tagLetters & TranscriptsCan't Get You Out Of My Head

Can't Get You Out Of My Head


I can't stop thinking about the time with you. You're not my first, but you might as well have been. I felt things that I didn't know I could. It's like you awakened a whole other side of me, the adventurous, wild, sex driven side. Combine it with my soft, romantic, timid side, and I can make you very, very happy.

Your kiss alone is enough to excite me and make me want you so much. I love the way that I feel just waiting, hoping that you're going to touch me, kiss me, make me feel so beautiful.

I love being out with you, going places, but I have the thought and image in my head, how I just want to get back and find the bed with you again. I don't want to be away from it long, the craving is too intense, the urge driving me insane. I shouldn't be thinking these things in front of so many people, and I blush just thinking "What if someone knows? What if they can see that right now, I'm so wet thinking about his hands and how I feel when he's inside me?" But I can't stop. I start to fix it, straighten up, try to be a lady, then you look at me or grab my hand, or touch the small of my back, and I'm craving you again.

All I can think of is feeling you again, wanting your hands on me. I want to feel your mouth on my breasts, kissing and sucking, biting then kissing to soften the sting. I love the excitement, feeling your hands as they move further and further down my body, the anticipation of knowing where your fingers are headed, and getting so anxious knowing it won't be long.

I love the way you tease me, run your hands up and down my legs, making me squirm and beg. You tell me to quiet down, you'll get there, but you want to feel me. I lay back and let you touch and taste, as you lick up my legs. I'm fisting my hands in the blankets, fighting every urge not to just push you back and climb on top of you, ride you until we're both satisfied. But I know you like to take your time, and I love to let you.

You're working your way closer, and I feel your breath right where I'm hoping for your mouth, your tongue and your fingers. You take pity on me, know I can't take much more, and I know you want it just as much as me. I feel you part me, so gently, and slide your finger in between my legs, right at the crest, making me moan just a little. I won't make too much noise yet, saving that up for when you're inside me. You're teasing me, rubbing me lightly right where you know I love it, where you know I get so weak. I'm squirming now, raising my hips, silently begging for you to take me, give me more. You oblige me and slide your finger in me, finally realizing how much I've wanted you. You're amazed at how wet you've made me. I can see it in your eyes, you're just as hungry for it as I am now. I take that one look as my advantage and make my move.

I lean up and push you back. Your turn. And I want to feel that power you just had. You're already rock hard, and I can see that it would be so easy to just take what I want, what I need. You're so hard and throbbing, and in my head I'm already riding your hard dick, loving how you fill me and make me scream for more. But you didn't rush, and neither will I. I start to kiss down your chest, rubbing my hands up and down your legs, kissing lower and lower.

I look up while I'm kissing, you're looking at me, so anxious. I tell you to lean back, close your eyes. It's my turn to make you feel good. I start by teasing a little, just licking the tip when I finally reach my goal. I hear you suck in a breath, I know now that this is just what you need. But I want more. I take the tip in my mouth, sucking, moving my tongue over it, moving my head up and down, in and out, while you put your head back and moan with your eyes closed. You knot your hands in my hair, moving my head up and down, bobbing on you just the way you like it. I know just what you want, and I take you all the way in my mouth, clear down, choking a little, but loving so much the sound you make when you feel it all the way. I'm sucking up and down, in and out. I reach down and feel, sucking on you has kept me wet. As you watch, I'm on my knees while you're leaning back, watching me suck your dick and play with myself. You know what I want. I'm keeping wet just for you, I'm so anxious to slide on to you.

You've reached the point I'm at, you can't take any more than I can and you have to be inside me. You pull me up, kissing me, pulling me on to you. I sit on your lap, my legs wrapped around your waist, my nails digging in to your back, as you find the spot and enter me. I can't help it, I call out. You grab my hips and thrust yourself up in to me, and I'm so filled. You take me and turn over on to my back, never once leaving me. When you have me on my back, you pull out, just to the very tip, take my legs and put them over your shoulders, and you enter me fast and hard. You keep thrusting in to me, over and over, faster and harder each time. I'm digging my nails in to your back, pulling myself closer, getting you so deep.

You feel me start to tense up, but not yet. You have another move in mind. You move to the edge of the bed, where you sit and have me face away from you. You pull me back on to you and enter me, making me moan again. You should have known I wouldn't last long like this. You reach around me, using one hand to play with my nipples, massaging and playing, little tugs then gentle enough I'm pulsing even harder. With your other hand, you reach down and spread me apart. While your sliding in and out of me, you're using your finger and playing with that special spot, knowing it won't be long before I'm tensing up wrapped around you.

I'm feeling better than I've ever felt, but it's still in my head that I want you to feel better than ever too. Even though I'm partially distracted, I'm working on focusing enough to tighten up and work my hips, moving up and down on you, doing everything I can to make you feel so good. I lean forward just a little, put my hands on the edge of the bed, so I can really work my hips and slide on you. I want to feel you when you reach that point. I want to feel you throb and tense. I want to know it was me, those movements, being inside me that made you twitch and grunt and grab me against you.

Why leave the bed, or floor, or chair, or anywhere we can find, and go anywhere when we can do this all the time? I can't get you out of my head...

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