tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 01

Captive Ch. 01


Captive is a story set in roughly 500 AD Great Brittan. The story itself is fiction and contains a made up race of furry people known as the Cat People. The story, also, weaves elements of BDSM, Gorean, and sex.


i awoke to the sound of a metal door closing. i was rather startled because it wasn't a sound that i was expecting. i stretched my hand and my arm hit a metal bar. i stretched my leg and it also hit a metal bar. i jumped quickly to my feet and soon realized that was a mistake to do. i sat myself back down on the ground and let my head rest upon my knee.

i rubbed the back of my head and felt a small bump there. i looked around my surroundings and quickly found that i was in a cage no bigger than the root cellar. i cleared my throat and let out a meow. i could only think that perhaps i had done something to displease Master and his servants had gotten a tad rough in putting me in this cage. It wasn't the first time that Master had me caged upon a whim of His.

my meow was soon answered by some scuffling feet behind the metal door. i turned toward the door way when it opened. A Man appeared that i was not familiar with. This did not bode well with me. Who was this Man and what was going on? i realized that if i was patient enough all of my questions would be answered.

"Well now if it isn't the pretty kitty finally awake. I hope that My men didn't hurt you too badly in the scuffle. I do apologize for that bump on your head. It was not My intent for them to have knocked you unconscious. I couldn't have you tearing my men apart with those sharp nails of yours. I dare say one of the lads will be steering clear of you for a while. I have had those nails of yours trimmed. "

The Man walked from the door way and stood by the cage door. He was tall with dark flaxen hair, a chiseled jaw, and his clothing was snug across his body's contours. i couldn't help but notice. The smell about this Man was one of power and of...well i couldn't quite place my finger on it yet. He reached inside the cage and tried to touch me.

i scooted back to the corner of the cage not wanting Him to touch me. My tail twitched around me as i appraised the situation. i kept waiting for Him to speak and to let me know what was going on. As the moments passed, i was getting angrier. This Man was not one of my Master's men. What right did He have to hold me in this cage?

"Don't go getting your tail in a bunch pretty kitty. I will hold you until I am paid what I am owed. I will treat you well and make sure you are well fed. If you can agree to be a good kitty I might even see fit to let you out of that cage. A good little kitty gets to wander around My home as a guest instead of a prisoner."

i simply glared at Him. Who was i to be held for ransom? i was just a slave in my Master's home. i guessed the Man before me knew that but i was thinking that He would need a reminder of it. i lunged at the cage's bars and He took a few steps back wards. i guess He wasn't expecting me to rush at the bars.

"Why do You hold me here? i am just a slave in my Master's home. i am not worth any ransom You might be seeking. i couldn't possibly have any true monetary value to You or my Master. Please, Sir, please let me go and show that me that You have a heart. i will not cause You any troubles. i will tell no one that You have done this dastardly deed."

The Man chuckled at me. He stared as if He was accessing my worth. i wasn't always a good kitty. i could always simply say that i managed to escape my captures as they slept. i could deny seeing the faces of those who captured me. What i wanted most of all at that moment was to be safe at home once more.

"Pretty kitty, I am amazed that you do not know who you are. Do you not know not know who you truly are?"

i growled at the Man for thinking He could tell me who i was. i knew who i was. i was my Master's personal slave. i did everything for Him. Then i began to realize that being what i was to Master perhaps made me valuable to His enemies. i knew the dealings that Master was into and the secrets He kept from the rest of the world. i swallowed hard not wanting to truly admit my worth for there was danger in doing so.

The Man stepped toward the cage's door and turned the key in the lock. i wanted to lunge for Him when He opened the cage up but a part of me sat there frozen. He finally spoke and i regained a bit of my senses. Just something about His proximity to me made a place inside want to be good and obey any thing He would ask of me.

"It is okay kitty. I need to check that bump on your head. I am truly sorry that it came to that. Now come here pretty kitty so I may look at you. Stand still before Me so that i may inspect your head."

i start to back even further against the back of the cage as He closed the door behind Him. A part of me doesn't want for Him to touch me. Afraid of what just His touch might do to me. He soothed me with a soft melodic hum as He approached me. The hum reminded me of a lullaby i had heard when i needed to be soothed.

Before i know it He has his arms around me drawing me into His arms. He pulled me close to Him and tilted my head in His hands. i feel His hands inspecting the bump on my head and He asked me several questions. i wanted to be believe that He was just pretending to care for my well being since i was after all collateral of His ransom. Something about Him though said that He truly wanted to make sure that i was all right.

He tugged me a bit closer to Him still. He ran His hands down my arms from the shoulder. i felt Him quickly bind my hands together with some silken rope. i was taken a bit off guard by this and tried to wiggle away from Him. He grinned at me softly before He began to speak to me once again.

"you need not fear Me kitty. I simply wish to see what it is that your Master sees in you. Why you are prized above all of His other slaves? Do not fight Me on this for you will lose. Simply enjoy that which I will do. Remember what I have said about good behavior kitty."

He leaned in and softly nipped at the nape of my neck. i bite my tongue to stifle any noise i might have otherwise utter. i didn't want to give this Man the satisfaction of my voice. With one hand, He pulled me against His chest and my hands become trapped between U/us. i am unable to grab a hold of any thing that might potentially hurt Him.

He runs His hands over my fur. i feel His breath against my neck as His hand brushes lightly over my groin. i try really hard not to give Him any kind of reaction to His wandering hands. He takes it to mean that He can go farther in His exploration of my body. He pushes my bottoms to the side where it meets between my legs. He quickly slides His hand between my nether lips and flicks His fingers over my clit.

He undoes the ties of my bottoms and lets it fall to the floor. He spreads my legs a bit and slides two fingers into my pussy. His thumb massages my clit. My body betrays me and i arch towards His touch. A soft moan escapes my lips as continues His touching. i wiggle my body against Him.

He chuckles at me and tells me that in due time i will know more of Him. He whispers into my ear and tells me that this moment will only end when i cum on his fingers. It doesn't take much more urging from His fingers for me to cum for Him. i give myself over to the pleasure He is giving me.

Before He releases me from the bindings and lets go of me, He undoes the ties of my top. He picks both items up from the ground and informs me that i will not be wearing them from now on. He tells me that they will be cleaned and possibly returned to me at some point. i hiss a bit at Him for taking my clothes from me, but realize that there really isn't anything that i can do about it. i am at the mercy of His whims.

He smirks at me for hissing at Him. He slowly undoes my hands and back towards the cage door. He knew well enough not to turn His back on this kitty. He may have touched me but that is a long ways away from taming me. He opened the cage door quickly and stepped out of it. He closed the door tightly behind Him and look at me carefully once He is back on the other side of the bars.

"Get used to these bars My pretty kitty. I have a feeling that it is going to be a while for you to accept that fact that you aren't going any where any time soon. you may as well get used to how I do things. None of my men will bother you. They don't want to feel your claws in their balls."

i simply glared at Him for making such a statement to me. i did not want to stay in this place. i wanted to go home to my Master. i continued to glare at the Man until He was about to leave the room. He turned around for a moment and looked at me. He looked into my eyes deeply as if reading my very soul.

"Please do not turn this into a battle of wills for you will not win. I know that you can not fathom why you are of importance to My plans but in good time it will be reviled to you. you are a well trained slave and do your Master honor in not disgracing yourself. At the moment, you are what one would call spoils of war...and Mine to use as I see fit. I will see about having food and a blanket brought to you. I am not a cruel man. If you wish a name in which to despise Me with...Lord Elrik will suffice for now."

With those words spoken He left the room and the metal door closed behind Him. i sat down in a corner of the my cage and rested my head in my hands. my head was hurting a bit but i know that in time that shall pass. Upon hearing that name i knew that i was now the prisoner of my Master's enemy. i could not believe my ill luck.

Some time passed and sure enough food and even a few blankets were brought to me. i made a make shift bed knowing that i wouldn't be leaving this cage any time soon. i even inquired about getting something for my headache and was told it would be asked about. The guard was polite enough even though he looked and carried himself around me that said he did not trust me.

When the guard left, i sat down to feast upon the cheese and fruit. i sniffed at the drink that was also on the tray. It smelled of a sweet honey mead. i drank it down in a few gulps knowing that its alcohol content would help me to sleep. It would do nothing for my headache but at least while asleep i would not care if my head was pounding.

Soon enough i grew sleepy and crawled beneath the covers of my bed. My thoughts drifted to what had taken place here in my cage earlier and it began to make me wet. Try as i might, i couldn't help but be upset over my body's betrayal. Until today my Master had been the only Man to have ever touched me in such a manner in a good many years. i was trying to be a good slave and not touch myself at the thoughts that i was having but i could not help myself.

Just as i had begun to caress my clit with my fingers the door to the room swung open with a loud bang. In strode my captor and He made His way to me quite quickly. i pulled the covers tight to my body as i backed into the corner of my bed. The cage door was thrown open and quickly shut behind Him. His eyes soon found me in the corner that i was trying to hide in.

The distance between U/us was quickly closed and soon i could feel Him pulling me into His strong arms. Once again He bound my hands. He crushed my lips with His as He sought to taste of my mouth. His tongue tasted of the same mead i had partaken of earlier myself. There was little doubt that the Lord was a wee bit randy from His drink. A small blush crossed my face as i felt His body rubbing against mine.

His hands roamed freely over my body, and rested upon my breasts for a bit. He pulled and tugged upon my nipples. He seemed to be quite an expert at what He was doing to my body. i could feel Him undoing the laces of his pants since He had me pressed so close against Him. my head was swimming a bit in emotion and feeling.

i heard his pants fall to the floor and felt myself being lifted and spun around. He placed my legs about His hips and my back softly against one of the solid walls of the cage. He wasted little time on preliminaries and i was soon impaled upon His hard cock. He kept bringing my lips to His and crushing me with the intensity of them. This was a Man intent on seeing that despite His need that pleasure was to be found in His actions.

i would not have thought that the Lord would have been without company considering the servants i had seen earlier. my thoughts were quickly brought back to Lord's attentions upon me. He pounded His cock in and out of my pussy. i was thankful that i was all ready wet when His fun began or surely i would be a wee bit sore when O/our fun was over. Even in the power of His taking me there was a gentleness to it.

i couldn't help but moan from His workings upon my body. i couldn't rake my claws down His back to show my appreciation towards His attentions so i gripped Him a bit more tightly about the hips. He reached to loosen my grip a bit and slipped a hand between U/us to softly rub my clit between His fingers. He whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes, you are Mine now pretty kitty. Your Master has refused to pay the ransom. He says that He will not pay ransom for a mere slave. It is his loss...My gain. You will be My sinful creature....My slave. you are Mine kitty."

At those words, i became angry at Him. i didn't want to believe that i was being cast away so easily. i was everything in my mind to my Master. Who was He going to get to rub His feet, to bathe Him, and to look over the various documents He received when His eyes began to blur? i tried to wrench myself away from the Lord but it was no use. He held me tight to Him. His fingers were still playing upon my clit and His cock was still moving inside of me.

"Beast, please have a care for I do not wish to harm you. I know that such news is unsettling but its better to find out now rather than later. I will take care of you and make sure that you have your heart's desire. In the morning, I will have you moved to your new quarters. I will not have you stay in this cage like some animal. you will live with me and be My slave."

i struggled against Him a bit upon hearing those words. i didn't want to be staying here. i wanted to return to the only home i had ever known.. i struggled against Him wanting to be set free. He tried to calm me in my struggle and soon found the one spot upon my neck that makes me go weak in need of something or someone. That one spot always calmed the beast in me.

"I know that this news is distressing and not what you wanted to hear My sinful beast. Please let U/us make the best of this situation. Allow Me to calm you in my embrace so that I might bring you a bit of delight in you anguish. Allow Me be your Master. Let Me show you what a good Master really is. I know that you all ready feel a pull to me. Let your heart follow what your mind and body all ready knows. You are Mine kitty."

i knew that i would be unable to change my circumstances that night or perhaps for several more to come. So i simply gave myself over to the moment. i settled against Him and let Him enjoy my body. i didn't want to let on that i was enjoying this, but i suspected He knew from how i was gripping His cock inside my pussy. my body was dripping its wetness upon His cock.

He showered my lips once again with kisses. He thrust into my pussy again and again trying to draw a moan from my lips once again. It didn't take long for Him to get just that when His finger returned to flicking my clit. i become a shuddering heap in His embrace. i whimpered at Him a bit and moved my hips to indicate my need. He simply chuckled at me and tells me that i am to beg if i want to cum.

And so ends Chapter One...

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