tagBDSMCan't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 06

Can't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 06


CH 6 - The next recruit

Bambi and Jane try to capture Misty

It was Miko's last day as Misty's slave, she would continue to work as an operative for Misty's organization. Misty had not found a slave replacement for her.

"After the two of you," Misty said to Miko and Katherine; "my standards went way up."

"What did you expect?" Katherine asked. 'Our three ways have been incredible."

"Indeed" Miko agreed. "I still want to see both of you."

"We will" Misty assured her. "But you need to finish packing. And turning to Katherine," My pussy needs some attention."

In black clothes and hoods, Bambi and Jane approached Misty's house. Bambi held the psionic nullifier, while Jane had the paralyzer.

"Remember to use a wide volume spray so we get both Katherine and Misty"

"I will this is going to be so much fun."

"Activating nullifier now. The door s unlocked."

"On three" Jane than kicked in the door.

Katherine was on her knees eating Misty out as they burst into the room.

"What the fuck!" Misty exclaimed.

"Will be doing the fucking" Jane answered.

Katherine smiled," I thought they were smarter than this."

"We are" Bambi said taking off her hood. "Try your powers Misty." She challenged.

Misty tried, "Their blocked," she said desperately.

"Technology triumphs" Misty said." Now love."

Jane activated the paralyzer and froze their quarry.

"Bambi why are you doing this"

"It's Mistress Bambi to you slut" slapping her. "You have inspired me Misty, there is nothing more intoxicating than topping a Mistress." She put on the control collar on Misty while Jane did the honors for Katherine. "Now kneel."

Both woman were forced to obey.

"I think some pussy licking to start" Jane said to Bambi.

"Who do you want?"

"You can have Misty, I know you really want her."

"I do. Misty cunt lick your superior's muff."

Misty went to work.

Bambi grabbed her hair" Address me as Mistress."


"You will, get to work."

Jane has put Katherine on her back" You know I broke Isabella very easily. I hope you will be more of a challenge"

"You could never beat me fairly," Katherine responded.

"Lick my ass bitch." Katherine was forced to obey.

"This is simply a training device like Misty psychic powers."

"Now worm" Bambi commanded start crawling on your belly."

A humiliated Misty was forced to obey.

"Never though you would be conquered did you Misty" Bambi taunted. Sticking 2 fingers up her ass.

"I bet she had a dungeon we can play with." Jane said.

"There is something you neglected to considered" Katherine said defiantly."

"What that slave" Misty asked.

"Know your opponent's resources" Miko said throwing a dart at each.

The sleep venom worked quickly. Katherine turned off the psionic nullifier.

"That's better" Misty said releasing the locks on both collars. "Thank you Miko love, how long will they be out"

"Ten minutes."

"I don't think I can wait the 10 minutes," Katherine said.

"I thought Miko taught you patience" Misty laughed.


10 minutes later, Jane and Bambi woke in the living room, which had been cleared of furniture.

"Well" a nude Misty said. "Jane you did not tame Bambi as you promised."

"I am not one to be tamed" Bambi shouted..

"Definitely not the little slave slut I used to play with," Katherine noted.

Our relationship has changed." Jane told them.

"But you two got greedy" Reading their minds. "They were going to make Isabella slavery permanent and were going to add both of us to their collection." she said to Katherine.

"Ambitious" Katherine noted. "And it would have worked too"

"Yes it would, I think we have found our new addition."

No" Jane gasped

Misty laughed, "Don't worry Jane I am not going to break up you two permantly. I can sense the love between you two. I have recently developed similar feelings. However Bambi and I need to face each other to see who is the top woman."

"What. " Bambi said, "you going to use your powers to break me?"

"No this will strictly be physical, if I win you're my sex toy for the next month and Jane belongs to Miko for the same period. If you win I'll let you go free."

"Fine Bitch! Bambi coming up with a punch to Misty jaw.

The blond was staggered but recovered, "Kate, Miko don't interfere.

"Yes Katherine know your place" Bambi sneered.

The two small woman circled than Misty came up with a side kick knocking Bambi down.

"Back up little one," Misty said.

Bambi jumped up and feigned with a left kick but did a snap kick knocking Misty down.

"Come on show me want you got" the red head challenged.

Misty got up shakingly, Bambi sensing the kill threw a hard punch. Just what Misty was waiting for. She reversed sweeped knocking Bambi to the floor. Having the weight advantage she forced Bambi on her belly.

Twisting her arm in a vice, "Surrender."


Misty increased the pressure" Give up to your mistress"


"She won't" Jane said" I'll surrender for her."

"No you won't Jane, " Misty cried.

"Enough," Misty said applying a never hold knocking the Pixie out.


Bambi woke up with her arms tied behind her back.

"Misty was over her with a strap on" You are tougher than I thought but I am the victor."

"Yes" Bambi admitted."

"Before Miko takes position of Jane for a month, we are going to have a five some."

Jane and Misty saw Katherine and Miko had strap on on and Miko carried a whip.

"It's Lady Katherine tonight sluts" she said. "But Bambi you earned my respect with you fight."

"Time to suck get to work."

While Misty and Katherine were serviced, Miko whipped their asses with the tails.

"I'll take Bambi you take Jane" Misty instructed. "Miko let them both lubricate your strap on.

All 5 woman were getting very hot, "Switch" Katherine suggested. "Why don't you two spit roast Jane while Bambi and I get reacquainted.."

"Good idea," Misty responded.

Misty forced Jane to suck on her strap on while Miko worked her ass. After two orgasms, the blond and Asian switched positions.

"On ya you minx take it" Misty shouted.

"All the way, please Mistress." Jane responded.

While this was going on, Katherine was penetrating Bambi and clawing at her breast.. "Take it you cunt."

"You bitch, I hate you" Bambi responded.

"Take it slut" than whispering in her ear. 'This is different than the last time I promise."

Finally Jane and Bambi collapsed exhausted as their torment ended.


That morning after Miko had left with Jane for a month of domination with her and the permanent slave Izzy, Misty had Bambi join her in the living room.

"Beside your sexual skill, I am going to put your genius to work"

"What do you mean" Bambi asked"

"I run a covert group...

The end

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