tagMind ControlCandy for Candy

Candy for Candy


I'm way too old to be doing this, Candy thought as she finished putting on her costume. The thought sent a thrill of naughty excitement through her sexy young body.

Candy was a high school senior, 18 years old, with long black hair, full red lips and a body that wouldn't quit. She was also probably the oldest person that would be out trick or treating tonight, not that she was worried about getting her fair share of candy. In this costume, she could have all the candy if she wanted it.

White stockings went all the way up to her exposed thighs, accentuating her slender legs quite nicely. They stopped just a couple of inches below a short, red-and-green-checked plaid skirt, under which she had decided to forgo panties... if she bent over in front of someone, they would get a nice view of her tight, toned ass, and maybe a quick shot of her bald pussy as well.

The top of the outfit was cut to expose maximum cleavage, and made of a very thin sheer white fabric, actually similar to what her stockings were made of. She had put on a see-through bra -- breasts the size of hers needed a bra -- so if you looked closely enough you could see her nipples through the two layers of sheer fabric.

I'm the naughtiest schoolgirl ever, she thought, smiling as she examined her beautiful reflection in the mirror one last time before heading out the door.

As had been predicted, many of the houses she visited lavished candy on her in ridiculously large amounts. She noted which guys gave her appreciative glances, and if they were cute and nobody else was around she would raise the front of her skirt and show them her shaved pussy. She did the same for a stunningly beautiful woman who practically drooled over her... Candy was bi, so if the girl wanted to take things further she was up for that.

Eventually, her bag to full to fit any more treats inside it, she went back home. She ate some of the candy, but saved most of it for later. Then, since it was fairly late and she was tired, she went to bed.

Once Candy laid down, she realized she was too horny to go to sleep. She kept thinking about one of the guys who had checked her out while giving her candy. He wasn't her usual type, but for some reason she still found herself unable to keep from getting wet at the thought of him.

She reached down and lightly stroked the outer lips of her pussy with her fingers, moaning in pleasure. Soon, she was fucking three fingers in and out of her well-lubricated hole while screaming her way through multiple orgasms. With thoughts of the cute guy she had masturbated to still dancing through her head, she finally fell asleep.

Candy awoke the next morning feeling refreshed, but also still strangely horny. She couldn't get the thought of the guy from last night out of her head, and had to finger herself to orgasm three times while she was getting ready for school.

She didn't wear panties -- which wasn't all that unusual for her -- but she also decided, even though she almost always wore one, to forgo a bra this time around as well. Her big 36DDD tits bounced and jiggled every time she walked, even though she had worn a tight top that pressed them together to display lots of cleavage and they should have been more still.

She blushed and smiled at all the attention she was getting from the guys this morning, and when one particularly bold football player grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them she didn't try to stop him. She was so horny she actually needed it, and as he teased her sensitive nipples through the thin fabric of her top she felt her body tensing up in orgasm and only barely bit back a scream of ecstasy.

She took him into the bathroom and sucked him off in order to thank him, checked in the mirror to make sure there was no cum on her face or clothes, and went to her first class of the day.

She had sex with four more random boys, and a pretty blond cheerleader who had a squirting orgasm and covered her with pussy juice, before the day was over. She went home smelling of sweat, pussy and semen.

On her way, she saw the house she had visited last night. The house of the guy she couldn't stop thinking about. She knew once she saw it that she had to drop by. She couldn't not take the opportunity, especially since she was already horny again.

She knocked on the door, and it swung open to reveal the man of her dreams. She fell to her knees and said, "Command me, Master."

He smiled down at the girl on his front porch. She was more than he could ever have hoped for, and the enchanted candy had apparently worked like a charm on her. "Take off your clothes and let me see your sexy body," he said.

Right there on his front porch in front of all the neighbors, the beautiful girl disrobed and stood before him stark naked. She turned around, offering him a view of her sexy ass, then turned back to face him again so her could look at her perfect tits.

He knew how far the spell would allow his control to extend, and decided to have some fun with her. "Cum for me," he said. She cried out in pleasure, falling to her knees again from the force of the orgasm, juices gushing from her sweet, shaved pussy. She moaned and whimpered as aftershocks washed over her, keeping her in a haze of orgasmic bliss long after the main event had passed.

When she had recovered enough to stand up again, he gave her what would become her slave collar and told her to put it on. She did so without hesitation. Then he gave her the rules:

"You will always address me as Master, whether you are speaking directly to me or talking about me to a third party. You will always obey my orders without hesitation, question or complaint. You will wear only the items I select for you, and nothing else, except for cum, which you are not allowed to wipe off without my permission. You are lower-ranking than my other slaves, so you must obey their orders as well as mine. In addition, I expect you to lick their pussies and assholes clean when I cum inside them. You will keep your pussy shaved bald the way it is now, and never let the hair grow back. Do you understand all of your instructions?"

"Yes, Master," she said meekly.

"Good," he said, pulling out his dick. "Now suck my cock."

"With pleasure, Master," she said. Her luscious lips wrapped around his throbbing member, and she took him deep into her mouth. Within a minute, she was deepthroating him like a pro. He watched interestedly as one of her hands went down to her crotch, and she fingered herself while she sucked him off.

He pulled back a bit, keeping just the tip of his cock inside her mouth as he shot his first two spurts of cum onto her tongue. Then he pulled out all the way and bathed her face in the rest of his load. She cried out again as another orgasm overtook her, and he smiled... it would be a good thing for him if she associated cum on her face with orgasms.

He took her inside and laid her on the bed, and while he fucked her pussy a beautiful, curvy redhead straddled her face and fed her their Master's cum from her sopping wet cunt.

Candy licked the redhead's pussy eagerly, wanting every last drop of not only her Master's cum but also her new girlfriend's sweet nectar. The redhead shuddered and moaned her way through an orgasm, then kissed Candy and thanked her.

After her Master had cum inside her pussy and set off her own orgasm, Candy asked him, "How many slaves do you have, Master?"

"You are my eleventh," he said. "But you won't be the newest one for long... there are some other girls about your age who went trick or treating last night, and they should be showing up soon."

"Good," she said. "I like eating pussy almost as much as I love sucking Master's cock."

"Then we should have lots of fun together. Put your clothes on and go back home. Collect all of your most revealing clothing, leaving behind anything conservative -- and any bras or panties, you won't be needing those anymore -- then come back here."

She nodded, and hurried to her task. She couldn't wait to get back to Master's house and suck his cock again.

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