tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCanoe Trip Nightmare Ch. 02

Canoe Trip Nightmare Ch. 02


I sat there stunned at what had happened to us. My wife was still staring at the wall as Elmer and his two sons dressed. Murline put my cock away and redid my pants. I felt a bit better knowing I was not exposed any longer.

I kept looking at my wife. Her body was coated in sweat that glistened in the sunlight. She seemed to be sobbing gently. I wanted to call out to her. To tell her we'd be OK. But I didn't know that.

Elmer walked over the bed and untied my wife. He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up. Her makeup was smeared and she looked awful. He pulled her in front of him and bellowed at her.

"Cook us some fucking food whore! And do it quick, or next time I'll fuck your ass raw."

My wife refused to look at me as she walked towards what looked like their stove. Elmer threw something at her and told Murline to get a fire going. I looked at my naked wife, standing in front of their stove, facing away from me as she tried to make them something to eat. I kept working at my ropes, but could not free myself. The men all sat at the table ignoring me. When my wife would come over to the table, they would laugh and grope her roughly. The insides of her thighs were wet with the cum that was now dripping out of her. She asked to get dressed and was told she could not.

When the meal was finally prepared, she was allowed to come sit next to me. She put her head on my lap, sobbing gently. I tried to comfort her, speaking very softly. But I still had no idea what to do.

Elmer bellowed for my wife to come over. He was now drinking out of a jug and wanted my wife to drink some. She tried to refuse, but he poured it in her mouth. She gagged and spit some of it out. But after Elmer raised his hand to her, she drank some of it slowly.

They made her wait on them, still groping her nude body as she served them. I wanted so to get free, and kill those rotten bastards. But I was still tied and helpless and had to watch as she was made to serve those bastards.

When dinner was over, my wife was made to clean the table and wash the dishes. Elmer came up to her several times, groping her while she worked. She ignored him and let him do as he pleased.

Elmer grabbed a chair and his jug and sat down across from me.

"You having fun boy?" He said with an evil grin.

I said nothing. I hated the man and wanted him and his son's dead.

"We ain't done with your lady boy. We're just getting started. You'll learn your lesson by the time we're done with you two." He said.

"Junior! Get the fucking tub and get this bitch cleaned up. She's fucking filthy. I want her clean before I fuck her again." Elmer ordered. "Murline! Warm up some damn water."

A large tub was pulled into the room and filled with water. My wife was drug over to it by her hair and told to get in. Water was poured in and she was told to wash herself, and she did. The entire time, Elmer and his sons drank and talked about what they were going to do to my wife.

Once she had washed, she was stood up and dried. Then she was dragged over by the bed. Elmer danced with her as he pawed her, singing some country song as he did it. He took a break and passed her to Junior and Fred who did the same. They took turns dancing with my naked wife, while they drank more and more.

I could see they were getting quite drunk and hoped that perhaps we could do something after they passed out. We only had to worry about Murline, who was not drinking.

Elmer sat and watched his sons paw my wife, laughing and drinking. He stood up and said he had to piss, and his sons decided to join him. He told Murline to watch us, and she did.

When the men all walked out on the porch to piss, my wife came over to me. She told me she loved me and was sorry for everything that had happened. I told her to be brave and we'd get out of this. I whispered for her to get them to drink as much as she could. She smiled weakly and said she would, and that she had a plan too. She asked me to forgive her for what she was about to do, but she hoped she could save us.

I did not have time to ask her what she was talking about as then men returned. Elmer grabbed her and pulled her towards him and kissed her. She didn't resist. In fact, she returned the kiss. Then she grabbed his jug and appeared to take a long drink. And then went back to kissing Elmer.

He sat down and they began to share the jug and kiss. She then stood up and went over to each son. She drank and then kissed each one and encouraged them to drink. I saw what she was doing. My wife in her younger days was famous for drinking men under the table. The trick she said was to never really swallow much, just take it in her mouth and then spit most back in, pretending to swallow.

The boys and Elmer began to have a good time with my wife, and she seemed more than agreeable to them. She ran her hands over their bodies as they pawed her, encouraging them to go further.

Then she went over to Elmer and undid his overalls, pulling them down. She pushed him back in the chair and began to fellate him. Elmer moaned as my wife sucked and stroked his huge cock. At one point, she turned to me and blinked and mouthed that she loved me. I now knew what she had in mind. She would get them drunk and then fuck them to exhaustion, hoping we could escape afterwards.

I watched as she sucked Elmer's huge cock. I had not seen it completely hard and it was huge. It was long and very thick. The boys moved around and made rude comments as my wife sucked their father's cock. She would pull back and lick his long shaft while she stroked it with her hand, and then go back to sucking it in as deep as she could.

Elmer finally grabbed her by the hair and pulled her onto his lap. She grabbed his cock and steered it towards her opening. She sat down on it and began to enthusiastically fuck him. She leaned back, wrapping her arms around his neck while she pumped against him.

"Yee Haw girlie! I knew you'd be a hot fuck once I got you broke!" Yelled Elmer.

I watched as Elmer grabbed my wife's ass and pumped into her. He was grunting and moaning, as was she. I wasn't sure if she was acting or actually enjoying what she was doing. But she was putting up one hell of an effort.

They went like that for quite a while and then Elmer stood up, holding my wife in his arms as he carried her over to the bed. He dropped her down on the mattress and then quickly mounted her. He pulled her legs up high and then shoved his cock deep within her with one thrust.

My wife squealed as Elmer began to pound her with fast deep hard strokes. I was amazed at how fast the old man could fuck and ever most amazed at my wife taking all of her cock into her pussy. My wife never looked at me while Elmer was fucking her. She kissed him passionately and spoke softly in his ear while he fucked her hard and deep.

Elmer pounded her hard for several more minutes until he tensed up and unloaded into my wife. My wife closed her eyes and opened her mouth up wide as he shot his load deep within her. He pumped a few more times and then withdrew. My wife's pussy looked red and swollen as she lay there.

Junior quickly mounted her and began to fuck her hard and fast. She raised her legs up and drew him in, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he pounded it into her. He fucked her hard as my wife urged him on with her body and words.

I looked over at Elmer and he was sitting in a chair drinking. His cock was soft and coated with my wife's juices. He looked at me and smiled an evil grin and then took another drink.

"Keeping drink, you mother fucker. Keep drinking." I was thinking.

I heard a deep moan and turned to watch Junior unload into my wife. He pumped several more times before he withdrew. Fred quickly took his place and began to fuck my wife in the same manner. And it wasn't long before he unloaded deep within her.

I sat and looked at the three men. The sons looked tired and fucked out, but Elmer kept drinking and smiling. I kept hoping he'd get drunk and pass out, but the more he drank the more belligerent he became.

My wife called to both brothers to come fuck her again. They both declined and sat in their chairs, sipping their drinks and looking tired. It looked like the plan was working except for Elmer.

He slowly stood and walked over to my wife. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over in front of me. He pushed her on to her knees and bellowed at her.

"You don't think I know what you're up to girlie? You trying to fuck us into submission? Well I got some news for you. I'm going to fuck you all night long, and there ain't one damn thing you can do to stop it! Now fucking suck my cock hard again you whore!

My wife's eyes filled with terror. Elmer had seen through her plan and now there was nothing else she could do. My wife looked briefly at me and then to Elmer, who was towering before her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head to his cock, which was beginning to grow again.

"Suck it, you stupid cunt! Suck my cock like the whore you are. Right in front of your old man." He commanded.

My wife was so close I could have touched her if my hands were not tied. I could smell the aroma of sex all over her. And from the look on Elmer's face, it was going to be a long night.

My wife took his growing cock and stroked it a few times. She almost seemed to be amazed it was growing again. She slowly took it in her mouth and began to suck it. Elmer began to push it in while he held her head. It wasn't long before it had grown to full stiffness.

Elmer fucked my wife's mouth, while he demeaned both my wife and myself.

"I'm going to fuck you so good, you'll forget that dickless husband of yours."

"Look at your whore wife boy. She's sucking my cock on her own now." And she was.

"She's my cunt now. You ready for a good fucking bitch?"

He pulled his immense cock out of her mouth and slapped her with it.

"Tell me you want it slut. Tell me you want me to fuck you senseless in front of your old man. Tell me!"

"Yes." My wife said weakly. "Fuck me now."

She didn't look at me while she said it. And I wasn't sure if she really meant it, or was just saying it. But Elmer got on his knees behind and turned her towards me. He pulled her hair and made her look at me and said.

"Watch your whores face while I fuck her. Watch me fuck her better than she's ever fucking had it. She'll never be happy with your little fucking dick after today."

And then he rammed it into her.

My wife's eyes flew open wide and she screamed as Elmer began to pound his cock into her. He had a handful of her hair and was holding onto one of her hips with his other hand as slammed himself into her.

He fucked her hard and fast right from the start. My wife's face twisted in pain as Elmer slammed his entire cock in and out of her at an incredible pace. She looked at me several times with a look of sorrow and terror in her eyes and then other times looked away as he fucked her hard and deep and fast.

I was amazed at the old man's strength and stamina. He'd already had her twice today and I thought he'd be exhausted like his two sons. They were now sleeping in their chairs. Not Elmer. He was power fucking my wife and showed no signs of letting up.

Several times my wife tried to lower her head or look away from me. But Elmer would grab her by the hair and pull it so her face looked directly into mine. Her face was twisted in either pain or pleasure. I could not tell. Her eyes were mostly closed and she was biting her lower lip as she was being fucked.

I wanted to look away, but could not stop looking at the scene before me. This huge immense man was having his way with my wife, and I could do nothing to stop it. And part of me was wondering if she wanted me to.

My wife's breathing began to come in short shallow breaths, matching the pace of the pounding she was getting from behind. Her open mouth now formed a perfect circle, as soft grunts and moans escaped her. Sweat began to form on her face while Elmer fucked her mercilessly.

Then she slowly opened her eyes and I could see they were beginning to get a glazed look. She was looking in my direction, but not really looking at me. She kept breathing, moaning lightly, and grunting as Elmer fucked her as hard as a person could. I watched as she braced herself against his assault, pushing back slightly against his pounding.

Time seemed to stand still. Elmer had been fucking her like this for what seemed like forever and he showed no sign of letting up or slowing down. He seemed to be like a machine. He did not seem to tire or cum. I looked at him and he looked like a man possessed. His face was red and dripping in sweat as he slammed my wife over and over again. Suddenly, he looked around the room.

"Murline! Get your fat ass in here!" He bellowed.

Murline came out of her room and approached her father.

"Get under this whore and eat her pussy while I fuck her. I want the bitch to cum like she's never cum before. Eat her cunt daughter!" He commanded.

I watched this surreal scene unfold in front of me. Elmer's daughter got down on her knees and then slid until my wife. I could not see what she was doing, but saw the immediate reaction of my wife. Her eyes flew open wide and she began to scream and beg.

"Oh God No! Stop her! Don't! Please no!" She began to scream as her body began to thrash about.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to pant and moan unlike anything I've ever seen her do. She continued to scream and protest as her body struggled against what was happening to her. It lasted almost a minute before my wife's eyes flew open and she screamed in orgasmic pleasure.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh my God!" She screamed over and over again as her whole body shuddered and her head tossed from side to side.

"You ever cum so fucking good girlie? Tell me!" Yelled Elmer as he pounded my wife.

"No. God no." She moaned as her body still shuddered.

"Tell your husband how good it feels to be really fucked girlie. Tell him!" He commanded.

"God no. Please don't make me." She whimpered.

"Tell him now!" He commanded as he pulled her hair and pointed her face right at mine.

" Oh God! Oh fuck!" She screamed as she came again.

She closed her eyes as she screamed as loud as she could over and over again as another orgasm swept over her. Elmer and Murline kept going at my wife as she has orgasm after orgasm. He then began to talk to me.

"You should feel her fucking pussy boy. She's fucking coating my cock with her hot cunt juice. She's a fucking juice machine boy. Murline! Bite her fucking clit! He yelled.

My wife screamed in delight as Murline followed her father's instructions. She began to throw her head from side to side and scream as her body shook and shuddered as the father and daughter had their way with her. She seemed to be having an orgasm every few seconds.

"Look at your slut wife boy! Yee haw! She's one awesome fuck boy! I'm going to ruin her fucking pussy for you. You hear me?" He yelled at me while he fucked my wife.

He grabbed my wife's hair and told me to look at her and her to look at me. My wife's face was twisted and contorted in pleasure, unlike anything I've ever seen. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as she cried out in orgasmic pleasure over and over again.

"I can make her do anything son. Just watch me!" He yelled.

"You want me to stop girlie? Do you?" He asked.

"No!" She whimpered.

"Am I fucking you better than any man ever has bitch?" He asked.

"Yes!" She squealed.

I sat there humiliated as Elmer made her say things I never thought I'd hear from my wife's mouth.

"Are you my whore?" He bellowed

"Yes!" She squealed.

"Are you my slut?" He bellowed.

"Yes!" She screamed in response.

"Say it to your husband cunt. Say it now!" He commanded.

My wife got a pained expression on her face, as the last bit of strength she had left

"No please. I can't." She begged.

"Say it or I'll have Murline stop eating your pussy slut. Say it now!" He commanded.

My wife looked at me through pained eyes and said nothing.

"Murline! Stop pleasuring the bitch until she does what I say." He yelled.

Murline stopped and crawled out from under my wife. He eyes flew open and she began to pant and push back against Elmer frantically, seemingly trying to make herself cum again on his cock. Elmer stopped pumping in her and her trashing became more urgent as she tried to drive herself over the edge again.

"Say it now slut. Tell your husband what you fucking are, and I'll let you cum." He sneered as he looked at me.

My wife's expression was of pain, sorrow, and desperation. After several more commands and threatening to pull his cock out of her pussy, she broke. She looked me in the eyes and spoke.

"Oh God, please forgive me. I'm so sorry. I'm his slut. I'm his whore." She said weakly with tears in her eyes.

"Do it daughter." He told Murline as he began to power fuck my wife again.

Murline crawled back under her and my wife's body shuddered as Murline began to lick her clit again. She began to scream and orgasm within seconds.

"Tell him girlie. Tell him how good you're cumming." He yelled at my wife.

This time she did not resist or hesitate.

"Oh God! I'm cumming so good baby. I've never cum so good. Oh God! I'm cumming again! Keep fucking me with your incredible cock!" She squealed.

I sat there stunned as I watched my wife have huge orgasm after orgasm as this old man fucked her while his fat daughter ate her pussy. Her face and body were covered with sweat. Her face was so twisted in pleasure; I did not recognize it any longer. I don't know how long it lasted.

He finally made her beg to be seeded, and she did.

"Fuck me Elmer. Fill me with your cum. I want to carry your children. Seed me! Seed me!" She screamed.

Elmer's face contorted and he lunged forward, lifting my wife's legs off the ground as he pumped his seed into her. My wife screamed as another orgasm wracked her body. Elmer pumped and pumped until he pulled back and then lay on the ground. My wife briefly rested her head on my lap before she rolled onto the floor with her legs open.

Her pussy was a huge gaping hole. It was red and swollen and oozing cum. She closed her eyes and lay there in a sweaty heap. Murline moved over to me reaching for the front of my pants.

"I need it mister. I need to be fucked." She said.

"Untie me. And I'll fuck you good." I said.

Murline looked around the room at her sleeping brother and her father who looked like he was done, and moved around to the back of the chair. She untied my hands and legs and then she moved around in front of me removing her filthy dress.

She was large woman with big hanging breasts and a very hairy pussy. I was overcome with what I had just witnessed and I tore off my clothes. My cock was like steel and I shoved her on her back and lifted her legs up over my shoulders.

And I slammed it home.

She grunted and moaned as I fucked her hard and deep. I looked over at my wife. She seemed to be sleeping, her legs spread open, and her gaping pussy exposed, still oozing cum. Looking at that made me want to pound Murline even harder. And I did.

"Yeah mister. Fuck me hard. I want it hard." She begged.

I didn't need to be told. I slammed it deep and hard into her until I felt it building.

"I'm going to fill your cunt. You ready?" I asked.

"Yes. Cum in me mister!" She squealed.

I shoved hard and unloaded in the bitch's cunt. I felt relief as I looked over to my almost unconscious wife. She was lying next to me, her body still shuddering, cum oozing out of her swollen pussy. I pushed deep and shot the last of my load in Murline's pussy.

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