tagMind ControlCan't Judge a Mistress by her cover

Can't Judge a Mistress by her cover


It was busy night at Club Artemis, the premiere lesbian meat market in the city. Katherine or Lady Katherine as she was known to her followers arrived at her usual time. Katherine was a beautiful brunette who almost always left with who she wanted., she was a top who dominated any woman she wanted.

The bouncer Jazz nodded to her, "There is a fawn here tonight."

Katherine licked her lips, Fawn was the term for a newbie and a definite submissive, "Where is she?"

"The bar on the left, she is the small blond in white lace. I am surprised one of your colleagues hasn't already gone after her."

Katherine strolled to the bar and saw the woman. She fit the image of the helpless heroine in the movies that would be put in peril by the villains. This meant she was looking to be dominated and taken by a strong woman or she was totally naïve.

Katherine sat next to her and ordered a whiskey and than looked at the blond, "Are you looking for some fun tonight?"

The blond looked at her nervously "I guess I am, with the right woman."

"I am Katherine but why don't you address me as Lady Katherine."

The blond licked her lips, "Lady Katherine? Are you nobility."

Katherine smiled this one was ripe to be taken, "No little one that is what my love slaves call me."

"I am Misty, what do you have in mind."

"You must know why you came in."

Misty replied, "I do this is where those strong woman come to dominate the weaker."

"Good girl, lets go to the back room where I can enjoy you."

As Katherine lead the way, the blond hid a smirk.

"In here," the brunette commanded.

"Lady Katherine?


Misty eyes glowed" Don't move.!"

Katherine found herself paralyzed, "What did you do?"

Misty stuck her tongue down Katherine's throat, "I am in control of your body slut, you belong to me now."

"No you can't."

"Why not Katherine Simmonds, is not your philosophy the strong can dominate the weak? In your arrogance you never thought about the power of the mind."

"How did you..."

"Know who you are? I've been watching you for a few weeks. I read your mind. I could force you to worship me as a mindless love slave. "Misty lifted her finger, 'but it is more fun to see your helpless to a small innocent woman. Now on your knees."

Katherine fell to her knees, her eyes blazing.

Misty laughed, " Poor Katherine, now crawl bitch into the playroom."

Katherine was unable to resist as they entered the dungeon, activity stopped as doms and subs were shocked to see a leading dominatrix in a submissive position. A leather clad platinum blond finally blurted out, "Lady Katherine what s this?"

"Why are you addressing my slave?" Misty asked ,"and who are you?"

There as silence in the room, "I am Princess Isabella, you will show me the respect I am owed."

Misty started laughing, "Another pretensious Mistress with a royal title" she looked around the room. "Is there a queen, empress and baroness among you?" she scoffed

Isabella was enraged, "I'll teach you" raising her crop to strike Misty. But she froze in mid swing.

"Katherine, I told you I enjoy using my mind to control slaves" Missy said reflectively,' but sometimes one must be physical. Misty kicked the helpless Isabella in the pussy.

Isabella fell to the floor moaning.

Looking over at the rest of doms and slaves, "Anyone else wish to challenge me?"

A long haired black woman stepped forward, "No you have shown who is the strongest."

"Some sense, what is your name?"


No title?"

"I have one for my slaves, but since I have no desire to be in Katherine and Isabella's position it seems inappropriate to use it."

That is wise of you."

Jane smiled 'I think I can speak for the rest of us, we enjoy seeing these two taken down a peg May we watch their domination?"

"Of course"

"You will pay for this Jane" Kathleen exclaimed.

Misty looked at her "Actually you will pay homeage to Jane, both of your will kiss her feet." Misty looked at Jane, "If you don't mind." The black mistress extended her right leg" My pleasure"

"Ok sluts get to work"

Powerless to resist, the duo serviced Jane.

"Now lets start with the main show, Kate and Isabella strip for the women here. Do it slow."

Both slaves followed instructions, "Now stand at attention legs spared, Misty went to Isabella first. Let see how ready you are squeezing her breasts,. Isabella face turned red. "Kiss me slave"


"You don't like being on this end do you? Now kiss me like your mean it!

"Yes Mistress"

"Katie slut, undress me ." Katherine took off Misty clothes and saw she was extraordinarily beautiful. Even though she despised her situation, she was being aroused.

"A couple of questions Jane? Are there some spare toys?

"Yes the black woman answered, "we all donate, the ivory carved whips were Katherine's"

Misty grinned "and which slave has been most abused by these two?"

Looking down at the red head beside her, "That would be Bambi here."

Bambi was smaller than Misty, "Bambi would you like to be my assistant tonight?"

Bambi looked at Jane" It's all right I release you tonight. In fact it will make me very happy to see these two dominated by my slave."

With glee on her face" I would be honored Mistress Misty" Bambi said.

Misty looked at her captives, "You will obey Bambi as your mistress do you understand?"

"Never!" Katherine said definitely.

"Weakness " Misty responded, then addressing Bambi. "I have reduced her strength to 30% of what is normal. Beat her, up tie her up. do what you wish to her."

Bambi jumped on Katherine and drove her to the floor. Positioning her on stomach, the pixie twisted the larger woman's arm behind her.

'Submit to me bitch!"


Than I will start punish you, Bambi began a rapid spanking humiliating Katherine more than Misty had.

Misty looked over to Isabella, "I want you to eat my pussy, slut."

Resigned Isabella, said "Yes Mistress" Then she went to work.

Bambi addressed Katherine" You can either start licking my snatch or do you wish more pain."

Katherine said "you can't do this!"

"Oh but she can" Misty said. Katherine eat Bambi's pussy."

Katherine with no control of her body began servicing her former slave.

"That's it" Missy mocked, 'You two are learning what it's like to be on the receiving end. Now switch, after all Katherine was my target. The two slaves switched.

"What are you feeling Kate, Misty asked.

"Hate, I hate you bitch."

"Good the fact that you are helpless to resist makes this so satisfying. Now lick!"

After several minutes of oral servitude, Misty clapped her hands. "Isabella you will straddle the horizontal pole, Katherine tie your fellow slave arms to the overhead." The helpless puppets obeyed. "Bambi please tie Katherine across from Isabella and than bring me her whip.

"Yes Misty"

"Good girl, you are not part of this phase. Besides Jane is getting very hot and would appreciate some attention."

"Thanks for noticing," as Bambi sat on Jane's lap and starting sucking on her breasts.

Misty picked up a whip in each hand, "Now kiss the whips"

Isabella obeyed while Katherine still tried to resist. 'Good Katherine I knew you had a strong will." Misty eyes glowed and both woman started to organism. Picking up the whips Misty started whipping Isabella and Katherine." Until Kate freely acknowledge me as the superior woman you will both suffer."

Misty was gratified that Kate was showing resistance it made the triumph sweeter. At one point she uses telekinesis to have the second whip handle Isabella. Finally Katherine blurted out 'You win!"

"Say it" the blond remanded

"You are the better woman."

Looking over to the audience, 'You all heard it. Bambi would you like to fuck these former doms."

Bambi smiled, 'I would indeed."

"Then grab two strapons, 1 for each of us."

The two diminutive beauties put on their toys, "now you sluts lubricate them."

Again Katherine and Isabella were forced to obey their mistress.

"On you back Izzy, Bambi ordered. Isabella obeyed without prompting. Now say you want to be fucked by me.!"

"please Mistress Bambi fuck me."

"That's all your good for, the red head said ramming the strapon in.

"I may have created a monster" Misty commented to Jane," Now Kate on your hands and knees" Misty grabbed her victim hips and started fucking her. "Come on slut, you my sex toy now aren't you.?"

"Yes Mistress Misty"

'What are you thinking slut."

" Won't tell them."

"I can make you."

"You win, I am getting turned on by this!"

"Yes you are, one last thing before my prey and I leave. Bambi would you stop for a moment. Bambi?"

"Bambi!" Jane shouted.

"Sorry" the assistant said contritely

"You did create a monster" Jane said to Misty.

"Yes I did. Bambi did these two ever double team you?"

Showing a painful memory, "Yes"

"Isabella between us, suck Bambi's cock " as Misty took her in the ass.

"Come on cunt, deep throat it, Bambi shouted.

"Enough" Misty ordered.. "Kate take her place!"

Katherine tried to resist, "Good Kate I 'd hate you to have loss all your fire. But for now. Weakness!"

Bambi dragged her in position

"Lets go, I want 5 orgasms before we release you.

The fun at least for Misty and Bambi went on for some time.

Late after showering Misty dressed back in her outfit and attached a collar and leash to Katherine.

Addressing Isabella," I release you from my mental hold."

"No more domination from you? A cowed Isabella asked

"Not from me"

Than" Isabella said" I have pay back for Bambi."

"Through me!" Jane challenged.

"You forget yourself, "Isabella sneered

"I just saw a bully submit, at least your friend Kate tried to fight it."

"Well spoken" Misty observed

Isabella swung at Jane, who countered and flipped Isabella on her back. Mounting her" Give up bitch."

"Are you doing this? " Katherine asked.

No" Misty responded . "However as the top power in this room I will make a decision. Isabella you are unworthy to call yourself a dominatrix. For the next week you are the property of Mistress Jane and her slave Bambi."

No" the blond cried

"Get up" Jane snarled." Addressing Misty. "Thank you for the gift, a week will be enough for the payback" and than looking fondly at Bambi. "I am going to have to tame this monster."

Misty shook her hand" Then pulling the leash, Come Katherine time for you to come to your new home."

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