tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Ch. 02

Captive Ch. 02


Thank you so much for all your feedback from Chapter 1, I hope you enjoy Chapter 2. Feedback is always welcome, and as always, all characters are over 18. ~K


The air was cool against Kira's breasts as the man carried her away, both her wrists and her ankles burned from the friction of the tape against her creamy, silky skin. The man didn't speak as he carried her with ease away from her home, away from the life she knew, and towards the street on the far side of the park.

Kira saw a metallic blue SUV in the distance, getting closer and closer as he carried her from the park; she quickly realized it was their destination. When they finally reached the truck Kira's nipples were like diamonds, she tried to convince herself that it was due to the cold April wind, but even she didn't believe that to be true. Kira took note that the man had parked under a broken street light, further shielding himself from onlookers. The man looked up and down the street, making sure it was clear before stepping off the grass, down the curb and beside the truck.

The truck's back was unlocked which meant that the man did not need his keys. In one motion, he threw her over his right shoulder, as if he was carrying a sack of potatoes. Kira couldn't help but yelp against the tape as he flung her like a rag doll. With his left hand now free, he opened the hatch and threw the young girl into the back of the truck. He said nothing to her as he slammed the back of the truck shut and quickly moved along the driver's side.

Once the man was in the truck he was quick to start it, turning on the heat to warm himself from the April breeze outside. The radio wasn't on and the internal lights were too dim for Kira to see anything of use, instead she just lay in the back of the truck, waiting.

When the truck started to move Kira began to make noise, struggling against the tape that bound her so well, she failed to make progress in weakening the tape and gave up trying less than three blocks from the park. Despite the noise she made in the back, the man did not in any way acknowledge her presence.

With tears rolling down her cheeks the scared girl decided to stop struggling, she cried softly in the back of the truck, her mind racing with the horrible thoughts of the things this man might do to her. She whimpered against the tape as she considered the possibility the man would kill her, ending her life.

At this time the man finally began to speak, as always he was confident and calm, as if he was doing nothing out of the ordinary, "Don't cry baby, it will be okay. I am going to take you home and take care of you properly. You just lay back and be quiet, I will take care of everything." As the man reassured her with his words, Kira couldn't help but listen, his voice somehow soothed her. When the man noticed that Kira had seemed to stop crying he spoke again, "You be a good girl and I will take care of you the way I know you want and need."

The tears rolled down to the tape covering her mouth, and to her chin. When the vehicle finally came to a stop Kira blinked back the tears and vowed to be strong, a silent promise she made to herself. As for the man, he reached above his head and pressed a small red button which opened the garage door before him. He slowly drove the SUV into the large garage and Kira listened to the sound of the door closing behind her, locking her in.

Once they were in the garage, the man quickly exited the vehicle and moved around to the back. He opened the hatch and with a smile on his face, looked down at the young girl. Kira looked up at him, her tears having stopped now and dried on her cheeks. She lay there bound by duct tape and gagged and although she couldn't explain why, she felt a strange calm come over her.

The man grabbed her again and threw her over his right shoulder, carrying her more like a gym bag than a human girl. He slammed the hatch down with his free hand and headed towards the house.

The man spoke slowly, each word separated by a step, getting them closer to the door, "Be a good girl and this will be very easy on both of us." The man reached the door and used a key from deep in his pocket to open it. He kicked the door open with his foot and entered, carrying Kira with him. Once inside the man dropped Kira as easily as he picked her up, her young body bouncing slightly against the hard wood floor of the entry way. Kira yelled out against the tape in pain, her right side instantly beginning to bruise from the force of the drop.

With Kira bound helpless on the floor the man stood over her, a sinister look on his face. Kira looked up at him and for the first time got a view of her attacker, it was not what she expected. Standing before her was a young man in his mid twenties; he had dark brown hair with dark green eyes and a cute face. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a plain grey t-shirt, along with a pair of Nike sneakers. As Kira looked at him she couldn't help but notice his muscular body, which helped explain to the girl how he had man-handled her so easily.

The man knelt down and stroked Kira's hair, combing the golden locks with his fingers, "Why don't we go upstairs and get comfortable baby. I think we can have some fun." The man licked his lips and shifted slightly as he spoke, his mind clearly racing with possibilities, a bulge still ever present in the front of his pants.

The man leaned close enough to Kira's ear to whisper, his hot breathe and the tip of his tongue often making contact with her ear as he spoke, "These walls are sound proof, no-one will hear you scream. You will never be able to run away either, but if you try I will have to hurt you. I don't want to, but I will." As the man spoke Kira listened intently, for some reason compelled to believe everything he was saying without a single doubt. "If I take the tape off, will you be a good girl?"

Kira nodded quickly, enthusiastically, her way of begging for the ability to speak again, she looked up at the man, her ocean blue eyes blinking back tears. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out the knife he had hidden there. Kira's eyes focused on the weapon and she was unable to look away, fascinated by the way it glowed in the dim light. With a few well placed flicks of his wrist the man made short work of the ties that bound Kira, slicing them and freeing the young girl. Despite being free, Kira did not move, she laid frozen in the same position as the man pulled the tape from her mouth. He kissed her forehead after he did so and spoke, "Does that feel better baby girl?"

Kira smiled at her captor slightly as he spoke, she decided politeness was the best approach and spoke softly, almost in a nearly inaudible whisper, "Y..yes.... tha...thank you."

The man reached held the knife in his right hand and reached down with his left, grabbing a handful of Kira's hair and pulling the young girl to her feet. As she stood on the hardwood floor, it was the first time Kira realized she had lost her left shoe sometime during the ordeal with the man. She wasn't sure exactly when but as she stood, she was lop-sided, a few inches higher on the right.

The man looked his victim up and down, he took a few long moments to admire her perfectly shaped C-cup tits and licked his lips as he saw her erect nipples, he kept his hand in her hair as he spoke, "Take off your shoe, and when you address me, you will call me Sir. Do you understand?"

"Yes" whispered Kira, wincing in the slight pain of having her hair pulled, "...Sir," she added. The young girl stepped out of her heeled shoe and stood barefoot on the hardwood floor.

The man took position behind Kira and she felt the now familiar feeling of the cold steel of the knife against her skin, "Walk up the stairs, go slow, don't get too far ahead of me." Kira nodded almost without realizing she was doing it and swallowed hard before slowly beginning to walk ahead of the man and his knife. She slowly walked down the hall and quickly found a staircase leading up. She felt a gentle nudge from the man behind her and took that as a sign, so she began to climb the stairs. Kira felt a surge of energy rush through her body as she climbed the stairs, there was something about following this man's orders that made her feel funny, her stomach turned and her knees felt weak, her eyes glassed over and her skin flushed, it was as if she wasn't herself.

As Kira reached the top of the steps she could feel the man's eyes on her skirt covered ass, in a move that she couldn't justify or even understand herself, she slowly began to rock her hips, putting an extra little wiggle in her ass for the watching man. She scolded herself for doing so and wondered why she felt the way she did, "I should hate him, I should hate this..." she kept telling herself.

The knife slowly slid up Kira's neck until it was behind her left ear, his mouth was close too, "First door on your right." Again, Kira felt compelled to follow the command without a doubt or question. She entered the room and looked around: the room was quite a sight, it contained brown oak furniture that all appeared to be from a matching set. Along the right wall sat a bureau with a long mirror as well as a cabinet with three drawers. Kira noted that each drawer had a key hole and was closed. Along the left wall there was a pair of doors, each was closed. Kira wondered what was behind them, but at this point she dare not ask. The most eye drawing piece in the room was definitely the bed; it occupied the middle of the room and instantly demanded the attention of anyone who entered. It was a large four post bed, with a thick King sized mattress as well as comfortable looking pillows and blankets. To the right of the bed there was a small night stand with a drawer and space for storage below. Kira stood frozen in the doorway drinking in the room before her, but slight movement of the knife against her neck brought her back to reality, "Go sit on the bed," the man commanded.

For the first time the man stayed a few steps behind Kira, letting her complete the task demanded of her without the knife against her skin. Once she was sitting the man waited for their eyes to meet and then spoke, "As you can see, there are no windows, there is no escape from this room, so it would be useless to try, likewise it is sound proof so anything you say in here will never be heard by anyone except you and me. Let's not make this harder than it has to be bitch." That being said the man stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He turned his back to Kira briefly and punched a few digits on a small keypad next to the door, an automated voice spoke to the occupants of the room, "Locked" it said.

At that moment Kira realized that she was trapped with this man, she watched as he turned back to her and smiled. He walked to her and licked his lips as he got closer, stopping only when he was inches from her on the bed. He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth for the first time, a soft passionate kiss, in which he used his tongue to pry open her lips. He slid his tongue into her mouth and dueled with hers playfully.

The young girl stayed still as her older attacker kissed her, she briefly considered the option of biting his tongue as it entered her mouth but decided against it as she remembered how she was locked with him in such a small space. In a few moments, the kiss was over.

The man stepped back slightly and put away the knife. He looked at the beautiful girl before him, she truly was a sexy young woman and he knew it, he took every chance he could to just stare at her, taking mental pictures of her body so he could recall them later.

Suddenly the man got tired of waiting, deciding that now was the right time; he took Kira by the hair and pulled backwards, forcing her to lie back on the bed. The man moved around the bed slightly and took hold of Kira's wrists in his right hand, much like had earlier that night in the park. With his free hand he pulled open the nightstand and removed a length of rope, it was coarse and thick, definitely strong enough to restrain the small girl.

The man released her wrists and ran the rope playfully through his fingers as he spoke, "Get up on your hands and knees, and face the head board." Kira blushed red as she followed the command, she could feel herself getting aroused by this man and didn't know why, there was just something about him. She rolled herself over and without any delay pulled herself up onto her hands and knees as she was told. She stared at the white painted wall in front of her and dared not to move.

She felt the mattress shift under her as the man leaned on it, she maintained the same position. She felt the rough rope wrap around her mid section, just below her belly button, the man wrapped it tight and gave a tug for good measure which solicited a small yelp from Kira. Next the man wound one end of the rope towards the headboard and wrapped it around Kira's right wrist before securing it to the post of the head board. The second end of the rope was then used in a similar fashion to secure Kira's left wrist. Once this was completed the kidnapper pulled on each of Kira's arms, testing the binds, and finding them to be strong and secure.

Next, the man reached across the bed and grabbed a large fluffy pillow, and quickly removed it from the case and tossed it onto the floor. Holding the silk pillow case in his hand the man placed it over Kira's head and blinded her, forcing her into a world of darkness. Once he pulled the pillow case down over her face he whispered to her, "We are going to enjoy this."

The man stood next to the bed and removed his shirt, tossing it aside as he had done the pillow. His shoes were quick to follow as he kicked them off towards the corner of the room. As he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants the man made certain Kira heard and he slowly slid them down and kicking them off. He was now nude.

As Kira heard the zipper lower she felt her nipples tighten even more, they now ached as she kneeled there, posed on the bed. Her pussy leaked lightly as she remembered the feel of this man's cock touching her earlier in the park. At that moment she was glad the pillow case was over her face, as she was blushing crimson.

The man climbed up on the bed and Kira felt the mattress shifting below her, she remained still none the less and soon felt the man's large masculine hands on her round ass cheeks. The man made short work of Kira's white skirt, pulling it off her body in a single motion, actually tearing the fabric.

Now with both Kira and the man naked, the man continued to slowly massage Kira's round ass, using his hands and nails to play against the white skin. The massage then began to rise, up Kira's back and then down her sides, brushing against the sides of her breasts slightly and causing a slight shift in her position on the bed.

The man reached under the young girl before him and fully grasped a tit in each hand. He squeezed them hard and listened in delight as Kira moaned out into the pillow case covering her face. He felt her nipples tighten by the touch of his fingers and he laughed, "You like that don't you baby doll?" When he didn't get an answer, he didn't push the question further. He continued to lewdly grope and fondle Kira's young dangling tits, pulling her nipples until the bases turned white with strain. Each time the man was able to earn a grunt, a groan, or even a moan from Kira's covered face he considered it a victory and his cock twitched between his legs as a result.

He reluctantly left her tits and returned his touch to her sexy ass, grabbing and pulling the cheeks apart to admire the sweet asshole hidden there, he didn't touch it, it wasn't the time for that, what it was time for, he decided, was to make this girl a woman.

Kira didn't know what the man behind her was thinking, she couldn't see anything, couldn't prepare herself. Unbeknownst to her, the man held his throbbing, leaking cock and pointed it in the direction of her sopping cunt. The man used his right hand to pump his prick, the pre-cum seeping from the tip providing lubricant. He groaned under his breath at the pleasure three simple strokes provided and then he ran the tip of his cock along Kira's bald little twat lips.

It had been well over a minute since Kira had felt any contact from the man and was shocked when what she did feel was the tip of his cock so close to her aching opening. She couldn't deny it, although she tried, she was horny. She didn't want to be, she wanted to be repulsed and angry but her body betrayed her, and wordlessly she felt herself getting more and more aroused as he touched her. She tried to rationalize her hard nipples, her aching body, and her oozing cunt, telling herself that her hormones were running wild and that she was too young to control her reactions to sexual contact, but those excuses were for the benefit of her brain, her body knew better. Whether she was ready to admit it or not, she wanted it.

The man slowly traced the length of Kira's lips with his cock and he smiled at the feeling of her wetness against his tip. He slowly entered her from behind, his right hand on the small of her back, his left playing in her golden mane of hair, his hand up inside the pillow case. As he pushed the second inch into her tight virgin opening he gave her hair a pull, the result was a yelp from the girl during which she pushed back with her bound body as best she could, trying to feel the man's cock deeper in her moist pussy hole.

The man felt the proof Kira's virginity and rocked his hips gently against it, nearly exploding as his mind reeled with the fact that he was about to take her, and by knowing that she will always remember him, as her first. "Ready baby doll" he said, giving her hair another tug.

The man didn't wait for an answer, because truly, he did not care what she said, instead he lowered his hands to her hips, and he waited for a long moment before proceeding. In one fluid movement he pulled back on her hips hard, causing rope burn on the girl's wrists and stomach. At the same time that he pulled her back (as far as the ropes would allow) he thrust his hips forward. The combination of these movements tore through Kira's cherry easily, and she screamed out in pain as he took her.

The man thought her pussy was tight before, but deep inside, past her cherry, in the warm depths of her body, Kira was tighter than he ever could have imagined. He stayed still for a few seconds and let her body adjust to the feeling of his cock impaling her. As he stayed inside her he heard the soft moans of a girl in pain and he gently stroked her bare back, rubbing it gently, "Shhhhh... It's ok... the worst is over now" he assured her, "It's going to feel so much better now."

Kira's eyes burned from the tears and she blinked hard to try and force them back. Slowly the pain began to fade and Kira started to feel, as the man promised, the pleasure of having a cock buried deep inside her. Her body betrayed her further as she got wetter and wetter, her cunt squeezing the cock and soaking it. When the first moan escaped her lips the man couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Good girl," he said as he began to rock his hips, getting a little deeper each time.

Kira began to chew on the pillow case covering her face, using it as she tried to force herself not to like what was happening to her. By this time, the man was again moving at full force, pounding his cock in and out of her with intensity. He pumped away at her, listening to the sounds of their sweaty bodies smacking together in the room. His left hand returned to her hair, up under the pillow case and he pulled hard, forcing her to open her mouth and spit out the pillow case she had been holding. At the same time he reached under and pulled hard on her right nipple, while of course keeping up with wild pace with which his cock was fucking her. This caused Kira to scream out louder than ever before, "Oh God!" she cried.

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