(This story is the continuation of "On The Green Line".)


I had no idea where they were taking me and it took all the strength I had left not to break down into tears at my futile situation. The two salarymen that had abducted me from the Yamanote train, ushered me down several streets and for about ten minutes, we seemed to walk about in circles, all the while a gun pressing hard into my spine.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked sternly, turning my head toward the older man on my right, but he used his free hand to force my face forward.

"Not a word from you, understand?" he said rhetorically, giving his gun a convincing nudge and reminding me that he was not fooling around.

I was scared out of my mind! What were these guys going to do to me? They already raped me on a crowded train, kidnapped me and were taking me to some hideout of theirs. Suddenly, the younger man grabbed my arm and stopped me from walking. We stood outside a four-story building with nondescript white and beige coloring. He pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked the door, pushing me through and forcing me up the staircase. It didn't help that the ultra-mini skirt I was wearing for a job did nothing to conceal my rear end. It was bare, so bare that I could feel the warmth of their breath against my cheeks. The older man just couldn't help himself and using one finger, he rubbed the tip along the string of my thong as I walked up the stairs. My steps slowed and my eyes closed with embarrassment at what he did to me.

"Keep walking," the young salaryman demanded in a coarse, aroused voice. He watched intently as his partner in crime tugged aside my thong and started playing with the rim of my anus.

I felt like I was drowning, deep underwater with no way to escape the craziness that was happening. There was no control in my grasp, no ability to say no to them. I tried to continue walking, but when his fingertip slipped inside, I seemed to miss a step and shrieked, landing face down against the stairs. It was bad, the whole situation. My butt was exposed to them and when I turned my head, I saw the older salaryman unzip his pants and revealed his cock to me.

"Please..." I begged with tears brimming in my eyes. "Please not here in the stairway..."

The young man leaned against the banister and chuckled loudly. "There is no help for you in this building. No one will save you from what we have planned. I own this building and no one enters or leaves without my permission."

In that moment, I knew there was no hope. I could only pray that they would grant me mercy and free me at some point in this escapade of theirs. My head turned downward to the dirty stairs and I realized how low I'd fallen. I didn't need to turn my head to know what he was doing. The older man was standing there stroking his dick, getting ready to stick it inside me. Before I could turn my head, I knew he had given the gun to the young man and his hands were bringing my butt up into clear view.

"Such a nice ass..." he muttered, but it was clear enough for me to understand. The older man took a bit of the wetness from my pussy and moistened my trembling hole. Then, he grabbed his cock at the base and I watched in horror as he lowered himself and pressed inside.

"No!" I screamed with tears in my eyes, but the barrel of the gun was pointed to the side of my face. His cock, just the tip of him, sat inside my tight anal muscles taking in the feeling.

"She's so tight, so sweet..." His words trailed off as he began to move inside me, his hands latched to my waist and moving me back and forth on him. I couldn't move; I was paralyzed to the spot and in utter shock at the level of humiliation they brought upon me. The young man, seemingly knowing I was thinking this, laughed mirthfully, thoroughly amused at the troubled look on my face. The cock in me seemed ridiculously large and my muscles clenched unconsciously on the intruder that had penetrated my defenses.

My cries became whimpers and the only sound in the stairway was that of flesh smacking against flesh. His movements were slow at first, but grew steadily faster until minutes later, I felt him shudder against me. All of a sudden, I could feel the pressure of his release deep inside and the sensation of fullness, not unlike when I had to go to the bathroom. The urge to defecate came over me, even as he pulled out and tapped his dick against my crack in satisfaction.

"Was it good? It sure looked like it," the young man commented, uncaring of my current state of being.

The old man squeezed the last of his juice from the tip of his cock, then tucked it back into his pants.

"Her ass is golden. I think we have found a pirate's booty!" They both laughed at the intentional pun. Meanwhile, there I was trying desperately not to empty myself right there. I must have grunted and clenched my legs a little too noticeably because the younger man leaned down to my face and began to whisper a taunt.

"You want to go, don't you?" he asked softly. Grudgingly, I nodded. "Then, go. Right here."

"I..." No words came to me when he said that. My ass felt like it was going to burst and there he was with a smirk on his face knowing damn well that I couldn't hold it in. The older man stepped right next to the younger man and watched as I struggled. I gave a distressed wail, unable to hold it back anymore. My muscles relaxed and everything inside me, the semen and all the fecal waste that was there, flew out of my ass like an aerosol spray. The pressure was so intense that the wall behind me was plastered with the mixed matter.

God, it can't possibly get any more horrible than this, I thought deprecatingly.

"Get up." Without a care for the mess left behind, they yanked me to my feet and we proceeded to the top floor of the building. A black door with two key locks was before me, to which keys suddenly appeared from the young man's pocket. He opened the door wide to reveal a large, unfurnished room with a pile of round pillows in the corner by the window. Ironically, the windows in the immediate area were all colored a light grey, letting in only slight bits of light. The younger salaryman flicked on the light switch, which was on the outside of the door, and to my surprise there were more women in the room. Some of them were asleep; others were crouched in the corner in some kind of mutely aware state. There were a group of women to the left of the entrance that were caught between the legs of one woman. Their fingers and tongues were playing intently with her pussy and breasts, her body writhing in ecstasy and her soft moan drowning out the silence of the room.

"Isabella! Sit up!" The older salaryman stepped forward and violently wrenched the three women that were ensconced between her legs to the side. "You have work to do now. Come."

For the first time, the two salarymen separated, only sharing a knowing glance at each other as the older man disappeared down the staircase with the woman named Isabella.

"Take off your clothes," commanded the remaining salaryman. By now, he had hidden away the gun he used to threaten me. One hand was wrapped around my throat and the other, sinister in its intention, was unzipping my skirt. I complied and unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing a bra, so my breasts fell free, exposed to the cool air of the room. Immediately, my nipples puckered into tight little nubs.

"The panties..."

My fingers trembled as I clumsily pulled off my thong. He pushed me forward into the room and thrust me toward a woman that stood glaring at him in some sort of fascination.

"Clean her up, Kiran. She'll be needed for tonight," the young man said cryptically.

The woman bowed in response, tucking me behind her back. "As you wish, Kazuo-sama."

I couldn't help myself and I glanced around the woman's back toward the man that had molested me. His intense gaze seemed to penetrate my soul; I quickly turned my head away to save what was left.

"You have one hour." With that, he left the room. I was certain he secured the locks, the telltale clicks giving me some sort of respite from continued degradation.

Once the door closed, the woman named Kiran took a deep breath and relaxed her shoulders. She spun around and looked me over fully from head to toe without uttering a word. The corner of her lips tilted upward in a smirk and she crossed her arms.

"I see why Kazuo-sama chose you," she said with a sigh. "No doubt you are confused about what is going on here, aren't you?"

My mouth opened to respond, but for some odd reason nothing came out. There was something about her that was soothing. Although it dawned on me that every woman in the room was completely nude, I wasn't embarrassed among my same sex. In fact, it was downright soothing. The initial shock was starting to wear off and Kiran's patient gaze began to smile as she realized I was coming around.

"Good. First, what is your name?" she asked softly, gently stroking my hair.


"Well, Maya, we don't have much time. Come with me and we will talk."

We strode into the adjoining room and to my surprise, there was a full-service bath in the middle of the room. The room was brighter than the other room, lit by a window that extended across the length of the adjacent wall. It was too high for any of us to reach and too narrow for anyone to escape through, but it provided a nice light source. She took a bucket of warm water and drained it over my body.

"Where am I?" I asked curiously, sitting quietly as Kiran scrubbed my back with her sponge. "I don't understand why any of this is happening to me."

Kiran lowered the sponge, her mind trying to find a simple answer that would appease my questions. "It is a little complex, so bear with me while I explain, okay?" She returned to scrubbing my body, turning me from time to time to scrub every inch from my neck to my privates.

The explanation she provided was not an easy pill to swallow. The young salaryman, whose name was Kazuo, and his boss, referred to only as 'Takahashi-sama', were in the business of providing beautiful women to clients of theirs for pleasure purposes. Apparently, they stole away women for days at a time, made them have sex with clients of theirs and eventually let them go. There was one thing that didn't make any sense about it to me.

"Why haven't the police been told about this?" I asked, needing to know how something like this could go unreported or not investigated by the police.

Kiran chuckled at my naïveté. "There is something you should understand about this whole setup. This is also a bit of a psychology experiment to them. They take women that initially protest to being kidnapped and raped, just to see how they react to days of continuous sex. On average, most women don't say anything because they either ended up enjoying themselves a little too much or they are so thoroughly embarrassed that they wouldn't dare put themselves under the police's scrutiny."

"Experiment, huh?" I said softly, saddened that all we were to them were guinea pigs. Our feelings and concerns didn't even matter to them. "But they do let us all go eventually?"

"Yes, they do," confirmed Kiran. After she washed off the soap from my body, we moved toward the bubbling hot pool of water in the center of the room and stepped in. It was a comfort, luxury even, that I hadn't experienced in a long time. Under the circumstances however, this was far from being luxurious.

"You have to understand one more thing, Maya. They are dangerous men; I would not cross them if I were you. Just do as you are told and they will probably free you in a few days."

"Probably?" The one word was a red flag in my eyes. "Do they ever... keep a woman they want?"

She pointed a finger to herself and lowered her head. "They decided to keep me mostly to bring order to the women that come and go in here. But I am one of the rare women that have some sort of freedom."

"Freedom in what way? You are stuck in here naked day and night, aren't you?" I asked Kiran, wondering how she could even possibly think herself free under these circumstances.

Kiran glanced upward at the window. "I, at least, get to go outside to smell the fresh air. The women here, generally, all they smell is the scent of raw sex every day. It's enough to drive any woman crazy."

I grew silent at the revelations, withdrawing to what seemed to make sense in my head. Kiran looked at me, her head crooked, as if trying to figure out what I was thinking. Suddenly, her head twisted toward the open doorway and she practically yanked me from the water.

"Dry yourself, Maya. Quickly! We have dallied too long in here," she instructed hurriedly, tossing a plush white towel to me. "One last bit of advice," she leaned in close and whispered, "never tell them your full name. Never."

With a gasp, we both heard the last lock on the door click and the door creak open. He stepped forward into the doorway of the bathing room, his eyes locked on my body.

"All clean, I see," commented Kazuo. He strode into the room like the king of his castle inspecting the goods he'd bought for the day. Standing before me, he ruthlessly grabbed my breast, kneading it in his hands and watching with satisfaction as it grew perky. My head was lowered as he did this and I strained to hold in my noises of protest. Suddenly, his hand was on my chin, raising my head so that our eyes were locked.

"I want your eyes on mine when I am fucking you," he said menacingly, tightening his grip. "I won't say it to you a second time. Do you understand me?"

At his prompt, my eyes darted to Kiran for a second. Somehow she had slipped way from being directly next to me and was now facing me at Kazuo's side. I felt like I was conspired against in some strange way.

"I understand, Kazuo-sama," I answered softly, my eyes defiant and refusing to leave his.

Kazuo smiled at my response. "She learns quickly. That's good." I knew his comment was directed toward Kiran. "Come." He turned to leave the room and somehow I figured he wanted me to follow him closely. When Kiran pushed me closer toward him as he walked, I understood. I had to be within a couple paces of his movement. Her eyes were filled with concern as I left the room and walked down one flight of stairs with Kazuo. No further words were spoken until I entered the third floor area.

The area seemed more like an office, with a sitting area and empty reception desk. There was an office in the far back directly ahead of us, where I counted three male heads waiting. The door was closed and locked behind us, again with keys in the possession of Kazuo. At that, the three men turned their heads and stood.

"Step forward so that they may inspect you," Kazuo commanded, pushing me ahead of him as the three men approached.

I stood in the middle of the room, my eyes staring blankly forward. Desperately, I tried to block out the stares and eventual touches from the men perusing me. They were speaking in a different language and were clearly not natives. Then again, neither was I. They were all good-looking men, but I couldn't concentrate on that aspect at all. One of them, a spiky-haired blond man, was the first to touch me, running a single fingertip from my neck, through the valley between my breasts and onto my stomach. I shuddered at the sudden sensation he elicited. He smiled at me confidently with bright white teeth that seemed more like priceless pearls than actual eating utensils.

"I like her," he said. The other two men nodded their approval as well. "We'll have fun, I'm sure."

"Good," Kazuo responded in their tongue, smiling and clapping his hands once in front of him. "You can have the entire night with her and when you're done, just give me a call on my mobile."

"No problem." And with that, Kazuo disappeared from the room, leaving me with three complete strangers.

"What is your name, girl?" asked the blond man.


His eyebrow rose curiously. "Just Maya? I suppose it doesn't matter what your last name is, does it?" Something about him seemed unnatural – as if there was something hidden about him. I couldn't make any sense of it. "Come and lie down here on the floor. Bryan, help her get more comfortable."

His idea of comfortable was, once I was on the floor, his hands spread my legs and down his dark blond head went into my pussy. The blond man and his other friend began to disrobe. I was surprised by the intensity Bryan had in eating me out. My heart began to race and for some strange reason, I had a very positive reaction to them. I was basically a slave held captive by Kazuo and here I was... enjoying this man's linguistic skills! A moan erupted from my mouth, my body taking over my mind's sensibilities. My fingers began to play with my nipple, to which the blond man tsked his disapproval.

"No no," he chided, lowering to his knees. "Let Vic take care of that for you..."

I watched in fascination as the dark-haired man named Vic came down to me and began sucking on my nipples. The blond man held his semi-rigid arousal out to my face and I eagerly took his cock into my mouth. Not caring one iota about my shame, I was caught up in overwhelming sensations from all three men, an evil tongue playing wickedly with my clit and a skillful set of hands bringing together two nipples for a single taste. Bryan came up for air for a moment and saw his friend's cock in my mouth.

"Ah, Dan, you're working her already? Nice!" Bryan seemed to be enthusiastic about everything. The three of them laughed at his raunchy commentary. I, on the other hand, was too busy sucking. I couldn't believe how good he tasted; the salt of his skin mixing with my saliva went down my throat smoothly. He had to be a full eight inches and I had sucked him off to full erectness. Dan took his dick out of my mouth and held it out of the way for a minute so that I could suck his balls. My hands stayed busy, one hand holding Vic's head to my chest to continue playing with my breasts and the other taking Dan's cock in hand to stroke it while I took his balls into my mouth. He muttered something unintelligible and took his manhood back into his own hands.

"God, she tastes fucking great," said Bryan. He took a moment to finally disrobe and when I glanced up, he was fully erect. "I've got to get into this pussy..." With no prelude, my slickness graced his hardness, his cock sliding in and out like a man crazed. "It's so tight..."

Vic sat up and watched his friend pounding into me, all the while stroking himself and watching. Dan pulled away from me to stroke himself and Vic took advantage of my free mouth, turning my head so that I could suck him off. I groaned loudly when Bryan hit a particularly sensitive spot inside me. Dan took my hand and guided me to his cock to stroke him. I was having a difficult time keeping track of all three of these guys.

"It's alright, honey," Dan began, "you don't have to work too hard. Just let us take care of you." It was a menacing promise, but promise it was.

Meanwhile, Bryan lifted my leg and pushed deeper into me, exclaiming as he delved headlong into the storm. "Damn it all, Dan, you need to get in this shit! I'm telling you, I've never been in a pussy like this before!"

Dan's curiosity overcame him and they switched positions. I heard Dan curse when he pushed his cock into me, the very same reaction Bryan had. "Bryan, you're right! Her pussy is definitely something special..." He couldn't talk anymore and I could see Vic wanted a piece of me too. He was hard and throbbing, wanting something warm to envelop him aside from my mouth. The two sat back and watched Dan grind into me, pushing my legs into my chest so that my entire lower body was exposed.

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