Captive Lover



I enter the room to find him lying naked and bound on the mattress on the floor. He's shivering a little with... Cold or anticipation perhaps. The room is a little cold, and quite dark. His hands are tied above his head, bound with velvet rope. The knots are quite firm but not harsh. He has chafed his wrists a little in his struggles against them. A velvet blindfold covers his eyes. How he fought when he was tied, it was quite the struggle not to hurt him or allow him to harm himself. Our words of comfort did not seem to have any effect. Such a proud creature would not bow so easily, it is what makes him all the more desirable. I staked my claim immediately – this one is for me. The others are disappointed – let them find their own.

He has heard me enter and turns his head towards the sound of the door. I close it firmly behind me. I wait to see if he will speak. He does not. By my feet is a soft cashmere blanket he has thrown off in his struggles. Gently I pull it over him. He shivers away, but is unable to move much further from me. I reach out to his face and gently stroke his cheek. He recoils as if slapped. It is to be expected – he doesn't know why he is here or what we will do to him next. Again I softly stroke his cheek and neck, taking care to keep clear of his teeth. It is only to be expected that he will try and attack in any way he can. I do not begrudge him this, it is his right.

"Don't touch me." He snarls. I ignore him and continue my gentle caressing. He struggles a little as I firmly hold his jaw and move in to sensually kiss his neck. This confuses him, and for a moment he relaxes. How warm, how lightly bristled the feel of his throat. The firmness of his jaw, the soft spike of his hair as I run my fingers through it. He is shivering again, and this time I am sure it is with confusion and anticipation rather than fear.

I sit up and lift the blanket away so that I can fully enjoy the view of his body. Muscled limbs, broad smooth chest, and a light coating of hair on his stomach. His biceps swell as he once more struggles against the rope secured to the wall in its ring. I wait for him to relax again, to give in. His penis lies flaccid on his thigh, one ankle shackled to the wall to prevent escape. A short chain prevents him from giving me the kicking I'm sure he would prefer. I smile to myself. His body is breathtaking in its muscular beauty.

I stand and slide my clothes off taking care to keep them out of his reach. He appears to be listening, although he does not move. This time I move over him, letting my warm calf touch his leg to reassure him. He shivers but does nothing. My hands caress his throat, his chest, move down to his hips and thighs. I stroke between his thighs taking care not to touch his penis, now beginning to swell in spite of himself. His back arches up as my hands stroke him all over. I firmly hold his face again and kiss the other side of his jaw, my lips moving down over his chest. My breasts sway beneath me, stroking his body with my nipples even as my lips kiss and caress his chest and stomach. Moving lower, he arches his back again. This time he is erect, and his quivering is of need and desire. His penis is hard, a small drop of precum on the tip as I blow my warm breath upon it.

He gives a low moan of desire. I breathe again onto the warm velvety head of his penis, now mere millimetres from my lips. When he arches towards me, I move away laughing softly in pleasure. He curses me in a low snarl that stops midway when I engulf him in my mouth. The snarl turns to a groan of pleasure. I savour him, my mouth moving up and down his rock hard erection, my hands caressing his balls and stroking between his thighs. But only for a little while. It's my turn for pleasure.

I move over him, brushing the tip of his penis against my clitoris. I am soaking wet with excitement, and it sends a thrill of electricity through me. I cannot resist brushing against him again, even though my whole body demands penetration. I must move slowly or it will all be over too soon. Rocking back and forwards, I begin to slowly impale myself on his rampant cock. He has stopped moaning, and his breath steams out in sharp exhalations. He moves against me, desperate to possess me, but I hold him at bay, moving even more slowly. Little by little, I am slowly moving down his length, my gentle rocking giving lie to my desperate need for release.

I am impaled completely. Our pubic bones meet. I pause for a moment, enjoying the feeling of fullness. My hands hold down his hips, preventing him from moving. I am afraid it will be over too soon if he begins to move. Now I start to ride him, my desire quickly mounting as I slide up and down his length. He is struggling again, but this time he wants to touch me, to thrust into me, but must be content with growling out his enthusiasm and excitement.

I feel my orgasm rising from my toes. I arch my back, throwing my head back as I give in to the rising tide of ecstasy that engulfs me. I cry out, grinding hard onto his cock as he thrusts against me in his own passionate release. Waves of pleasure break over me again and again, I am giving sharp animal cries as I ride him furiously. My orgasm is animalistic in its intensity, I am almost unaware of my body gripping him so firmly between my thighs, my clitoris twitching and my breasts heaving with each upwards clench of my vagina. He cries out as well, a gasp of surprise as he begins to twitch with his own orgasm.

I am subsiding now, slowly coming down from the intense volcano of pleasure that has engulfed me. Waves of warm sensuality lap gently about me, so different from the tidal wave of lust I was riding before. He has subsided too, his thrusts becoming softer and his moans of pleasure decreasing with his movements. He twitches as his orgasm slips away.

I slide off him while his penis is still semi hard. I move to replace the blanket, it will soon start to feel cold in here.

"Wait," He says, his voice raspy with spent need. I lie next to him, pulling up the blanket and twining my arms around him. I rub my warm legs against him, holding him. The mattress is thin beneath us, the cold from the floor seeps up. I feel sorry he has had to wait here for me, with the cold floor beneath him. I get up and find my clothes. He turns his face towards me, so I feel I need to reassure him.

"You'll be released in less than an hour. You won't be harmed."

He says "Who..."

But I have already closed the door.


I have just awoken from a disturbing sleep brought on by exhaustion as I remember struggling against those who attacked me the night before. I realise they were women and how I was overcome by deceit and trickery, or so I convince myself. They've stripped me and left me here on the cold floor with a thin mattress. I'm embarrassed at having been overcome. I'm blindfolded and shivering, afraid of what might come next. I realise that I am naked and worry about being tortured or worse. My hands are sore and my back hurts having been tied in one position all night long. There is a musty smell; dampness pervades the air as in a basement well below the earth. One of them sounded like their leader, dominant and strong with wickedness in her voice. She worries me. I wish I could see. Where am I? Why am I here? Who are they? What do they want? What will they do to me?

A sound. I can't see who it is. I struggle to see through the blindfold but can't. A door opening, a creak, a step and the door slams shut. I involuntary suck my breath in through my teeth and am aware that I have given away my fear. Damn. I feel a bead of cold sweat form between the stiff hairs on the back of my neck. I'm tense and strain against my bonds. Someone pulls a soft blanket over me; my tension rises as I feel a finger stroke my cheek. It feels soft and womanly belying her intentions and I pull back in anticipation of worse. She plays with my cheek and neck, playing, toying as I wait for a chance to fight back when she least expects it.

I can't get at her, I can't see and I tell her not to touch me, as harshly as I can, but realise that I am helpless. I wonder whether I should stop being aggressive so as not to invite pain. I have provoked her. She grabs my jaw tightly as I struggle away but can't move. I can feel her warm breath and smell its sweetness close to my neck. I can hear her breath, a little heavily. She might bight so I relax to not provoke her further. I can feel her fingers running over my throat and can hear the bristly sound as they run over my unshaven neck and chin. She runs her fingers teasingly through my hair and I cannot help but shiver in anticipation. I feel a cool sweat break out all over and run down my chest.

There is a cool feeling as the blanket is pulled away from me. I realise that I am naked and vainly attempt to cover up and protect myself from what might come next. I struggle against the bindings, tensing up, trying to break free but can't. They have tied me too well. It is of no use. I'd like to kick her but my foot is also tied to the wall. I'll wait and catch her unawares. But then again I need to wait until my bonds are loosened and have a chance to overpower her and escape. I wish I could see this teasing witch. What does she look like? What will she do to me?

I can hear a faint rustling sound and something sliding and falling to the floor. Then a light touch, against my leg, warm and smooth. I tremble involuntarily, a shiver up my spine, something intriguing is going on, is going to happen. Then more hands all over me, soft and caressing. Are they leading me into a false sense of security before the pain begins? I can feel hands on my throat, and I feel menaced, gripped. They move over my chest, playing with my nipples and kneading the muscles there. Feeling me, for what, I do not know. The hands move over my stomach, tracing the contours of my abdomen, pressing, searching, lingering in my navel, a small fingertip exploring, a nail playing with the few hairs there. They move apart and trace a line sideways to my hips and then down into my thighs. I can feel the fingernails, sharp but not cutting. I can feel a tingle in my penis, afraid of what might happen, as the fingers move closer, but stay away. I try to keep it down but it swells slightly and I can't hide it in my naked state, open for all to see. I can't help but arch my back searching for that extra touch, something to touch my penis, anything. But it doesn't. The hands and fingers and nails are all over me now and then gripping my jaw. There is a kiss on my jaw, in control and dominating and then slipping wetly down my chest. I can feel two soft tingles on my chest. They must be nipples; she must be naked. I arch my back again and search with my chest for that extra touch. I can feel my penis hard and hot and twitching. I can't control it. She must notice as I get harder and harder. I feel the slight moisture building inside and dripping from the tip as precum slides clearly down the side and settles at the base, builds again and drips again. It cools as it slides and then there is a warm breath, blown over me, contrasting with the cooling precum, causing the head to quiver and vibrate.

I can't help but moan and feel again another breath on the head. It's closer now and I try to reach it, blindly. She laughs, teasingly; frustratingly I try again, and then growl at her. Then I am swallowed completely. I pull my hips back, afraid of what might be a bight that never comes. I can only moan in pleasure and push forward again as I feel her mouth against the base of my penis, completely engulfed. Her tongue slides out and licks the base of my penis and tickles the tops of my balls and tickles the hairs there. She slowly slides back up while her tongue creates pressure along the bottom of my penis and moves from side to side. Her lips feel full and dwell at the top of the head while her tongue inserts itself inside the eye and moves in and out tasting the precum that is freely flowing. Her mouth is now hot and moist and warm and unbearable. I can feel her fingers touching my balls and gently pulling them down building an increasing desire. She lets her fingers play with my inner thighs and play with the hair under my balls, tickling there, still pulling my balls gently and massaging them. The tension is incredible. I can't see her but I can feel her as if I can see more clearly than ever. The she lets go and I can feel her no more. What's going on now? What's she going to do?

There's a wet, hot brush against the tip of my penis. The brush becomes a wet sliding sensation as my penis becomes washed in warm, thick moisture that builds and builds as she slides back and forth over my penis from top to bottom. I can feel the moisture building around my stomach and balls as it pools there. My penis builds in anticipation and I can't stop a soft low moan and then she slowly, ever so slowly, begins to insert the tip, just the tip and then lets it slip out where it is pressed against my stomach by her weight until she inserts the tip again, just the tip. I can't stop breathing heavier now and faster as I try to insert more of myself into her. She eventually takes the head, inserted just inside, and straightens it as she squats over me as she then begins a long slow descent down the length of my penis finally resting at the base before beginning a long slow ascent, stopping with just the head inside before descending again and ascending again, down and up, up and down, wet and hot, and hotter and wetter as my balls get wetter and my penis disappears into a sauna of overheated desire. I can feel the moisture roll down my balls and stream slowly under them and slip between my legs settling between my cheeks.

I am completely engulfed now as she rests on top of me, lost in bliss. She has stopped me from moving by holding my hips down as I try to thrust but can't. Then she begins to move faster now as I try to thrust into her harder and faster. I want to touch her but can't as my hands are bound and I still can't see her. She is breathing heavier and can't hide her excitement now as she breathes faster and faster.

I can feel a familiar sensation building deep in my groin and balls with the sensation building in the base of my penis with the head getting more sensitive to a point where it is becoming unbearable. She is moving faster now, gasping and moaning loudly, heaving and sighing, slamming down on me while I thrust back hard and powerfully. I can hear her impact against my thighs as she slaps wetly into me with madness and a tight grip on me with her legs and vagina that won't let me go. She is moving like a piston as I thrust back in unison, while her vagina begins to grip more at every upstroke as it gets tighter and tighter with her building orgasm until I can barely stay inside her as she screams and cry's and lets go completely. I can feel my orgasm building to a point where I can't stop it and it begins to move up from deep inside my groin, from inside my balls, up my pulsing and twitching penis until I can feel the first slight squirt disappear inside her vice like grip, followed by another more intense squirt, followed by another longer and deeper jet, followed by an other stream of molten semen, and another weaker one and another final subsiding pulse and pulse and pulse. I can feel the enveloping warmth and moisture as she continues to move slowly while the mingled semen and vaginal cum washes out down my penis and over my balls and between my cheeks.

As she calms and slows I can relax and let the sensation flow over me as the pulsating pleasure subsides. Her cries have slowed to soft moans and as my hearing returns, which was lost in throws of ecstasy, I can hear that I am breathing deeply and moaning slowly in sync with her. I can't see her but can feel her soft and velvet body and can smell the sweet odour of our pleasure

I feel her vagina, still gripping, slide slowly up and off my penis, which rests against my stomach and begins to cool. She must sense this and replaces the blanket. I ask her to wait and she gets in next to me and wraps herself around me and holds me in a tight embrace while I smell her hair next to my face wishing to see her, but can't. Eventually, she moves away and I search for her from beneath my blindfold not wanting her to leave. She says that I will be released in the hour and won't be harmed but she won't tell me who she is, as I hear the door close. She is gone. I have to find her and I bide my time until my release plotting my sweet revenge.


I can feel a slight loosening of my binds and I begin to work on them, twisting and turning and making my wrists smaller to work them loose. There is a rough edge to the ring in the wall where I am tied, which I can reach with my wrists. I begin to work on this edge ever so slowly until I break one rope and then the other free. I take my blindfold off and see for the first time the dingy room I am in, the gloomy light coming through a screened and barred window high on a wall. I quickly release my leg from the wall rope and observe my surroundings closer. The room has stonewalls, wet and damp with various rings and chains attached to it. There is a door near a corner and I rise slowly to go over and see if I can open the door. It is a large wooden door with iron fittings and hinges and I get the feeling that I am in a dungeon. The door is surprisingly not locked and I hesitatingly crack the seal and peer into the passageway beyond. There is nobody there and I decide to make a quick exit to try to find a way out.

Nakedly, I have moved down some stairs, spiralling as they go, and I come across an elaborate door, more exquisite than the rest, as I come to a flatter area of the building, not unlike a small hall. I push the door open so as not to make a noise and look inside the room.

There, on a large four-poster bed is a woman, asleep, veiled by see-through curtains with a dark red cover over the top of the bedposts and on the bed itself. She is under the covers and appears to have on a light nightdress of some description, black. I move closer, stealthily and see her swooning in her sleep. She has longish black hair and a pale complexion on a beautiful face. She appears to be wakening; I must do something or I will be caught. One luminescent blue eye opens and sees me and she starts to let out a scream, which I quickly silence with my hand over her mouth.

Fortunately, I have the blindfold still around my neck, which I stuff into her mouth and then wrap around her to keep her quiet. Her eyes are large and furious, but I can sense some fear there also. I can see the white all around her blue iris. She fights against me but can't do too much as I am sitting on her and her body is confined beneath the bedcovers. I am holding her hands by the wrists, ever so gently but firmly enough to control her. There are some red velvet ropes hanging down from the bedposts, which I rip down and begin to tie her wrists with. I have both of her small narrow wrists firmly in one hand while I tie them together and then to the bed head. Once I have done this I sit back admiring my catch and smile at her. Her eyes widen in absolute fury as she bucks but can achieve nothing as I smile at her even more, which makes her even angrier. Is this the woman who attacked me? Shall I get my revenge with her? Why not?

I have to secure her legs so I rip down two more ropes and take off the bedcovers and tie her feet together and to the bed end. Now I can stand back and observe her fully in her light black nightdress, which is ever so slightly see through. She sees that I have noticed that I can see through her clothes and she screws up her face in madness. This little vixen would love to get me and tear me to shreds I know. My turn for fun.

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