tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCandy Learns A Lesson

Candy Learns A Lesson


Candy was angry. Angry at the fact that the stupid little freshmen, Hilary, in her Auto Mechanics class had gotten away with doing absolutely NOTHING for yet another day. It had been like this all semester. Everyday, Candy would work hard in class and Hilary would just sit around, act like she was working, and flirt with all the guys in the room. Candy and Hilary were the only two girls in the Auto Mechanics class, and Candy was already tired of her. Finally, she thought of a plan to get the lazy little bitch back.

The next day, the teacher (Mr. Mitchell) had planned on taking the class to painting room to show them how to repaint a car after it had been hit. Hilary was standing by a bucket of paint, when Candy came up behind her and dumped the entire bucket on Hilary's head. Hilary was furious. She took some paint off the top of her head and smeared it all over Candy's shirt. About that time the teacher interfered. He told the teacher's aide to take care of Hilary while he dealt with Candy.

Mr. Mitchell took Candy around the corner so no one could see them. Candy was afraid what Mr. Mitchell would do to her as punishment. She knew that even though they had a friendly relationship with each other, Mr. Mitchell had to do his duty as a teacher and punish Candy. Candy thought she would be sent to the office, but she never expected what happened next

"What were you thinking Candy?" Mr. Mitchell demanded

"Look, I'm just tired of her getting away with everything around here," Candy tried to explain "She never does anything and—"

"Save it." Mr. Mitchell interrupted her "Do you know how much trouble I am going to get into over this whole ordeal? DO YOU?"

Candy just stayed quiet, not knowing exactly what to say. Mr. Mitchell stared at Candy for what seemed like hours when finally he said, "Take off your shirt."

Candy stared at Mr. Mitchell in amazement. Had she heard what she thought she heard? Did he just tell me to—

"Take off your shirt Candy" Mr. Mitchell repeated, only this time in a more demanding tone. Candy started to say something when Mr. Mitchell slapped her across the face.

"Do what I say you little bitch"

Candy, finally realizing there was no way to get out of this, started to unbutton her blouse. When she had finally reached the last button, she slid the shirt off so it landed on the floor. He bra was red with black cherries all over and a little bow tie in the middle. Mr. Mitchell reached out and cupped of her breasts. At first, he squeezed it softly, like he didn't want to hurt her. Then, without warning, he squeezed her breast as hard as he could, making her cry out in pain. He slapped her again and said, "If you make a single sound, I swear to God you won't live to regret it"

He reached around her, unhooked her bra, and let it slowly slide down her arms until it had hit the floor, along with the shirt. He stared at her 34b sized breasts for a long time, taking them in. He had been fantasizing about this moment for as long as he could remember, and he knew he couldn't hold back any longer. He looked and the young girl, who looked confused and scared in front of him. Trying not to sound too excited, he told her to get down on her knees.

Candy was scared. She knew exactly what he wanted when he told her to get on her knees. She hated when they came all over her, but she did what he said. Mr. Mitchell had already started to undo his belt before Candy even had time to hit the floor. By the time she looked up, he had is hard, throbbing cock out in front of her face. She was surprised at how long and big it was. Candy guessed it was at least 9 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter. Now she was scared. Candy didn't know what Mr. Mitchell had in mind. He started pumping his huge, throbbing cock. Slowly at first, then faster. While he was trying to get off with is hand, he was squeezing Candy's nipple with the other. She tried not to make any noise, incase someone from the class came over to see what was happening. They had been lucky no one had come over yet so far.

All of a sudden, he told Candy to sit up and open her mouth. She did as he was told, and heard her teacher groan as he exploded all over her face. Cum was in her hair, eyes, mouth, and all over her bare chest. She wondered how one man could hold so much inside of him. After leaning on the wall over her for a few minutes, trying to catch his breath, Mr. Mitchell stood up and buttoned his pants. He replaced his belt, and looked down at Candy. He saw his sperm all over her, and started to get hard again. He had been waiting to do something to her for so long, and now he had finally had his moment.

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