tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptivating Lover Ch. 02

Captivating Lover Ch. 02


He has been secured against the wall. Metal cuffs with velvet linings hold him fast. His wrists are a little chafed - yet again he defies us with his attempts to escape. He is furious, naked and cold.

"You tried to escape." I speak to him, and he turns his face towards my voice. He is so very handsome I long to rush to him and shower him with kisses. That will have to wait. He has been foolish, and the others expect me to punish him.

He snarls at me "You have no right to keep me here."

I shake my head sadly. "I told you, you would have been released. Why did you try and escape on your own?"

He sets his lips against me, and shoots me a murderous look. I move towards him. I am wearing a long gown of wine coloured velvet with a tempting slit up the front. He looks down involuntarily and catches a glimpse of my nakedness. He licks his lips, although he shivers in fear. Perhaps we are building a little trust - I was kind before, and he has not been brutalised. But I see the anger cloud his face as he considers how he has been captured and held here.

"You will be punished for your bravery." I sink to my knees before him on the cold stone floor.

"You will tell me when you are close to climax." I order.

He sneers again, but his ankle is fastened to the wall by a short chain, and he is unable to move away as I take his flaccid penis between my hands.

It is soft and cool to touch. Holding it gently, I breathe on it, warming it. I look up to see him watching me in fascination. Gently I lower it, and stroke his thighs. He shivers, and I stroke deeper between them, cupping his buttocks gently, softly touching his balls. He shrinks away, but the wall behind him prevents it. I ignore his reluctance, and push his thighs apart forcefully. This gives me greater access to begin again, stroking, touching, exploring.

His penis is semi flaccid now - rising up despite his sneering tone. I poke out my tongue and nuzzle the eye of his penis, gently tasting the saltiness of him. His penis rises further, quickly hardening under the warm caress of my tongue. I stroke his balls, between his warm thighs. He shivers again, but now I think it is with pleasure.

I enfold his cock in my mouth, sinking to the base in one long stroke. He gasps with pleasure and a little fear "aaahhhh". I continue gently pulling down on his balls, feeling the lovely soft hairs of his inner thighs, enjoying the hardness of his cock that oozes yet another pearly drop of precum. His penis is wet enough now for both my hands to encircle it, firmly thrusting down around it, gripping the base, and stroking up and down. My mouth rises and falls on his long shaft, my tongue swirling around and around. He is pushing his hips forward now, groaning with pleasure despite himself. I quicken the pace, knowing he can't be too far from climax.

"I'm close." He gasps. I am saddened that he has told me, for the punishment must be dealt and unknowingly he has helped it along.

I withdraw my mouth, and he gives a low moan of frustration. He is waiting to see what I will do next, his hips bucking and his penis ready to reach the edge. I move away from him, not daring to touch him at all.

He growls, and pulls at the shackles and shouts at me - realising too late what it means. Even so soon, I can see the coldness of the room affecting him, he is backing away from the edge in disbelief and anger. I stand against the far wall, watching him and sorry for what I must do. He is furious at this treatment.

I wait. The room is cold. He subsides, and his penis slowly begins to sink again. Then I move forward once more.

"You were foolish. And you must be punished." I say again. He doesn't respond, angry and hurt by this treatment.

I sink to my knees again before him. This time he is still semi hard, and I gobble his penis into my throat greedily.

"What, no telling this time?" He snarls.

I remove my mouth from him to answer.

"You wouldn't tell me anyhow." I smile at him in gentle rebuke. His face is cloudy with anger still, hurt and bewildered.

But I am winning him over, my mouth moving over him again, pleasuring him again, my eager hands swarm up between his legs, stroking, touching, caressing. At first he tries to push his thighs together to prevent my touch, but I firmly move them away. He groans, in reluctance and acceptance. I feel sorry that I will soon have to punish him again.

When I feel his balls contract, and the slight salty taste of precum I know he is close. His breathing quickens, his thighs start to punch forwards, and true to his threat he says nothing.

I withdraw from him again.

This time he is abusive. He hurls insults at me as I stand against the wall. I look up to the security camera, knowing that this punishment is as much for him as for me, my stupid handling of him, my selection of this proud warrior in the first place. I can almost here the others tutting to themselves "Well, this is what comes of picking up trouble!" This time I only wait about five minutes before I move towards him again.

He is almost crying with frustration by this time, his penis refusing to lie down. Yet he doesn't want me to touch him, he pulls away again and I must grasp him firmly towards me. I am standing, and I hold his jaw firmly as I have done before and kiss his neck with tenderness. I feel the moist ooze of his precum against my belly through the robe. I whisper into his ear "This time, my love, this time."

And once more I move down to his cock, his lovely cock, and engulf it in my mouth. This time he is relaxed and thrust forward eagerly, trusting that I will help him to his climax. He pushes into my mouth and swirling tongue again and again, but it is mere moments before he cries out, a roar of victory and pleasure, as he spurts down my throat. I suck it down, savouring the taste of him, the gift of his unwilling submission. He arches his back, thrusts and moans, and I massage him eagerly with my tongue, my lips and mouth. I hold his buttocks in my hands, reaching under them to stroke his perineum, his balls, his hard twitching thighs.

When he stops spasming, I slowly remove my mouth.

"Consider yourself punished." I wink at him.

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