tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 10

Captive Ch. 10


A hand closed around my wrist and i was very startled by it. i tried to move away from the hand and another encircled my waist pulling me roughly against him. i blinked a few times and adjusted to the darkness of the room. i was back in the dungeon. i tried to move away from the hands on my body but His grip was firm.

"zara, please stop squirming."

"Why am i here in the cell with You? i thought my father didn't want U/us to have any thing to do with each O/other? i am confused."

"I am just as confused as you are zara. His men tossed you in here with me. I think he was afraid to let you be alone since you hit your head pretty hard up stairs. you have been out cold for quite a while now."

"What is with people knocking me out?"

"I don't know. I am thankful to have you here with Me."

i snuggled a bit closer and felt that He hadn't been given clothes. i smiled a bit and wiggled against Him.

"zara, dear please stop wiggling."

"Why? It is only You and i here in this cell. Why not make the most of what time W/we are given."

"You really are a sin full creature."

With that said He showered me with kisses and began to lick and nibble down my neck. i smiled as i reached my hand between U/us to caress Him in my hand. i loved the feel of Him in my hand. i could hear His soft moans of pleasure as i touched Him. i enjoyed hearing Him as much as touching Him.

His hand was caressing my body and soon found its way to my clit. Teasing and pinching it between His fingers until i was squirming beneath His touch. i soon found myself on my back beneath Him. His cock was teasing at my opening for a few brief moments before He plunged deep inside me.

i wrapped my legs around Him as to encourage Him to stay within. He didn't really need any urging as He wanted this as much as i did. All i felt at that moment was the pleasure W/we were sharing. He showered me with more kisses as He felt me moving more against Him. He must have sensed that i was going to cum and He was right.

He was holding me in His arms following O/our tempest of pleasure when the door to the dungeon opened. W/we were still entwined around one another. Thankfully this time it was Sir Kern who found U/us entwined together.

"M'Lord, I hate to disturb You but I needed to let You know that that the King has arrived. Clothing is brought down from Y/your rooms and will B/both be brought before him within the hour. Emissary Zarn is all ready being an ass."

"Thank you for informing U/us Sir Kern. Did the King get the letter zara prepared for him?"

"Yes, he did M'Lord. That is why Y/you are being seen tonight."

With a rush of movement Lord Elrik and i were pulled in opposite directions to bath and dress to be brought before the King. Sir Kern had Tara come and attend me so that I had someone that i knew with me. i was allowed to stop for a moment at my chambers and enter alone so that i could collect the book and the copy of the document that i had found contained inside.

i gathered my thoughts as we walked to the Lord's study. i was told that the King would receive U/us there. Lord Ulrich was deep in conversation with Emissary Zarn when i was brought right up to the doors to be announced. Lord Ulrich noticed me first and moved to be by my side i hissed quite loudly and it startled him. Emissary Zarn gave me a look that said behave. i was behaving as i didn't out right deck either one of them.

Sir Kern announced me to the King. Lord Elrik was all ready inside the study speaking in hushed whispers. The door was promptly closed on Lord Ulrich and Emissary Zarn before they could walk into the room behind me. i was thankful for this some what private audience with the King. i quickly got to the point and brought forth what evidence i had concerning who my parents were and talked about my life in Lord Ulrich's House. i held nothing back despite my embarrassment at times. i answered all of the questions of the King.

Lord Ulrich and Emissary Zarn were admitted to the room together. They could not help but notice that the King had just asked me to sit on the seat to his left. To be seated in the King's presence signified a protected status when at an inquiry such as this. They both shifted a bit nervously on their feet. They knew that this did not bode well for either of them.

"Emissary Zarn, Lord Ulrich, gentlemen, We bid you welcome to this inquiry. We trust that you will not be wasting Our time trying do deny a few things that We all know to be fact. We have had a document come into Our hands that explains a good many things to Us. Emissary Zarn, We are surprised that you would allow your daughter to live under such conditions. Before you utter a single word We have spoken with several people from Lord Ulrich's household. All confirm that zara was not treated in a manner befitting her station as your daughter. We have an official document confirming that you, Emissary Zarn, were married to zara's Mother. Thus making her exempt from any such stations as the one you placed her in according to the peace accord signed by Us and your Father, Emissary Zarn."

"I assure you King Edward that my Father did not know of my marriage to zara's Mother. It was in secret and I believed all proof of said marriage to not exist."

"So you do not deny to Us that zara is indeed your daughter by your legal wife and her mother then?"

"No, I do not deny it. I was lead to believe by Lord Ulrich that since I did not have permission from you to marry his niece that the marriage was null and void."

"Lord Ulrich's niece was an adult at the time of the marriage. Thus did not have to have permission except if she wished to maintain a certain social status in Our court. The marriage is recognized by Us as legal and there by nullifying any custodial agreement made with out Our permission. Lord Ulrich will have to find some other amusements. zara will not be returning to his House now or ever."

"You can't do this My King. zara was promised to me."

"Guards seize Lord Ulrich and take him to the dungeon. We will be trying him for the acts done to Our zara. Emissary Zarn this is the last time you will be seeing your daughter. We believe you to be a treat to your daughter. A messenger has all ready been sent to your Father concerning this matter and We are sure that there will be hell to pay upon your return home. To treat ones child like this is horrendous."

With that said, Lord Ulrich was escorted to the dungeon. One could hear him yelling down the halls and carrying on about how he had been lied to. i was sure that he was lied to. i think all of U/us were. i was wondering if the King knew exactly who my Father truly was.

"Emissary Zarn, one more thing that We do not understand is why you never bothered to notify Us of your status within your Kingdom. Surely a Prince would have gotten a quicker inquiry than a Emissary. We guess that you wished to deceive everyone including zara's Mother. You should have told her that you were the first son not the last son. We guess your deceit is in on account of the fact that you were embarrassed to have fallen for one of Our subjects. You will be lucky if your Father allowed you to travel within Our Kingdom again without a better escort. Our ladies are forbidden to you from this day forward and that includes Our wenches. Guards, if you will please see to it that Prince Zarn is escorted to his chamber and that his men prepare to leave. We wish them gone by the next night."

Prince Zarn protested at being treated like a commoner by the King but soon realized that he was in a lot of trouble. To be asked to leave a Court was a bad thing. To be told to leave and held under guard until leaving was even worse. He knew he was in for it when he returned home. His Father was not going to be happy about this at all.

"Lord Elrik, Your petition before this court to become the legal guardian of Princess zara is denied. We wish to explain why We are denying Your petition before You speak to object. We are denying it because We are granting a petition seeking permission to marry. We received a petition on Your behalf that asked for her permission to marry You, Lord Elrik. This petition was given to Us by Sir Kern, whom is the Captain of Your Guard. Do not be angry with the man as he was only seeking what was in the best interest of Y/you B/both. We agree that a union between Y/you will be a good thing."

i could see Sir Kern nervously shifting from foot to foot. i wasn't surprised that he had petitioned the Court. i had been tempted to do the very same thing but thought i shouldn't push my luck. i could see that Lord Elrik was a bit in shock from news that i was a Princess. To be honest, i was a bit in shock about it too. Lord Ulrich had a lot of explaining to do now to the Courts for his treatment of me.

"Lord Elrik, We do hope that You will not take to rescuing others by kidnapping them from their place of guardianship. Next time, should there ever be a next time, petition Our Court for an audience and We will hear the matter promptly. With Lord Ulrich being unable to give his blessing upon this union, We will be taking temporary guardianship of Princess zara. The Princess will, however, remain in residence here and will be married within a season. You will send word to her Grandfather and invite him to attend the ceremony. We, of course, will be moving the Court here for a time and will see that accommodations are prepared for Our continued stay."

"Yes, my King, I will do as You have asked of Me. I must say that it is a shock to find out that zara is a Princess but I assure that I will take good care of her. I do hope that her Grandfather, the King, will not think this a poor match since I am not of high nobility but I will assure him that I love his daughter and only want what is best for her."

i could feel the happiness coming from Lord Elrik and the King. This was a winning situation all around. Both of Them were getting something They were wishing for. i wasn't quite sure what a season at Court entailed but was sure that E/everyone would show me along the way.

"We have all ready begun negotiations for the union. You as the suitor need only continue them with Our continued involvement. Do not fret about Your station within Our Kingdom for I assure You that I wish to keep an alliance with her Grandfather, and who better than the man who rescued her from a cruel existence. That fact alone does a world of good to Your standing. Depending on how Lord Ulrich's trail goes, You may be finding Yourself with more land and a better title. We will not make any promises just yet concerning that though."

i was really excited about how my life was turning out. i was really thankful to King Edward to listening to the things that i had to say in my letter to him. i could see that Lord Elrik was pleased as well by these turn of events. Sir Kern couldn't help but smile as Lord Ulrich and Prince Zarn were getting just what they deserved. There was still Lord Ulrich's trail to get through but i knew that despite its unpleasantness that i would be safe and comforted.

The King sat and talked with me alone for a while. i was surprised at how at ease i felt in his presence. Some folks told me that being around a King could really make one nervous. i, however, just saw a man not a King. i still spoke to him with respect but i treated him like a person. i think he found that rather refreshing. Tara was going to be assigned to me until a lady in waiting could be chosen properly.

The King talked to me about what the upcoming season would be like and what to expect from Court life once the Queen had arrived. He didn't want there to be too many surprises. He, also, prepared me for the fact that some of the Queen's ladies had never been around a Cat Person before other than from a distance at Court. This would be a new experience for them as well and to have some patience. The Queen would have a private audience with her when she had arrived and was settled.

i half expected the hallway to be empty except for the guards when the King finally dismissed me. i was happy to see Lord Elrik standing there talking with Sir Kern. It was like He was waiting for me. Without a word, He scooped me up in His arms and carried me off to His chambers. i tried to contain a smile but i couldn't. The guards pretended not to see U/us go off T/together.

Once the door to His chambers was closed He set me back down on my feet. The first thing i did was kneel up beside Him. i don't think He expected me to do that but He smiled down at me and caressed my face in His hand.

"you are such a treasure Princess zara. Never did I suspect that I had given My heart to one so noble. I do hope that you can love this lowly Lord."

"M'Lord, You will never be lowly to me. A title in all honestly means nothing to me for i was not raised to be a Princess. It is foreign to me. i do know one thing that i do want with all of my heart. i wish to serve You. i don't care if it has to be a special secret that the servants whisper about. i simply wish to be Yours."

"you are Mine zara. you always have been Mine and soon I will not have to hide what it is that I feel for you. I do hope that your Grandfather will give U/us his blessing but even if he does not you will be Mine."

"W/we don't need the permission of some man that neither of U/us has ever met. i know that the King wishes for U/us to seek permission and W/we can do so simply to make the Court happy, but as You have said no matter what i will be Yours."

He leaned over and kissed me firmly on the lips. He went and sat down beside the fire and patted His lap for me to sit upon it. i smiled at Him and nuzzled against Him while listening to the beat of His heart.

"Master, how may Your slave serve You tonight?"

"Well for starters zara...you are over dressed to be sitting in My lap."

.....and so ends Chapter Ten.

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