tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 11

Captive Ch. 11


Lord Elrik ushered her off His lap with those words and zara quickly undressed and crawled back up into His lap. He smiled at her as she did because there was no fear now of being interrupted because Sir Kern posted a guard. zara wiggled upon His lap and grinned as she kissed Him over and over again. she was a very happy Cat Person because she was with the man she loved.

Lord Elrik embraced zara and kissed all along her body. He picked her up and brought her over to the bed and teased her flesh with His touch and kisses. she was squirming by the time He was half way done teasing her. she was begging Him not to stop and He had no intention of stopping either. He waited until her meows become loud enough to be heard in the hall to finally claim her once again as His. He didn't care who heard them that night.

His cock moved in and out of her like a piston. she wrapped her legs around Him and clung to Him with her arms about His back. she didn't want this moment to end. she was flying with happiness and joy. They both shed a few tears when they climaxed together. It was a magical moment and was over much too soon. Lord Elrik fell asleep still inside His zara.

Mean while else where in the Lord's home, King Edward was settling into His new quarters near the dungeon's stair case. He wanted His person men watching over Lord Ulrich as well as Himself without stretching them too thin. He didn't trust the Lord Ulrich not to try and bribe someone to set him free. A trial was set to begin late that next week. zara was asked to testify publicly about what had gone on in Lord Ulrich's household. she didn't hesitate to agree to do so as she had nothing to be ashamed of.

The next morning, Prince Zarn was escorted from the King's Court and began his journey back to the Cat People. Sir Kern was charged with going as a part of the King's escort. Partially because Sir Kern was responsible for making sure things came to light, and because the King trusted the man not to be swayed by the Prince. Prince Zarn begrudgingly went back home to face his Father about what He had done. He knew he was going to have to answer for a lot of things.

Prince Zarn was not permitted too far out of sight of the escort. King Edward charged Sir Kern with making sure the Prince didn't escape from his date with his Father. Prince Zarn spoke briefly with Sir Kern about how zara would be treated in Lord Elrik's household. It was like the man some what cared all of the sudden for her well being. Sir Kern saw it as a ploy but assured the man that zara was very happy with Lord Elrik.

Prince Zarn didn't have to wait too long to face his father, King Zack, who all ready on his way to meet with King Edward. The two parties meet at the border of the two lands. Sir Kern greeted and presented King Zack with the note from King Edward that explained everything. The look on King Zack's face was not one of happiness, and his son was quickly sent home under guard. King Zack told Sir Kern that the other family matter would be dealt with at a later time as he had a granddaughter to meet.

King Zack asked Sir Kern to accompany him on his journey to see King Edward. Sir Kern knew that he could use this time to help Princess zara get her heart's desire. Sir Kern filled King Zack in on the details of Princess zara's rescue and new life with Lord Elrik. He spoke of Lord Elrik and his lands and the people there to give him an idea of what to expect upon his arrival. King Zack listened intently and wanted only the best for his Granddaughter whom he didn't know existed until now.

Custom dictated that she marries within her station but the circumstances of her life would make finding a King or a Prince difficult. Most importantly, King Zack wanted her to be happy and see for His own eyes that she was happy where she now was. Sir Kern answered the questions King Zack had about Lord Ulrich and what had gone on. King Zack was distressed to hear what had happened to his Granddaughter and the lie Prince Zarn had led while away from home. He inquired about zara's Mother and was saddened to hear that she had passed away when zara was a baby.

King Edward's wife, Catherine, soon joined the Court and were there just mere days before the arrival of King Zack. She met privately with zara and they quickly became friends. Queen Catherine showed zara how to be a proper Lady at Court. zara was shown a good many things and made many friends in the time waiting for King Zarn to arrive. Her quarters were moved next to Lord Elrik's and they connected through a secret passage. The staff knew zara did not sleep alone but all turned a blind eye because they could see the happiness there.

Queen Catherine made arrangements for a ball to be held for Princess zara towards the middle of the season. There was much to be planned and zara was still learning to dance and greet those in Court. Gowns were made and fitted and zara lent a hand in the sewing room with the other Ladies. Things were sent for and were quickly arriving at the Lord's home. King Edward talked daily with zara as the trail preparations were under going as well.

zara was happy when she heard that Sir Kern was back and that her Grandfather, King Zack, wanted to meet her promptly. Lord Elrik escorted her to the King's chambers and waited outside so that they could speak in private. King Zack greeted His Granddaughter with a hug and an apology for His son's behavior and treatment towards her. He promised to send a tutor to her here if she desired to learn more about her homeland.

They talked the better part of a day and took only breaks for refreshment. Lord Elrik was antsy about what was taking place but knew it was best to let the two Cat People talk alone. Sir Kern filled in many details for Lord Elrik about Prince Zarn and that seemed to answer a good many internal questions. It would seem that Prince Zarn was in the habit of being a naughty Prince and covering his trail but this time got caught. Lord Elrik agreed to keep that information close to his heart because it may hurt zara to know this.

King Edward met with King Zack later that night after the evening meal was served. Both men got along well and there was no tension in the air. Lord Ulrich was not a happy camper down in the dungeon and was quite unhappy to hear that King Zack was here. It was rare that the King himself traveled outside of his lands but this matter was important enough that He didn't trust an emissary to do the job. The following day, the trail began in the dinning hall. It was the only place large enough for all to attend the proceedings as this was a public trail.

The trail took place over the course of two weeks. Lord Ulrich was found guilty of all charges brought against him by both Kings. He should not have held Princess zara like a captive slave and treated below what her station dictated. What made matters worse was that Lord Ulrich was fully aware of whom her Mother was and still allowed things to occur that should not have. Both Kings agreed that the marriage was legally binding and that Princess zara would be a ward of the Court until she married.

As punishment, Lord Ulrich was to be stripped of his title and lands and banished from the Kingdom. The lands would be given to Princess zara as her dowry. Lord Elrik was given the new title of Duke for his rescue and continued well treatment of Princess zara. King Edward declared that a new dwelling was to be built half way between the two lands so that the people could be well cared for. Sir Kern was elevated to Lord Kern and given a parcel of land not given to Princess zara but bordered it.

Princess zara was given permission by the Court to marry within the season to a man of her choosing so long as the Court agreed it was a good match. King Zack gave His blessing if she wished that man to be Duke Elrik. King Edward gave His blessing as well. This was indeed a happy day for zara. her heart's desire was coming true. she being allowed to marry the man of her dreams and could remain here where she truly belonged.

......and so ends Chapter Eleven.

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