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Can't Hardly Wait


I've edited the original story to make it not end so quickly. Thanks for all the helpful feedback, especially that second anon comment. The changes are late in the story, and I hope this version is better.


I dropped onto the couch with a sigh of relief. It had taken an hour and a half of chasing the little brats I babysat around the house trying to get them all into their pajamas and then into bed. Then, of course, it took another hour just to get them to shut up and stay in their room and go to sleep. I didn't much care if they were in their beds or sprawled out on the floor, as long as they were asleep.

With several more hours to go before the father of the terrors came home, I grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels. With the parental control password entered, I had access to every channel except pay-per-view. Cinemax had the usual bad acting and fake sex on at this hour, but I needed something more in order to unwind. Knowing he would take the money out of what he owed me for the night, I ordered the adult channel bundle and got up to grab my bag from the kitchen cabinet where I hid it from the kids. From the bottom I pulled a small bottle of lube and my favorite toy and then went back to the couch in the den.

When I had started working for the single father, it had occurred to me that he may be looking for something more than just a babysitter. I had worn a flirty skirt and low-cut top, only to find I was interviewing with a man who was run ragged by his three sons and still recovering from the loss of his wife. Now, I showed up to work each morning in jeans and a t-shirt to take the kids to school and came back to keep up the house. I had all day long to do whatever I wanted, as long as the housework was done. It was the after-school routine of the three rambunctious children that wound up my stress levels to heights I had never imagined possible for what should have been an easy job. It hadn't taken me long to find out that the old couch in the den was the perfect place to play since it was beside the garage and as far from the kids' room as I could get. It was also a very deep couch with thinning cushions that exposed the frame and gave me a convenient place to prop my feet.

My juices had already started flowing as I watched the scene play out on the big screen. The woman was standing with one man ramming her from behind as another man licked her cunt and the other's cock. I reached between my legs and started massaging my pussy lips, enjoying the heavy feeling that got stronger the more aroused I was. Propping one leg across the couch I was able to spread myself wide. The moaning from the television was getting me hotter as I rubbed my slick slit from my hole and up to my clit. I knew this wouldn't keep my attention for long, though, so I grabbed my dildo and started to lube it up with my own juices as I pinched and squeezed my nipples to erection.

The sensation of the ribbed toy rubbing roughly over my clit had me gasping and I arched my back as the man who had been fucking the woman switched places with the man who had been eating her out. I shoved the 9 inch dong into my wet cunt as far as it would go just as the man bent the woman over and did the same to her ass. Leaving the toy inside me I started to pinch and flick my clit as I felt my pussy squeezing around the firm toy. I was so distracted that I didn't hear the car approaching until the garage door started to open, but by then I was too lost in the sensations to care if the man walked in on me watching porn while his sons slept upstairs.

My boss walked through the door to the garage and stood and stared at the TV for a few seconds before he looked at me spread before him on the couch. I arched and moaned, pulling at my right nipple and fucking myself with the toy. When I looked up, he had taken a few steps closer and dropped his keys on the side table. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that I wasn't going to get in trouble for doing this. As I pulled the toy from my dripping hole, he sat down on the end of the couch by my feet and just watched while I rubbed my clit with two fingers and then dipped them into my pussy. I knew he could see my hole contracting around my fingers, and it made me wetter though I was nowhere close to finishing.

We continued like this -- him watching me fuck myself without moving from where he had sat -- until one of the men I had been watching came across the woman's chin and chest and the other shot his load onto her stomach. At the sight of that, I let out a moan and began using the toy to slap my clit with a little force. The boss was watching me with such heat in his eyes, and I could see the twitch in his fingers that let me know he wanted to touch something. Whether that something was me or himself, I didn't care.

"Join in, boss-man," I moaned and arched toward him, hoping he would touch me instead of just himself. My voice must have startled him out of whatever trance he had been in because he stood with enough urgency that I thought he would fall over. His slacks and shirt hit the floor in quick succession, and I got my first look at what he was packing. He could have been the anonymous man from the porn with that equipment, but instead he was an investment banker. None of that mattered when he took the toy from me and dropped it on the floor.

He sat on the couch, shoving my knees to my chest and spreading my thighs even wider. His head bent to my mound and I moaned as his tongue slid along my slit with strong, sure strokes before plunging into my hole. The sensation of his tongue wiggling inside me made me arch my back and grab his head as I clenched around him. I was on that silvery edge of orgasm when he pulled his tongue out and swiped the pad of his finger over my sex. He explored my folds slowly, careful not to touch my clit too much as he held me on the brink of orgasm without letting me find my release. No matter how much I writhed and arched, he would not give me release. I stretched my body out along the couch, clawing at the fabric and moaning, when he lifted my hips and sucked my clit between his lips. My body bucked against his mouth, but he held me in place and brought wave after wave of pleasure crashing over me until all I could do was whimper. When he finally let my hips fall back to the couch, he kept my thighs opened and slid a finger in and out of my tight sex until I fought to clench my thighs. He let my thighs close but continued to finger me as I curled on the couch.

After a few minutes I opened for him again and sighed when he put his face back between my trembling thighs. This time, though, he tongued my clit lightly making me writhe and twitch as small sparks flew across my nerves. When I buried my fingers in his hair again he pulled back, his chin shiny from my juices, and reached down and picked up the toy from where he had dropped it. He pushed my shoulder back down to the cushion and slid the entire length of the dong along my slit to lube it before he shoved it into my slick hole. I arched at the sudden fullness and then moaned when he reached out to massage my breast before slapping it with a loud smack. I cried out at the sting, but was soon lost in the sensation of his pulling and pinching my nipples as he fucked me with my toy. Just as I was getting close to the edge again, moaning and arching against the toy and his hands, his fingers left my tight nipples and he slapped his fingers across my mound just over my clit. I came screaming and saw stars as I felt my pussy convulse around the toy and try to squeeze it. He kept moving the toy inside me, twisting it and furiously fucking it in and out by a few inches, until I lay back against the throw pillow.

As I calmed down I watched him sit back against the other arm of the couch and start to stroke himself. He cupped his balls and massaged them and then slid his hand up his shaft until he reached the head, where he smeared his pre-cum over himself and then slid his hand back down to his balls. I couldn't believe how hot he was getting me, or how hungry I was to have his cock in my mouth. His cock was shiny with his pre-cum when I sat up and moved between his knees until I could stretch my lips around the head. He tangled his hand in my hair as my tongue laved around the swollen head of his dick. I moaned at the salty taste of him and traced over the veins that were standing up against the silky skin. His balls were heavy in my hand as I massaged them in the sac and sucked half of his length into my mouth while squeezing the base of his dick in my other hand. He pushed gently on the back of my head, but I wasn't done exploring this meat that I might never get again, and I slid my mouth back up to the head. It flared out, and I slid my tongue around the edge and lapped up the pre-cum that oozed out of the tip.

This time when he tried to push my mouth around him, I took him all in one long pull. I had deep-throated a couple times and I knew to just relax and breathe. My throat convulsed around the head and he thrust his hips up to my mouth until my lips touched his body, letting out a long groan and pulling my hair as he fisted his hand in it. He let the pressure off and I took a breath and bobbed my head over him for several minutes, letting my tongue rub along the big vein on the underside of his dick as his hips started to move and he fucked my mouth. I could feel his balls tightening in my hand and his cock was twitching in my mouth when he shoved my head back down on him and his load shot into my throat. He moaned loudly above me as I tried to swallow as much of his semen as I could, and his cock continued to twitch as I licked it clean a few moments later. I laid my head with my cheek against his softening dick as we both paused to catch our breath.

After a time he moved me off his lap and stood, picking his clothes up off the floor and slinging them over an arm. I was pulling my jeans on over my bare ass when he dropped a couple hundred dollar bills on the floor and then reached out to tweak a nipple. "Pick up a new toy and bring it along the next time you want to play."

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