tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCanoe Trip Nightmare

Canoe Trip Nightmare


My wife and I have always loved the outdoors. We met while we were living in out west and we’ve been on many trips over the years. We hiked through trails in the Appalachians. We’ve been to Yosemite and many other places. For our twentieth anniversary, we decided to take a canoe trip down a small river in the Deep South. It was early spring, and we figured this would be a perfect time for it. We had our two sons staying with my mother. We packed up enough supplies for four days, loaded our canoe on top of our van and took off.

I had done some research on the internet and the Muskingum River sounded perfect for us. It ran through several remote areas and a few small towns where we could get supplies if we needed them. We planned on camping underneath the stars, but had a sturdy tent in case the weather turned poorly.

The first day was marvelous. We put in at a small town where we had made arrangements to have our van driven down to a town about three or four days down the river by canoe. We stopped around lunchtime and I fished for lunch. We also had brought along some frozen meat, in case the fishing was bad. But it wasn’t. I caught some nice fish and we cook them over an open fire.

We put back in the river and went until we found a nice place to camp for the night. We sat up the tent, but decided to camp underneath the stars. We ate and drank some wine, before retiring to our sleeping bag, where we made slow passionate love under a very bright moon. It was wonderful.

Until the next morning.

I got up early and had to go to the bathroom. I squatted by a tree a bit away from our camp on the river. I had a small shovel with me and buried what I had done and was making my way back to camp, when I heard my wife shout something. I ran the rest of the way, and found her struggling with some guy who was trying to pull her out of her sleeping bag.

I’m a fairly big guy and very fit. I was about to jump this guy and beat the crap out of him with the shovel I was carrying, when I felt something hard hit the back of my head. I was stunned and fell to the ground. As I regained my senses, I realized there were two more men there. And one of them was holding a gun pointed right at me.

“Hold on there boy. You just sit right there and don’t move a damn muscle.” The man holding the gun said to me.

I looked at him. He was a mountain of a man. He looked to be somewhere in his fifties. There were two younger men with him and one of them was now holding onto my wife smiling.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

“My name is Elmer Johnson and these are my sons Junior and Fred and what the fuck are you two doing on my river?” The man with the gun asked.

“Your river? What do you mean your river?” I asked sarcastically.

“You’re on my fucking river boy. And you and your pretty lady are going to pay for you being a smartass and for being on my river without my permission.” He replied.

I thought about saying something, but looked to my wife whose eyes were filled with fear. I thought by possibly agreeing with him, we could be on our way.

“I’m very sorry sir. We thought this was a public river, a public area. We’re not from this area. We are both very sorry. If you let us go, we’ll pack up and get out of here. And you won’t hear from us again.” I told him.

“Sorry don’t mean shit boy.” He said with a sneer. “Get some damn rope and tie their hands up Junior.”

Junior got some rope from our canoe and tied my hands behind my back. Then he went to my wife, who was being held by Fred and did the same to her.

Then Elmer turned to me and placed the barrel of his gun under my chin and said.

“You two better behave or you’ll have a heap of trouble. Understand?” He asked.

I nodded and look at my terrified wife. She was still being held by Fred. I tried to give her a reassuring look, but I was so sure myself what was going to happen.

“Junior! Get their shit out of sight. And then meet us back home.” Yelled Elmer.

Elmer then grabbed me by the arm and led me into the woods. I turned to see my wife being led by Fred. Several times I tried to talk to the huge man pulling me through the woods. Each time I was told to keep my mouth shut, or it would be shut for me. I finally got the message after he smacked me on the side of my head, knocking me down.

We walked for a long way and then to a small clearing where there was an old cabin. We were led inside. It smelled like dead animals and was lit only by the sunlight coming into the windows. I was pushed into a wooden chair in the middle of the room and tied down by my waist and legs.

Elmer then put down his gun and went to my wife. He began to paw her and she struggled. She could do little to resist as her hands were still tied behind her. He laughed at her struggles and just kept pawing her breasts and private area.

“Leave her alone!” I yelled at him.

He turned angrily to me and walked over and punched me on the side of the head. I saw stars and was knocked over on my right side. He went back to pawing my wife who now looked terrified.

I shook my head to try and clear it as I struggled to free myself. But I could not. I was tied to tightly. Elmer kept trying to kiss my wife as he pawed at her. She struggled and turned her head, but she could not get away from him.

The door opened and Junior came in. He told his father that he had taken care of our stuff. To which the old man smiled, and then turned his attentions back to my wife. Junior looked over and me and laughed. He came over and righted the chair with me in it and then smiled as he lightly slapped my face.

The old man got tired of my struggling wife and pushed her towards his two sons.

“Strip the bitch and tie her to the bed. I’m tired of her shit.” He commanded.

His sons grabbed my wife and began to undress her. He hands were untied and her clothes quickly removed. She struggled, but the two strong young men tore and pulled on her clothing until she was totally naked. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but they were held at her side.

“Please! Please don’t do this. Please let us go. We won’t say a word to anyone. Please just let us go.” She begged.

They ignored her pleas and drug her over to a dirty bed against the wall. Her hands were tied over her head and she kicked her legs as they tied them open to the posts at the end. She was utterly helpless.

The old man began to disrobe. He removed his overalls and pulled off his dirty shirt. He was wearing no underwear. He was big everywhere and very hairy. He walked over to the bed where my helpless wife was laying and looked down at her grinning.

“Leave her alone!” I yelled.

“Shut that stupid fucker up Junior! He sneered.

Junior approached me with a raised fist. I flinched and looked away.

“Keep your yap shut or I put your lights out mister. Understand?” He sneered.

I nodded weakly, feeling so helpless.

My wife screamed as the old man lay on top of her. He was well over six and a half foot tall and weighed close to three hundred pound. He was smothering my petite slim wife. I watched helplessly as she struggled as he pawed her body and tried to kiss her. She turned her head to look at me and mouthed, “Help”, with tears in her eyes. I looked back and mouthed that I was sorry. I could nothing to stop what was happening to her.

I watched as the old man ran his fingers into her vagina, roughly fingering her. My wife grimaced as he did. He also sucked on her nipples, biting on them, causing her to scream in pain.

“Shit! This bitch is as dry as a bone. Go wake up your fucking sister Murline. This bitch needs some warming up.” He yelled at Junior.

Junior left the room and quickly returned to the room, dragging a fat dirty young woman. She looked like she was still asleep.

She looked at her father through sleepy eyes and asked. “What you want Pa?”

Her father grabbed her by the hair and slapped her roughly a couple of times. “Don’t you question me you fat cunt! What the fuck you still doing in bed?” He said as he slapped her twice more.

“Ok! Ok! Pa, Stop! I’m sorry.” She squealed.

Murline looked around the room quickly. She saw me tied to the chair and my wife tied to the bed. A quick look of recognition came over her face as she smiled. I felt this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

Her father grabbed by the hair and drug her over to the bed. “This bitch’s pussy is as dry as a bone. Get it fucking ready for me and I won’t be fucking your ass tonight. Understand?” He commanded.

Murline smiled and leaned over to my wife who began to struggle. I heard her murmur something as she began to kiss and touch my wife’s body. My wife fought, but she was too tightly tied and could not stop the young woman from touching her. Murline kissed my wife’s nipples as she played with her pussy with her fingers. She slowly ran her fingers in my wife and then slowly around the outside if her pussy.

Murline then slowly made her way down to my wife’s pussy. She knelt on the floor beside the bed as she began to lick and suck and finger my wife. My wife looked in anguish as Murline played with her. I kept mouthing I was sorry over and over to her as Murline kept working on her.

Several minutes went by. The two brothers slowly stripped off their clothes as they watched their sister lick and finger my wife’s pussy. They slowly stroked their cocks in anticipation. My gut was in turmoil. I felt so helpless as I struggled against the ropes holding me.

This went on for what seemed like forever. I looked away, unable to watch my wife being used this way. When I finally looked back, my wife’s eyes were closed and her face slightly twisted. I wanted to get free and help her, but could not.

Murline kept going for several more minutes and then slowly pulled away. My wife’s pussy looked red and swollen and wet. Her father grabbed Murline by the hair and threw her aside. He laughed as he climbed between my wife’s tied spread legs.

I saw him grab his huge penis and move it to her opening and I heard my wife scream as he began to push it into her. Her eyes flew open as she screamed again as she struggled against the huge man. But she could do nothing as he pumped himself deeper into her with each thrust.

The boys began to laugh and Murline slowly stood and then walked towards me with a devilish look on her face. She leaned in, smiling, her face glistening with my wife’s juices.

“Pa’s going to fuck your lady good. She’ll like it once she get used to his big pecker.” She said smiling. “And it is a big one. I know.”

She leaned in and tried to kiss me, but I turned my head. She just smiled and took her hands and began to undo my pants.

“Please don’t do this.” I asked.

Murline ignored me and opened the front of my pants and pulled out my soft cock. She immediately took it in her warm mouth and began to suck me. She pulled back and smiled and she stroked me.

“Feel good mister?” She asked with a smile.

I turned my head, refusing to respond, trying to not let what this woman was doing to me excite me. My wife was being raped just feet away from me by a mountain of a man, while his daughter was fellating me. I felt sick to my stomach.

I looked at my wife she had stopped screaming and she had closed her eyes. Her mouth was open and she seemed to be softly begging for him to stop. I watched as his big hairy ass pumped up and down and listened to his deep grunts as he fucked my wife.

I felt my cock began to grow, in spite of all I was feeling, and I felt awful. I tried to struggle away from Murline, but she held the chair tight as she began to take my cock all the way down her throat. I looked away again in horror to what was happening, trying to deny that my body was betraying me.

Murline kept sucking my cock deeply into my mouth as I stared at the wall trying to keep my thoughts away from what was happening, and to how I would get us out of this situation.

But then I heard my wife groan in what I thought was pain.

I looked over and saw my wife’s mouth was slightly open and she was groaning softly and breathing in quick shallow breaths. Elmer had been fucking her for several minutes at this point. Her face was contorted in either pain or pleasure. I could not tell. And her eyes would open slightly every few seconds and then close. They had a glassy, almost rolling back in her head look.

Elmer kept fucking her with his strong steady pace while his two sons stood by watching, stroking their long cocks. Every now and then, one of them would make a comment, and they would laugh, as they watched my helpless wife get fucked.

Elmer began to grunt loudly and his motions more urgent. My wife’s mouth was now fully open and her breathing becoming more and more shallow. Her eyes seem to be staring at the ceiling, but had a far away look. She would moan softly as Elmer began to pound her harder and faster.

I watched as his huge hairy ass rose quicker and quicker and then slammed down into my helpless wife. His face was buried in her neck, but I could hear a deep groan exiting his mouth as he approached orgasm.

Murline was now sucking and stroking my erect cock like it never had been sucked before. I felt the orgasm building and as it approached I heard Elmer groan loudly and his entire body shudder as he pumped his load into my wife. My wife’s body jumped slightly and her eyes fluttered as her mouth opened wide, but she said nothing as she took Elmer’s cum. Her eyes had a glassy, far away appearance as he pounded the last of his cum deep within her. She then moaned slightly as Elmer slowly kept pumping his load deep within her.

I had tears in my eyes as I shot my load deep within Murline’s mouth. She drank and swallowed until I softened as I looked away. Then she pulled back smiling. I felt like I had been shot in the gut. I looked over to my wife and her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open.

Elmer slowly climbed off of her. I saw her body now glistened with sweat. She turned her head away to face the wall. Part of me was glad she could not see what had just happened to me. I felt helpless and ashamed.

Junior quickly climbed on top of my wife and began to fuck her quickly. She lay there, just letting him use her. She seemed too tired to struggle. Elmer walked over to me; his hairy body drenched in sweat, his huge softening cock, still wet from his rape of my wife.

“Your wife’s one hell of a fuck boy. She fought like a cat, but I could feel her clenching down on me at the end boy. I’m going to like breaking her in.” He said smiling.

I looked away, not wanting to think about what had just happened, but could not. My wife had been raped right in front of me while I had been sucked off. Had she succumbed to it as I had? I never felt so horrible.

I looked over and Fred was now straddling my wife’s chest. He grabbed her by the hair turning her towards him was now fucking her mouth. Her eyes were closed as she let him use her. Junior was pounding away at her pussy and grunting like a rutting animal while his brother fucked my wife’s mouth.

They began to grunt in unison as they got the same rhythm going. I wanted to look away, but could not. Those bastards were using her body for their perverted pleasure, and for some reason I could not stop looking.

I watched as their pace increased and I began to pick up another sound, other than the grunting brothers. It was higher, but happening in the same rhythm. I saw as my wife was now actively pushing back against Junior and his brother was no longer have to force his cock into her mouth. She was sucking him willingly and moaning in unison as those bastards used her.

Her body had finally given up fighting and she had succumbed to what those bastards were doing to her. Junior groaned loudly and began to come in my wife. I watched as her body tensed up as he orgasmed deep within her. Her body shook as he kept pumping and pumping his cum into her.

His brother groaned and pushed deeply into her mouth, shooting his load. Her eyes opened again with a startled look as she drank his load without asking. I watched as she willingly sucked him until he softened. She closed her eyes and turned away from me as the brothers climbed off of her.

I looked at her sweaty helpless frame, still tied to the bed. I felt angry and helpless. I had to get us out of there. I had to find a way. I just did not know how.

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