tagNovels and NovellasCane Lake Ch. 01

Cane Lake Ch. 01


Kevin and Donna heat up their relationship, but Kevin experiences flashbacks during sex that provide clues to the death of a classmate on Cane Lake.

Chapter 1

Our relationship didn't start out hot and sweaty, moans and sighs all night long, legs and arms entangled. To be fair it wasn't exactly that way later, but the more time Donna and I spent alone together the more passionate and erotic our evenings became. Sexual interest was certainly high between us after we met, but out of mutual respect we kept our behavior in check for months. Neither of us wanted to selfishly use the other as an ordinary sex object, and we didn't want to be taken for one either. So, politely, we kept our distance. On some days, keeping passion under control and our hands to ourselves was easy to accomplish. Donna and I would sit close and bundled up in the park on a windy fall afternoon with the sun shining in our eyes at low golden angles, sharing sandwiches and hot coffee, undistracted by desire. Lust, if we were completely honest. Those days were lazy dreams to be savored when bored at work, wishing we could escape together for coffee or frozen yogurt. Other days, our hidden feelings created sexual tension strong enough for friends and co-workers to suspect something was up between us. Their curious glances and whispers were the cue to quickly drop carelessly clasped hands, awkwardly return to our office cubes, and swivel around to watch the colorful leaves falling into the courtyard outside. We tried to keep the conversation on work, far away relatives that we missed, or anything else that would take our minds off of us. For a time it was the only way to get anything done.

I thought Donna was this super sweet girl with a beautiful smile and quiet country home values when we first met almost half a year ago. She is certainly that and more. But she is also curious and resourceful with respect to starting something erotic, which proved to me that you really don't know what another person thinks or feels about sex until you have been close to them for a long time. She doesn't mind telling me what she wants, and wants me to do the same. So I must have played the gentleman too long and failed to recognize some of the early hints she was sending me, which is why Dona made the first move; the apartment dinner date that she didn't wear a bra.

I didn't notice her bra was missing at first because her figure is pretty full and firm up top. She told me later she always wore one in public to keep things from moving around too much and attracting unwanted attention. Lift and support she definitely didn't need and bras were damned uncomfortable, but what can you do when you are shaped like that? We were holding hands drinking the last of our Merlot and talking about mostly nothing when she smiled at me in a suggestive way I hadn't seen before.

"Let's sit on the couch." She said.

"Sure. Sounds good to me." I replied pushing back from the table.

As she stood up Donna intentionally leaned over a little more than necessary which caused a very noticeable shift and sway in the curve of her blouse. The half hidden part of the man-brain that is always on the lookout for that kind of thing raised the usual signal horns and alarm bells.

"Oh, man. She isn't wearing a bra! Holy Crap, her tits are free and they're fucking huge!"

I usually stuff the frat brother voice deep down inside my head during situations like this. College life was fun but I am still trying to forget my three semesters in a fraternity that took "party hard" to stratospheric levels.

"Oh my god, bro! You can see her nipples through her blouse! How did you fucking miss that, genius?"

Sometimes I'm not as successful stuffing that voice deep down inside as I'd like to be. But this voice was different.

I turned on some romantic music and sat down across from where Donna was seated at the end of the couch. She nestled her legs at an angle against mine and turned her gaze to me, reached her arms around my neck, and gave me a smile that caused my heartbeat and breathing to step up their pace; an incredible thrill of excitement that began in my stomach and spread out lower down from there. The irises of her dark green eyes were wide in the half-light of the living room and the corners glistened with emotion that must also have been plain to see in mine. We embraced, our lips touched, and then pressed firmly together and more passionately with each ticking second. Her breasts were pressed against me as my left hand caressed alternately across her back and around to the side of her soft, heavy breast. The nipple fit perfectly in the center of my left palm and I started gently squeezing it and curling my thumb inward against the hardening areola. Donna arched her back forcing her tit more firmly into my hand and moaned a long sigh of pleasure while our lips brushed across our cheeks, under our chin, and the hollows of our neck.

"No bra..." I said breathlessly between kisses.

"You noticed." She said and reached around to cup my head in her hands to deliver a long passionate kiss on my lips.

"Did you come over without it?" I couldn't help being curious.

"I took it off when I went to the bathroom. Is that OK?" She asked.

Donna began kissing my cheek and slowly back toward my ultra-sensitive ear lobe.

"It's awesome... Love it... Your breasts are incredible."

Donna's lips were sending chills all over my body and thinking clearly was getting difficult. She stopped kissing me briefly and whispered quietly into my ear.

"That's not the only thing I don't have on."

Now she had focused my immediate attention and thinking clearly was instantly easier. Donna began using her tongue to play with mine so I slipped my left hand from her breast and reached across her hip to the hem of her dress. From underneath I slowly moved my fingers across her thigh until they crossed over her naked hip and bottom.

"Wow, this woman is unbelievably sexy." I thought as Donna moaned again and began caressing my shoulders and arms, and across my waist.

I kissed her passionately under her chin and the sides of her neck, moving shoulder to shoulder brushing my lips across her chest and then around to each breast. I pushed my face firmly into her right tit and then the left one, feeling the weight and firmness across my cheeks. Donna laced her fingers behind my head and moaned while I kissed her nipples, which were leaving a very prominent outline through her blouse. After a few minutes of continuous tit and nipple play she arched her back and raised her arms so I could lift her blouse from her waist and over her shoulders. I dropped the blouse to the floor while Donna put her hands behind her head pretending to straighten her hair, deliberately showing off her breasts. The slight sway and slow bobbing motion of those incredible curves jolted me with a desire that telegraphed one message very clearly in my mind. I wanted Donna's breasts in my hands. I wanted to kiss and suck on them. I wanted to smother between her soft beautiful tits and get lost down there and never find my way back. The hint of perfume on her cleavage drove me wild as I wrapped my lips around her nipples, alternating between them, nudging them around with my tongue. I inhaled deep breaths of Donna's scent, an intoxicating combination of sweet honey and spicy musk I've only ever smelled on her. She pulled my face harder toward her chest and arched her back, forcing the little bulge of her nipples further into my mouth. I let her know how erotic this was for me with short muffled moans and gasps as I came up for air.

Donna spread he legs apart a little to give me better access to the soft crease between her thigh and the warm bulge of her pussy. I slowly and gently caressed the lips of her slit with the tips of my fingers while being deliberately careful to avoid touching her clit. I was teasing her and taking my time about it, giving her tits most of the attention while the warmth between her legs said she wanted a little more attention down there. Minutes later she was practically purring when my fingers almost... but not quite... slid across her clit after it had swollen and began sticking up just even with the groove of her pussy. Donna tried to rock her pelvis into my caressing fingers but was denied satisfaction when I moved my hand away just in time. She lifted my face toward hers and kissed my lips lightly and rapidly, followed by a long passionate embrace. Then she sat up a little on the couch and reached down, unbuttoning my shirt from the top. Taking the hint I helped enthusiastically by unbuttoning from the bottom and stretched my arms back to let the shirt slip down behind me onto the couch. I was fantasizing about how good Donna's tits were going to feel against my chest, but when I reached for her I felt a tugging at my waist. Donna had already undone my pants and was starting to pull them over my hips.

"Yep. OK. No problem." I thought while I flipped off my shoes and lifted my bottom from the couch so she could slip pants and underwear to the floor.

My stiff cock sprang out from under the waistband of my briefs, slapped my stomach with a little plop sound, and then stood almost straight up between my legs. I leaned back on the couch and kissed her while she teased me by running her hand across my stomach so that the tops of her fingers lightly brushed against the head of my cock. That caused surges of stiffness in my dick and a tightening in my balls that was irresistible. There was no way Donna hadn't noticed the effect her caresses were having. I started massaging her tits as she moved her hand down to my knees and began slowly moving her fingers upward between my legs toward my cock. I spread my legs a little wider each time her hand moved up my thigh until she lightly brushed her fingertips across my balls and the shaft of my cock. I groaned long and low as she started over from my balls again. With each slow caress my dick stiffened and pressed into her hand; straining against her fingers.

"Does that feel good?" Donna said.

"Oh-hh. Oh Yeah... Yes." I panted.

"You were teasing me earlier so I thought I'd tease you for a while."

"Tell her to suck it. Tell her your nuts hurt and you need her to suck it."

Go away.

"You know most of them will do it if you tell them to. You and me and those two chicks from Sigma K, right? It works all the time, bro!"

Dammit, ignore him. Now I recognized the ghost behind that voice.

Again Donna started her caress from my tightly ballooned balls, across the hard shaft of my cock which obediently throbbed into the palm of her hand.

"It's gotten really hard." She said as her fingers reached the swollen and reddening tip.

"Yeah. It sure has. That feels great, Donna." She arched her back so I could lean forward and suck on her tits some more.

"Your balls are really tight."

"Mmmff. Mmmmm."

"Do you like my breasts?"

"Mmmmmf. Hmmmmm. Donna, I love your nipples."

"Instead of teasing you, what if I did this?"

Donna grabbed my cock, squeezed, and started gently tugging on it. She had her fingers wrapped around the sweet spot under the head and was driving me crazy.

"Donna. Oh, that's perfect."

"Do you like that?"

"Oh, Yeah." I sighed with a mouth full of nipple.

She was pulling on my dick just enough to stiffen it every third or fourth stroke and all I could think was, "Man I hope I don't cum after a few minutes of this. I hope I can last. This is so good."

"Should I keep doing this? Or should tease you some more." Donna asked.

"Oh.... Yes... NO!... I mean... Yes, keep rubbing it."

Donna shifted around on the couch until her knees were under her and started kissing my lips while continuing to pull and tug at my cock. I was beginning to feel the tightening and surging inside that signaled a buildup to an orgasm. Her tits were swinging a little in time with her shoulder movements and that was making it increasingly hard for me to concentrate.

"Yes. Donna that feels so good."

"I'm Glad."

She started kissing my neck and then moved to my chest and nipples. And then she started moving down my chest, kissing me every inch or so while keeping the pressure up on my dick. Her kisses were accentuated with a short moan and a sideways tilt of her head that caused her moist lips to brush lightly across my skin. Each soft touch sparked a ticklish flash of excitement that spread out across my chest causing my breath to catch in my throat.

"I love... That. I love... Your lips." I was only able to get out a few words between gasps.

"I can tell. I'm glad you do."

When she got past my chest and showed no signs of slowing I thought, "Oh god, she's going to suck my cock. I can't believe it." I shifted across the couch to give her more room and she went down on all fours with her hands next to my hips and her head and shoulders above my lap. My breath started coming in ragged gulps after each kiss and my legs were shaking as her warm heavy tits brushed against them.

Donna started teasing me again, kissing all around my cock, letting her long auburn hair slide between my legs and over my balls. She was deliberately dragging the bottoms of her breasts across the tops of my thighs and letting them hang down between my legs. After a short wet kiss that just barely missed the head of my cock, Donna looked straight into my eyes and started tugging at my straining member with her hand between her boobs. This time she was pulling hard and fast enough to jostle my nuts up and down. If she let go during one of those strokes her tits would engulf the entire length of my cock and most of my balls.

"She's gonna tit-fuck you, man. Shit, dude. Other than a blowjob, there ain't nothin better than a homemade titty fuck."

OK I have to agree with you on that one Brian but please... be quiet. I'm trying to concentrate.

"Oh my god, Donna. That feels amazing."

"Feels good to me too." She said with a little giggle.

I was frozen in place, sitting there on the couch while she pumped my pulsating cock with her hand between those low hanging tits. The sensation of an impending orgasm was gradually spreading out from behind my nuts and up my stiff shaft when Donna suddenly let go and sat up.

"Wow. Thanks, that was getting close." I said gratefully, breathing hard.

"Scoot to the edge of the cushion a little." She said, and I was happy to comply.

As I was moved my hips and started settling lower into the back cushion, Donna got off the couch and knelt down between my legs pushing my knees apart. Her beautiful green eyes were looking directly into mine as she reached up and grabbed the base of my cock with both hands, gently pulling it down so that the head was pointing straight at her mouth. She stared at me for a moment with her pink lips parted and her breath flowing between my legs in short warm waves.

"Donna. You don't have to..." I was feeling guilty from all the chauvinist thoughts flashing in my head earlier; ghosts from a past I was trying hard to forget.

"Shhh. I've been thinking about this all day. Relax."

Donna wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started gently caressing it and swishing her tongue lightly over the tip while continuing to look directly at me. She lightly sucked in her cheeks so that her lips formed a full and perfect 'O'. I could not believe how good it felt just to have the head of my cock caressed like that. To be slowly and gently held in her mouth and savored. She used her lips the same way I had used my fingers to tease her pussy. And she was going to tease my cock until it desperately wanted to be swallowed whole and sucked dry.

"Oh my god, Donna that feels so good!"

She let out a long passionate moan as if the head of my cock was the sweetest candy she had ever tasted.

"Oh, Donna. Your lips are incredible. "

I closed my eyes, and she sucked hard and pulled her lips off of my cock head with a popping sound.

"Look at me. I want you to watch everything I'm doing. If you close your eyes, I'll stop." She told me.

"Uh... OK." I replied.

"I want you looking straight into my eyes when I make you cum."

"Oh. Sure. No problem." I panted.

She lowered her head and pushed her lips slowly and firmly down the length of my shaft stopping just an inch or so above my balls. I groaned like a bull as my cock was almost swallowed whole. Donna removed her hands from the base of my dick and tickled the back of my ball sack which caused the whole length of my member to throb and pulse and stiffen even more. Then, using her thumb and index fingers she grabbed a little of the skin under each of my nuts and pulled down hard. Sudden aching pleasure spread out from between my legs as my nut sack was stretched tight and my cock pulled back slightly from her mouth. She did it again and my balls started feeling fuller and heavier. She did it a third time and my whole cock stiffened and I almost came in her mouth. I was hoping she could see on my face how much concentration it too for me to hold back. One more pull and I would be done for.

"Oh god, Donna. You're going to make me orgasm." I said, trying to make my condition plain while looking straight into her beautiful, wonderful face.

She slowly lifted her head, paused halfway to suck in her cheeks, and then continued slowly upward until my cock popped loudly out of her mouth.

"Oh, wow. How do you do that? Where did you learn that?" I whispered.

She giggled and ran her tongue the full length of my cock and across my balls that were by then swollen so tight the skin was almost perfectly smooth. She came back up, focused her eyes on mine, and lowered her head again so that the tip of my shaft spread her soft lips apart. This time she stopped within a quarter inch of swallowing the entire length of my straining, pulsing, aching dick and held it there.

"Ah.... Donna."

She held it there as seconds flashed by. I convulsed and panted and groaned while her throat closed around the head of my cock. Donna wasn't gagging but she was making little swallowing noises and breathing through her nose. At each little gulp I could feel her throat soften and tighten sending waves of ecstatic pleasure through the tip of my dick.

I was on fire now. My legs were vibrating like the strings of a bass and my cock was as stiff as a fence post. Donna pulled up, paused for a second, then attacked the shaft like it was delicious fruit and she hadn't eaten in days.

The wet sucking sounds she made were turning me full on and her saliva was running down my balls, soaking into the couch. All I could think was, "My dick is trapped between this seat cushion and Donna's mouth. I have NO chance. No chance at all." Experiments with my hand on lonely nights proved that when my orgasm did hit, my cock was going to explode with everything two very full and tight balls could do.

The slurping and sucking sounds got louder and faster as my dick got wetter and more lubricated. She alternately looked down at my stomach and then up at my face to make sure I was still watching. I have no idea what she was thinking but she smiled a little bit and made short little moaning sounds that got cut off suddenly each time my tip reached her throat.

"Dude! You're getting your dick sucked by a hot chick with big fucking tits! Go with it. Don't hold it in doofus!"

Shut up Brian. Get out of my head and go back to being dead.

The sucking went on and on without slowing until Donna's expression became more serious. She enjoyed having me in her mouth and had no intention of letting go, but she was determined to drain my balls sooner rather than later.

"Donna! I'm going to cum."

"Awesome! She is going to town on you, man!"

To signal the seriousness of my condition and give Donna a chance to avoid getting messy, I started to squeeze my legs together and tried to sit up. Donna mumbled out a, "Mmf Mmh", pushed me back against the couch, and kept at it. She was tilting her head from shoulder to shoulder to make sure my cock got the full effect of her lips and tongue from every angle.

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