tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCape Town Getaway Ch. 02

Cape Town Getaway Ch. 02


Sitting in the open topped roadster, as Clara skilfully piloted it around the twisty curves of Chapman's Peak, was exhilarating. The silver Mercedes SL effortlessly glided down the tarmac, with towering rock face on the one side, and glittering Atlantic ocean on the other. It was late afternoon, and the sun was getting low, bathing everything in a warm, crimson glow. I felt like a celebrity in a music video.

I looked over at Clara. The wind was ruffling her hair around her beautiful face as we entered Camps Bay. She had a slight smile on her face, as if she were anticipating something. She must have felt my gaze on her lips as she turned to look at me. She gripped my upper leg and shook it shouting "Aren't you excited!?" I smiled back at her, nodding in confirmation.

Camps Bay was awash in the glow of trendy street cafes, the setting sun and gorgeous people. We drove past a pair of boys while we were trying to find a parking spot. The sight of 2 young girls in the sleek Merc, with perky, wind chilled nipples straining against our blouses must have been a treat for them. I saw them looking back as they continued walking by, mumbling something to each other and laughing, as guys usually do. I still felt the warm glow of power, knowing that those guys were really only interested in getting between our legs. Clara and I looked at each other and smiled. We were both thinking the same thing of course. I took a deep breath and the ocean air filled my lungs. It was warm and soft. God I felt great.

We finally found a parking space, put the roof up and got out. We walked past a few restaurants before we picked one with a balcony overlooking Camps Bay beach. I was starving. All the sexual tension earlier that day had really taken it's toll. We were shown to our table by a shy young waiter. He said his name was Eric and he'd be our waiter for the evening. He was very cute and looked quite naive, but that was judging a book by its cover. My experience has taught me that the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for.

We ordered a bottle of white wine and wasted no time in emptying our first glass. I needed something to take the edge off. I was feeling great, but I was also feeling somewhat shaky. I don't know if it was because I was hungry, or the feeling of power corrupting me in front of our young waiter. He brought our menus to the table and asked if we were interested in hearing the day's specials. We kindly permitted him to continue, and he began rattling on about this and that. Clara was leaning back in her chair, looking at me with a cheeky smirk on her face, when I noticed how tightly her blouse was stretched across her breasts. Her nipples were like needles, trying to push their way through the flimsy fabric, clearly showing her dark areolas beneath. I could hear Eric skip a few words, as he tried not to let Clara's perky antenna distract him from his task. I knew what she was doing. The bitch was such a tease. She was going to try and humiliate this poor guy and make him work for every penny of his tip. Well if she thought she was going to get away with it alone, she was mistaken. She was in for some competition. Our waiter left our table, allowing us to make up our minds before taking our order.

"Did you see that little pervert?" Clara asked, smiling innocently. "Staring at my tits instead of doing his job. I could practically feel his tongue working it's way down my top." she smirked.

"Hey, don't flatter yourself too much. Two can play that game." I said.

The wine was starting to loosen my jitters somewhat. Especially on an empty stomach. I decided to do some teasing of my own in my low cut blouse. I wasn't going to let Clara steal the show. Eric arrived back, with notepad in hand, waiting to take our orders. I looked at the menu, and pointed at a particularly sophisticated sounding French dish, leaning quite far forward in the process, allowing the front of my already low cut top to fall open. I knew my now throbbing nipples were visible, because I could feel the cold air from the airconditioning pouring down my front, making them even stiffer.

"What is that?" I asked him.

"Er, what exactly ma'am?" he muttered.

"This delightful sounding dish over here." I cooed, pointing closely at the menu.

The writing was very small, and Eric was obligated to lean closer for a better look. I glanced down at my blouse, and was quite shocked to see exactly how wide open the front of my blouse actually was. I could see both of my nipples as my breasts hung freely in the cool air. Eric continued to mutter this and that. I wasn't paying much attention to his explanations though. I glanced at Clara. She was trying very hard not to look like she knew what was going on, but she was grinning, biting her bottom lip, glaring at me. She loved it.

"Um, that'sss a mushroom fillet, sauteed in red wine, smothered in ....a creamy white sauce blah blah ." he mumbled on.

I got the distinct impression that Eric was trying to stall for time. He was talking very slowly, and incoherently, like someone trying to do two things at once. I quickly glanced up, to see his eyes quickly flicking back to the menu. He gave a little cough, and turned a very definite shade of pink. He was busted!

The little pervert was trying to soak in as much viewtime of my very puffy and voluptuously swollen aeriolas and nipples as he possibly could, before the opportunity was gone. He would then more than likely retrieve the "footage" from his twisted memory archives and use it to stroke his rapidly stiffening penis to orgasmic oblivion, before shooting a wad of cum onto the duvet, where it would dry into thin air, along with the memory of my gorgeous swollen nipples.

"I'll just have the juicy fillet with the creamy sauce please." I whispered into his ear.

He was still leaning over very close to me, after that little translation exercise. He realised his monumental intrusion on my private space, and stood upright, avoiding eye contact with me.

"And how would you like that fillet done ma'am?" he asked with his pencil in hand, ready to scribble my meat preference onto the notepad.

"Medium rare please. I like my steak to be somewhat tender." I grinned.

"And you ma'am, what can I get you?" he asked Clara.

"I'll have the same Eric." she blurted.

"And how would you like that done?" he asked cautiously.

"I'll have it medium." she said, looking at him with one eyebrow lifted high.

"Thank you. I'll have your order prepared immediately." he mumbled quickly, before turning round and walking off towards the kitchen.

"Shame Clara. Wasn't that a bit harsh?" I asked.

" Watch and learn my darling." she smirked.

"Ooh, I know that tone of voice." I said, looking at her with an evil glint in my eye.

Clara was quite a master when it came to manipulating the clay of the male mind. She could sculpt most guys into doing just about anything she wanted. I was not about to question her tactics, although her somewhat aggressive attitude towards Eric the waiter was quite surprising.

"The thing with guys is that they always want to get between the legs of a woman they can't have. Unobtainable women are seen to be more successful, and that drives guys nuts. They want to fuck us just to prove a point." she explained. "Plus it's a great story to tell their mates later." she smiled, raising her glass to me.

I raised my glass too, and we toasted.

"To guys. May they always be soft in our hands, and hard between our legs." we cheered, and winked at each other.

Our food arrived, skillfully carried by Eric. He was juggling the two hot plates, extra wine that we had ordered and a corkscrew, while quickly trotting in between the other tables, on his way to ours.

"There you go ma'am." he smiled as he positioned our plates in front of us. "Bon appetit"

I could see him looking briefly down my blouse before turning his attention to the cork in the new wine bottle. I pretended to reach for my wine glass, and deliberately knocked my knife off the table, making it crash to the tiled floor. I acted surprised and quickly posed myself forward in the chair, legs spread, ready to lean down and pick up the dropped item, but Eric beat me to it. He was down on the ground, with a perfect view up along my spread thighs, to the lacy g-string panties covering my somewhat moist lips.

He slowly stood up, letting his gaze linger a bit longer on my long thighs, before rushing to the kitchen to fetch a new set of utensils.

"Oh very clever." Clara laughed, raising her glass." We'll make a vamp out of you yet."

"Thank you milady." I smiled "I am being instructed by the best." I said as I winked at her again. " Do you know that I could actually feel his gaze, slithering up my thighs while he was down there getting that utensil. It felt warm, like warm water slowly washing over my clit." I said.

"And did you get that tingling feeling in your stomach?" asked Clara, "like someone gently blowing on your skin?"

"Yes I did." I answered.

"That's your clitoris telling you that you have his balls in the palm of your hand." she smiled, before putting a slice of cucumber between her teeth and snipping it in two.

Eric returned with the clean utensils and apologised for the inconvenience. With the occasional visit to check if we needed anything, he kept quite a low profile. When he did come over to our table, Clara and I made sure to display enough thigh and nipple to keep him interested. The night was progressing beautifully, and I was getting less inhibited with each sip of my wine.

We finally finished our meals and leaned back, allowing Eric to clear the table. He took several liberties peeking up my skirt or peering down my blouse. I made little attempt to stop him. He was feeding my appetite for dessert and Clara was about to order for me...

"Eric!" snarled Clara. "What time does your shift end?"

"Pardon? My shift?" he asked, confusedly.

" Yes. What time are you free to join us for a drink? The least you could do is make it up to my friend here for being so clumsy!" she blurted

I looked confused!! What was she doing?

"At....at eight pm. In about fifteen minutes." he said, not quite sure if it was the right thing or not.

"Good, then you'll meet us in the lounge next door!" she said. It was more of an order than a request. Her German heritage wasn't about to leave her anytime soon!

"O...okay." He mumbled.

"What are you doing??" I shouted as quietly as I could.

"Welcome to Cape Town my darling." Clara smiled and closed her eyes, blowing me a kiss.

We got up from our seats after settling our check, and slinked over to the lounge in the pub adjoining the restaurant. We sat down at one of the tables. Despite several glasses of wine, I was feeling quite nervous, as I had no idea what Clara was up to. It wasn't long before Eric arrived as instructed. I had no idea what was going on in this poor boy's head, but Clara obviously did, and before he even had a chance to say "Hi", she got up from the table and put her arm through Eric's, like an elegant lady would do with her gentleman.

"Let's go for a drive." Clara smiled, and took me by the hand.

We walked out to the SL which was parked just up the road from the restaurant. The sun had already set but the air was still as warm and humid as earlier that afternoon. Clara opened the car, and gestured to Eric to sit in the back. All this time, he hadn't even spoken a word. Clara gave me the keys, and suggested we drive home. I opened up the roof, allowing the balmy air to wash over us while we slowly pulled off towards Lundudno.

"So Eric. You were stealing quite a few glances down my friend's blouse here." she said." Care to explain yourself?"

Eric looked shocked, like a deer caught in the headlights. "uurrrrrrrr?????" he managed to groan.

"Did you like what you saw? asked Clara. Her voice was now a lot softer, and more relaxed. " Do you think Candice has pretty nipples?"

The boy looked absolutely stunned. The look on his face was between a smile and a look of utter amazement.

"They're gorgeous." he managed to speak, glancing at my eyes in the rear view mirror. I winked at him and smiled.

Clara climbed over the seat to get in the back with Eric. SL's aren't renowned for their rear passenger space, so she landed in his lap, with her legs stretched out along the rest of the back seat. She put her one arm around his neck, and looked settled for the evening. She undid the top two buttons of her blouse, and pulled the fabric away from her breast, giving the boy his first, close up look of her uncovered nipple. He looked like a kid that had just opened a present.

"Are they as pretty as my nipples Eric?" Clara questioned the boy. " Are they as pink, as tender, as beautiful as my nipples?"

She slid her hand up below her breast, pushing the soft skin up and making it swell up to Eric's mouth. I could see his eyes exploring her perky nipple with great interest and his chest was heaving heavily as he lowered his head to take Clara's nipple in his mouth. His lips pouted furiously around the swollen bud, making succulent sucking sounds as he explored and tasted her aroused nipple. She looked at me in the rear view mirror, licking her top lip and biting her tongue before closing her eyes and leaning her head back, letting her slave boy have his way with her aching nipple in his mouth.

God, I was getting so horny looking at the two of them through the mirror. I squeezed my left breast, sliding my fingers to a point along my incredibly swollen areola and nipple. God it felt electric. I was giving myself little shocks each time my fingers caressed the tip of my nipple. I moved my hand down between my thighs, exploring the moist crease in my soaked panties. They were only obscuring my access to my pussy, so I started to slide them off, one ass cheek at a time. After swerving quite severely several times, I managed to get my panties off completely. I threw them directly behind me onto Clara's lap. With her nipple still firmly lodged in Eric's mouth, she took my panties and scrunched them up to her nose, inhaling deeply, smelling the scent of my wet and hungry pussy.

Eric's hand had worked its way into her shorts by now, and I could see the rythmic pumping of his hand push against the material as he probed her inner folds with his fingers. Clara proceeded to yank her shorts off, letting them slide down her curvaceous legs, and drop onto the floor of the car. She spread her legs wider, putting her one foot on my seat's headrest, giving Eric more room to manouvre his nimble fingers in and out of her delicious vagina. I could see his thumb pressing on the front of her pubic mound as his other fingers worked their magic. She moaned and squirmed like a dancer as she felt two of his fingers forcing their way ever deeper up inside her slippery pussy. She again looked at me briefly before pulling her nipple from Eric's relentless lips. She got up slightly, turned around and positioned herself with her ass on Eric's chest. She then leaned back, lowering her head between the two front seats, looking at me with wicked eyes. She then wrapped her tanned thighs around Eric's face, pulling it in towards her pussy. I saw his tongue shoot out of his mouth just before it disappeared into her velvet folds. His probing tongue pushed her soft labia lips up and down in a rythmic, circular wave. He was in her really deeply. His nose was buried deep in her pubic hair, inhaling her musky scent, tasting her sharp, silky juices. Occasionally I could hear her high heels banging on the trunk lid of the car as an electric spasm ripped through her lithe, tight body. Her body was rocking back and forth. She was grinding her pussy into his face quite furiously, gyrating her hips in wide circles over his merciless tongue. She tightly gripped each breast in her hands, squeezing them tightly and pulling her nipples as far as she could stand it. Her eyes were rolled back, and her teeth were clenched tightly. She let out a deep groan that grew louder and louder, until she screamed "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyessSSSSSSS! oooohhhhhh god! yesssss." She had tears in her eyes, and her body went limp, as the warm waves of orgasm washed over her body, spasming occasionally, as the unspent energy coursed through her nervous system, arching her back, and jolting her body uncontrollably.

I had by this time taken my blouse off and dropped it on the passenger seat, freeing my ample, firm breasts to the ocean air swirling in the cockpit of the car. My nipples and aeriolas were so engorged and swollen that they were painful. My pale breasts were capped by what looked like thick pink marshmallows, with a red cherry on the end of them. It felt like they would pop at any second. This entire experience was feeling so surreal and exciting. I was driving this expensive Mercedes, stark naked with the wind blowing through my hair, and Clara now blowing the waiter in the back seat!

We pulled up to the electric gates of the house, and drove down the driveway, stopping in front of the doors to the garage. I switched off the engine and turned around, looking at Clara taking Eric's penis deep into her throat. It was hard to tell how big his dick was because she never let it out of her mouth. She had her hand wrapped around his balls, squeezing them gently. They were quite big, and looked heavy as the skin folded around her fingers.

"You guys are having all the fun." I said.

Eric looked at me and smiled with a look of great content on his face. Clara finally came up for air, allowing me the first glimpse of Eric's thick, veiny cock. It was average length, but very thick. His shaft was glistening from Clara's saliva drooling all over it. The bulbous purple head bobbed up and down as he tensed his thick dick every now and then. I looked back up at Eric and saw him grinning at me through slitted eyes. I was unconciously massaging my tender, swollen breasts with both hands while I was ogling his gorgeous penis. I was longing for it to make it's way up inside me and satisfy my hungry lust for a big cock.

I got out the car and took Eric and Clara by the hands. They got out aswell, and we walked across to the pool area. I was so devastatingly horny that I couldn't even be bothered getting upstairs to a bedroom. I sat down on one of the loungers and pulled Eric towards me. He seemed to instictively know what to do, as I lay back with my hands above my head on the headrest, and my legs spread wide open in front of him. He kneeled in front of me and took off his shirt, which is all the clothing he had left after Clara had got hold of him. He dropped his shirt to the ground and we stared at each other for a while. His erect penis towering out in front of him. He gently stroked his shaft, back and forth, as his eyes hovered over every inch of my erotic body. I felt his gaze wash over my pink, glisteningly tense nipples, the curves of my pale, full breasts, the curves of my waist and down to the mystical beauty of my swollen pussy lips as I quietly lay completely naked, in front of him. I lay their in front of him with my long legs, my warm thighs, spread wide open. The most private and sensitive part of my body, was on total, unobscured display to the boy who had served us dinner about an hour earlier. I loved the feeling of seeing him stroking his penis while he perved at my body. I was turning him on with my swollen nipples, my curvaceous, creamy thighs, my dark, hungry pussy, all begging him to penetrate me deeply, pumping his thick love muscle into my inviting body. Clara slipped back from the house, and quietly sat down next to me. She placed her hand on the inside of my thigh, and gently stroked my skin, down to my incredibly wet and swollen labia. Her fingertips gently brushed against my protruding clit. She sank a finger into my slit, and slowly ran it down, between my lips, to the entrance of my pulsating vagina, where she changed course and slipped inside me. Ohhhhh it felt soooooo beauuuuuuuutiffffuuuullllllllllllllllll. "Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyeessssssssssssssssssss" I whispered gently, all this time, looking into Eric's eyes. All this time, letting this relative stranger, stare at my naked, beautiful, sacred body. I was on complete display, to him. I had totally surrendered to his eyes. My gorgeous, voluptuous breasts, were completely open to his gaze, his touch, whatever he wanted.

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