tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapers And Rapers

Capers And Rapers


"I walked into a convenience store. I just needed something to eat. I just needed something!" I told the detective as she jotted in a notebook the words that I uttered.

"Go ahead." She implored.

I sat with a shocked look on my face. I breathed a heavy sigh. When I exhaled it sounded like I was unloading years of pent up pain.

"I walked over to the cooler, and was looking over the choices. Most of the sandwiches were old. Then I walked over to the freezer case to look at the microwave meals. Just then the door opened forcefully." I said.

The detective asked "How did you know it was forcefully? "You said you were looking at the freezer."

I stood up out of the steel chair in the back of the store and walked to the door. I opened the door slowly. The bells jingled. I closed the door, and opened it quickly. The doors rang loudly. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow as if to say now do you see?

"Ok. I understand."

"I heard the door, and turned to see who it was. This isn't the best area you know."

"Tell me about it. This store has been robbed four times in the last three years. I was the detective in charge on two of those calls."

She asked me to continue with my story.

"I saw two women charge in the door with a couple 9mm Glocks. The first one was about 5'7" and had a medium build. She wore a black hoody with dark blue jeans. Her hair had tight curls and was bleach blonde. The second one was about 5' even and had a thin build. She had dark brown hair straight and down to her shoulders. She wore a pair of light blue jeans and Bucs jersey with the number 55. She also had a red Bucs hat on."

The detective asked if there was anything odd about them.

"Other than the bulge in their jeans...no" With a puzzled look on her face she inquired, "A what in where?"

"That's why I'm so taken back. You don't think I can identify a Glock from across the room without having ever seen one do you? The blonde ran to the counter, and demanded all the money. The shorter one ran up to me, and told me not to move while holding the gun to the back of my head. I did exactly as I was told."

"Good thinking."

"I heard the register open and close. Then I heard a thud. That's when the blonde knocked out the clerk. Then she asked the short one to get some rope or tape. She knew that I couldn't be left alone so she told me to get up and find something to tie the clerk with. I walked to the aisle that they sell oil and brake fluid hoping to find tape or rope. When I saw those trunk ties I grabbed it and tied up the clerk, and hid him behind the counter. The blonde took his keys and locked the front door. Then I was forced into the back room."

I took a deep breath and forcefully exhaled and I opened the bottle of water I was given. I took a long sip from the bottle.

"I was pushed to the floor on my hands and knees. The blonde opened her buttons on her jeans. She forced her hand inside and pulled out a black strap-on that was at least eight inches long and pretty thick. She grabbed my hair and forced me close to it. She told me to suck it. I opened my mouth and almost instantly swallowed more than half of it. She forced my head up and down. I thought I was going to throw up for a second there."

"What happened after that?" The detective asked as she wiped her brow.

"I must have been doing that for a good five or ten minute. While I devoted all my attention to the blonde I couldn't see the brunette. That was until she walked out in front of me wearing only her bra and jeans. She unzipped and pulled out a thick pink strap-on that was just as long and thick as the blonds'. She put the gun to my head as the blonde pulled out. She demanded that I strip. I took all of my clothes off. The brunette nudged my head with the business end of the gun telling me that I wasn't done sucking yet. I opened my mouth as the blonde positioned herself behind me with her strap-on only as wet as I left it. She pushed it into my ass in one thrust. She told me that I was going to get the fucking of a lifetime. Just as the brunette was starting to pick up speed the blonde was slamming me with reckless abandon. I was being skewered on both ends."

"How long did this keep up?" The detective asked while licking her full lips.

"I was fucked for more than two hours. I only heard my own grunting and my cell phone ringing twice. I was given occasional instructions as to what to do, but little more was said to me."

The flushed detective asked how I felt. I told her that I felt violated and excited all at the same time. I explained that in the middle of all of that I came twice. It wasn't all bad, but I wished that I at least knew who was violating me.

"Can we finish this interview over coffee and maybe a trip to the adult toy store down the street to help identify the sex toys in the case?" She managed as she cleared her throat.

"I'd like that. Can I help you other than that?"

"Maybe you could demonstrate what they did to you in person." the detective asked with a sly grin. I was taken back. I didn't know what to say. I was just violated, and now the officer was putting the moves on me? She was beautiful. She had full lips, hair pulled back in a smart pony tail, and a tight ass. Although, I think that her ass wasn't the one that I should be worried about right now.

"You're not obligated, of course, but I think this could help me understand what the perps were thinking. I'm better at catching the bad guys...err girls in this case...if I can get into their minds."

I heard what she said, but all I could see was those lips and her ass. I guess I lost just enough IQ points to accept her invitation with a nod. What was I thinking?

"Well then. It's settled. You should probably take your car so that I don't have to drive you back in the morning. This investigation might take a while." She told me with an official sounding tone.

She told me that she would lead me at her house and we'd take her car to the toy store. When we arrived to her house, she pulled into her garage with her service vehicle. She got out and got into her jeep. She quickly started to put the top back on. I asked if she wanted to ride with me and she politely declined telling me that she prefers to be the driver. I had no idea that this was a life preference and not just a car she was talking about.

When she finished with the top she tapped the passenger seat twice as if to tell me that it was time to go. I hopped into the jeep, and put on my seatbelt (which I rarely wear). She tugged up on the shoulder belt while telling me that she's happy that I chose to belt up.

"I'd hate to have to give you a citation for that." She playfully joked.

"Always wear them officer." I lied.

"Of course you do." she said with doubt in her voice.

She drove us to the toy store. The parking lot had two cars outside. I assume that one was the clerk's vehicle. The other was likely a late night perv that was watching movies in the theatre. Which always makes me think? Don't these people have internet?

"Are you ok with this?" she asked.

"Yes its just that realized that I don't know your first name. I rarely go into these sorts of places to begin with, but never with a nameless woman. It's just that I..."

"Samantha" She interrupted, "my name is Samantha, but you should address me as detective in the store."

"I understand."

We got out of the Jeep, and walked into the store. The door alarm gave a sickly ring as if it were on its last legs. We took a second to get our bearings before she spotted the dildos and strap-ons. I was a bit embarrassed when she took me by the hand and pulled me directly to the strap-on case. I just kept thinking that I'd never come here again. I could only imagine what the clerk was thinking.

We stood before a sea of harnesses and cocks that were as small as a pinky finger and as big as my leg. Samantha asked me if I saw the toys that they were wearing. I pointed out one. The other wasn't there. I did see the other harness, but not the dildo. Samantha put her fingers in her mouth to alert the clerk with a sharp whistle (yeah, never coming here again). He approached and asked how he could help. She pulled out her badge and told him that she needed to buy the first strap-on that I pointed out as well as the other harness. She walked up to the front counter, pulled out her credit card, and paid the clerk.

"I thought that cops didn't make that much. How can you afford that?" I asked her.

"I'm going to put the receipt in to get that money back."

"I should have been a cop. Nurses can't do that." Samantha laughed as she asked, "Is that what you do? I thought you'd be security or something like that with you knowledge of guns."

"I was an Army medic, and I just fell into nursing."

"Good. That will be helpful."

I should have kept my mouth shut.

We left the store and went back to her home. We pulled into the garage and she asked me to grab the bag from the back. We walked in as the garage door was closing. I looked out under the door as if I was being locked in with no escape.

"You ok?"

"Yes. Sorry I was just thinking."

"If this is too much for you you'll tell me right?"

"Yes. Of course I will"


"This is a beautiful house you have. I guess cops are better off than I thought."

"I have one thing to say about that, overtime."

I laughed nervously.

Samantha led me to the kitchen table. I sat down while she began to make coffee. I twisted the handles to the plastic bag that we got from the clerk at the toy store. I guess Samantha saw this as she returned with a cup and took the bag from me.

"What do you take in it?"

"Extra sweet and light."

I held onto the cup with both hands as she poured the coffee. The small talk continued for a few minutes before she told me that she needed to know more about the women. She asked if I saw the faces. I told her that I gave the description to the sketch artist, but that there wasn't anything that stood out on them like her face. Samantha blushed. Somehow, I wonder how often that really happens. She doesn't seem like a blusher. Maybe it's the gun and badge.

"Are you ready to show me?" She asked.


She led me to a room that had workout equipment and mats on the floor. I showed her the positions that the women had me in before the blonde pulled out her strap-on. Samantha unbuttoned her shirt. When she opened it she had a pink bra. I sat on the floor with my mouth wide open.

"It's ok. I'll be gentle. I like you." she told me as she unzipped her suit skirt and dropped it to the floor.

I've never been a ladies man, but it sounds like I just had a police officer put the moves on me. Maybe I'm a little thick, but I really hope so.

She uncoupled her bra, and approached me on the floor. I was frozen until she kissed me. I reached up around her pulling her closer to me. Our kiss felt like two people that had been alone for way too long. It was passionate and so sweet.

"No matter what happens, you can't tell anyone what happened here tonight. This needs to be our secret until I can get reassigned." She told me.

"My lips are sealed."

"Good. I heard you talking about your ordeal, and I really wanted to show you that it doesn't have to be a scary experience. Are you ok with everything?"


She left the room and returned with the strap-on hanging from her hips. She lowered the lights and came back to me. I came back to my knees as if to begin standing.

"That's far enough." Her tone sounded sterner.

I stopped. She leaned over and kissed me sharing her tongue with me. When she stood back up she guided my mouth down to her cock. I paused at first, but then eagerly started sucking on it. She encouraged me stroking my hair with her strong hands. I felt as if she had the strength to take me down, but she seemed to be building me up.

After a few minutes of sucking her strap-on I stood up and walked over to a bench. She sat me down on the bench and guided me onto my back. I laid there thinking of how much my ass hurt, but not wanting to stop. I don't know why. Maybe it's the approach that Samantha used. Maybe it's the lack of firearms pointed at my head. With that I held my legs up as she lubed up her cock. She lined herself up to my ass and gently pushed as she looked me in the eyes. I don't care how much this hurt I was ready. She pushed into my ass. A little at first and then drew back to work in a little more with each thrust. Her depth increased and her momentum picked up until she was all the way in and thrusting faster than the crooks did. For some reason, this didn't hurt at all. I was getting hard. Samantha reached down and started stroking my cock with her strong hands. She used one hand to run her hands over my chest. Just then, I came all over my chest and stomach.

"How dirty do you want this to be?" She asked of me.

"As dirty as you want it"

She ran her fingers through my cum. going straight to his mouth with it before giving me a passionate kiss. Her tongue intertwined with mine for a few moments. After she pulled back she commanded that I swallow. I did as I was told. I never swallowed cum before. I thought it would be horrible, but it wasn't bad at all. Hey! Wait a minute. Samantha was as stern to me as the crooks and I loved it. I was at peace with it.

"How did you do that?" I asked.


"You managed to make something that was horrible for me before and make it wonderful. How did you do that?"

"Never underestimate the power of a loving Domme."

After that day, Samantha and I continued to see each other in secret until she was able to get the Captain to reassign the case to another detective. A few months later I moved in with her. A year later we were married. I'm married to a strong loving Dom that's packing heat (and a gun too)!

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