tagGroup SexCan't Lose Football Bet Pt. 02

Can't Lose Football Bet Pt. 02


I lost a football bet to my husband and his two best friends. Now I have to serve them on their weekly poker night wearing whatever they pick out for me to wear. The first week, they had me dress like a French maid and my husband and his buddies were well served by the end of the night. This story may stand on its own but to fully understand it might be a good idea to read Can't Lose Football Bet Part 1.

Week 2

It took me three days to recover from last Friday night. I had never been so wonderfully sore in my whole life. I spent the entire week in nervous anticipation of what the next Friday night would bring. John and I never really discussed what happened on my first night of paying off on my loss of a football bet but he just kept telling me he loved me and he couldn't wait until this Friday. I kept asking him what I was supposed to wear this Friday night to serve the boys while they played poker but he kept telling me to just relax, he had discussed it with James and Avery and they decided on an outfit that James agreed to take care of.

At 10:00am on Friday morning I heard a knock at the door and when I answered I found a package wrapped in brown paper on the doorstep with my name on it. Whomever had delivered the package was nowhere in sight. I was shaking as I picked up the package and took it into the house.

Under the brown paper was a colorful gift box with an envelope taped to the top. I opened the envelope to find a card with a picture on the front of a girl in what was definitely a naughty Catholic school girl uniform bent over a teacher's desk with her butt high in the air, exposing her white panties. She was turned to look back at the camera and revealing a good amount of her cleavage. Inside the card it just said "Looking forward to tonight" and was signed by James, Avery and John.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what outfit I would be wearing; men are so predictable. Inside the box was a naughty school girl ensemble complete with plaid skirt, white blouse and even a pair of cat-eye glasses with black frames. As I pulled the various pieces from the box I noticed a few customizations had been made to what appeared to have been at one time, a real school-girl uniform. For one thing, the plaid skirt seemed to have been significantly shortened to be more like a wide belt. It looked impossibly short and I could tell there was no way it could cover my ass. Secondly, the blouse was a size four. With my breasts, I can barely squeeze into a size eight. And on further inspection, I noticed that the buttons on the starched white cotton has been neatly removed. How was I supposed to wear this? Under the blouse and skirt there was a white lace bra. At least it was my size although there was padding in the underside of the cups to make it a push-up style which I definitely don't need. There was a tiny white lace g-string which if possible, was even smaller than the one I wore last week. And, finally, a pair of black patent leather Mary-Jane style shoes with straps that hooked around the ankles. There were even little white socks with lace tops that were meant to be folded over. Stuck inside one of the shoes was a small rectangular box about 6" long, wrapped in silver paper and a red ribbon. Inside, my husband had placed a small card with the words "To the most incredible wife ever!" and best of all, it was attached to a beautiful pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings. I giggled as I thought that this was probably not the only pearl necklace I would be wearing tonight.

I had been worried about how my husband was feeling about all this, seeing other men with me, but seeing the note and the beautiful gift made my fears and doubts melt away. I had never been happier.

Around four that afternoon I started the same routine as the week before of shaving my legs and making sure that every inch of my body was smooth, clean and smelled good. By six, I started to get dressed, pearls first. I looked at myself in the mirror, totally naked except for a short strand of pearls around my neck and the matching earrings. For the first time in a long time, I felt good about my body. Tall, tan, firm, I stretched in front of the full length mirror and then ran my fingers over my breasts. My nipples began to get hard and I pinched them lightly. It felt so good. I may not pass the pencil test but my big 34DD breasts were still pretty firm and I am proud of them. They get lots of looks and I've given up trying to hide them.

I got the box from the other room and laid it on the bed. I pulled on the miniature g-string which just barely covered my slit and then stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to my waist. If I wore the skirt the way it was designed, on my waist, at best the skirt covered 2/3 of my ass, leaving the bottom third of my cheeks completely exposed. I tugged the skirt lower onto my hips and got it to where just the very bottom of my ass cheeks showed in the back. In the front, no matter how low I pulled it down, you could still see a hint of white panties. Well, if that was their intent, it worked.

The bra was lace and designed to push the boobs they were holding, up and together, creating maximum cleavage. The padding pushed my big tits up alright. It felt like they were just slightly below my chin and the lace was see through enough to show the change in skin tone between the dark pink of my areolas and the white skin of my breasts. The blouse was tight and no matter how I pulled the two sides together, the closest I could get them was about 4", leaving a large gap. Since there were no buttons, the only way to close the blouse was to tie the shirt tails together. With the blouse tied together just under my massive looking tits, the shirt gaped open exposing plenty of bra and boobs. I am pretty sure I would not have met even the most lax school dress code.

I put the little lace socks on and then the shoes. I hooked the straps around my ankle and delicately folded the socks so that you could just see the patent leather straps around my ankle. Looking in the mirror I made for one nasty little school girl. To top it off, I pulled my long hair into two pigtails sticking out of my head. At first glance I looked like a grade school girl playing dress-up but a second look would tell you I wasn't playing. I never quite got the whole fascination with the school girl - until now. I looked hot. I touched up my make-up, put on an extra dab of strawberry lip gloss and waited for my guests.

I didn't have to wait long before I heard my husband John pull into the garage. I posed in the hall just inside the door where he would come into the house. When he came through the door and saw me, he couldn't seem to get any words out. He just stared with his mouth open. Finally, I made the first move and walked up and leaned forward in my high heels to kiss him. At the same time, I reached down and felt his cock stiffening in his pants. I said, 'I guess you like it', he just nodded.

I turned and walked to the kitchen knowing he was watching every little twitch of my nearly bare ass. He followed me, still without saying a word. I started to fix myself a martini when John finally came up behind me and said "Let me do that for you" and then he held me by the shoulders and turned me around and asked "Are you sure you're up for this?".

I was. I wanted it and I told him so. He smiled, kissed me and grabbed my ass with both hands nearly lifting me off the floor. He said "Me too."

I asked him who else besides James and Avery was coming this time. He said that Chris was coming again, the guy that came last week with the short hair and goatee but that Jason wasn't coming this week. The 5th player was going to be Mike. I remember meeting Mike at John's boss' country club. Mike played golf with John sometimes. He is 6 or 7 years older than John and I remembered he worked for some big law firm downtown, dressed well, and was always very polite but I didn't know much else about him. I felt a little strange about it at first but the more I thought about it, I liked having a real stranger in the mix.

John changed into jeans and a casual button down shirt and had just come back into the room when the doorbell rang. Before either of us started toward the door, it opened and James and Avery came in. As soon as they saw me, James got a huge smile on his face and Avery stared, seemingly speechless. James never slowed down and came up to give me a hug and Avery regained his composure and followed James' lead, giving me a long close hug. I stood back and asked "which of you two perverts picked out this get-up?"

James blushed and owned up to the school girl fantasy right away. He just said, "You look better than I ever imagined".

I said to James, "So, you have been imagining me dressed like your little Catholic school girl slut?" and then turned and walked away. He started to stammer out something but I was already walking toward the kitchen looking back over my shoulder at them smiling as I caught them looking at my ass and asked if they wanted a drink. They both said they could use a beer and I went to the fridge and reached to the bottom shelf to pick up two beers, careful to keep my legs straight and expose as much of my ass to them as possible. I felt the cold air from the fridge half way up my ass cheeks and knew the boys were getting a good look at my ass and probably an open view of my barely covered pussy.

When I came back to hand them their beers, I noticed Avery staring at my chest and glanced down. I could see that my nipples were hard and sticking out at least a half an inch under my bra and were clearly visible. I put the beers down on the table and looked Avery right in the eye and then reached up and pinched my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and lightly pulled and twisted them while Avery watched. I asked if he was OK and he just shook his head. I was going to be very aggressive tonight and be in charge, or at least that was my plan.

I then walked over to James who had been watching me and I grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze. He reacted by pushing his crotch toward me and I coyly asked if he was ready to play......... cards?

He just smiled and said "I'm ready." John was the last to feel my hand on his crotch and just as he started to get hard there was a knock at the door. ''

As part of my being aggressive and in charge, I told John he better go and get the door before I opened his pants. He gave me a crooked smile like he was trying to figure out what I was up to but then went to the door and opened it. It was Mike. The guys must have told him what was going on because when John brought him over and introduced me he looked me right in the eye and said "'You look very naughty," and never blinked, then he just turned and walked over to talk to James and Avery. He never missed a beat.

A few seconds later the doorbell rang and I answered it this time. It was Chris. After he said hello, he seemed to stammer out that he was so sorry he had to leave early last week. I told him he had no idea.

The guys made their way to the poker table and sat down, I made sure they all had drinks and snacks and in doing so, I also made sure they all got a good look at my tits and my ass. John, Avery and James all grabbed my bare ass, under my skirt any time I stood next to them and James even ran his fingers lightly over my pussy. Chris saw Avery's hand under my skirt and decided to run his hands up the back of my thighs and when I didn't move away, he fondled my bare ass cheeks. The only one that didn't touch me as I moved around the table delivering drinks was Mike. He pretty much just played cards and barely acknowledged my presence.

After about an hour and a half the guys started taking breaks to go to the bathroom or just stretch their legs and every chance I got I would rub against them or rub my hand against their crotch. I was getting really turned on and I wanted some action. Each of the guys would hug me and grab my ass, pulling me into their crotch. They were rubbing my tits through my bra but they were brief interludes before they went back to playing cards.

At one point I went to the garage to get more beer from the refrigerator and when I came back into the house I literally ran into Mike as he was coming out of the bathroom. He at least looked at me this time and smiled, revealing a set of straight white teeth. I was carrying two six packs of beer bottles, one in each hand and when he stood in front of me I just stood there holding the cartons at my side. He looked down at my tits and then right into my eyes and said "You like showing of that hot little body of yours don't you?" It wasn't really a question, it was more of a statement and before I could say anything, he reached up and pulled down the left cup of my bra, grabbed my left nipple with his thumb and fore-finger and squeezed it hard.

I gasped at the pain but he didn't let up. In fact, he pulled and twisted my super erect nipple and I rose up on my toes, stuck between intense pain and even more intense pleasure. I heard an "aaahhhh" come out of my mouth and then he grabbed the other one, squeezing and pulling just as hard.

He leaned in close to my ear, never easing up on my aching nipples and whispered "I bet you like it rough don't you, you little cock tease".

I heard myself whimper "yes" and he released my nipples. I thought I was going to faint as my nipples felt like they were on fire. Before I could say anything else, Mike was on his way back to the table and I was left standing there holding the beer with a dripping wet pussy. So much for me being in charge.

When I went back to the table, I stood next to John and felt his hand slide between my legs. He felt my soaked panties and looked up at me with a crooked smile. I know I blushed but John had a proud look on his face and lightly smacked my ass as I started to back away. My panties stayed damp just thinking about what had happened with Mike for the next 2 hours while the guys continued to play cards.

At around 10:30 the game was winding down and Chris seemed to have been the big winner. I was getting nervous as this was the awkward part of the evening. The guys backed away from the table and stood around somewhat nervously, not knowing what to do next. No one seemed to know how to get from the card game to getting me naked. I broke the ice first by suggesting that as the night's big winner, Chris should get a prize other than the whopping $50.00 from the game. My husband picked up on the direction I was going and quickly suggested that Chris should get a lap dance. The other guys quickly agreed and everyone moved into the next room. Chris sat in a large leather armchair and spread his legs like the guys do at the strip joints.

I started to play innocent but the guys would have none of that. James turned on the radio and quickly found a station with a song that had a heavy beat. All the guys began to chant and I gave in. After all, I wanted to get this party started so I started a slow grind to the beat of the music and moved between Chris' legs, pushing my breasts into his face. I did my best sexy moves as the song went on, even turning away from Chris and bending over, pushing my pussy to within an inch or two of his face. Chris was holding my hips and sometimes brushing my tits or ass with his hand but seemingly afraid to really grab them, especially in front of my husband.

As the song ended and I stood up to look around, I noticed my husband was across the room taking it all in, just watching. When he saw me looking at him he smiled at me, assuring me that whatever I did was going to be OK.

As the next song began to play, I stood in the middle of the room and making my attempt to be assertive again I asked who was next. All the guys were sitting in the chairs or on the couch. From behind me, I heard, "I want to be next", and as I turned, I realized it was Mike, sitting in the other leather chair, across from the couch. I was expecting it to be James or maybe Avery.

I blushed a little but did my best to recover quickly and put on my game face as I walked toward him. I got about two feet in front of him when he said "stop". I looked at him and he very matter-of-factly told me to take my blouse off. I hesitated for a second and he once again, in the same even but commanding tone, said "Take it off".

I looked down and began to untie the knot in the blouse. The way he said it made me ashamed and excited at the same time. With him, there was no question about who was in charge. I pulled the shirt-tails loose and pulled the blouse off my shoulders and dropped it on the floor. I just stood there waiting for the next instruction. I stood there looking down at the floor but stuck my chest out.

Now, only in a bra, I felt my nipples harden even more if that was possible and I knew that every eye in the room was staring at my tits. He said in a calm voice "now the bra". I didn't hesitate this time and I reached behind my back and deftly unhooked the clasp. I let the bra fall off my shoulders and off my breasts onto the floor.

I was so excited by this time, I wanted to be touched, to be fondled, to be fucked but I just stood there waiting for the next command. I didn't have to wait long. He told me to turn around and I did, finding myself facing four sets of eyes staring at me, or at least at my tits. One of the sets of eyes was my husbands and they were literally gleaming. I didn't know what to do except smile and I closed my eyes. I felt wonderfully free and sexy. The next command was to take my panties off.

I could feel a smile creeping across my face as I bent at the waist and reached under my skirt and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of the tiny g-string. As slowly as I could, I slid the panties down my legs, bending over further and further as I did so. Finally, my panties were below my knees and I dropped them. They lay across my ankles, one of the tiny strings of the waist caught on the strap buckle of my left shoe. I stepped out of the right side first and then shook the strings loose from my left shoe.

I know that when I was bent over, Mike could see my bare pussy and I'm sure that he could see the thick juices that had been building since he pinched my nipples in the hall. I started to turn around but before I could move my feet, he told me to pick up the panties. I thought for half a second and then I casually spread my feet to about shoulder width and ever so slowly bent at the waste further and further until my fingertips touched the tiny panties lying on the floor. I turned around to see Mike staring at my pussy and I asked "Is that what you wanted?".

He just said, "now hand them to me". As I picked up the little white lace g-string, I felt how soaked they were with my thick pussy juices. I was a little embarrassed but I knew it was what he wanted. He wanted to see how excited I was by feeling and smelling the sex in my tiny little panties.

Now I was down to my skirt and my shoes with the little lace socks. My big tits were completely out in the open and the tiny skirt was doing little to cover my bare ass and pussy. Without having to be told, I started to dance. I wanted to feel the intense burning in my nipples again; I wanted to feel his hands on my pussy. I had almost completely forgotten about the other guys in the room as I moved into him. I pushed my aching tits into his face, hoping he would take one of the nipples and suck it hard, bite it, but he just let them rub against his face, reminding me that he was in charge, not me.

At one point I sat on the arm of the chair and swung one leg up behind his head on the back of the chair and let the other leg swing wide, fully exposing and opening my pussy to him. I was hoping he would touch me. I was inviting him to touch me. My pussy was open to him and I wanted him to have it. I felt his left hand move up behind my back and he pulled me close and whispered in my ear "You want me to touch you don't you?".

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