss seeped into him like syrup. She slowly milked out every ounce of cum—then dipped her head down and took a tentative little lick. "Ooh!" She beamed up at him, even as his cock twitched once more. "You're so sweet!"

She brought her hand up and slowly licked herself clean even as she guided him to lick at her other hand, positively covered in cake frosting. He ate like he was starving.

And then he heard the doorbell chime.

He froze. So did Candi, just for a moment. Her lush lips turned down in a frown.

Then a smile played across them. "Ooh," she murmured, slowly licking the last of his semen from her fingers, "who could that be?"

"Hey!" called a horribly familiar voice at the door that instantly jolted Warren from his lusty-sweet stupor. "Trick-or-treat, dude! Don't make me get the eggs!" And a laugh. A laugh he knew well. A laugh he loved.

It was... it took him a strangely long time to recall the name.


His eyes widened. He lurched up clumsily from the couch, ignoring Candi's sad whine. He rapidly struggled to take stock with a brain that seemed to be functioning purely on auxiliary functions. He was standing right in the living room, his pants down to his ankles, his underwear shredded, his cock in the capable control of a gorgeous woman who smelled like sugar and vanilla and—

His hyperventilating was cut short by a comforting touch on his shoulder. Candi smiled, drawing him into her warm embrace, guiding his face down toward her breasts. "Breathe, boy. Breeeathe."

He breathed. His heart rate ebbed and slowed. Candi smelled so nice. He breathed again. His head swam.

He suddenly felt a lot better.

"C'mon!" Candi whispered in his ear as he leaned into her arms. "Before she comes in! Heehee!"

Something about this was... was wrong. He shook himself. "I..." What was going on? "I n-need to..."

She gently took his chin, guided him to look into her beautiful hot pink eyes, and kissed him on the lips. Her sweet taste filled his mouth, made his brain sparkle with passion, his dick throb with need.

When she pulled away, he must have looked a bit dazzled, because she laughed. She grabbed his hand and dragged him off.

He followed meekly. He was still trying to clear his head—to remember what he'd been worried about, why this was wrong, why he couldn't think straight—when Candi opened the closet door, shoved him inside, and shut the door behind her.

And darkness filled his world.

Warren found himself lost in shadows, staring up at Candi's curvy silheouette. He blinked, wondering why his eyes weren't adjusting. All he could see was her tiny waist, her swelling breasts. He breathed in, smelling her wondrous scent, and his head sank back against sheets and dresses. He couldn't think straight. Couldn't think.

Her eyes were glowing.

He stared up at her, uncomprehending. Those pink eyes. They were glowing. That was the source of light in here.

"Such a good boy," she breathed, and for the first time he registered how much all this was affecting her. She licked her lips, practically panting with lust. "Such a good boy."

Her pleasure made his cock tingle wit anticipation. He remembered the last time she'd praised him like this.

Then he heard the door open, and he heard Alicia's voice. "Warren? Hello?" In a quieter tone, she muttered, "Is he in the bathroom or something?"

Warren stared up into Candi's gleaming pink eyes. Once, he'd seen a short animation of the Great Red Spot—the storm in Jupiter. He'd seen the swirling redness, and something about it had captivated him in a strange way he hadn't known since..

He was lost in Candi's eyes. Something about them reminded him of those storms—something distant and alien, yet passionate and tempestuous.

He struggled to his feet. This was... this was wrong. Everything about this was wrong, but something was very, very wrong in a way he didn't quite understand. He bit his lip and reached around Candi for the doorkob.

But Candi just kept smiling that innocent smile. She batted her lashes and watched him through them, waiting for him to make a move. She leaned slightly and soon his hand, guiding his hand to rest not on the door, but on her breast.

He held it there. Her eyes swirled with hunger.

He needed to fight, he knew. This was wrong. Everything about this was wrong. But his mind was already drifting into those eyes, lost in the distant storm. Candi couldn't mean him any ill. She was so sweet and innocent.

And he wanted more. He needed more. Candi had claimed him without even knowing that was what she was doing. Her sweetness was filling his heart now.

He swallowed. He couldn't tear his eyes away.

"Warren?" Alica was coming towards the closet door. Warren opened his mouth to try to respond, but then Candi licked her lips, and somehow that sent all rational thought careening from his brain. "Is that you?"

Candi watched hm a moment, seeming to appraise him. Warren stared back at her, slowly realizing how helpless he truly was.

Then Candi beamed ear-to-ear as she evidently realized it too.

And she sank to her knees.

"What the hell's on TV?" he heard Alicia mumbling. "Jesus, Warren, this is... I mean..."

Candi leaned in. Took a deep breath, as if trying to inhale the very essence of his cock.

Warren trembled, but he couldn't tear his gaze away. Those eyes were still so wide and eager as she leaned forward and licked. Her tongue ran briefly over his glans. He released a squeak.

"... Jesus," he heard Alicia repeat. "Huh." Her voice sounded oddly breathy. But Warren was finding it harder and harder to focus on Alicia. Indeed, he was finding it harder and harder to do anything other than struggle to stay silent as Candi continued to gently lap at him.

"I want your candy," Candi cooed. "I want all of it. I want you to give your heart to me, sweetie. Can you do that?" She stared up at him with wide, adoring eyes. "Can you love me, sweet boy?"

He was panting, too, now. The flavors of sweetness and vanilla and something else lingered in his mind, oozing like molasses, slowing all other thought.

"Gimme your candy, Warren." Candi giggled, leaning in and giving him another lick that caused him to jerk. "Please? Please! I need it!"

Warren's heart was pounding. This was horrible. This was unforgivable. This was... was...

"Please," he whimpered. "Please, take whatever you want, Candi. I love you. I love you."

And Candi's eyes gleamed with joy.

Without another word, she leaned in and planted a long, wet kiss on his cock.

"Aa—mm!" Warren's scream was cut off as a slithering shape leaped up in front of him and popped something into his mouth. He blinked. It took him a moment to understand what had silenced his cry.

It was Candi's lollipop. Sweet, wonderful flavors flooded into his mouth, and his thoughts scattered like autumn leaves.

He heard Candi giggling below, and her eyes glittered with amusement that suddenly seemed somehow less innocent. She took his erection between her lips and began to suck.

Warren's eyes would have rolled up into his skull if he'd had any semblance of will to look away from Candi. Instead, he stared in stunned amazement, moaning through the candy even as he docilely sucked it, as Candi's head began to bob back and forth on his shaft.

He trembled with pleasure. Her lips were heavenly, and her tongue was happily slathering over his cock inside, layering adoration upon it. The look in her eyes... it was positively rapturous. He felt the pleasure pouring into him, crowding all free will out with sheer drunken, gooey love.

And as she sucked him, he started to hear a sound from outside the closet.

Wet sounds.


They worried him. Confused him. Made him horny. Mainly the latter. But all it took was one flutter of Candi's lashes to dispel any lingeringdoubts. Any thoughts at all.

Candi didn't look like the giggling ditz anymore. Her eyes blazed with passion as she devoured him, her lips sliding over his dick, bathing him in ecstasy. They narrowed in wicked delight as he started to whimper and whine louder and louder, unable to help himself.

And he was starting to see things now, as his eyes finally adjusted, out of the corner of his eye. He leaned back against the closet wall, knees close to buckling, but she only pressed the advantage, overwhelming him with ecstasy. There was something sinuous, alight, and it rose from just above her ass. Like a tail. And there were fluttering... things rising from between her shoulder blades, like pink, scaled bat wings.

It wasn't a costume.

It wasn't a costume.

And she knew he knew. Her eyes smoldered. Go ahead, they said. Ask me to stop. Beg me to stop. I'll stop for you if you want me to. Just ask, sweetie!

His will was putty, even in his terror. Fear was getting flooded by lust, drowned out. But he struggled to resist. Alicia was out there, he knew, and god only knew what was happening to her. He couldn't let her down. He couldn't let her down.

He opened his mouth and spoke.

And the lollipop garbled it to gibberish. And Candi laughed. She laughed as she sucked him, eyes gleaming with delight at his plight. Poor baby, those eyes said mockingly. You're mine now.

But that humiliation was almost a mercy compared to the truth.

He was pretty sure he had not been trying to ask her to stop.

He cried out and whimpered, despair turning into complete surrender, as she redoubled her efforts. He was overwhelmed. Defeated. Dominated.

His moans became cries around the lollipop, echoed by those outside the closet. He realized he was about to cum at the exact same time as Alicia.

Candi was going to make him cum just three meters from where his fiance was masturbating. And somehow, he knew that she had arranged this deliberately.

But he was helpless now. Enslaved to her lips, enslaved to her tongue, to her breasts, to her shimmering wings and gleaming eyes...

... but more than anything, enslaved to her sweet, delicious temptations. And they both knew it.

And he came. Explosively. Screaming. Pleasure flooded through him like a glacier had shattered, rapid and overwhelming. But more than that, he felt something... leaving him.

He jerked and writhed, knees buckling, and Candi bore him to the ground with a moan. She was almost like a predatory animal, now, pinning him and mounting him in one smooth motion. His eyes widened as her upper lips swapped places with her lower lips and she began to ride him, not even breaking rhythm. Her pussy was incredible.

And now she could speak to him again.

"You're giving it up," she hissed beneath his screams, and her words burrowed into his brain and blazed themselves in there, forming his new mind where the old had been scorched. "You're giving me all your yumminess, my sweet boy! Thessalia is gonna be super happy with me for this! I was the first one to get to you!"

He stared up at her, wide-eyed, as his cock thrust desperately into her tight, wet folds. The bliss was filling him like a balloon, filling the emptiness his heart had left, filling his heart with sweet, sugary submission. Soon, he knew, he wouldn't have space to comprehend what she was saying anymore. It would settle in him, write his new identity.

He was hers now, completely and perfectly, and he would love her forever for claiming him. The loss of his soul could never have been so sweet as with her.

"But you know what?" She beamed, then gave a short cry, her eyes screwing up as her hips shuddered. "Ah, fuck! Feels s-so nice..." She smiled lazily down at him. "I'm even more happy. Because you've been a good, tasty boy."

"C-Candi!" he screamed.

"Ooh." Her eyelids lowered. "I—nn—I th-think 'Mistress' will do from now on, sweetie. Oh, yes."

He moaned and nodded. The orgasm stretched on and on, bathing his mind in climaxing bliss.

"I'm g-gonna milk you," she cooed, "until there's—ee!—not a drop of s-soul left in you." His heart raced at these words, but he couldn't muster even a speck of true fear anymore. The pleasure wrote it all out of his mind instantly. "G-gonna make you a nice, tasty little slave for us! Make your heart nnnnice a-and sweeeet and—and—" She started to bounce faster atop him, gasping for breath. "D-do you w-want that?"

He could only nod, totally overwhelmed, as he continued to cum into her slick, tight cunt. Yes. He wanted whatever Candi wanted. Whatever Mistress wanted. He would be her vessel, her toy, her pet, her slave—anything, as long as he could experience this again.

She giggled. "I know you do!" Her hips wriggled around him. "But you know I can't finish the job! That's up to you."

He stared up at her absently.

Slowly, the orgasm began to... not fade. Retreat. It retreated t the back of his mind, a constant eruption of subtle bliss. And Mistress rose off him, her pink wings folding neatly behind her back.

"You're just a sweet little thing, now, huh?" she whispered, kissing him on the cheek.

"Yes, Mistress," he whimpered. He shook as a little burst of pleasure coursed through him, as the receded pleasure became a bit more vibrant for just a second at his obedience. Obedience was sweet. Sweetness meant pleasure.

She giggled. "Then you're gonna do one last thing for me, and then you can do eveyrything for me."

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