tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Breeders Ch. 02

Captive Breeders Ch. 02


The guards led me to a bedroom. Or I guess you call it a bedroom. I knew I would be breeding with a familiar woman since our captors used the exam room for new girls. Only the women with a track record of being compliant could fuck on a bed unencumbered by restraints.

I recognized the girl. Her name was Erin. Although she had a child for the captors once, she had miscarried twice. The child she bore had been mine.

We disrobed as the guard and a technician sat at a table in the corner. They got out a pack of playing cards and poured a drink for themselves. Erin and I would be given up to 30 minutes or so.

She and I walked over to the bed. It was a plain bed; just a mattress and frame really. It was low to the floor with just a mattress, no sheets. The tech had to see what was going on we always were told. There was no such thing as privacy. This was business.

There was the ever-present lubrication next to the bed but nothing else. Unlike the exam room where the new girls were strapped down and the male breeder had to arouse himself in order to perform and get things over with; the bed was much different.

The guards knew we would comply. I mean in their minds why wouldn't two people fuck if given the chance. And we had proven track records of compliance; because, we knew the consequences if we didn't perform.

So we were given a little bit of leeway. Although we had to be fully visible throughout the act with no cover to hide us; they still permitted us to engage in foreplay for arousal and the act seemed more normal in this room if you could use the word normal in a place like this.

It was the only time I got to talk to the women. I looked over at the guards as Erin and I climbed on the bed. They were dealing a hand of poker and lighting up cigarettes in the corner.

"How you been?" I whispered.

"Fine. I miscarried last time." She kissed my neck and immediately reached for my dick to start our foreplay.

"I heard." I began to rub her breasts and admire Erin's body. It was amazing that we each could get in such a mindset. We knew we had to arouse each other. We had a job to do and arousal was part of the job. You could only fake so much so we went to work.

Our legs wrapped around each other. Erin draped her arms around my body. I ran my fingers through her hair and we kissed and nibbled over each other's skin. My dick began to quiver as Erin's lips met mine. Her tongue found mine; and our tongues entwined, circling round and round within our mouths.

I was Erin's first. I fucked her in the exam room when she was first brought to this place. They had kidnapped her from an orphanage of all places when she was 18, figuring no one would look for her.

I hadn't been here long myself and was told that failure to impregnate could result in beating or death of both the girl and me. I hadn't learned how to take my time yet and calm the new girls. I was new myself.

So when Erin showed up, I hadn't been with but a few girls by then. Erin was wild. I remember they couldn't just threaten her then strap her down to be fucked. The guards had to hold her down. One held each arm and two others held each leg despite the straps.

I couldn't get my dick hard at first. She struggled against the guards and straps. Fortunately, Erin was a beautiful woman. Her skin was soft. She had an athletic body. Her breasts were full. I concentrated on her beauty and tried to blot out the circumstance.

Finally a guard struck her in the temple, hard. Erin lost consciousness. The little erection I had managed began to disappear until a guard put a gun to my head. They stepped away from her limp body and told me to finish before she woke up or I would die.

I remember staring at her beauty in the mist of the horror; her breathing was steady, her body was relaxed. I imagined she was my wife, my lover. I blotted out the fact we were both simply breed stock for our captives.

My dick hardened and I fucked Erin that day. I fucked her while she was unconscious, which was just as well. When I came inside her she never moved. She showed no emotion.

Two days later, they held her face down and I fucked her from behind because they figured it would be easier to hold her that way. But she resisted less.

I try to find something to concentrate on to arouse myself in the exam room with the new girls since it sometimes is more violent and emotional. So that day I focused on Erin's ass. I remember it was the most beautiful two mounds of flesh I had ever seen.

The third time they just strapped her down but didn't have to hold her. But they made me fuck her a fourth time during that fertile cycle as they suspected Erin had lied about the length of her past menstruation cycles and wanted to be sure their calculations were correct.

I didn't see Erin again until after she delivered. They had tried another guy with her but she miscarried shortly afterward. I was the breeder for her next try.

We were using the bed by then and it was that time that she had whispered in my ear during copulation that the first time I had fucked her, she had not been unconscious. She just pretended to be because she knew it was useless.

She said strangely, it was the only pleasant memory of the place. Because rather than just sticking my dick in her like the guards wanted and planting my seed in her then pulling out. She remembers that I gently separated her pussy and fucked her slowly so as not to hurt her even though I thought she was unconscious. She felt my every move and noticed that I at least tried to make it not seem like an animalistic function.

She remembered moving her head and me asking her if she was okay then heard my query followed by the guard knocking me to the floor for my compassion. She said she would never forget that.

Of the many women I had fucked for these captors, that last time with Erin was the only time I had made love to a woman here. It was good to see her.

"I want you to do something for me." She whispered in my ear as we caressed each other and tried to catch up on what had happened since we last saw each other, without arousing the guards' suspicion.

"If I can?" I brushed her cheek with mine.

"Fuck me in the ass." She said softly.

"Your ass?" I looked over her shoulder at the guards. They were still engaged in their card game.

"Pretend your fucking my pussy."

"We can't do that. I don't understand."

As we rolled around on the bed continuing our foreplay for the guards she whispered her plan. She had heard that if a girl went three times without getting pregnant they would sell the girl into slavery; either to work or in the sex industry.

"They might kill you. Particularly if they found out." I said.

Erin said she heard girls were of no value dead. They were most valuable producing children. But if they couldn't produce consistently they at least had value being sold.

She wanted to take her chances and try to escape outside the walls of this place. She had miscarried twice. There was no guarantee she'd miscarry a third time but if she could at keep from getting pregnant she would have no breeder value anymore.

She was taking up sperm and time without results in the captor's eyes. So the third time was supposed to be the charm. She only had value being sold at that point. She heard girls were hooded and shipped off for days to a far away place so that they would never be able to retrace their steps back here.

And although her fate was then unknown; she was willing to take the chance.

"I was hoping it was you. I figured they would try me with you again since you're the only one I got pregnant with before. I can only trust you." She whispered.


"You'll be the one with me during my fertile period. Only you. Please." She said putting her finger to my lips.

She explained she had been fingering her ass to prepare herself for the day she could execute her plan. She had been using one then two and most recently three fingers a day to train her ass.

"We can do it." She said.

I looked over at the guards. The tech sitting with them would glance over at us occasionally as he sipped his drink. I looked back at Erin. She was so beautiful.

Reaching over the side of the bed I grabbed the lube. I hoped the tech wouldn't remember that I rarely use lube. But I had to fuck her without hurting her ass or we would be caught.

I squirted a lot of lube on my dick. I was rock hard and not so much from sexual excitement as the thought that Erin may one day be free if we pulled it off.

It was not as if I could fuck her and pull out without cumming. The tech was probably supposed to check the girl's pussy to make sure the act was consummated. But often they just glance to make sure the man's dick has cum on it and sometimes they'd even take a semen specimen from residual cum at the tip.

Erin spread her legs.I rubbed my dick outside her pussy to put some lube there in case they looked. Then I pushed the head against her ass hole.

"Oh, fuck me. Put that dick in my pussy." Erin said softly but just loud enough so the tech might hear. Couples talked sexy all the time to stay aroused. It was nothing unusual.

I pushed harder against her asshole. The head of my dick popped inside her sphincter. Slowly I worked my dick in and out of her ass. She was incredibly tight but I was lubed well. She raised her hips and we began fucking.

Erin didn't say much more and neither did I. We didn't want to draw any more attention to ourselves. I tried to glide as smoothly in and out of her ass as I could.

Soon her ass was completely relaxed. The tech would have had to been standing right over us to tell I was fucking her in the ass. And even then I don't think he could tell unless he bent over and looked closely at which opening I was fucking.

I felt my balls tingle. I knew I was close. I rose up to get longer strokes and this helped hide the fact we were having anal sex even more. I looked into her eyes and they sparkled. Erin felt as did I. We were actually going to be able to do this.

Passion filled my chest. My dick began to twitch. Suddenly I could feel streams of cum spurting from my dick and filling up her ass. I wanted to hurry up and finish so we would have a few seconds to clean her ass some before the techs came over. They always started wandering over when they hear the couple making orgasmic moans so I stifled any moan of pleasure.

As I finished I pretended to moan as if about to cum. Then pulled out quickly and handed Erin a nearby towel and jerked my hips toward her a few last times to make it look like I was finishing up.

But Erin was already using one had to discretely clean the rim of her ass. I rested my dick just above her pussy, hoping no cum would drip down.

The tech stood up and walked over to us. I waited until he was right next to us before I squeezed my dick to push a few drops from the tip. Erin played along and leaned up and licked the cum from the tip.

The tech pushed her back onto the bed and shoved a cushion under her buttocks like they always do to keep the semen in. When she laid back I saw a tiny glisten of cum peak from her ass.

I quickly took my dick and patted her asshole with the head depositing lube and cum over it to hide where it came from before the tech saw it. He shoved me by the shoulder and told me to get dressed that I was done.

Erin smiled and so did I. She and I fucked two more times that week; her fertile period. Each time I fucked her in the ass and each time looked better than the time before.

The techs had watched so many couples fuck that it was too routine for them. They never caught on. Erin didn't get pregnant.

I heard she begged to fuck some more. She begged to fuck double the number of times. She told them she liked being there and would fuck as many guys as they wanted. She wanted them to believe she was successfully brainwashed.

I still worried they would kill her. But a woman told me they heard her being told by the guards after she begged to fuck some more men to prove herself; that she was going to be able to fuck all the men she wanted. The guards then laughed and said she would be a good fuck where she was going. She then disappeared.

At night I wonder what happened to Erin. And although I never think about all the women I impregnated, I wonder about our child. I wonder what could have been.

No woman had thought about escape in the manner that Erin found. And no woman has asked to try it before or since. My only hope is that Erin's plan worked and that someday, I'll see her again.

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