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Captive Nurses


The people, places, and events recorded here are completely fictional and not based on any factual events. This story is for entertainment value only. It is not intended to promote kidnapping or sexual enslavement in any way. The author takes a strong adverse stand to such felonies.

Chapter 1

Lori Jorgenson, a 23-year-old RN, was the third in a line of nurses who had disappeared from their jobs in the last 3 months. She, like the other two before her, had been very pretty with long, gorgeous legs, slim waistlines, ample bosoms, and beautiful blonde hair with blue eyes. The method of their disappearance had been different in each case, but the clues in helping the authorities to solve the cases were almost non-existent.

Anna Johansen was an extremely attractive 22-year-old girl who was abducted from her Toyota Corolla while leaving her last shift of the night on Sunday. Greta Peterson, age 21, was taken as she left her home for work on Thursday morning. Lori, third to disappear, was shopping for a new apartment, when she dropped out of sight the following Saturday afternoon.

All 3 girls regained consciousness in a palatial mansion, completely nude, with restraints on wrists and ankles. They all came to know that video cameras had been secreted in their rooms giving a 24-hour record of their movements. None of them realized where they were, nor could they understand the motive of the one who chloroformed them, forced them into a black van, and obviously brought them to this beautiful house. Each case also lacked witnesses as well as the aforementioned motive. The girls only started to learn why they were taken and what might happen to them if they refused to cooperate with their captors.

The first things each of the captives noticed were the furnishings of her room. Every precaution had been made to prevent the captive from escaping, as well as hurting herself or one of the captors. As they were to discover, the house was one which had remained in the estate of a wealthy client who had left its disposal on the market to any of his three friends, all of whom were wealthy, single, handsome, well-educated, and wanted a woman who would joyfully do anything required of her. Of the 42 rooms in the house, including an 8-car coach house, each captor was restrained in a way that limited her access to her bedroom and bathroom during the day; gourmet meals were served 3 times a day with a choice of snacks after each meal. Exercise equipment was placed into each room.

Every night the girls were given the most recent, and the most expensive, eveningwear in which to join their captors at the evening meal. All three wore belts through which could be remotely passed several volts of electrical shock to prevent their escape from the situation in which they found themselves. None had attempted to escape yet, and they had no idea what to expect from the duration of their confinement. Since nudity was their dress during the day, they had somewhat expected sexual advances and even perversions from their captors.

The first day of their confinement began with a luxurious bubble bath, followed by a breakfast of fresh baked croissants, and a selection of berries—raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, along with fresh-squeezed orange juice, and fresh coffee with cream and sugar on the side. For protein, the meal included a soft-boiled egg. Morning exercise consisted of a stretching flexibility regimen along with many other exercises for flexibility and fitness. All their exercises were done naked with every part of the body exposed to video recording. Oddly enough, each woman gradually developed a sense of wanting to present her natural beauty in the best possible way.

They all received daily medications given both orally and by way of injection. The oral medications were always dissolved in their food so that they would receive them unknowingly, but they were powerless to prevent the daily injections and had no idea what was in the serum they were receiving.

Nothing of a sexual nature had taken place with any of the women, but each woman was acquiring a more active sex drive as the days passed. All the girls were able to carry on conversations with each other at dinner time each day, and they quickly discovered that although working in the United States, they all had a Swedish heritage. Their conversation, though always monitored by their 3 captors, was candid and open. The captors appeared extremely cordial and willing to acquiesce to most of the captives' wishes—the wish for freedom was not one of them. And as time went by, the medications and injections began to have their effect on the girls.

Chapter 2

The captive nurses came from various hospitals within a small area of highly populated cities. The captors—let us call them Michael, Charles, and William—had searched online profiles from Facebook, My Space, and dating websites. They had also used old-fashioned physical surveillance to secure their prey. Once chosen and taken into captivity, the nurse was removed by limousine to the above-mentioned mansion, which was placed in a remote area of northern California.

Anna had become comfortable with her current state of existence, and having been paired off with Michael, enjoyed his company every night at dinner. She grew to wish she had more contact with him, and it was soon to come. On the anniversary of her second week in captivity, Michael unexpectedly appeared to share breakfast with her. On that occasion he released her wrists and ankles from their restraints and removed her belt.

She did not know how to receive this sudden freedom except for an expression of gratitude which demonstrated itself with a hug and kiss for her captor. He relished her emotional expression and returned it with his own. Despite the last 2 weeks of imprisonment, Anna felt that Michael now owned her heart—as well as the rest of her—to do with as he wished.

Since Anna was already nude, it was a short trip for him to join her in that condition. Michael then picked up the naked nurse and walked her from the breakfast table to the bed. Lying next to her on the bed, Michael began to whisper endearments into Anna's ear, and followed with light kisses on her ear and neck. He also began to gently stroke Anna's generous bosom as she immediately began moaning in response. As she lay on her back to his left, he moved his left arm under her to begin tenderly squeezing her left breast as his mouth kissed and sucked the nipple of her right breast. Her right hand reached for his already swollen manhood, while his right hand found the wet folds of her womanhood.

She pumped his large penis as he stroked her genitalia from her soaking vagina to her aroused and enlarged clitoris. They remained in this attitude of foreplay for several minutes with nothing but moans and sighs escaping their lips. At some point in the sexual encounter, things quickly moved to the next level. Anna cried out, "Michael, please fuck me darling! I want your large cock inside my wet pussy!" Michael responded quickly, moving between Anna's long, beautiful thighs and penetrating her vagina with one quick thrust. This sudden sexual invasion brought a loud cry from Anna, "Oh yes, my darling! Fuck me, please, fuck me. I don't want you to ever stop fucking me!" Michael's muscular chest pressed against Anna's large breasts with each stroke, and his mouth began smothering hers with kisses as their tongues entwined. Their first sexual encounter ended quickly as Anna came to a sudden orgasm which lasted several minutes and triggered a similar climax from Michael as he ejaculated a large amount of hot sperm inside her womb. After this first coupling, Michael stayed in bed with Anna and they both lapsed into a peaceful sleep, both naked (and exposed to all the hidden video cameras).

To be continued.

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