tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Ch. 03

Captive Ch. 03


The man smiled back at young Kira as she agreed to stay with him. He leaned close to her bound body and ran his fingers through her hair stroking her, petting her, in a calming way, "Good girl," he said.

As Kira sat motionless on the bed the man slowly began to loosen the rope binding her, it only took a few moments and she was free from the coarse rope that has previously held her in place. Red marks dotted her in places where the rope had burned her creamy white skin. When all the ropes had been removed Kira still stayed in the same position, up on her hands and knees on the bed. She refused to move, something inside her demanding permission before she would do so.

The man tucked the rope away, back into the bedside drawer and again ran his fingers through Kira's hair, he was pleased she chose to stay in the position he put her in. She was already learning quickly. The man spoke gently, his hand on the small of Kira's back, "Lay down, baby doll." Instantly Kira followed direction, laying down on the bed for the man. She rolled so she could lie on her back, looking up at him, her nude body exposed to him. He knelt on the bed next to her. The man looked down at her, his smile matching hers, "It is late, you need to sleep."

Kira looked up at the man, her body still on fire from the orgasms he had given her. She constantly relived the feeling of his cum spraying into her like a fire hose and she reluctantly closed her eyes. The man took one last look at his captive and then leaned down to kiss her forehead, before climbing off the bed and slowly walking to the door. Kira's eyes were closed the entire time, but as he reached the door she spoke softly, barely loud enough for the man to hear, "Sleep with me?" she asked, almost begging.

The man couldn't help but smile, she truly was a pet worth keeping, he turned back to her and answered, "Not tonight baby doll, that is something you will need to earn." The man did not go into further details, instead he unlocked the door with the keypad, exited, and locked it again from the outside.

Without the man in the room Kira suddenly felt more alone than she ever had in her life. She felt a closeness to him that she couldn't explain, she just knew it was there. She knew by now her parents would be worried sick about her. She knew that her father had probably called the police to look for her, she knew they were probably looking for her this very moment. Despite all that, she laid there peacefully and contently in this stranger's bed. A stranger who had grabbed her in the park and had nearly stabbed her with a knife, a stranger who had nearly raped her right there in the bushes and shrubs but decided not to. This was a stranger who took her home and tied her to his bed and fucked her hard until he had given her the two strongest orgasms of her young life. Not to mention the fact that he had cum inside her, flooding her unprotected cunt with his sperm. Kira knew it was kidnapping, and even rape, but she still felt a connection to the man. She felt safe there, safer than she had ever felt before. With that safety, and only that safety on her mind, she drifted to a calm sleep.

Kira slept soundly, not stirring nor waking until around ten o'clock on Sunday morning when she felt the touch of the man's hand against her face, "Wake up baby doll."

Kira, like any young girl, didn't want to wake too early on a Sunday morning, especially after such a busy night, but she slowly opened her eyes to see the man before her. He was dressed in only a blue bathrobe, hanging long, nearly to his knees, it was open in the front and she could see that he was nude. She caught herself admiring his body for a moment before she whispered, "Good morning Sir."

The man smiled and leaned down kissing Kira gently on the lips, but pulling away before she could kiss back, "Good morning sweetheart," he said calmly, still gently stroking her cheek, "did you sleep well?"

Kira leaned into his touch subconsciously and felt her stomach flutter, "Mmmmmhmmm" she purred, liking the feeling of the soft blankets under her.

The man sat down on the bed next to her, and Kira smiled, propping herself up on one elbow so she would be closer to his eye level, he spoke calmly and firmly, his voice even, for this was the moment of truth. His future, her future, depended on this moment, "Baby, people are looking for you, they think something bad happened to you. Do you want me to take you home baby doll?" he asked his eyes staring into hers.

Kira's eyes widened at the question, she didn't know what she expected, but it wasn't that. There was a moment where it was as if time froze for the young girl, but her mind continued to race a mile a minute. Her common sense said to go home, to run home, to tell the police about the man who kidnapped her, raped her, and used her body so roughly, but then, there was another part of her, a part deep down, so deep that up until last night she didn't even know it existed. That part wanted to stay, wanted to see what happens next, wanted to feel the pleasure she felt last night and wanted to please the man with her. The two parts of Kira battled in her mind, trying to reach a decision, finally she did, "I want to stay with you Sir."

The man smiled wide and kissed Kira on the lips tenderly, a soft kiss, a gentle kiss, the way two lovers would kiss. "I was hoping you would say that baby," the man said, his fingers running through Kira's hair. He stood up and looked at her, "Get up and come downstairs, I have something for you." With that being said, the man exited the room and left Kira alone, going downstairs to wait for her.

Kira was quick to react, she bounced up off the bed and felt a small chill as her feet touched the cool hardwood floor. Nude she rushed out the door, not concerned about her nakedness, feeling completely comfortable. By the time the man was half way down the stairs, he heard the young girl behind him, almost running to catch up with him.

Once they had both reached the bottom the man turned to the young girl and commanded, "Get on your knees."

Kira could not explain the rush that came over her, but she felt the desire, the want, the need to do as she was told. She fell to her knees and ignored the small amount of pain as she banged her knees against the floor. She looked up at the man, silently waiting to hear what she should do next.

The man whispered, "Good girl," as he saw the results and the quick progress the girl was making. As for Kira she flushed a deep red at his praise and felt herself smiling so wide her cheeks hurt. The man stood over her, looking down at the young nude girl before him, the girl who decided to stay. He spoke to her and she stayed focused on him the entire time, barely blinking he said, "From now on, I will be your Master, and you will be my pet. You will do as you are told at all times, and I will take care of you in return. You will need no other, because I will be everything to you. From now on, I am your whole world. Do you understand this baby?"

Kira's skin burned deep red as she heard his words, down on her knees before him she could barely stay still. It was as if she felt they were the only two people on the earth at that moment. Her pussy moistened heavily as he spoke, her nipples hard and erect. She wanted to please him, she would do anything for him, she was proud to be his pet. "Yes Sir," she whispered, "I understand."

The man reached into the deep pocket on the side of his robe, he pulled out a silver collar with a name tag and held it in front of Kira. "You will always wear this, because you are my pet." Kira nodded in acceptance and reached back lifting her hair out of the way so the man could wrap the cold, silver collar around her neck. He clipped the collar in place and Kira let her hair fall down around it. On the front side of the collar hung a small diamond shaped name tag which had the word "Pet" engraved.

Kira felt a rush of happiness as she felt the collar around her neck, to her it felt as if she was worthy of something, and finally where she belonged. As the man attached a small silver padlock to the collar, to prevent it from being removed she looked up at him and whispered, "Thank you Sir."

Once that was done the man smiled at Kira, he truly was happy with the progress she was making, such a good submissive. He stood over her in a dominating position and said, "Go into the living room and kneel next to the couch."

The man stayed to watch, but Kira moved quickly, crawling fast across the hardwood floor, her ass high in the air and wiggling with each movement. The man felt a stirring in his cock as he followed a few steps behind her, occasionally catching a glimpse of the glistening lips poking out from between her legs.

In the living room, Kira quickly knelt next to the couch just as she was told, her desire to please this man was burning strong, even if she didn't understand it. She reached up and ran a finger across the collar and shivered in delight, she really was his, completely.

When the man came into the living room he sat on the couch next to where Kira was kneeling. He took hold of her by the hair and pulled her lightly until she was kneeling in front of him, between his spread legs. "Have you ever touched a cock pet?"

Kira blushed at the question, suddenly feeling like an innocent little school girl on the playground with her crush and not like the pet, or the sex slave she really was. She looked down at the floor, "Yours Sir," she muttered, "is the only cock I've ever seen or touched."

The man smiled and reached down, taking his cock in his hand, it was already hard and small droplets of pre-cum were leaking out of the twitching tip. He gave it a few hard strokes, expertly manipulating his erect prick while Kira watched intently She could not pull her eyes away from the large purple veins poking out of the skin or the way the foreskin make the thick tip of the cock disappear each time he pulled up on his dick. The sound of the skin smacking as man jacked his cock for her was enough to light Kira's body on fire. Her pussy flooded uncontrollably, leaking cum and letting it trickle down her thighs, her nipples were so hard they ached and she wished he would touch her soon.

After several minutes of pumping his cock in front of her the man asked, "Would you like to help baby? Would you like to help your Master jack off his hard prick?"

Kira smiled innocently, lightly chewing on her bottom lip, she wanted it, she wanted it more than anything, she nodded her head slowly and the man winked at her. He took her right hand and guided it to his cock and placed it on top of his hand and continued to slowly pump his cock, letting her feel it.

Kira loved the touch, her eyes locked on the piece of meat before her, and she savored every stroke of his cock. Her pussy was practically pouring out now, her cunt leaking sweet juices all over the hard wood floor beneath her. Even though the man kept his hand between hers and the cock Kira could still feel the heat of the cock, as if it was burning a hole into her hand. She wanted it.

The more the man jerked off, the more he began to grunt and groan in response, he often times threw his head back against the couch and closed his eyes, savoring the touch of not only his hand, but his pet's hand as well. In time he decided it was time to go one step further, he lifted both Kira's hand and his own from his hard shaft and looked at her. As their eyes met the man lowered Kira's hand to his cock and guided her fingers until she had a firm hold of it. "Stroke it gently now baby," he said, licking his lips as he watched her work, he also noticed the puddle of pussy cream beneath her. Kira was delighted to feel the man's cock in her hand, she loved the way it pulsed and throbbed with each beat of his heart. As per his request she slowly began to stroke his tool, getting more and more turned on each time she saw the tip of his cock disappear into her fist, and likewise each time she got to see the thick veins hiding under the foreskin when she pulled it back. Kira decided as she stroked him that this was much better than making out with Brad Stevens on his couch, even if he was a basketball star.

Kira continued to stroke the man and as far as she could tell he seemed to enjoy it. He often encouraged her with comments, like "Oh yeah baby, do it like that" or "Ohhh fuck baby jerk Master's cock." At one point during the jerking session the man took Kira's free hand and guided it to his balls, he placed his hand over hers and began to show her how to caress them, gently, feeling them fill with cum. Once she got the hang of that, the man removed his hand and let her continue on her own, she really was a quick learner.

The more Kira learned, the more she liked what was happening, she liked the feel of his cock, the feel of his balls, the sounds of slapping skin as she sped up her strokes, she loved the feel of his filling balls, knowing that it was her that was arousing him so much. Each time he threw his head back into the couch she got more and more eager, stroking both faster and harder.

The man was quick to find out that although Kira had never seen a cock before last night, she truly was a natural, he felt his lust boiling over and soon he knew he was moments away from blowing his load. He didn't give Kira this information, instead he just continued to grunt and groan, moaning advice to her as she expertly worked his cock and balls. His hips lifted off the couch and stayed frozen in the air as a loud "Ohhhh yesssss..."filled the room.

Kira had never heard a sexier sound in her young life and doubled her efforts, leaning closer to the man to get a better grip pumping hard and fast on his twitching shaft. This was more than enough to cause an eruption. It only took a moment, but for Kira it was slow motion; she felt a tightness in his balls as she fondled them and then an extreme pulsing within the shaft as she stroked it. The pulsing was the man's cum working its way closer and closer to exit.

The cum flew out of the man's cock and caught Kira by surprise, the first stream hitting her right in the cheek. She suddenly froze, one hand wrapped around the man's pulsing, cumming cock, the other teasing his emptying balls. As he came the man took hold of his cock at its base, aiming it. As the ropes of cum fired from his cock he guided them to hit Kira in the face and hair as well as the tits. Spurt after spurt came from the cock, accompanied by lewd grunts. When he was empty one droplet of cum rested against the tip of his cock.

"Good pet," the man said as he basked in the after glow of his orgasm. He released his cock as it began to go deflate between his legs. Once his eyes were able to focus again he took a look at the woman before him, there she was, his cum covered pet. Kira knelt there naked, still holding his limp cock and empty balls, her hair and face coated in thick creamy sperm, several gobs running down her cheeks to her chin. As for her breasts they looked as though they were each bathed in cum, each having several ropes on the cleavage dripping down to her nipples. As the man looked at her, he thought she never looked more beautiful.

As Kira heard his praise she couldn't help but feel good, not only was she was able to make her Master cum so strongly which was a compliment in itself, but then to have him praise her verbally was too much to handle, she felt her pussy getting even wetter. The man told her she could release his cock and Kira reluctantly did so. Still kneeling before him she awaited his next order.

The man ran a single finger up Kira's cum covered cheek and collected a small amount of his cum on his fingertip. Once he did that he placed his finger against Kira's lip and she opened them. Instinctively she began to hungrily suck on his finger tip, sucking down his cum and savoring the hot musky flavor of her Master, she continued sucking long after it was gone.

The man pulled his finger from Kira's mouth and looked down at the beautiful girl before him, "Are you hungry?" he asked.

Kira nodded enthusiastically at her Master, her stomach having had rumbled and growled at her all morning, "Oh yes sir, very hungry."

The man smiled and ran his hands through Kira's hair. As he spoke his cock was already beginning to harden between his legs, "Then I guess it's time to see what that pretty mouth of yours can do."

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