Candy Loving


I don't know how many women you paid to teach you how to rub a clit that way but I hear myself moan out of pleasure as your disgusting fingers play with my swollen clit.

"At least your cunt knows what's good for you."

What pitiful whore would let you touch her that way?

You're rubbing my clit so good I actually hold on to your shoulders as I get a feeling you'll make me come soon. But I quickly realize what I'm doing – holding on to you? Damn! No! - and I lean on the door instead, digging my fingernails into my palms.

You smirk like a pervert and quickly grab my shoulders to push me on your desk. I don't resist, somewhat happy you stopped touching my pussy.

You try to kiss me but I purse my lips and back away before your lips touch mine.

"Fine," you say between your teeth, violently spreading my thighs wide with your god damn filthy hands.

The crotch of my panties is quickly on one side of my pussy and your head is soon between my thighs.

"Oohh fuck no... don't eat my pussy... I'll suck your cock instead, ok?" I try to negotiate. I don't want to feel your pointy tongue on my clit and maybe if I suck you off I'll be done with you quicker.

You just bite my pink pussy lip and snarl, "Too little too late, darling!"

You take a deep breath, as if you were going to lecture me, but instead slowly start to lick my clit. And damn it! You're good at this too!

I bite my lips and try to hold back my moans as your coarse tongue pleasures me against my will.

"Damn... screw you... damn dickless bastard! Stinking son of a bitch!" I whisper, almost chanting.

You don't stop. You continue eating my pussy, sticking one, or two? - I don't even want to know! - of your abject fingers in my slippery pussy.

I wince as I feel my orgasm start. I can't believe you actually have sexual experience! How on earth did you ever become able to make a woman come? You're so darn... repugnant!

I hold my breath as I come. I don't want you to hear me, so I feel a bit lightheaded. I don't want to give you the impression I enjoyed your mouth. You made me come, but it was purely a physical reaction.

"You disgust me!" I moan with the last wave of my orgasm.

You let me catch my breath and lean over me. Your lips are glistening with my pussy juice. Your breath smells of me. You smirk this perverted smirk again, your hard cock grinding on my crotch.

I hesitate... I feel like spitting in your face and wipe that lousy smirk off. But I don't want to anger you. I didn't humiliate myself coming under your sickening tongue for nothing.

You seem to read my mind and that sick, perverted smirk turns into a maniacal grin.

"You learn quickly, Candy. Such a good student you are..."

I repress a curse as you unzip your trousers and slowly pull out your dick. I try not to notice how big it is as I lie there, my thighs widely spread, waiting for you to just get it over with.

You don't waste time. Neither do you take it. You just shove your cock all the way in my unwilling pussy.

And start pumping me hard. In and out your cock goes. Your eyes never closing always looking into mine, your damn annoying nasal voice moaning and insulting me.

"Your little pussy is so damn tight, Candy. So fucking wet."

Damn you! How can I be enjoying myself with you? Have you seen your disgusting flabby stomach? What cheap woman could ever be attracted to that? How desperate would a girl need to be to let you stick your vile dick in her?

Just when I thought you couldn't do anything worse, your thumb starts rubbing my clit.

Oh no! You're going to make me come again! Why can't you just have your little orgasm and leave me be?

You continue ravaging my pussy, grunting and sweating. Eww! Some of your sweat drips on my lips as you lean over me. I quickly wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

You let out a little yelping laughter. "That's for another day sweetheart."

I frown, whispering, "What?" I'll throw up if you come in my mouth! Please don't...

"Relax... not today. Today I'm just going fill your tight hole. Next week though, after class, you will suck my cock. And you will love it," you grunt, drilling me harder.

Your thumb on my clit is slowly making me come, and by some stupid irony, you come exactly at the same time as me.

I shiver under you as your thick, nauseating juices quickly fill my pussy.

You just stand still for a short while, catching your breath. I am panting too. Though I've known better orgasms, I've also known worse lovers.

I shudder at this very thought; how can I think of you as a lover?

Again, you seem to read my mind – not so bad a teacher after all, reading your students well enough to know what they're thinking – and grin, exposing your white, pointy teeth.

You slowly pull out of my pussy and replace my panties. For some reason I feel empty... I sit on your desk and shake my head my fingers rubbing on my forehead as if by hiding my eyes you'd just disappear.

You readjust your slacks and smile at me - a weird, friendly, warm smile. Or is it just the same smile seen from a different perspective?

"Remember to hand in your analysis before next Tuesday, Ms. Loving," you say in that nasal voice which suddenly doesn't sound so annoying.

I smile and nod, making sure my denim skirt is presentable. Your thick, sticky seed is slowly stirring in my pussy and my panties won't hold it for long. Good thing I'm headed home.

"Thank you, Professor Stock," I say, surprised at the words coming out of my mouth. Thank you Professor Stock? Since when do I call you Professor? Since when do I respect you? What the heck have you done to me?

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