tagRomanceCanon Ch. 02

Canon Ch. 02


They decided to send out for pizza; Amy didn't want to leave Geoff's arms to make dinner, and he didn't want her to. He set the Canon to play repeatedly, and they cuddled and kissed on the couch till the buzzer rang from the gate.

They ate on the couch too, snuggled hip to hip. Geoff's arm stayed around her shoulders, and hers around his waist. It was awkward - till they began to feed each other, laughing.

They talked quietly. There was much to talk about - but all that could wait. They talked of love, opening their hearts to each other and sharing pepperoni- flavored kisses.

"You make me feel like I'm sixteen again, sweetheart," said Geoff, his voice deep and warm. "Like a kid on his first date."

"Third date, at least," she giggled, and lifted his hand to her breast.

Shocked, then touched, he caressed her gently and let his hand fall back to his lap. "I can't believe this is happening to me at sevent-"

"Stop," she said firmly. He blinked at her in surprise. "Here's a new regulation for you, Sergeant-Major Rider," she said, smiling sweetly but unmistakably serious. "You are not to mention your age again."

He looked at her for a long moment. Amy waited, her chin set and determined. He finally smiled, his lined old face softening, and nodded. "Yes, ma'am," he said, and saluted left-handed.

She kissed him and whispered, "It doesn't matter, Geoffie. It doesn't matter at all."

Geoffie, he thought. No one else in my life has ever called me Geoffie.

She can, though. She can.

"But I can get in the movies cheaper," he said, and they both laughed. They fed each other some more pizza, then Amy spoke.

"Geoffie, you make me feel like a woman and a little girl all at once," she said. 'Loved and wanted and protected and safe and - and so much more.

"It doesn't matter that you're older than me," she said, as if the difference in their ages were only a few years. "I like it."

"You like it?" That beat him. How could this lovely young girl like that he was a decrepit old codger?

"I know you're a man, Geoff," she said, "not a little boy. I know you're experienced and wise and you know what you're doing." She smiled. "And I know you'll take care of me." he could only look at her, moved to silence - and grateful.

She tilted her head shyly. "I've never been in love before, Geoffie. I've always hoped I would be someday." She looked at him, her heart on her lovely face. "It's nice."

"I have been in love, sweetheart," said Geoff, looking at his lap and not at her. "Many times." She watched his old face as he spoke, wondering what he was about to say.

He looked up at her, and his old gray eyes were wet. "But never like this, Amy. Never like this."

She moved into his arms, and they embraced - warmth and caring and friendship and passion , seamless. "I thought my life was over," he whispered. "You've given it back to me - and it's better now than it ever was. I love you, Amy."

"I love you, Geoffie," she whispered back.

Then, together, they said, "You are my life -" and blinked at each other, surprised, then warmed.

The pizza was forgotten. Their mouths had other work to do.


Across the hall from Geoff's bedroom, which was the smallest, there was another. It contained an old-fashioned four-poster cannonball bed, with a mattress so high Amy needed Geoff's help to get up onto it. Since Geoff's bed was too small, and Amy's was in the bedroom he had shared with his late wife, they chose to sleep together there.

Amy surprised and delighted Geoff by coming to bed in an adorable, and very short, babydoll nightie - filmy, but not sheer - with matching bikini panties that made his tough old heart melt. It was short enough to show her sweet bellybutton above her tiny panties, and her long hair, loose and shining, cascaded down her shoulders and veiled her lightly, back and front.

"Do I look all right?" she asked shyly, posing a little with one leg slightly bent in front of the other. Her cheeks were flushed, and the two sharp little peaks in the blue silk of her nightie that poked through the curtain of her hair revealed that her nipples were tautly erect.

He smiled, with a lump in his throat that felt like a tennis ball. "Like a sailor's dream," he said, his deep voice soft and raspy with emotion. He slid from the bed and came to her, wearing only his boxers. Amy admired his legs, as muscular and hard as his arms.

Geoff lifted her in his arms again and carried her to the bed. "I love that so much," she murmured, "when you pick me up like this."

"So do I," he whispered in her small, pink ear. "I wish I could carry you everywhere."

She giggled as he placed her in the bed, as gently and carefully as if she were made of porcelain. "They might look at me funny in freshman English," she said with a twinkle. She brushed her hair back and over the pillow, out of the way.

He chuckled. "Who are you kidding? You placed out of freshman English in your junior year." He grinned at her surprise. "I keep up through your mom and dad," he said.

He admired the lovely girl in his bed, his gaze lingering on her bare white legs and pretty feet.

Amy felt his eyes like a caress, and moved her legs languidly, showing them off. She leaned back on the pillows and smiled, and even her innocent blue eye was heavy-lidded and inviting. Her brown eye looked at him smokily, warm and clouded with passion.

She moved over, giving him room. "Come to bed, Geoff," she breathed. "Come touch me."

The old soldier, who had faced bullets and bombs and boobytraps without flinching, realized that his old hands were shaking - and not from age. He turned off the light, leaving the room dimly lit from the streetlamps outside, and slid into bed beside her. She came into his arms shyly, yet eagerly, and he cradled her like the precious treasure that she was.

They kissed, and held each other close, and whispered and sighed and made small contented noises of contentment - and all the time their hands were exploring each other's bodies, at first tentatively, then with more boldness.

Geoff was stunned and shaken by the feel of Amy's bare legs against his own. Scarcely believing she was really his, he breathed in her light perfume, stroked her smooth thighs, molded her silk-sheathed bottom in his hands, and caressed her sweet young breasts through her nightie.

Amy's senses were overwhelmed as well. She felt his arms, his chest, his back, his ass, her soft hands pressing hard muscle and trembling at his strength. His warm masculine scent was all around her, and she felt like a toy in his arms.

She wanted to be his toy, to give him pleasure and make him smile - and moan...

She shivered, and he pulled her closer.

He combed her hair with his fingers, and she stroked his bald head tenderly, feeling the fine stubble beneath her palms. They looked at each other in wonder in the dim light, and did not speak.

She cooed at the feel of his hard cock against her belly as she kissed his chest and pressed herself against him - and when he slipped a hand beneath her babydoll to stroke her back, she rolled away and lifted her breasts to his touch.

Geoff stroked and shaped her sweet, soft young tits reverently, touching her tender nipples gently and tasting her probing tongue as he did. He bent to kiss her throat - and she sighed and lifted her chin for it, eyes dreamily closed, mouth open in passion. He sucked gently at her collarbone as he kneaded her breasts, his hands growing less gentle, more insistent - and Amy shuddered and pulled him close, her small white hands tugging at his back, stroking his head, her knee rising to rub her bare leg against his hip.

He felt her tension and uncertainty through her passion. "You've never done this before," he breathed, and she shook her head, whimpering. His hand was stroking her smooth, bare belly. "It's all right, Punkin," he whispered. "Don't be afraid. I love you. Let me show you..."

"I'm not afraid, Geoffie," she gasped. "I love you too. Touch me..."

Trembling, she opened her smooth legs to him, and he stroked her inner thighs, luxuriating in their softness and warmth. He covered her mound with his aged, but gentle, hand, feeling her heat and moisture.

He squeezed her there; and she hissed and lifted her pussy to him with a curl of her spine, opening herself even farther, her knees rising and separating.

He pressed his fingers into her pussy through her panties, subtly massaging her hot, humid lips through the thin, wet fabric. She moaned softly and began to roll her hips into his grip. Rhythmically, sensuously, Amy undulated beneath his touch. So sensitive, he thought. So sweet. "Yessss," he whispered. "That's right. Just feel it..."

He pressed and circled his fingertips at her apex, knowing that the pressure at her hidden clitoris was pushing her ever closer to her first orgasm with a man. She shivered and gasped with passion, and her mouth opened to his kiss eagerly. Her breath was hot and quick, and she whimpered again. In spite of her words, she was a little afraid. Amy had never even been French-kissed before him.

"Cum for me, Amy," he whispered, his lips touching hers. "Cum in my arms - let it out - I love you so much -"

She quivered and cried out, an inarticulate moan of sweet pressure and release: "Aaunngh - UUNGH! Ungh, unnngh.... So g... Good..." Geoff smiled and held her tight as she shuddered and jerked in his arms, massaging her sweet wet pussy as she did.

"That's right, Punkin, let it all out... Cream for me, honey..."

"Oh, Geoffie -"

Her lips sought his even before she came down, and they kissed deeply as she quivered against him, still deep in her orgasm. Her hand groped blindly at his boxers, and when she found his stiff organ, she plunged her hand down them and took hold of it bare.

Now it was Geoff's turn to gasp and moan and cling to her. She rose toward another deep climax as she held and caressed his cock, squeezing and pulling at it in a random rhythm - and to his astonishment and blinding pleasure, he felt his cum rising. So fast, so fast...

He squeezed her pussy-mound and gasped as the express train of his orgasm roared down upon him. Her soft, small hand rubbed and squeezed at his slippery dickhead wildly, clumsily, unpredictably, her innocence and inexperience exciting him as no skilled handjob could have ever done...

Just as Amy cried out and came again, Geoff gave a bass growl and began to spurt in her hand. She cried out again with joy as she came in his arms, gripping and tugging at his bursting knob and feeling his thick white cream squirt from between her busy fingers.

She left her slippery hand where it was as they came down from the mountain, shivering lightly and nuzzling each other, breathing hard and gasping of their love.

"Oh, God, juh-Geoffie, that was s-so good..."

"My sweet Amy... I never... I never came so fast..."

She giggled, even as she tried to catch her breath. "Really?" She squeezed his sticky cock again with her sperm-slick hand, and he groaned and thrust it at her. She licked his cheek and squeezed it again.

"Unnh... Oh, baby..." he moaned. She giggled and rolled her pussy upward, into his hand. Then she whispered, "Geoffie?"

He opened his eyes and looked at her - and she squeezed his cock as she slipped her hand from it, gathering as much of his cum as she could, then lifted her hand to her mouth and began to lick and suck his pearly sperm from her palm and fingers.

He gaped at her as she giggled and ate his cum, and then he laughed and licked his own fingers, wet with her juices.

They held and kissed each other for a while, and then Geoff said, "Wait a minute," and got up from the bed.

She lay there alone for a few minutes, sucking her fingers, then smiled as she heard the Canon begin. He had turned it up loud enough that they could hear it in the bedroom.

He came back with a warm, damp washcloth, and he tenderly and gently cleaned up the sticky residue of their pleasure. Then he slipped back in bed with her and took her in his arms.

"That was wonderful, Geoffie," she whispered against his chest as the tones of the Canon calmed and soothed her, along with his gentle, stroking hands.

She looked up at him, and he kissed her. "There will be more," he murmured, and kissed her again. "Much more."

"I know," she breathed. "From me too." She looked at him with a sleepy, satisfied smirk. "Wait till you see me in my string bikini..."

"Mmmm. I can't wait."

"And out of it," she breathed into his ear.

"Ooo." He kissed her again, and cuddled her as the Canon surrounded them - and soon, she slept sweetly in his arms.

He watched her lovely face for a time, marveling, thinking. And eventually he slept, too.


Around 1:30, Geoff slipped from the bed as quietly as he could and went into the bathroom. He didn't think that he woke Amy, but when he returned, she was smiling at him, her hair spread over her pillow.

"Sorry, Punkin. I get up two or three times a night. Maybe you'd rather sleep in your own bed, after."

She smiled sleepily and lifted her arms. "Don't be silly," she said, her voice thick. "It just means I get to fall asleep in your arms again." And she did, in minutes.

Twice more during the night, he got up and then returned to her sweet embrace. He found it no longer annoyed him to get up, and by morning they were calling his trips to the bathroom their "night cuddles."

He smiled as he drifted off the third time. Her warm young body lay against him, and he held her as she breathed deeply and slowly, her love and trust apparent even as she slept.

Can a life change so completely in one day - and this near its end? he thought.

He gazed at her sweet face.

Sure looks like it...


They woke in each other's arms. It was only seven o'clock, but Geoff frowned. "Overslept," he rumbled, and sat up.

"Hm?" Amy looked at him sleepily. "What time is it?"

"Seven," he said. "I've gotten up at six-thirty for years. Used to be five-thirty. Never needed an alarm clock."

She smiled. "Maybe there's something about your bed that's different now."

He looked at her - and grinned, then laughed. Amy giggled and slid over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. She kissed his hard belly. "Mmmm," she murmured. "Thank you for last night, Geoffie."

He slid down in the bed and kissed her. "No, thank you," he said.

"We could argue, or we could do it again," she said with a smirk.

He laughed again. "We have all day, sweetheart," he said. "How about I take a shower while you make breakfast?"

She kissed him again. "How about WE take a shower, and then we make breakfast together?"

He shivered involuntarily. He had not yet seen her naked. "Uh," he said. "Uh. Uh, okay."

Amy giggled. It was so much fun to surprise him.

She slid from the bed and stood before him, and took the hem of her shortie in her hands. "Watch me, Geoffie," said the tiny beauty. "I want you to watch me."

As if she has to tell me to, he thought. "No one else has ever seen you naked," he said softly. "Have they?" She shook her head, her cheeks pink. "No man has," she said. "Not since I was a baby. My doctor is a girl."

She blushed even more deeply. "I want you to think I'm pretty." she hesitated, then spoke in a breathy rush: "And - and I want you to stare at me and make me feel all embarrassed and scared and - and all bare and little and helpless." Her nipples were hard little points under her nightgown. "Make me undress, Geoffie. Make me show you everything."

He smiled and winked - then looked at her with a stern Sergeant-Major frown. She giggled, and he glared at her so menacingly she shivered.

He spoke gruffly. "Take that off, Amy. Take it off and throw it away. Right now."

Trembling, she pulled the nightie over her head and tossed it into the corner, then stood with her arms crossed over her breasts. Her hair fell like a curtain in front of her, covering almost as much as her babydoll had.

"Pull down those panties," he growled. "Pull them off and throw them away, too. And put your hair behind you."

The trembling girl did as she was told, and stood naked with her hand over her pussy and her arm across her breasts, looking at the floor.

"Hands behind your back," he said. "And look at me."

She looked into his eyes, biting her lip, and let him see.

Amy was bare before him, from her pretty feet to her disconcerting eyes. Geoff took his time looking her over, being careful not to smile. It wasn't easy.

Her skin was milky-white and flawless; her breasts were fuller than he had expected, but so firm they stood out in quivering cones, tipped with soft, swollen pink nipples.

Her belly was almost flat, with an adorable little "innie" navel; her hips flared out in sweet, perfectly proportioned curves. Her pussy was almost hairless, with only a thin veil of fine hair that did nothing to hide her soft, prominent mound and her sweet crease. Her legs were perfect, smooth and shapely.

"Turn around," he said, "and move your hair so I can see you."

She did. Her back was one long sweeping curve of perfect pale skin, and her pale, firm, deliciously round bottom made his hands ache to feel it and hold it. Even the backs of her knees were beautiful, her ankles, her heels.

"Turn around," he said again.

The shivering girl made as if to cover herself again, but stopped and put her hands behind her back obediently.

He gave her a small smile, at last. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

She nodded, slowly. "I've never been so scared and self-conscious in my life, Geoffie," she said in a breathy whisper, "But I love it. I love being completely naked in front of you." She looked at him like an embarrassed child, her heart in her eyes. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

He stood, and pulled off his boxers. She stared wide-eyed at his cock, which was bigger than she had expected - and stood out at full attention, steel-hard.

"You do," she whispered, staring at it. "You do think I'm pretty."

He approached her, and, once again, he easily picked her up in his arms. "I think you're the most beautiful thing God ever made," he said softly.

Amy felt his hard-on brushing her bare bottom. She gave a tremulous sigh, leaned her cheek on his chest, and nuzzled it, her arms around his neck and her thighs pressed together. "Thank you, Geoffie," she whispered. "That was so embarrassing..."

"I love it that you're embarrassed," he said. She looked up, surprised, and he smiled down at her with adoration in his old eyes. "It means you know just how precious the gift is that you're giving me, just letting me see you."

He kissed her. "I want you to be self-conscious and embarrassed every time you're naked in front of me. I never want you to forget how special and sweet that is, and how beautiful you are."

She was shivering in his arms. "I promise," she said. "I feel so bare and vulnerable... Like you can do anything you want to me." She looked up at him with those disturbing eyes. "You can," she breathed.

He grinned down at her and started for her room, carrying her easily. "Right now, all I want to do is cover you all over with soap and scrub you till you're pink," he said. "With my hands."

She crossed her ankles and giggled as he carried her down the hall and through her room. "And I get to do the same," she said. "I want to make sure your dick is really, really clean..." He felt it twitch as he set her down on the tiled floor of her bathroom.


She washed her long hair first; Geoff was fascinated, watching her bend naked over the sink and apply her shampoo, her conditioner, rinse, repeat, squeeze out the water, comb it out, and finally wrap it expertly in a towel which she wound around her head.

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