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Can't Handle Me


Synopsis: Busty wife is frustrated by hubby's inability to fully satisfy her.

Note 1: "My Erotic Fiction", which means you cannot copy, use, or repost it without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and none of it is real.

Note 2: This is based on Literotica.com's TheTalkMan's 'You Couldn't Handle Me'- an incest story of a battle of wills between a gorgeous MILF and her studly son. A big part of the original story hinges on her husband's inability to keep up with her almost superhuman sex drive. This is a different story based on what might have happened in some sort of alternate universe had someone in a similar situation decided to go a different direction.

Edited by Job1969. Thanks, Jon! You were magnificent! Any remaining errors are due to my last-minute tweaks.



Annabelle Rae (Walker) Mendelson was laying on her back, staring at the white ceiling in the near-darkness.

Her husband of eighteen years, Joel Ira Mendelson, was fast asleep beside her- 'but at least,' she thought, 'he does not snore.'

She sighed, frustrated by yet another round of sex that exhausted him but barely let her get out of first gear. Even though she was keyed up, she just could not bring herself to slip into the spare bedroom and finish herself off with the vibrating dildo she hid there, as she did so often.

Part of her reluctance was fatigue, from a long week preparing for and throwing their anniversary party, part was that she was so comfortable in the warm bed and warm covers, and part was a sort of fatalism. She just could not go on like this any more.

Belle's problem was that she was a sexual being... damn near a super sexual being. She was not just a Ferrari of sex, she was a Hennesy Venom GT of sex. When most women were totally satisfied, she was just getting warmed up. It was not that she was slow to arousal or lacked sensitivity- far from it! It was that for her, sex was a marathon in which she was just hitting her stride after half a dozen orgasms. Her perfectly toned body could take a pounding that would leave a women's book club broken and gasping.

Young Annabelle, often called 'Anna' at this stage, had grown up with in a moderately affluent household, the only child of her doting parents. While not exceptionally attractive as a young child, she blossomed... damn near exploded... into a stunningly beautiful teenager.

At first, she did not really think there was anything special about her. Sure, her breasts were already a C when most of her friends were just beginning to outgrow their training bras, and boys and men both seemed to be getting increasingly tongue-tied around her, but it all seemed perfectly normal to her. Annabelle enjoyed dozens of good friends, both boys and girls, since she was such a warm and gregarious person.

Middle school Anna began to realize what she was, what she had, and the scales fell from her alluring eyes. She handled the growing number of stares and comments by pretty much ignoring any sexual overtones, often not even realizing that there was a sexual overtone.

By then, she was a tall, shapely young woman with an eye-catching 34D-22-34 body, flawless skin, shimmering blonde hair half-way down her back, clear blue eyes, and the face of an angelic supermodel that looked both mature for her age and innocently young. Her parents had a full gym in the sunroom and she had grown up using it every day, so there was no spare weight on her tight frame and her muscles were amazingly toned. She had been asked by the gym teacher to try out for some sports and she went with cheerleading and volleyball. She quickly found that her natural grace and well-crafted physique helped her excel at both, even though her large breasts sometimes caused problems, whether by getting in the way or throwing her balance a bit, or because of the effects they had on the other girls.

This was also when she began to discover things from the other girls. She learned that she was far more attractive than any other woman at the school, and that indeed, many of the women, even the teachers, were jealous of her beauty. She learned that she could get guys to do things for her without her reciprocating even a little. She learned about sex and discovered the joys of masturbation. She learned from locker room talk and other gossip that compared to her other girlfriends, she had a high sex drive, getting herself off several times a day.

High School Annabelle chose to focus on academics and cheerleading. Even as the new girl in school, her natural beauty and charisma made her the 'IT' girl of the school and she was soon hanging with the hottest babes in the place, even seniors. She blew off unwanted masculine attention with what became her catch phrase- "You couldn't handle me."

She started going by 'Bell', not even Belle, when before she was either Annabelle or just Anna. She was becoming a different woman. She started to dress in more revealing, skin-tight clothes, bare midriffs, acres of cleavage, pushing the dress code as hard as she could push it. She wore the skimpiest and sexiest thongs and bras she could find, often leaving a whale-tail showing.

Bell was also studying up on her new favorite topic. She availed herself of her parent's computer and dial-up internet to learn about porn. She found books in the library on sex and convinced the young man at the desk that she was old enough to check them out. She read about oral sex, and literally drooled over the idea of someone licking her juicy pussy. She was fascinated by the idea of anal sex, squirming at the idea of something up her tight heiney.

High School Senior Bell was the queen of the school. Early on, there was a lot of mean-spirited rumors and name calling. She was accused of being easy or a slut, of stealing boyfriends, of being a whore and other things.

She learned to steer away from those sorts of labels, but it proved to be harder to maintain friendships with girls who were threatened by someone who was effortlessly more beautiful and sexy than they were. She was a swan amongst ducklings. Hers was the name that most of the boys, and not a few teachers, called out when they had sex. Hers was the body that most of the students fantasized about. Her graduation party was epic and became a school legend when she proved that most of the guys there, indeed, could not handle her.

Much of the night was a little foggy to Bell- she was also fairly new to alcohol- but she managed to hook up with one of the Junior football players, a big slab of a man-boy named Rich. Rich had some experience and Bell was a little drunk and really horny. She tried to blow him off with 'you couldn't handle me', but Rich just kept pushing. It was not long before she was on her back while Rick mauled her big tits, wetly sucking on one then the other as her folds began to flood with lubricant. When he finally condomed up and entered her, it was like some switch deep inside her was turned on! She gasped and came within several strokes, and the climax energized her so she began to thrust her hips aggressively back at the man pumping away.

He was so turned on by her actions and the looks of this busty beauty squirming at the end of his cock that he came sooner than usual. She came again when she felt him climax, and again as he pulled out of her, falling to her side. Belle lay there feeling like she just mainlined caffeine. She was wide awake and tingly. She wanted to feel that again. She tried to get Rich to respond, but he groggily demurred.

Bell went to the bathroom to freshen up and rejoined the party, trolling for another chance to experience what she just experienced. She found a group of assorted jocks in the kitchen and quickly became the center of their attention. She had been a virgin until thirty minutes ago and had never really had a boyfriend before, so she was not sure what to do here, but let her instincts guide her.

She took the biggest guy in the group, not even knowing his name, and led him to an empty room. A minute later and she pulled the jock on top of her. The guy's name was Ted and he was not nearly as experienced as he acted, or as large as Rich. She fucked him to his exhaustion and had a few more of her own climaxes. As he lay beside her, she played with her hard clit and got herself off a couple of times to finally take some of the edge off.

Rejoining the winding-down party, she used the gossip machine to find another target - someone not currently seeing anyone but rumored to be good in bed - and hitched up with Tommy. Another football jock, Tommy was a big man that quickly succumbed to Bell's attention, intrigued by her challenge that he could not handle her. Minutes later, Tommy was on his back as Bell straddled him and was pounding towards her first climax, hair and tits flying wildly as her toned body rode his meaty cock. She was really getting the hang of this!

"Umm, do you like this Tommy? Do you like your big cock in my hot cunt? Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck me harder! You feel so good, stud! God yes!"

She tried to keep up a line of patter, but it lapsed into repeated phrases like 'oh god', 'yes', and 'fuck me' as she neared her orgasm. She moaned and tensed as it began, clenching every muscle in her tight body before releasing it in a gush of fluids.

Tommy was astonished to see that she came already, and more amazed that it just seemed to rev her up.

She looked in his eyes and smiled. "That was great, now, let's do it for real!" and she kicked it up a notch.

Tommy rose to the challenge and began to thrust up into her, catching a flailing tit with a large paw and massaging her just above her mons. She squealed with delight and shuddered through a small one even as she added a twisting motion to her hips. The new motion caught her in new places inside and sparked her to new heights. She began to twist and turn her hips as if trying to sharpen Tommy's pencil. His eyes crossed, his body tensed, then he blew his wad into the condom. Not being totally inexperienced, he was able to maintain himself long enough for Bell to come again and they rolled apart for a while.

Bell leaned on his big chest and played with his chest hairs. "So, big guy. Think you could handle a blow job?"

Tommy was not a stranger to oral, but usually the girls offered it as a prelude to sex. When he nodded, Bell kissed him with enough tongue to make his cock stir. Bell cleaned him up then worked her way down and took some time to stroke him as she took a minute to examine it close up for the first time.

"Ummm, Tommy, I am going to eat your cock until it comes all over me!" as she began to lick his head and the bottom of the shaft.

The taste was... different. Not like anything she could think of, a bit salty and tangy, but of course, she had cleaned off most of the fluids. She tried to remember her reading and varied what she did. When he would tense or groan, she would do more of it. If it did not seem to have a response, she would not do it as much.

It was not long before he was hard enough to fuck again, but she decided to suck him to completion just to see what it was like. It took a few more minutes of action with her mouth, tongue, lips, and hands to bring him to climax. She was unprepared for the experience though, and some of it went down wrong and most of it got on her face and chest. She coughed and sputtered for a few minutes, which broke the mood, but made her more determined to do better. Over the next couple weeks with him, she did get better. In fact, she got really good. She also learned that anal was OK, more or less, once she got used to it.

Yeah, her party pretty much proved that most guys couldn't handle her.

Collegiate Bell was a new woman yet again. By now she had perfected herself in every way she valued. She could quickly size up a man and bend him to her will almost without thinking with her flashing eyes and mouth-watering cleavage- now up to a full 'F' and barely needing the support of her bra. Her blow jobs alone were better than sex with most other women. She could nearly tie a knot with her vaginal muscles and enjoyed bringing a partner off by just sitting on his lap and milking him with just her well-trained pussy. Orgasms empowered her rather than tiring her out so she could fuck four men to exhaustion and still want more.

She took classes in anything she could that was physical - rock climbing, dance, martial arts, weightlifting and usually embarrassed the others by how easily she excelled in most of it, even while maintaining an impressively high overall GPA. She even managed to work being a cheerleader into her schedule. She did not even try to be captain, but was once again the center of the group.

It drove guys crazy that she never seemed to want for partners, but they could not figure out what the key to her bed was. Money did not seem to unlock her, nor did sports prowess. She would date the biggest geek on campus for a month, then toss him aside for a third-string basketball player, who was soon replaced by an overweight nobody, who in turn would get dumped for... whoever caught her eye.

Women hovered around her, even though she was not a lot nicer to them. She totally avoided the whole Greek thing and ran solo. Going to a club with Bell was a sure way to score with the hot guys that got all worked up over watching her dance, then would crash against her barriers and rebound into their arms. Hell, just watching the guys get brainlocked watching Bell's huge tits jiggle on the dance floor was worth the price of admission!

Going shopping was even more interesting. First, she only allowed the 'hottest bitches' to roll with her when she shopped or went to the spa, so that was a coup in itself. Next, using a combination of flirting, sweet talk, touches, carefully calculated reveals, bitchiness, firm requests to see a manager, or out-and-out force of will, she always got the best service and prices. It was a rare trip when Bell paid full price for anything - she often never even broke out her charge card.

Collegiate Senior Bell became even more convinced of her superiority over womankind when she was recruited for some acting and modeling. In a classic move, a scout saw her at a local diner and was captivated enough to leave a card, which she leveraged into him paying for her meal. She had so many men run this sort of scam on her that she usually just discarded the card, but this time something about the quality of the card made her at least check the web for more info.

Soon she was doing trial shoots on still and video film which led to a couple spreads for a regional clothing store and a few commercials. When the major men's magazines began to call, it just fed into her already over-inflated ego. She turned them down, figuring she could go further faster without that sort of baggage. Besides, she could always call them later.

One small example of the kind of woman she had become was the fact that she did most of her working out in her apartment, but still went to the gym to find fresh meat and to show off her perfection. It turned her on to know that men and women alike were staring at her. It made her wet to know that other attractive women there were measuring themselves against her and found themselves wanting, or watching guys go through a cycle of trying to ignore her, to staring, to lusting, to working up to asking her out, to realizing how inferior they were to her, to withdrawal... but still lusting.

Bell's world was shaken at her 22nd birthday party. She had looked forward to the one thrown by her fellow cheers. They threw cool parties and lots of the best guys attended. Besides, she anticipated great gifts!

At first, she just noticed the quiet good-looking guy on the corners of the crowds. Probably what intrigued her the most about him what that he legitimately seemed to be ignoring her- not the mock ignoring that most guys did around her. His behavior sent a sharp spark of heat into her brain. 'Nobody ignores Bell Walker!'

She began to game him, trying to get into his line of sight, trying to catch his eye with her massive, well-displayed cleavage. It did not seem to be working- in fact, James seemed more interested in some game on his phone than in anything else. Upstaged by a phone? This was an outrage to Bell!

She sat beside him without looking at him to see what he would do. Without a glimpse at her, he stood up and found a new seat. Later, she managed to be in a conversation with someone else that meant pressing her sweet ass against his shoulder. He shifted away. She followed, he grunted and left again. Damn him! She would have thought he was gay, but she had seen him looking at some of the other cheers- mere girls that she outclassed in every way- hair, skin, muscles, legs, ass, and of course, tits. She decided on a more direct approach.

"Hi. I'm Bell." She had him in a corner, nearly smothering him with her bountiful bosom.

"Yeah, I know. Excuse me." He tried to duck and leave, but she shifted position to block him.

"What is your problem?" She asked. "I'm just trying to be nice."

"Look, Bell, I'm just not interested, OK? I've heard about you, and I just don't need or want that kind of drama in my life. Besides, I doubt I could handle you." He said with a slight crooked grin.

How dare he? How DARE he say something like that to her! Wasn't she worth a little drama? Hell, wasn't she worth a LOT of drama? She WAS drama, damn it! She was the High Mother Goddess of Drama and Perfection! Mere mortals like him should be on their knees kissing her perfect feet! But- if she showed this, she would lose the game, and she never lost. The actress in her rose up.

"I know, right?" She said in her most angelic voice. "Who needs drama? I just wanted to talk to someone I have not met before that looked interesting."

She sold it with sweet innocent looks that would make any parent give their child a pony. He softened, and Bell knew it. She got him to talking, getting him to introduce himself as James Mendelson, then to sharing a drink in a quieter room, them sharing his chair as she felt his cock against her bottom, then to deep kissing. "So, do you want to go somewhere and see if you can handle me?"

James was unlocking the motel room door, not quite sure how he ended up here, but well-remembering the sensation of her delightful chest overflowing in his hands. His cock was as hard as he ever felt it, and her warm hands on it felt like a hellish heaven as he fumbled with the key. They were shedding clothes as they fell towards the bed, and James was between her legs tasting her delicious juices before the last of the clothes fully hit the ground. Bell made appreciative noises. Any cunnilingus was better than none, but James was just not that experienced at it. She shifted positions on him and began to give him a blow job. She kept it toned down since she knew her real deal would make him blow too fast.

She grabbed one of her favorite kinds of condoms from the collection in her bag. (She had, by this time, tested nearly all of them and had definite favorites.)

She did her well-practiced trick of rolling it on with her mouth and sucked a bit longer to get him good and hard, then pulled him under her into her favorite cowgirl position, and the games began! Bell knew that if she got him off too early, even if she scored several orgasms from him, he would be done for the night, so instead she used her arsenal of tricks to keep him hard and cool him off when needed. She'd fuck him hard, then slow down and offer a big hard nipple to his lips while squeezing the bejeezus out of his cock with her vaginal muscles. She would squirm to maximize her pleasure, knowing that this combination of movements did little for him. In short, she fucked him over good for nearly an hour.

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