tagNonHumanCandy's Halloween Treat

Candy's Halloween Treat


As most Halloween nights go... it was cold and windy... yet...the moon was full giving way to all who ventured out for their 'trick or treats'. Candy dressed carefully as she placed her attire around the room. She took a long shower as her anticipation grew for the evening ahead. Her special outfit had been quite out of the ordinary... well... for her it was... and tonight she planned on having a great time. Mentally making note that it was ok now to party... to date... to do whatever she wanted to. 'He' was gone... out of life... and she was glad.

Tonight, she wanted to dance, to drink, to have a good time... make some new friends. She was glad that she had accepted the invitation to a "costume party" by a friend at work.

Suddenly, she shook her head as she quickly looked around. "Who is there?" she called out... knowing that no one was truly in her house. Yet she 'heard' someone call her name...her full name... not her nickname of 'Candy'. Her heart began to beat quickly as she checked the doors again.

"Constanceeeeeeeeee..." she again heard. She decided to just ignore this for now and turned on her music to drown out her over active imagination. For she was sure that's what it was. After all...who could be calling her, and how could she hear someone? She quickly forgot about it as the music played loudly and she began to dress for the party.

She took extra pains with her makeup. After all, it was a costume party and everyone would be decked out in all sorts of outfits. Just glancing at hers made her smile. Yes, she was sure no one would recognize her. And she felt like being... quite daring.

She continued to apply the makeup... drawing more darkness around her eyes for her role as a female vampire. Yes, long dark lashes with pasty white tinged with gray makeup. Ahhhh the effect was outstanding. Now, deep blood red lipstick. The final step to her makeup was the wig... long black strands of hair that went past her shoulder blade and billowed around her. Standing back she admired her own craftiness... wow... she couldn't believe how she looked.

Next she put on her jewelry... black lace choker with iridescent sequins... dangling black tear drop earrings. Her breasts were barely concealed beneath the leathery strips that dipped to a deep 'v' in front allowing ample view of just how well endowed she was. Her curving hips swayed enticingly as she admired her reflection one last time.

Following the directions she was given... she drove on into the night and suddenly before her loomed a huge house... a galore of lights beckoned her on. Quickly she turned... what was that she heard?... She knew she heard someone... again. "Constanceeeeeeeeeee" She shook her head No... no one was there. Her imagination... again.

Parking the car... she walked up to the house... heart beating fast... there was a 'feeling' that... something... was going to happen... tonight. = = = I could feel her nearing... drawing closer. My pulse raced... I could even hear her heartbeat. I continued to summon her closer... closer still... "Constanceeeee," I called to her slowly. She would not be able to resist the closer she came to me.

I looked around... at all the people here... smiling at some of the other vampires who also decided to drop in on this party... so secluded... enticing young victims. But I...I was looking for a mate to stay with me... for all eternity. Constance was just that female. I had watched her from a very young age... looked into her eyes one lonely night as she sat alone beneath a tree. Tears that fell unhindered... she was alone. But there was also... a unique quality about her... our souls connected in one instant moment.

I breathed deep... inhaling her fragrance as she walked through the door. "Damn," I thought... stunning... sensuous. I would have to keep a close watch on her... until the moment was right. I continued to watch... admiring each curve of her breasts and hips... "beautiful..." I whispered. I smiled as she looked around... good... she heard me. I could feel my eyes... growing darker... still. = = = I was nervous as I entered the room. The music was loud... which is what I needed right now... along with a drink. I could feel eyes turning to see who the newest guest was... but I did not feel self-conscious for no one truly knew who I was. The crisp air whipped around my bare skin causing tingles.

I looked around strangely... I knew I heard someone calling my name again. And this time... I could 'feel' someone 'different'... watching me. But as my friend came rushing over to me... so excited that I had actually come to the party... she quickly whisked me off to the group of people she wanted me to meet.

Low whistles and replies made me blush... even under my disguise. A drink was quickly thrust in my hand... and then the stranger nearest me... dressed as the devil... bowed and asked if a vampire could dance with a devil. He was so gallant... of course I accepted.

No sooner on the dance floor the music changed to a slower dance as the lights began to dim. Then I 'felt' it again... someone... at this party... causing me to shiver. "Not cold are you?" my dancing devil asked. "I could warm you up baby," he cooed. I laughed and tried to pry loose his roaming hands. He only held me closer... and told me not to be such a tease. I could feel the desperation mounting... my heart beating faster. The drink was already affecting me and too late... I realized that there had to have been something else mixed in with it causing me to have trouble concentrating. The devil only laughed at me as he bent to kiss me with drunken lips. By now... I was nearing a panic stage at his clumsy tactics. But he was way too strong for me as I felt him reaching for my breasts.

Suddenly, I was free. I was so stunned... that for a moment my dazed eyes had trouble focusing on my attacker as he lay in a heap across the dance floor.

"Are you okay madam?" I knew now what I had been feeling as I looked up into the darkest eyes I have ever seen. My mouth opened in awe... but I was just too stunned at his magnificence to answer him. He smiled... revealing perfect white teeth and bowed as introduced himself to me. Very fitting... he was dressed as a vampire too.

"You can call me... Sir Vamp," he said as he kissed the palm of my hand... sending such delicious sensual waves of desire to shoot through me. I shook my head... what was wrong with me? Where did that thought come from? He only smiled as he looked up into my blue eyes. I was mesmerized by him. He was everything I had ever dreamed of in a lover. He again smiled... as if... he knew my thoughts. And I could tell... that I was blushing... again.

The music began once more... and he took my hand and closed the distance between us as we moved together as one with the music. My heart beat faster and faster... but not as before when I was afraid. This time... I knew it was because of desire that was building from the contact with this stranger.

We did not talk... as he held me... continuing to look deep into my eyes as we moved around the room. Everyone and everything seemed insignificant as he held me spellbound... hypnotized with the lust that just a look could evoke.

My nipples began to harden as he held me against him... = = =

I could feel her body... shaking... with desire. Yes... feel the heat of her desire... that was mounting with each moment. It was causing the stirrings within me... to awaken to a primal state of need... as well.

I looked deep into her eyes as she fell under my hypnotic spell. Our eyes locked... and I looked at her lips as they opened... inviting me... closer. As her body pressed against mine... I knew she was not aware of just what she was doing. I smiled as I looked back into her eyes... so full of anticipation and wonder. I could not take another moment... for I had to kiss her lips... taste her sweetness. As her gaze fell upon my lips... it was the moment I had waited for. I captured her lips... so warm... tantalizing... as she returned my kiss with such fervor and equal need.

Even I have to admit... this sensuous vixen... dressed as my mate... made me forget my surroundings for a brief moment as our kiss deepened... drawing the breath from us both. As I pulled away... briefly for now... I could feel others watching... smiling. She looked up and her eyes spoke volumes as I easily read her thoughts.

Yes, she was slightly dazed from her drink... but she knew what I was... for it was... instinctive. I had no doubt... that tonight... she would belong... to me... yes, forever. = = = Sir Vamp made me swoon (a phrase I have never before used)... but, that is exactly what he did to me. He was so intoxicating. His kiss... never have I been kissed so thoroughly... so passionately. How I needed him... in every sense of the word too. I had wanted to experience this night... adventure... and yes... passion. As I gazed at his lips... it was just so natural... for him to kiss me. And I did not want the kiss to end... I wanted... more. More of him... his kiss... his body. He had smiled when I thought this... making me raise my eyes at the seductive smile he gave me. And of course, I smiled back... thinking of where else I would love to feel his lips. Even this thought caused me to blush... but at the same time... it caused every inch of me to tingle with... anticipation.

The dance had ended and he led me to edge of the room... and out onto the terrace. The air was cool... which I enjoyed since I felt so heated. I heard his chuckle... as if... he could read my thoughts. I sighed as he pulled me against him. I leaned on him as he kept me held within his arms. I could feel my nipples again tingling as he caressed my arms. As he turned me around to face him... again our eyes locked. No words seemed necessary. We could hear the music filtering in through the doors. He began to dance very slow... as a lulling effect took over. It felt so right... to be in his arms... as my body again molded to his.

As I felt his rising desire... I looked up into his eyes again...

= = = She felt so good in my arms as I held her close. I knew what effect I was having on her... what she wanted... what she desired. I could feel my fangs growing... soon she would be mine.

She was relaxed... and ready... as she pulled away to look at me... acknowledging the desire I felt for her. This was the moment I spoke to her... "Constance", I spoke softly and waited for her reaction. Her eyes opened wider and I smiled.

"Do you know how long I have waited for you?" I again waited for her reaction to my silent question. She looked...stunned.

"Would you prefer me to speak aloud to you?"

She nodded.

I spoke again verbally this time to her. "Constance, I have finally found you."

She was still surprised some what. I could hear her frantic thoughts still. Even her question. So I spoke to her again. "Yes... I can hear your thoughts as well." She did not seemed surprised then.

= = =

I was not sure what all was happening here tonight. This strange man who seemed to possess some type of ability to speak to me silently and hear my own thoughts. At first... yes... it did scare me. But at the same time... it thrilled me because he made me feel things I have never felt before. All I knew was... I wanted him to possess me completely. That is when I heard his silent comment to me... "then it shall be as you wish... forever. Are you ready?"

The look in my eyes told him... yes... I was ready. Nervous? Well of course I was. But the anticipation was more predominant giving way to more longings.

Within moments we had walked out into the gardens behind the house. He pulled me into his arms again... kissing me until I felt faint. His tongue dancing with my own... so thrilling... so... demanding. I moaned... or thought I did... as my arms slipped around him bringing him closer still. His arms were so strong as he picked me up and gently laid me on the ground. His body lay close to mine... pulling me close to him once again. As he kissed my lips... his hands began to explore... and I welcomed his touch for it set me on fire even in the crisp air. "mmmmmm " I wanted him.

As his hands found my breasts... I gasped as the electric current shot through me... causing me to rise up against him. He had moved my outfit as he leaned up and gazed upon my breasts... nipples begging to be touched.

"Beautiful... my love... "

= = =

I could hardly believe that she was so ready for me... I could feel... could smell... her needs. As I gazed upon her breasts... so lovely as she lay beneath the stars and moon. Like a goddess... she was silently begging me to possess her. Her lips... sweet as wine. How hard it was to remember that I had to be gentle with her... so as not to hurt her.

I looked into her eyes... so deep now with desire... did she truly know how alluring she was? Her lips beckoned me... and I had to again kiss her as my hands touched her breasts... so smooth... sensuous... she was all woman. I trailed kisses down her throat... stopping myself from biting her... claiming her right now. I could feel the pulsation in her throat.

I began to kiss her breasts... her nipples... and she grabbed my head... wanting... more. She moaned and began to move her body as I sucked... teased... licked... her nipples. She was becoming... possessed... with her urgency... which only ensued to bring about my hastiness.

When her legs began to spread... slightly... with her moans... her begging me... to take her now... I stopped... and looked into her eyes. Raw desire so intense that I knew she began to realize how hard it was for me to be slow with her... registered on her face.

= = =

When I realized just how ready I was for him... I begged him... to take me now... please. But he slowed his lovemaking... and looked at me. The desire I saw made me shake... for it matched my own. It was as though... I was looking into his soul... and he mine. "Please... please," was all I needed to say.

I gasped when I felt his lips again on my breasts... felt his teeth sink into my skin... the pain was quickly replaced with a feeling... of... floating... and I held him as he continued to taste. Ripples of hot fire shot through me... moans as he continued to drink.

As he finished removing my clothes... the only barrier now to becoming his... was his complete possession of my body. I wanted this... more than anything else. As he looked into my eyes... I silently answered him... yes... I want this. = = =

I felt drunk from the sweetness of her... euphoric... knowing she truly wanted to be with me. With one quick thrust... I had entered her soft haven... and I held myself inside of her... waiting for her to adjust to this new sensation. She was weak... from the lose of blood... and she was now at the point... of no return. Somehow... she knew this too.

When she begged me... "please"... I could not stop... the time was here. I began to move within her... kissing her... bringing her to the edge of ecstasy for which she now craved. The rhythm of our movements making us both dizzy... it was then... at this moment... just before our ultimate release... that I felt her kissing my neck. Encouraging her... I silently told her... "yes... yes... yes"... and she bit into my neck. Ahhh... such exquisite euphoria... the ultimate union of becoming one... as we lay together in our aftermath.

As the sun rose... I picked up my lovely mate... and carried her with me... to sleep.

(c) vixenlaflamme

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