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Candy For Everyone


"Welcome to the band," Tony grinned, handing the newest drummer a bottle of Corona.

"Thanks, man," the young man smiled hopefully. "Name's Chris."

"Chris, what's up? Tony. Tony Lovato. I'm sure you've heard about me from the others guys...." Tony grinned.

Chris shook his head and blushed. "I've heard stories, dude. I'm....afraid."

"You should be," Tony winked and exited the small kitchen.


"So, anyhow, like I said, he totally pissed all over Nick's leg, it was DISGUSTING," Joel howled, slapping his hand on his kneecap for emphasis. "Tony is da shiznit!"

"Joel?" Benji grimaced. "Remember what we talked about?"

Joel cocked his head and glared at his twin.

"You're not a ghetto superstar, Joel. You're a lil Irish boy from Maryland. Chill."

"Fo shizzle," Joel nodded and went back to his conversation.

"I am NOT related to him," Benji hissed and rolled his eyes.

Chris erupted into laughter at the twins' exchange.

"I'm BACK, ladies," Tony yelled over the group. "Did you miss me so much you want to kiss me?"

Paul perked up. "Oh yes, Tony, I could barely keep from thinking about you. However did you know?"

Tony threw himself into Paul's lap and pushed his lips against the other man's. "Oh Paulie, I knew it was true love since the day we met."

The small backyard was filled with guffaws.

Tony bounced off Paul's lap and darted towards the house. "Alright, girls, who wants to join me in a lil naked jello Twister in the hall?"

"Oh, pick me!" Billy shrieked and chased after the vibrant blonde.

"What a fuckin freak," Paul laughed.

"He's something alright," Chris chuckled. "Is he always this animated?"

"Animated, there's a word for it," Paul grinned. "I like to call it insane, and yes, Tony doesn't have an Off switch."

"Wow," Chris nodded. "Wow."


"I think that you, me, and that bottle of Stoli should mosey on upstairs to a quiet bedroom," she winked. "Maybe climb under some warm blankets, cuddle together, give each other a few orgasms and then we can fall asleep and do it all again tomorrow when we wake up."

Chris was flabbergasted.

"What do you say there, stranger?" she purred.

"Chris, dude," Joel called, placing a firm hand on the drummer's shoulder. "I see you've met Candy."

"Candy?" Chris asked, disbelieving.

"Candace," Joel corrected. "But we call her Candy, cause she's....yeah."

Candy giggled. "We've met. I was just making a lil business proposal to Chris here."

"Oh?" Joel questioned.

Chris shook his head dismissively.

"Candy?" Joel pleaded.

Candy grinned lasciviously. "All I can say is that he hasn't answered and I'm getting impatient."

"I'm answering you now," Chris smiled, grabbing the neck of the Stoli bottle. "Let's go. See ya, Joel!"

"See ya, Chris," Joel called, eyeing the couple suspiciously as they disappeared upstairs.

"They gonna fuck?" Tony asked, surprising Joel and causing him to jump.

"I think so," Joel winked. "You know, the new kid's gonna get a little Candy candy, if you know what I mean."

"Mmmhmm," Tony grinned. "Whore!"


"It's like a right of passage," Candy assured him. "They hire a new drummer, I take him to bed, I give Joel the a-okay for you to stay."

Chris laughed and nodded his head. "I see."

"That's the truth, baby," she teased, sipping from her glass slowly. "Don't you believe me?"

"Oh sure I do," Chris smiled insincerely. "I do!"

"Mmmhmm," she grinned, crawling over him on the bed and purposefully pouring her shot over his clothed crotch.

"Oopsy!" she giggled.

He laid there, grinning up at her as she lowered her head and begin to lick the wet spot on his Dickies.

"Just like a good kittay," came a loud holler as Tony burst through the bathroom door.

Chris shot up on the bed and tried to gently push Candy off his lap.

"Dude, chill the fuck out!" Tony laughed. "I know what goes on in these here whorehouses. I have a dick too, 'member?"

Candy got off the bed and stalked towards Tony, Chris sitting in his spot and watching with confused awe.

"Mmm," Tony purred as Candy stalked around him in a slow, seductive circle. "I want Candy."

Chris laughed at the blonde.

"I'm a jackass!" Tony grinned in response.

"Yes, you are," Candy laughed, reaching a long arm out toward Tony and trailing it down his well-toned chest. "And you should take that shirt off, jackass."

Tony obeyed her order and pulled his white wifebeater over his head and tossed it to the floor.

"Mmm," Candy admired his body. "How about those pants, Toneboy? You wanna lose those, too?"

Chris quietly climbed off the bed and began to head towards the door, bottle of Stoli in hand.

"Christopher?" Candy called. "Just where do you think you're going?"

"I was, uh, leaving?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow- and the Stoli bottle- in uncertainty.

Candy stalked towards him, taking the heavy bottle from his outstretched hand. "I don't think so," she grinned, drinking down a long sip of the liquid.

She licked her lips seductively, handed Chris back the bottle, and lead him back towards the bed. "Stay!" she demanded.

Chris fell down onto the bed hard, reclining back against the headboard and taking a long swig from the bottle that was now resting between his long legs.

"Where were we?" Tony grinned, running a hand softly over her cheek and drawing her in for a passionate kiss.

"Perfect," she giggled as she drew her lips away from his. "Now get naked!"

Tony complied, unbuttoning his fly and letting his baggy jeans fall quickly to the ground. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside, then quickly did the same thing with his grey briefs.

"Good, Tony, you're a good student," she giggled. "Now, Christopher, off with it!"

"Huh?" Chris stammered, giving her a wide-eyed grin.

"Take it off, Chris," she demanded. "Now!"

Chris chuckled at the audacity of her demand. "Whatever," he grinned and took a big swig of the Stoli.

"OFF!" she barked.

"Fine, fine," he grinned, standing on the bed to give her a show.

"Mmm," she grinned as he tossed his pants to the floor. "I like."

"Do you?" he blushed.

She ogled his naked body. He was already semi-erect and easily six inches and growing.

Tony eyed him as well, and crawled toward the bed. "I like too," he grinned.

Chris backed up against the headboard, grabbing the Stoli bottle yet again. "I'm not into that, man."

Tony shrugged and stopped advancing on the drummer. "Suit yourself."

Candy shook her head at the two men. "Play nice, boys!"

Tony smirked. "He doesn't want to play!"

"He'll play," Candy cooed as she crawled onto the bed. "I'm sure of it."

She reached out and took the Stoli away from Chris, placing it onto the nightstand and shaking her head at him disapprovingly. "If you're drunk, you won't be able to take care of things," she smirked.

Chris glanced from her leering eyes to his raging hard-on. "Doesn't look like it's going to be a problem."

Candy nodded and straddled his hips. "No, it doesn't, does it?" she grinned.

She lowered herself slowly onto his waiting erection, moaning as she quickly slammed herself down onto him.

"Wow," Tony gawked. "You took that whole thing all at once?"

"Mmmhmm," Candy moaned.

Chris simply grinned, sliding himself down the bed as Candy rode him feverishly.

"I want to play too," Tony laughed as he crawled toward the couple.

"Get away from me, man," Chris warned.

Candy laughed and kissed Chris' chin. "He's not going to touch you, he's going to play with me!"

Chris nodded and placed his hands on her hips, bouncing her down onto him with more speed and strength.

"Still," Tony grunted as he crawled up behind Candy. She nodded and leaned down, resting her breasts against Chris' chest.

"Dare I ask what he's doing?" Chris groaned, feeling Candy's body pulse around his hardness.

"He's fucking my ass," she cooed. "Mmm, Tony, do me good!"

Tony giggled and shoved into her with complete force. Candy let out a loud scream and gripped Chris' shoulders tightly.

Chris felt her body become increasingly tight around him, and he let out a loud groan.

Tony matched the sound, and the began a slow rhythm inside Candy's body.

"Oh fuck," she bellowed. "Oh boys, fuck me hard!"

Tony drove into Candy's ass with vicious intent, Chris pulled out from her ravaged moistness. They took turns driving in and out, hard and soft, bringing screams of elation from the writhing Candy.

Soon, Tony began matching her obscenities, screaming a long list of his own profanities and forcing Candy down onto Chris roughly. He felt her bleeding slightly, but never let up, knowing that this was what she wanted.

"OH GOD TONY OH CHRIS GOD OH TONY CHRIS FUCK," Candy screamed in orgasm.

Chris grunted as he slammed her down one last time and then found his own release.

As she returned to earth, Candy screamed and jumped away from Tony. "FUCK IT HURTS," she screamed into Chris' ear.

Tony giggled and pulled out, stroking himself frantically till he shot all over his hand.

Chris sat up on the bed, watching as Candy licked Tony clean. He rubbed his ear, ran a hand over his head, and reached for the bottle of Stoli.

"So, I see you met Candy," Paul beamed as he entered the room and stared at his new bandmate. "She's...well...she's..."

"A whore," Tony growled as he began fisting her slowly.

Candy's body shook slightly and she began pushing back onto Tony's hand. Paul shook his head at the pair in disbelief, grinning at the drummer. "I wasn't going to say that, but okay, yes, she's a whore."

Chris grinned and took another swig. "I like Candy," he winked.

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