tagLetters & TranscriptsCan't Wait Till You Cum Home

Can't Wait Till You Cum Home


Hey Big Guy,

I know you are sitting in your last boring seminar right now so I thought I would send you a note on your Blackberry to remind you how much I miss you and your big, thick cock. It has been long 3 days since you left for Phoenix and my pussy can't wait for you to cum home tonight.

Our phone sex last night helped a little since you talked me into cumming three times while you watched me finger myself and fuck myself with my new vibrator on our web cam. When you gave me the web cam for my birthday I wasn't all that excited but now that you can watch me pleasure myself while you're sitting in a hotel room thousands of miles away, I simply love it. I would rather you stroke your cock while watching me rather than a porno in your room. I know that porno's offer girl on girl action so I'm willing to have Beth over during your next trip for you to watch us. I'm sure she wouldn't mind being on the web cam if she knows it's for a good cause. She certainly doesn't mind when you watch us when you're home.

I feel so sorry for you as you sit in the big, cold conference room in your stuffy suit listening to another boring speaker. I am lying completely nude by the pool right now in the warmth of the sun. My big tits and shaved pussy are soaking up the sun and I will have no tan lines by the time you get home tonight. I invited Beth over for some company and she will be here in an hour or so. At least Beth will help pass the afternoon along. Would you mind if she ate my pussy? I desperately need it licked because you have been gone for 3 days. I promise I'll still be horny when you cum home tonight. No matter how much Beth and I lick each other's pussies this afternoon I will still want your big, wonderful cock in my mouth and pussy as soon as you arrive home. I want it now so badly but I know I have to wait.

Hurry to airport after your seminar so you don't miss your flight. I will be at our airport waiting to pick you up. I will be wearing your favorite sundress but I will not have a bra or panties on. Even though you will be tired I will ask you to drive us home. As soon as we are in the car I will unzip your pants and take your cock out. It would be nice if you accidentally lost your boxers sometime on the way home. A restroom trashcan would be a perfect new home for them. They are probably old and I have been meaning to buy you new ones anyway. I will start by stroking your cock as we pull out of the parking garage and you hand the attendant the ticket to pay. I don't care if the ticket lady sees me stroking your big cock while you pay her. I think more women should have the pleasure of seeing your monster at least once. Maybe we should take some pictures of it nestled between my tits and post them on the internet.

Once we are on the road I will lower my lips and tongue to your cock and start to lick the entire length of your shaft. When we reach the highway I will begin sucking your cock like I have missed it for a month not just 3 days. I hope you will be able to keep the car on the road. We will travel down the highway for next 20 minutes I will continue to suck your cock until we exit the highway on the road that takes us to our house. Your cock will be on the verge of exploding by now but I will not let it even though I would love to feel your thick white load coating the back of my throat.

When we are on the road that takes us to our house I will lift my sundress over my head to expose my naked tits and pussy for you. My tits will be heaving with lust and my nipples will be erect. My pussy will be soaked. I will take your hand and place it on my swollen clit so you can feel my wetness. You may tease it if you wish. I will place my own hands on my breasts, kneading and massaging them as we drive along. I will want you to speed home so you can bury your long thick cock in my hot, wet pussy but I won't be able to wait another 15 minutes.

We will approach the high school that sits on the bend in the road and I will ask you to pull in the parking lot and drive around back near the baseball field. It will be well past 9 by then and no one will be around. We will get out of the car and into the warm sticky summer air. I will lie on the hood of the car where you can fuck me until your big cock unloads its wad deep into my pussy. My tits will be bouncing as you thrust your cock in and out of me. I know how much you like to watch my tits bounce while you fuck my pussy.

We will eventually make it home and we will go for a quick dip in the cool pool but don't be surprised if I need your cock again before bed. I have missed it the last 3 days and have to make up for lost time.

I should probably end my e-mail now and let you get back to your seminar. Beth just got here and wants me to put lotion on her. Her tits are so round and firm. No wonder you like stroking your cock while we fondle each other's tits when we make out.

I hope you can make it through the rest of the seminar and I'll see you and your cock at the airport.


Ms Tits

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