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Candy's Treats


Candy went to the door in response to its impatient ring, but she peeked through the spy hole before answering. She and Jay, her tall, affable and slightly overweight husband, were expecting their favorite fuck buddy to take turns pleasuring her, and she wouldn't open the door for anybody else. For one thing, both she and Jay were too anxious to start their night of raunchy sex to want to bother with anybody else. For another, her sexy body was covered only by a sheer nightie and, that evening, the visual treat of her sumptuous curves was allowed only to her husband and their buddy, Sven.

It was the expected guest, tall, broad-shouldered and blonde as his Viking ancestors. Candy opened the door just enough for him to slip inside, and hurriedly closed and locked it, including the heavy dead bolt. They wanted no interruptions that night. With security taken care of, she opened her arms wide, letting her nightie open wide too, showing Sven the body he would be enjoying in a few minutes. Before heading for the bedroom, they embraced, kissing with their mouths wide open and letting their tongues greet each other. As he loved to do, Sven ran his hands all over her smooth skin and womanly curves, reaching under the skimpy negligee to gently squeeze her succulent ass cheeks in his strong hands. Although Hollywood might describe her as fat, and she would never make it as a centerfold, Candy's luscious, completely natural breasts with their big, sensitive nipples, her sexily plump belly and voluptuous ass and hips are what most men can only fantasize about.

Not only is her body sexy and alluring, Candy's face is beautiful too. Her features, including warm brown eyes and a smiling mouth are strong and generous. No cosmetics were needed to enhance the beauty of her smooth, fair skin, with a few scattered freckles, because she has no blemishes or imperfections that needed hiding. The reddish-brown hair that hung loosely below her shoulder blades is another part of her sex appeal. Jay and Sven always relish the way it swings from side to side as her body moves, or spreads out on her pillow during the various sex acts she indulges in so enthusiastically with them.

Eager to begin those sex acts, Candy and Sven walked arm in arm into the bedroom where Jay was lying, completely naked, on the king-sized bed that would be their playground. He got to his feet to hug Sven affectionately, and Candy took his place on the bed, lying on her back with her arms and legs and skimpy nightie wantonly spread, waiting for her pleasure and theirs to begin. While Sven began removing his clothing, Jay got back on the bed to kiss Candy the way their visitor had earlier. They alternated sliding their tongues into each other's mouths, until Jay broke off the connections to kiss his way down her face and throat.

His destination, or at least his first stopping place, was one of his wife's succulent breasts. Jay licked her left nipple, which was already rigid, using broad strokes of his tongue. Candy is very sensitive there and, after less than a minute of his ministrations, she was cooing blissfully. Her expressions of pleasure became louder when Sven, naked as his playmates, climbed aboard the bed and applied his tongue to Candy's other breast. She nestled her head in the pillow and placed a hand on the shoulders of each of her men as they paid oral homage to her delightful breasts.

That adoration took on another aspect, as Jay drew one of the lovely globes into his mouth. With his lips acting as a seal, he sucked, while his tongue continued caressing Candy's erect nipple and her pebbly areola. Not one to be left behind, Sven treated her other breast the same way. As both men worshipped her in the same way, Candy's arousal quickly mounted. Her cooing turned to blissful moans, while her body squirmed on the bed from the pleasure she was getting. The lower part of her body was especially active and Jay, looking at her pussy, saw and smelled what he was waiting for. Although he truly loves the feel of her breast on his tongue and lips, he would love feeling her pussy there even more.

Still in no hurry, Jay kissed and licked his way down Candy's sexy, rounded belly until he reached her mons. Rather than continuing and getting into a 69 position, he got off the bed, walked around to the foot and got back on, to walk on his knees to a point between his wife's widely spread knees. She saw him coming and, fully aware of what he was about to do, and eager to have him do it, she raised her legs, to let him duck under them. With Candy's knees bent over his shoulders, Jay wrapped his arms around her thighs and let his hands come together on her mons.

Although he has seen his wife's pussy every day of their marriage, and many times before, Jay will never get tired of its allure. Her inner lips, especially when she is as aroused as she was then, are big and pink, and protrude invitingly through her slit. The surrounding skin is ivory, and her untrimmed thatch of pubic hair is a soft auburn, perfectly matching the hair on her head. Candy is a completely natural woman, and proud of it, which thoroughly delights her husband and the other men who occasionally share their bed. As beautiful as Candy's pussy is, it smells even better, and Jay breathed deeply of the aroma. Leaning closer, he licked up some of the juices that were pleasing his nostrils, and verified what he already knew, but never tires of proving to himself. Her pussy tastes even better than it looks or smells.

Before feasting on the delectable treat before him, Jay glanced up to see how Sven was doing. The tall blonde was doing fine. In Jay's absence, he was reveling in the availability of both of Candy's succulent breasts, and his mouth was alternating between them. Her upper body writhed on the bed under his face, thrusting the delightful globes up against his mouth.

Her lower body was just as active, moving erotically under Jay's rapt gaze and inviting him to begin pleasuring himself and her. He waited no longer, and his tongue began by sluicing up all the delicious fresh juices from the insides of Candy's thighs and from her crotch. When he had devoured all the nectar available, he started doing what he knew would induce her to produce more, licking slowly between one of her inner and outer lips.

Jay has eaten Candy's pussy thousands of times, bringing her to a powerful orgasm every time. There tends to be a certain sameness in the techniques he uses, and in the order in which his tongue caresses all her sensitive areas, but neither of them would ever grow bored or jaded with it. As is his wont, he started with the ultra smooth area between her inner and outer lips, and slowly licked upward, to the place where the labia are close together. He tipped his head slightly to that side, so he would probe between them with the flat of his tongue, alternating between doing that and running his tongue along the inside of her inner lip. Advancing very slowly, and covering the entire area repeatedly, he licked until he reached the end of the inner lip.

By raising his head slightly, Jay saw that Sven was still sucking on Candy's breasts, but he knew they would soon move on from that. He also noted that her pussy lips were even more swollen than they had been, and her clit was peeking out from its sheltering hood, formed where the two inner lips meet. The writhing of her pussy under his face was matched by the movements of the rest of her body, as she alternated thrusting her breasts into Sven's mouth. Her eyes were closed in bliss and her face was almost bisected by a smile, while her head tossed from side to side on her pillow. Jay could have brought his lovely wife to an orgasm by sucking on her clit, but he knew that she and everybody else would enjoy it much more if he prolonged the pleasure he was giving her, and let it build up within her body, before bringing her to ecstasy.

After licking up all the delicious fresh juices, Jay started on Candy's other pair of pussy lips. If asked, he would have been unable to designate the most wonderful thing about eating her pussy, but the incredibly delicious flavor of her juices would have been at or near the top. There was also the beauty of her pussy when he stared, enraptured, at it, and the incredible aroma. Probably best of all, though, was the way it felt when he ran his tongue along her swollen lips, feeling how spongy they were, and how wet. Certainly one of the best things was Candy's physical reaction to what he and Sven were doing, her whole body churning up the bed under them, and her pussy thrusting up into his face.

This time, when Jay reached the end of the inner pussy lip, he looked again at what his partners were doing. Sven was sliding up higher on the bed and, as he briefly watched, Jay saw Candy lick his erect cock and take it most of the way into her mouth. Slowly moving her face back and forth, she let his shaft glide in and out between her lips. She wouldn't suck him off, at least not yet. She just loved the sensation of having his thick cock filling her mouth and pressing against the back of her throat. Candy reveled in the feel of a cock there, and both men expected to have theirs inside her mouth at least once before the evening was through.

But that would be later, after everybody had cum at least once. Although Jay enjoyed the sight of his wife slowly sucking Sven's cock, he enjoyed eating her pussy a lot more, and he brought his mouth back below her dripping pink hole to resume. His tongue treated the second pair of pussy lips as it had pleasured the first, and when it had completed its journey to the end of the inner lip, Jay paused, and looked at Candy and Sven.

His cock was no longer going in and out of her mouth. Instead, she was holding it in her fingers, and licking the entire length of it, from his balls to the slit in the end. Candy turned to Jay and smiled, before sticking out her tongue at him and wiggling it. He didn't know what that meant, but he thought it meant that she wanted him to stop staring and resume eating her pussy. Since that was exactly what he very much wanted to do, he brought his face back down to her wet, pink love hole.

From what the two men were doing to her, and what she knew they would be doing to her later, Candy's pussy and her whole lower body were thrashing under her husband's face. He knew she was close to cumming, but still didn't want to rush that wonderful event. Moving his face in even closer, he licked up all the fresh juices and started probing his tongue into the bottom of the adorable hole that had produced them. With every thrust, droplets flew out to please his taste buds. Jay moved his face ever so slightly to the left, and started probing his tongue on that side of the same lovely hole. Alternating between exploring under her inner lips and thrusting itself directly into the delectable hole, his tongue slowly moved upward.

By the time he reached the top of the hole he was probing, Candy's pussy was fucking so hard into his face, he knew she wanted to cum, and he knew it was time for her to cum. Opening his mouth wide, he drew her adorable clit inside and started sucking on it, while his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. Jay was so dedicated to the succulent morsel he was sucking and licking that he was not aware that Candy had removed her mouth from Sven's cock to concentrate on what was happening to her pussy. She knew she was on the verge of cumming and, after less than a minute of the delightful sucking and licking, the wonderful event occurred.

Some women cry out joyfully when they start cumming. Candy did not, but there was no mistaking what was happening. Her thighs clamped down onto Jay's temples, and her hands went to the back of his head, pressing his face even harder into her pussy. She rocked from side to side on her ass, her legs swinging back and forth, carrying her husband's head with them. Sven leaned back on his elbow and smiled as he watched her cumming. The show was one of the many delightful things he would experience that evening. Jay clung tightly to her thighs and kept her clit securely in his mouth, while he continued sucking and licking on it.

Candy's back arched when she climaxed, ramming her pussy against Jay's face for a final time, and all the muscles in her body seemed to clench at the same time. After her orgasm, they all relaxed, and she seemed to melt into a sexy puddle on the mattress. Her hands released Jay's head; her arms flopped onto the bed at her side, and Candy's thighs released their grip on his head, but her legs remained draped over his shoulders. Greedily, his tongue sluiced up all the juices from her thighs, belly and pussy lips, but he left them inside the hole that had produced them. In less than a minute, Sven's stiff cock would be seeking entrance there, and they would be needed for lubrication.

As Jay backed out from under Candy's legs, Sven replaced him, kneeling between her thighs. For a few seconds, he gazed lustfully at the pussy he would be fucking, although it looked less beautiful than before with her pubic hair matted with her juices and Jay's saliva. She was completely relaxed and ready, and Sven leaned his weight on one hand and guided his cock with the other. After some discussion, the three of them had decided to eschew condoms. Each of them was confident about the health of the others, and Candy was on the pill, so there was no fear of pregnancy. Sven rubbed his cock in the juices that were trickling out of the hole he intended to fuck, spreading the lubrication, and held the tip against it.

He gave a firm push, and it popped into Candy's pussy, evoking a soft moan of pleasure. Her eyes had been closed, but she opened them and smiled at the big blonde man who had the head of his cock inside her, and spread her legs farther apart, wanting the whole thing. Sven gave another strong push, and two inches of his hard cock slid inside the place where they were so desired. Candy breathed in sharply through her teeth and moaned again, this time more loudly. Sounds such as that are very pleasant and flattering to a man when they emanate from a woman he is starting to fuck. Sven smiled his appreciation and thrust another inch of his shaft into Candy's pussy.

Jay went to the bathroom to get the bottle of Aqualube, and to look at his reflection in the mirror, so he could use his fingers to wipe Candy's pussy juices off his face. They were so delicious, he didn't want to waste any of them, and after his face was cleared, he licked them off his fingers. When he returned with the Aqualube and a damp towel, Sven had his cock all the way inside Candy's pussy; her arms were around his shoulders and her legs lay stretched out flat beside his. Slowly, the blonde Viking drew back, paused for a few seconds, and drove his cock back into her. Both of them moaned with pleasure, and he drew back for another stroke. Smiling, Jay watched the pair. He loves his wife unselfishly, and really enjoys seeing her fucking or otherwise having a great time with another man, almost as much as he enjoys being the one doing it with her.

Candy felt the big, hard cock surging back into her pussy and pulled against Sven's shoulders to fuck back to meet it. Their bodies came together with a very satisfying "splat" and Sven withdrew for another stroke. This time, when she felt his cock burrowing into her pussy, Candy spread her thighs even farther apart, and wrapped her legs around his. Flexing her legs and arms, she pulled herself harder against him, completely enveloping his cock in her wet pussy. Her blissful moan was a response to the intense pleasure that radiated out from where his shaft was stretching her opening and expanding the attached channel.

Sven drew his cock back again, leaving just the tip inside, and plunged it all the way back in, once again meeting Candy's body as she moved to meet him. The pleasure from what the muscles in her pussy were doing to his cock was incredible. It was some of the best fucking he had ever gotten, as was always the case when he got together with the lovely Candy.

The lovely Candy was getting some of the best fucking she had ever gotten too, as Sven's long, thick shaft plunged into her over and over. They established a rhythm, with him driving his cock into her with a long, slow thrust, while Candy pulled herself toward him, impaling her pussy on his shaft. For a few seconds, they lay there, intense pleasure throbbing out from where his cock was imbedded in her pussy, until he drew it most of the way out and plunged it back into her again. They fucked slowly and quietly like that, the silence broken only by the squeaking bedsprings, the wet sounds of their bodies meeting, and their mutual sounds of extreme pleasure.

As her level of pleasure slowly mounted, Candy's body, which had been gliding smoothly across the sheet started rocking from side to side under Sven. Her breathing grew more rapid, and her blissful moans were ending in whimpers. Jay smiled when he saw and heard those signs, because he knew his beautiful and sexy wife was getting closer to another orgasm, something he loved to watch happen, whether he caused it or not.

Sven noted the signs also, and was glad of it, because his own climax was looming closer. He moved higher up on Candy's body, so he would be fucking more down into her pussy, and the base of her clit would have more contact with his cock. He also started fucking her with strokes that were just as long, but faster, and she matched the increased pace.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Candy whimpered from the exquisite pleasure of Sven's big cock massaging the base of her clit, and her other sweet spots. Her movements under him became even more erratic, and she stroked her hands up and down on his back. "Fuck me good! Make me cum! Make me cum!" she whispered to him.

That was fully Sven's intention, and he drove his cock harder and harder into her pussy, while she fucked back just as hard. Candy thrashed on the bed, her head rolling from side to side, and her eyes closed in bliss. She had almost lost control of herself, from the incredible pleasure, but she retained enough to jam her pussy back at the cock that was pounding into her.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried out joyously as she started cumming. Candy's movements seemed to almost double in their wildness, with her legs flailing the air in time to the cock ramming into her, and her hands gripped Sven's back, digging her nails into him. It was painful, but the pain was totally outweighed by the tremendous pleasure he was getting from Candy's pussy and the way she was cumming under him.

When she climaxed, her back arched spasmodically, and every muscle in her body clenched, followed by immediately relaxing. After her great orgasm, Candy seemed to almost melt into the bed.

Sven did nothing of the kind. He fucked into her pussy even harder, making her bounce up and down on the bed, until he climaxed, squirting a big gob of cum into her. He didn't stop right away, but continued pounding his cock into her, until he had pumped his semen twice more. Finally through cumming, he collapsed on top of Candy and lay there until his cock started softening. He gently pulled it from her pussy and struggled to his knees, smiling at the sight of his juices and hers, trickling out from the place where he had given and received so much bliss.

Candy smiled back at him, and turned to look at her husband. When he saw him, patiently awaiting his turn with her, the bottle of Aquaglide in his hand and his cock hard and sticking out, her smile grew wider and more lascivious. She was fully aware of and happy about what he intended doing momentarily, so she rolled over onto her belly and pushed herself up to her hands and knees, her legs spread, so he could start preparing her to do it with him.

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