tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCape Town Getaway

Cape Town Getaway


My name is Candice. Having just finished school, I was really yearning for a break from the routine of studies and rules that had been part of my life for the last 12 years. The only thing I’ll really miss is my athletic career at school. I was the high jump team captain, and was also on the netball team. ( I’m 5’10”) I love sports, and find it more exciting to stay in shape that way, than spending hours in the gym, lifting boring weights or doing super circuits. I also love swimming, and as a result, I can proudly say that I have a lean, well toned body. My hair is light browny blonde, to just above my shoulders.

As I said, I was dying to get a change of scenery, so when my best friend Clara suggested that I join her at her parents home in Cape Town for the holidays, I just couldn’t say no. Clara Müller and her family moved to South Africa a year and a half ago, from Germany. Her father, Gunther, is an investment banker for Deutsche Bank, and to say that they’re loaded is an understatement. Her mother, Bergitte, lives the good life, and her younger brother, Werner, goes to a high school in Cape Town. Clara stayed at my school’s boarding establishment, here in Johannesburg. For some reason, her parents believed that a school away from the beauty of Cape Town would be the best thing for her. Well I’m glad they sent her up here. A more open minded and tolerant friend you could not find.

We arrived in Cape Town on the Friday afternoon, after a short flight, and were picked up by Clara’s mom. (If you have never been to Cape Town, do yourself a favour, and buy your plane ticket as soon as you can. It is the latest playground for the rich and famous, and with the famous table mountain as a backdrop, few places can make you feel more relaxed, and eager to party.) We wound our way along the coastline to Lundadno, where Clara’s folks live. Tom Cruise has a house here, if that gives you any indication as to the setting, which overlooks the Atlantic ocean.

The sun was scorching this day. We pulled into the driveway and got our stuff out the car. The entrance hall was beautiful. Almost entirely surrounded by glass, overlooking the pool and patio. Clara showed me to my room upstairs. It had a balcony, and overlooked the pool, as well as the ocean!. To my left was a beach. Yes! I remembered now. This was Sandy Bay. A well known, somewhat secluded nude beach. To my right was another room with a balcony, .....with a telescope on it. I figured that must have been her baby brother’s room. Ideal for spying on naked girls!!

I went back downstairs after packing my clothes into the cupboards, and on my way to the kitchen I was somewhat surprised to see Clara’s mom lying by the pool, completely naked, in a deck chair, while her brother was snorkeling in the pool. Although I wasn’t offended in the least, I found it odd that her mom would be so open with her nudity around her brother. I asked Clara quietly, “So what’s that all about?”

“What’s what?” she asked.

“Your mom, by the pool” I said awkwardly.

“Oh that. It’s totally normal for us. Nudity is part of life in Germany. We’re very open minded.”

Clara and I had sometimes tanned topless at my place, but that was always before any of my folks came home. Once, my dad came home early, and walked in on us. I quickly covered up, but come to think of it, Clara was in no hurry to hide her bare breasts from my dad. In fact, I remember her greeting him with a big smile. My dad was the one who was slightly embarrassed I think, cos he quickly went back into the house.

“Doesn’t your brother get,.... turned on....or horny, when he sees you guys,...you know?” I asked.

“I don’t know. He’s seen us all naked so many times, I guess the novelty must have worn off by now.” She giggled.

The idea of being naked with other people around, acting as if they’d seen it all before, was kind of intriguing.

“Want to go for a swim?” asked Clara.

“Are you daring me?!” I asked surprisingly

“No. I’ll keep my bikini on if it makes you feel more comfortable” she laughed.

“Alright.” I mumbled.

It was getting incredibly hot now, with the mid afternoon sun beating down on us, I was dying to take a dip in the pool. Her brother got out of the pool, wearing swimming trunks. I wondered if the same rule applied to him, or only to the girls. Although he was still quite young, he was quite big for his age. I’m sure he played rugby for his school.

We grabbed our drinks from the kitchen and went upstairs to get changed. I closed my door, and went to close the curtains, but not before peeking down at Clara’s mom, who was still lying on the deck chair naked, chatting to her son, who was sitting on the chair next to her. I could see him looking down at her breasts while they chatted. She had a beautiful body for a woman of 41, but her breasts were a bit small though. I could see where Clara had got her small titties from. No more than a “B” size. I on the other hand, sported a pair of nice, full, firm 34C’s.

I slipped out of my clothes, and into my bikini. I grabbed my drink and walked to Clara’s room. She was on the phone to a relative or something, cos she was yakking away in German. Couldn’t understand a word she was saying. She still needed to get changed. I went to the window. The view was unbelievable.

“You can see whales sometimes, if you’re lucky.” said Clara, having finished her chat.” I was just talking to my cousin, Anja in Munich. It’s freezing over there at the moment. I was just rubbing in how we were going to go and swim outside now, and get a tan. hee hee” She laughed.

She took off her blouse, bra, shorts and panties, and went to her cupboard to get her bikini. I noticed that her bedroom door was still wide open, and one could see right down the passage, or should I say, anyone in the passage could see right into her bedroom. I could see that this nudity thing was no big deal to her either. God, she had such a gorgeous body. I bet all the guys I know would love to be in my position right now. She slipped on her bikini bottoms and top, and off we went downstairs.

We got to the pool, and laid our towels on the deck chairs not far from Clara’s mom. I think she was a bit surprised by us, cos she calmly wrapped the towel over her waist, leaving only her breasts bare. I think she did this more out of politeness to me, than being shy. Werner, her brother was gone. I’m sure I heard a motorbike leave earlier. He’d probably gone to visit a friend.

“So vat are you girls up to totay?” Clara’s mom asked in a strong German accent.

“We’re going to make the most of the summer sun, and tease all the boys with our gorgeous tans” replied Clara. I just laughed along. My eyes kept moving from her mom’s nipples, to the sea, to Clara, back to her mom’s nipples.....

“Plees excuse all ze naked bodies around here Candice.” said her mom. “You must plees say if you are offended, but ve are alvays in a state of undress here. We find it quite normal.”

“No, not offended at all Mrs Müller.” I said shyly. “It’s just unusual to see people acting this normally about nudity. You don’t often get that here. In South Africa I mean.”

“Plees, call me Bergitte. If you vant to get a nice all over tan, plees don’t be ashamed to take off your bikini too. You are most velcome.” she smiled.

Clara said something to her mom in German, and they both laughed. I imagine it was something about me being a bit of a prude about this or something. I’m definately not a prude though. I know that it’s what you don’t show, that guys find sexy. Wear tiny bikinis, but let the boys’ imaginations fill in the tasty bits. I’ve done my share of teasing, and thoroughly enjoy it!

Clara undid her top, and dropped it on the ground next to her deck chair. The cow! She said she’d keep her bikini on.

“Sorry Candice, but we can’t let these sunrays go to waste! So many boys, so little time.” she sniggered.

She had a point. It was only us three girls around. I didn’t know where Werner was though. Besides, these Breezers we were drinking were starting to go to my head and gave me some courage, so I leaned forward, undid the knot at the back of my top, and slid it off my shoulders. There, I was topless.

“You better put some cream on those. You wouldn’t want them to get burnt so soon into the holiday” sniggered Clara.

She was right. I had big white triangular tanlines on my breasts. Burning my tender pink nipples would not be such a good idea. Clara’s mom handed me some tanning lotion. I squeezed some into my hands, and rubbed it on my breasts, making sure to get plenty onto my nipples and aeriolas. This was kind of exciting. I always saw tanning topless as something you did when you had a private moment, when no-one was looking. Now I was lying here in the open, with my breasts bare, glistening, in the company of my friend, and her mom, whom I’d only met a few hours before.

Clara’s mom stood up, dropped the towel, and walked over to the pool, totally naked. She dived in, and swam to the other side. Just then, I heard that motorbike again. It pulled up to the house. It was Werner. He’d gone to the shop to get more drinks. I suddenly felt a bit of a panic. I hadn’t even spoken to Werner yet, and he was going to see my naked breasts before we’d even said hello. At least Clara was topless too, so I felt a bit more at ease. Werner came out onto the patio, and walked right up to us!

“Hello ladies.” he said.

“Hi there.” I said, pretending like it didn’t bother me at all that he could see my nipples.”Nice to meet you.”

He handed Clara some change, and I could see that he was peeping at my boobs, behind his sunglasses.

Clara asked him something in German, and he replied. Again, I didn’t know what they were saying.

“We’re trying to put some colour onto Candice here.” she said to Werner.

He laughed, and unless it was my imagination, it also looked like he was blushing a bit. He kept looking at my breasts. I pretended I didn’t see him. I felt kind of,......powerful, lying here, almost naked, in front of a boy. I know how a young boy’s hormones are raging, and I knew that he was quite pleased to see a fresh pair of breasts around the house. Especially my 34C breasts. I could feel my nipples throbbing slightly. The feeling of being in control was quite arousing. He knew he couldn’t just reach out and grab a mouthful of my nipples, although every cell in his body was probably lusting for him to do just that. I was teasing him, and I was loving it. A bit too much perhaps, because my aeriolas were starting to swell and go puffy, making my nipples look even bigger.

His mom stepped out of the pool and said something to him. He turned to her and they carried on chatting, while she dried herself off with the towel, rubbing each arm slowly, dragging the towel slowly over each breast, down her thighs, completely nude in front of her son. She had a fine layer of dark pubic hair, trimmed neatly. I could see her outer lips and a hint of her clit through her pubic hair, and I’m damn sure he could too, because he was only about a metre away from her, sitting down. He was basically face to face with her pussy, and she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think she was enjoying it. She lifted her arms above her head, drying her hair, arching back slightly as she did so. She looked like a Bond girl that had just stepped out of the ocean. I was getting turned on. Not so much by Bergitte’s naked body, but by the way she was flaunting herself in front of this poor, young, virile boy, knowing that he was going mad inside, but he couldn’t do anything about it. She walked to the deck chair and hung the towel over the back rest to dry. Then she turned and walked back into the house.

Werner took off his shirt. He had a great body. Very athletic. He was quite sexy too, in a Vin Diesel kind of way. He had very short blond hair, and quite a tan. I wondered if it went all the way down.

He took his shirt and the packet he came in with, and dissappeared into the house. It looked like he was hiding something, because he was holding the packet in front of him. A huge erection perhaps?

It felt like there was a charge in the air. Clara got up and walked to the pool. I decided it was time to take a dip too, so I stood up and walked over to the pool aswell. As I walked, I could vaguely see Werner standing by the window, looking at my breasts. I was really starting to enjoy this. I think this poor guy has been in hell all this time, with naked woman around him, and nothing much he can do except jerk off. In fact, that’s what most guys do after they’ve seen a naked girl. I knelt down and sat on the edge of the pool, jiggling my breasts in the process, dangling my feet in the water. Again I pretended not to see him looking. I think standing up sent a rush of blood to my nipples, because they were now throbbing intensely. My aeriolas were also very swollen. It looked like I had small cup cakes for nipples. Clara jumped in the cool water. Although I was enjoying the attention of my admirer, I desperately needed to cool off, so I jumped into the water aswell. It felt icy cold after being scorched by the sun, but very soothing.

This was one of those pools that seem to stretch to the horison. The water runs over the edge on the side facing the ocean, so it looks like you’re swimming in the sea. This was amazing. Clara was leaning on the edge of the pool, so I swam up next to her.

“Does your brother ever do the nude thing?” I smirked

“Not as much as he used to. I think it’s harder for guys to hide their arousal than girls.” she replied

“What do you mean?” I asked

“You know. Their hard ons. It’s kind of obvious when they get a boner....” she said

“Yes yes I know that, but I thought you said that you guys were used to the nudity thing” I said inquisitively.

“ Well, few years ago, he started getting hard ons when we were lying around. I think it’s his hormones kicking in. You know, teenage boys. I think any naked body will turn them on when they’re at that stage. Even if it’s women they’ve seen naked almost every day.” she explained

“So that’s why he wears swimming trunks most of the time?” I asked

“Exactly” She replied.

“So you and your mom still walk around naked, in front of him?”

“Of course. Why should we stop doing what we enjoy, because he’s embarrassed about his penis getting hard. I’d much prefer he didn’t hide it, but that’s up to him. In the mean time, I’m enjoying him getting hard ons as a result of looking at my body. Makes me feel good about myself. Mom too. The day a teenage boy doesn’t get a hard on when you’re naked in front of him, is when you start to worry. As long as they get hard, we have the power.” She explained. “Judging by the size of your nipples right now, I think you’ve already realised that.”

We both laughed and enjoyed the cool water for a while, then swam to the edge and got out. Clara walked back to the deck chair, and slipped her bikini bottoms right off, and hung it on the back to dry. She was totally nude, and started drying herself with the towel. She had her pubic hair trimmed quite narrow, about an inch wide, and halfway up to her belly button. I just grabbed my towel and dried myself off. I could see her smiling at me. I was getting braver, but I wasn’t quite there yet.

“I’m getting quite hungry. How about you?” asked Clara.

“I could definately eat.” I replied.

“Cool. Let’s go grab a bite in Camp’s Bay.” she smiled and walked towards the house.

I hung my towel over the deck chair, followed her into the house. To get up the stairs, we needed to walk through the lounge, and of course, there was Werner, pretending to watch TV. As we walked passed him, I saw his eyes gawking at his sister’s pussy, and then at my jiggling breasts, which were still capped by quite a nipple stand. I was feeling wicked, and winked at him as I walked by. He went bright red. We walked up the stairs, all the while feeling his eyes burning into our asses. I loved it.

I went to my room and closed the door. I was about to close the curtains again, when I thought, “Werner’s downstairs. I don’t need to worry about him peeking into my room now.” I slipped off my bikini panties and looked for a place to hang them to dry. The railing outside on the balcony would be ideal. I felt naughty, so I walked up to the sliding door and slid it open. I briefly peeked out to see if anyone was watching, and stepped out, totally nude onto the balcony and draped my panties onto the railing. The breeze blew my panties off the railing, so I had to bend over and pick them up again. Wow, this felt so liberating. I stood there for a while, feeling the cool ocean breeze caress my body, then went inside.

It was still very hot and quite humid, so I decided not to wear a bra. I slipped on a pair of g-string panties, and a short, light dress. This felt quite comfy, although not as comfy as being naked outside. As I sat and put on some make-up, I was thinking, “what’s the worst thing that could happen being nude. Especially in a place where it was welcomed, like here. I wasn’t going to get into trouble for it. I could create a few erections, that’s all...” Just then, Clara walked into my room. She was wearing a lacy blouse that was quite see through, and shorts. I could see her big aeriolas through the flimsy fabric.

“You ready.?” she asked.

“Let’s go.” I smiled.

To be continued...

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