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Captive Audience


After Nick had won the lottery a few years back he had been able to give up working and focus entirely on the things he enjoyed. That was singing and sex. He had bought a few venues and done them up and rented them out to local choirs and groups for very good rates, as well as encouraging groups of singers and music in the community.

Tonight he was helping out one of his favourite groups and they were at his favourite venue. It was an old, ancient church in the middle of nowhere. It had one of the best acoustics but what most people didn't know about was the old crypt below it. Nick had been promising his Princess something naughty for weeks and tonight was it.

She was tiny; about four foot ten and his submissive little princess. She was as filthy as he was, the opposite but equal to his naughty side. He had tied her up, blindfolded her and carried her into the church. She had no idea where she was. It was about an hour before the concert was due to start so no one was around yet when he carried her down to the crypt beneath.

In the crypt there was a large stone altar that had been there for a very, very long time. Nick had her stand by the altar, blindfolded and unaware of her surroundings. He stripped her slowly of her clothes. His fingers lingering on her skin as he stroked and caressed her, feeling her shiver under his touch. She knew tonight she was not to make a sound until she was given permission. He lifted her easily in his arms and laid her on the cool stone altar. The hiss that escaped her lips as her ass touched the cool stone then her whole body almost made him laugh. The crypt itself was cool and her nipples had hardened instantly. He leaned over her to bite on them roughly making her gasp again - but no sounds really yet. She was trying very hard.

He took her left wrist and stretching it out fastened the manacle around it, then repeated the process with her right wrist. Walking around to the far side of the stone altar he gripped her legs and spread them wipe apart, fastening them to the altar so she could not move, spread eagled and helpless, blindfolded. He slipped the gag into her mouth and raising her head fastened it around so she couldn't make a sound. He took the small anal plug from the bag and smearing a small amount of lube on the tip he slowly wiggled it until it slid into her ass. In her pussy he slid the latest toy he had bought her. It was a small vibrating egg that could be controlled from his phone.

He turned it onto its lowest setting and watched as her stomach tensed up as it started to throb inside her. He slowly drew circles around her clit with the tip of his finger, listening to her groans through the gag and smiling.

"I'll be back soon princess. You may cum if you need to."

With that Nick left her on the cool stone slab, helpless, cut off and only aware of the quiet cool surroundings and the growing throbbing in her pussy. He walked upstairs and started to welcome the audience and singers as they began to arrive. By the time the concert started there were around forty singers and a couple of hundred people in the audience. He was glad his pants had a bit of slack in them as his cock was aching now. He tapped the phone in his poked just before the concert started - upping the intensity of the egg vibrating in his Princess' pussy.

He stood up on the stage and started to sing. He had wired he church so that the sound would be carried down to his Princess tied up and helpless. She wouldn't know where she was; only that her Daddy was singing in front of hundreds of people and she was tied up like a naughty slut, cuming over and over somewhere nearby.

The choir joined in, other people sang their solos and then all of a sudden it was the interval. Nick tapped the phone again. It upped the intensity to its second highest level as he grabbed a glass of wine and strolled around chatting to people. After being polite and networking (as well as making a note of a couple of women who seemed particularly interested in chatting in a more private setting) he slipped away through the locked stairwell that led to the crypt. As he silently reached the bottom of the stairs he could hear her constant whimpering as she bucked up against the egg inside her, writhing on top of the altar. She had squeezed the plug out somewhere in the midst of one of her orgasms and from the puddle under her ass had obviously been squirting. Even as he watched she went rigid and squirted another orgasm as she almost screamed into the gag.

Through the speakers in the room the audience could be heard chatting and moving round. Nick quickly walked over and stroked his fingers over her skin, teasing her, feeling her freeze in panic then relax under the familiar touch of her Daddy's fingers. He slipped the plug back into her ass and then slipped back upstairs.

Once more he sang, aware of her below him struggling to concentrate on the music - it was a good thing he knew the music pretty much by heart given the thoughts of her tight pussy so close and so very wet. As the concert finished be tapped the button his phone, turning the egg on to its most intense setting and then pressed a button that sent recorded music through the speakers in the crypt. She wouldn't know they were finished.

As everyone left he stayed behind to lock up and as soon as the last person was out he walked downstairs to find her lying on the altar boneless and spent from all the orgasms. She had become so wet that the egg had slipped out and was buzzing on the stone between her legs. He walked over and uncuffed her legs. He climbed up onto the altar and lifted her ankles onto his shoulders. With quick deft movements his pants were open, his hard cock out and he entered her roughly. He plunged deep inside her soaked pussy and hear her moan through gag. Reaching down he undid it and dropped it on the floor next to them. "Daddy..." was all she could whisper as he fucked her hard and fast. His thick cock slick with her juices, knees wet from the puddle of her own orgasmic juices under them. Given how hard he was it only took moments before he was on the edge of his orgasm. He grabbed her throat tightly, leaning down to kiss her as he rammed his cock deep inside her and exploded. He felt his thick cock pulse stream after stream of cum into her beautiful pussy and leaned down to kiss her as a faint, tired smile crossed her lips.

He slowly undid her manacles around her wrists and wrapped her in the blanket before carrying her upstairs and settling her in the car. He kept the blindfold on so she would never know where she was or what had happened. He tidied up the last bits and then drove her home. The evening wasn't over yet.

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