Candy Moves Up...


"Oh, yes, Candy. I want to fuck you so bad. I want to fuck you up my corporate ladder." He was practically impatient from the anticipation.

Candy moved up a little so she could move her panties to the side, and then she propped her pussy right above his cock, gently nudging the top of it. Then she slowly eased it into her tight, wet pussy. "Ohh...," Candy moaned.

"That feels so good," Jordan said enthusiastically. Each movement brought him closer to orgasm. But he wanted to prolong it just a little bit longer, so he could cum together with Candy.

Candy starts rocking back and forth, grinding her pussy deep onto Jordan's cock. They could hear the bed squeaking from all the rocking. Jordan reached up to squeeze Candy's nipples. He sucked on them like hard candy. And then he moved his hands over to her behind and gave her a little smack on her right buttock.

Slap! He gave her another slap. "You like that? You like it when I spank you, Candy?" Jordan asked with a naughty voice.

"Oh yeah, baby. Spank me again," Candy said as she rode Jordan's cock like a wild buck. Her face was glowing from pleasure, and Jordan was able to see all her facial features react to the wild fucking they were giving each other. She could feel the inside of her pussy getting so wet that she could feel the juices oozing out of her pussy and down Jordan's balls. She tightened the inside of her pussy as she rode up and down his penus, and she clenched him as tight as she good. He moaned again. And she kept riding his cock until finally they came together.

"Ohh! I'm!!" Jordan yelled out, as he felt the insides of Candy's vagina contract rapidly, like an accordian.

"Oh, shit! Oh, shit!" Candy said breathlessly as she continued her orgasm. "Oh, shit...." Each thrust was another pleasurable sensation.

Jordan jammed his pelvis as far as he could between Candy's legs and kept on pumping until they were both breathless. Candy kept rocking against him until her muscles stopped contracting. She kept going and going and going....

Jordan lay there on his back, his face in a daze. "Damn, Candy. That was hot," he said breathlessly.

Candy flopped down next to Jordan and wrapped a leg and an arm around Jordan's body as they both lay there in a daze.

And that was just the first night....


The next day, Jordan and Candy met up at the tennis courts again. Once again, Candy wore a short tight tennis skirt that made Jordan aching to flip up the moment he saw her in it. (Un)fortunately, all the tennis courts were filled already, so they had to wait around until one became available. As they were waiting on the bench together, Candy started getting antsy. Why must we wait here in the heat when we could be doing something more productive indoors?

"Why don't we go back to my place and ditch this place?" Candy said in a mischievous way.

Jordan, catching on to her enthusiasm, responded, "Yes, let's do that. Cause I've been waiting to fuck you with that tennis skirt on, Candy."

So they both jumped back in their cars and met up at Candy's place.

In her bedroom, Candy slowly slipped her white satin panties off and down her legs. She tossed them across the room and just stood there with nothing but her tennis skirt on. Candy looked voluptuous standing there with nothing except her bare, ripe pussy waiting to be eaten and infiltrated underneath.

Jordan bent Candy over the bed onto her back with her tennis skirt still on. He flipped the front of the skirt up and out of the way so that her gleaming pussy shined up at him. He slowly started to lick her clit up and down with his tongue. The tip of his tongue flicked against the hood of her clitoris, and Candy started to moan. While easing his finger up her legs and into her drenched pussy, he could feel that her nectarine pussy was so wet and tight. Jordan was really starting to fall in love with her pussy. Not only was it sweet and juicy, but it was shaven. Most of the women Jordan was used to dating preferred not to shave their pussies. But Candy was right on top of it. She had it so bare that she looked like a young virgin. Just this thought alone made Jordan even hornier.

It didn't take long til Jordan could feel the walls of her pussy tighten and her juices overflow all over his wet fingers. He flicked across the tip of her clit back and forth more rapidly, until she started to squirt out her bittersweet cum. No matter what Jordan did, Candy just kept coming and coming.

Meanwhile, Candy just loved the way he was eating her pussy. He pressed his tongue at the right spots, and she was getting off just thinking about it. "Ohh... that feels sooooo good.... I love the way you eat my pussy."

Just when she thought she had enough, Jordan moved away from her pussy and stood up with his cock upright. He turned Candy over the side this time, flipped her little skirt up and penetrated her deeply. He looked at her with a desirous look on his face. He thrusted his manliness into her saturated pussy and looked down at himself fucking her with her tennis skirt on. "Does that feel good, Candy? You like it when I fuck you with a tennis skirt on? EVerytime I see you wearing that skirt, it just makes me want to push you up against the net and fuck you like an animal."

"Oh yeah, Jordan. You know I wear that skirt just so I could tease you. There's nothing like a little bit of anticipation and fantasizing." Candy giggles coyly.

"Oh, you're so bad, Candy," Jordan muttered with an intense moan.

Suddenly, Jordan's cock rubbed up against her sensitive G-spot within her pussy, and suddenly Candy's pussy walls were contracting incessantly once again. So much that she was practically squeezing Jordan's cock out of her drenched pussy. Jordan had to thrust deeper in order to keep it inside of her tight walls.

Meanwhile, Jordan could feel her coming all over his cock. The juices were oozing out, and her pussy was squeezing him so bad. He loved fucking her underneath that naughty short tennis skirt, and so did she. Just looking at it and actualizing the fantasy made Jordan get off in no time. "Ugh!!! OHHH!! AHHH!!!" She grinded her pussy deep against his pelvis, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside of her until her multiple orgasms subsided. Not soon after that, Jordan started to come too, and they both kept bumping and grinding until they were depleted of all energy. Finally, exhausted, they both sprawled back onto the bed.

Lying on his back next to Candy, Jordan turned to look at her, "Candy, you are going to make a mighty fine asset to this company. You'll definately go far with all your talents. Tennis, smarts, sales savvy, and sexual skills. What more could a manager ask for?" Jordan said with a grin, but knowing deep inside that Candy could go anywhere she wanted to if she put her mind to it. He had nothing to worry about, and he knew Candy knew it as well. They were definately going to have an interesting relationship these next few months...

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