Captive Ch. 02


The moans of the girl bound and blind folded on his bed spurred on the man and he continued to fuck her wildly, he pulled her nipples and rolled them between his fingers, he slapped her ass and pulled her hair. With each thrust the sex was getting more intense, more animalistic, and more primal.

As the fucking continued Kira began to feel her toes curl, again, she tried to fight the feeling but failed, the feeling rushed up her legs and directly into her pussy, making it squeeze as tight as a vice grip around the intruding cock. At the same time a similar feeling rushed down from the tips of her golden hairs, the feeling flushed her skin and made her eyes close in pleasure, her nipples became even more sensitive to the man's touch and her stomach began doing back flips. Her orgasm was only moments away.

The man sensed from Kira's heavy breathing and pulsing pussy that she was close to her orgasm and he reached under her, while he teased her nipples with his right, his left hand found its way to Kira's clit and played it perfectly against his fingers, he rolled it and rubbed it and pulled it just right to drive the girl crazy. By this time she was pulling hard against the binds and was fighting to try and stay still, her soft white skin now marked with deep dark red rope burns in some places. Her body was on fire and the massaging of her clit threw her over the edge. It only took one final thrust of the man's hard cock into her cunt to make her pussy erupt.

Kira screamed out loud enough to echo in the room, "Oh Godddddd..." she cried as her body exploded, her cunt took hold of the man's cock and held it tight, spasming around it and coating it in her hot girl cum.

The man grunted and rocked his hips hard as he felt her orgasm. He continued to tease both her nipples and her clit to extend her pleasure as long as possible. Never once since breaking her cherry did the man stop moving his hips.

When Kira finally returned from cloud nine she felt dirty, like a whore or a hooker, she felt betrayed by her body. This man had attacked her in the park and nearly taken her virginity then, and now he had kidnapped her and brought her to his home only to use her like a slut. Despite the fact that she knew she should hate it, that she should hate all of it, she didn't. She didn't know what she felt, but she was certain it was an indescribable feeling very far from hatred.

With Kira beginning to calm down, the man returned to his primary task and he continued to fuck her hard, "My turn," he muttered under his breathe, more to himself than to her as he fucked her roughly, their sweaty bodies smacking together each time he lunged forward or pulled her back. The binds around her wrists and waist were the only thing holding Kira in the position she was in. If it wasn't for the strong rope the poor girl would be too exhausted to hold herself up. Despite all that, the hard fucking continued and it wasn't long before the man felt his cum rushing from his balls towards the shaft of his twitching cock. He slowly withdrew his cock as he felt it getting closer, and waited, holding only the tip of his pulsing prick inside her. Then, in one grunted explosion of lust the man lunged forward with all his might, his hands on Kira's shoulders, leaning over her back and pulling her tight to him, he slammed his rupturing cock into her twat and began pumping cum into her as he got deeper and deeper inside.

By the time he reached the depths of Kira's pussy he was pumping long thick ropes of his sperm towards her unprotected womb, he flooded her pussy from front to back with every drop he had.

As the man was cumming inside her, Kira felt her body light on fire with a desire she never dreamt existed, as her pussy was coated in the hot thick creamy spurts of the strangers cum she felt her body continue to give in and suddenly her second orgasm began. Kira thought that multiple orgasms were a myth women only dreamt about, but as her cunt squeezed hungrily at the man's cock she knew it was for real. What surprised her most as she pulled against the ropes and threw her head back in ecstasy, was that this orgasm was stronger than the last. As her body spasmed on the bed, Kira lost all pretenses of not liking what was happening, she began to cry out, "Yes... yes... yes! Harder!" and found herself pulling her ass back as far as the restraints would allow, getting the hard thick cock just a little bit deeper in her tight hole.

By the time the man's cock began to deflate, and he withdrew it reluctantly from her hole, Kira had her second orgasm and could barely hold a thought in her head. She simply waited, waiting to either regain her composure, or for the man with control over her to say or do something. Her body felt as if it was floating on a cloud, slowly that cloud began to lower. As it did, the man behind her spoke to her, his fingers lazily dancing around her back, "You did a very good job baby doll, I am very proud of you."

The man leaned forward and removed the pillow case from Kira's head, allowing her to see the room again. He looked at her, his emerald eyes forcing her to stay focused on him and only him, he asked, "Would you like to stay tonight?"

Kira's lips pursed into a wicked grin and her words left her mouth before her brain even processed the question, "Yes sir..." she said in a whisper.

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